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Cheryl's Yearbook

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Cheryl's Yearbook - Page Text Content

S: To Our Greatest Mentor * WEPO 2010 *

FC: A | To Cheryl Who gave us all the greatest gift we could ever ask for; each other. | "How important it is for us to recognize our heroes and she-roes!" ~Maya Angelou

1: Steph Kunkel Haley Darst Danielle DaSilva Kim Harrison Lauren Knobloch Kasha Kultys | ROVERS Megan Barr Sarah Bass Sienna George Jacki Guillemette Christine Gunther Jill Holloway Kaitlyn Johnson Putie Kadir Abby Kreider Carlye Lauff Erin Miller Bobbi Jo Mitchell Lauren Murphy Fawn Romanko Sarah Schopman Emily Wolf | ~ MENTORS ~ Athena Abate Andi Amato Caitlin Behm Julie Behr Erica Behrends Terri Creech Devon Curley Maria Diliberto Krystal Doheny Meghan Fisher Ginger Gronski Stephanie Hemphill Susan Jankiewicz Katie Kirsch Emily Mansell Annie McAndrew Katie Mulvaney Morgan Oster Kylie Sheplock Amanda Siergiej Christie Smith Amy Szabo Jen Troutman Catrina Vargo Sharon Waxmonsky Grier Wilt Brandi Wingate Gail Wondowski | The WEPO Leadership Team | 2010

3: Cheryl's best quality? Always being there. | "Cheryl gets joy out of seeing us succeed..." | "A fearless woman who inspires young women to be whatever they want to be and that giving up is not an option." | "When you think about it, she's kinda like superwoman..." | "I wouldn't be a Penn State Engineer if it wasn't for Cheryl." | "She knew that I needed a mom in that moment." | "She cares about the well-being of each and every one of us."

4: Leads

5: "Believe deep down in your heart that you are destined to do great things." ~Joe Paterno

6: Steph Kunkel | Lead Mentor | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "So how do you LOVE your job? Counsel, you're leading the witness." | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Cheryl taught me how to network like a pro! | To Me Cheryl is: Mrs. Incredible! | Cheryl's Best Quality: Cheryl's best quality is that she's a mom. She's always there to hold a hand, give a great big Cherbear hug, or brighten your day with a smile. Cheryl is selfless - she is constantly giving and giving without expecting anything in return. I have to agree with Oprah when she said, "biology is the least of what makes someone a mother." Cheryl isn't just Laur and Katie's mommy, she's been my Penn State mama for the past 5 years! | Cheryl is: Dynamic

7: Haley Darst | Resource Innovations Lead | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "God speed!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: When I was going through a really rough time during my sophomore year with my boyfriend at the time and my classes, Cheryl's door was always open for me. She would sit me down in her chair next to the window and hand me a box of tissues and just listen to what I had to say. I know she saw the potential I had to become a fabulous woman, and thanks to her, I'm well on my way. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: No matter what, you can do ANYTHING you set your heart and mind to. No goal is ever too big as long as you give it all you've got! Determination and persistence are everything. | To Me Cheryl is: My Penn State momma! | Cheryl's Best Quality is: Her spirit and her presence when she walks into a room. She is so inspirational and she touches everyone with her great big smile, her warm hugs, and her genuine nature. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: When she would talk about "beautiful partner" with me and Laur, every time she says "God speed" after she gets off of the phone, and when she sang "Single Ladies" in the car and knew all of the words! | Cheryl is: Strong

8: Design Lead | Kim Harrison | Cheryl is: Hardcore | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "I have the best job in the world" true | Favorite Cheryl Memory: this is more of a lack thereof memory, but dancing in THON10, I know Cheryl was there to support all of her WEP children and kept offering us Girl Scout cookies. I'm pretty sure I didn't eat for a solid 24 hours because I was so exhausted, but just the thought was nice | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Attitude is one of the most important parts of anyones success. You won't go far in engineering, or life, if you don't believe in yourself! | To Me Cheryl is: a rock; someone you can always count on to be there | Cheryl's Best Quality: The fact that you can't pick just one

9: Spirit Lead | Danielle DaSilva | Favorite Cheryl Quote: Cheryl: "Raise your hand if you've ever failed a test" Me: (Oh thank goodness, I'm not the only one!) | Cheryl is: Inspirational | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I remember running into Cheryl at THON and being a little out of it. She was so excited it immediately woke me up and gave me a second ( or third or fourth?) wind to keep going. She's so amazing at lifting spirits and keeping a positive attitude. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Cheryl taught me how to show the boys who's boss with the web to web! | To Me Cheryl is: a role model for all aspiring female engineers! | Cheryl's Best Quality: Cheryl is such a positive person and can always motivate you to do your best. She gives her all to the WEP program and it is obvious how genuine and caring she is.

10: Lauren Knobloch | Professional Development Lead | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Every time we talk extra loudly to each other just because we're being dramatic. Every time you remind me we're Amazons. Every time you stood up for me against people who tried to tell me I'm not good enough for Engineering. Every time you dance to an inappropriate song. Every time you kick it with your cellie. Every rub-rub-pat-pat-pat on the back I get when you see that I'm a little extra tired. Every time we road trip together - even when you paper cut my eye. The fact that I tell you absolutely everything I've ever done, good or bad, and you still love me. | Cheryl is: My best friend | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Anytime I get a convo from Katie about the ridiculous things mom says. Especially when she pouts about Katie calling her a Facebook fiend. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to be strong enough for 300+ women, no matter what the situation. She's a pillar of confidence and hope to every woman in the college.

11: Lead Rover | Kasha Kultys | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Neato!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Cheryl once left a voice mail on my phone with a cute little tune and I'll never forget it..sometimes I sing the tune when I think of her :) | Something Cheryl Taught Me: To believe in myself and to be passionate about all that I do. | To Me Cheryl is: of my idols. I hope that whatever I decide to do in life I am as passionate about it and love it as much as Cheryl does her job. It is so apparent that Cheryl truly loves what she does and this is one of the most important lessons I've learned in my life. | Cheryl's Best Quality: One of Cheryl's best qualities is that she is not only an incredible leader and mentor, but has also become a friend to all of us. She has always been there for me whenever I needed her for advice on life decisions or just to talk. I love this about her...among the many things. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Cheryl cracks me up all the time. One of my favorite things is when she comes up with new words or phrases. | Cheryl is: FUN!

12: Mentors

13: "If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman." ~~Margaret Thatcher

14: Athena Abate | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I got stressed out with school and being at main campus for the first time and I was practically in tears in her office, she handed me tissues and chocolate and said this is the cure for everything. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: You can do anything you set your mind to and regardless how down you may feel there's always someone there who has your back. | To Me Cheryl is: "The greatest person you can rely on at Penn State. She always puts us first and loves us all unconditionally." | Cheryl's best quality: Always being there | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: "When she was dancing with Phi Sigma Rho at THON." | Cheryl is: Supporting

15: Andi Amato | Favorite Cheryl Memory I was on the verge of failure in my mind, a stressed little freshman who had never experienced even the potential of doing poorly in a class. I had an extremely challenging first semester and phys 211 was my breaking point. I talked to her about what I should do because I couldn't imagine ever having to drop a class because I wasn't smart enough to pass it. She told me how she had trouble with that same class even after taking AP physics in high school and that by dropping it I wasn't accepting defeat. As it turns out she was right (go figure), I WAS smart enough for the class and taking it again wasn't a big deal. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: That failure is part of the journey. Have a great support system, never give up on yourself, and if you want something bad enough only you can stand in your way. Don't ever let a class or person make you think or feel as though you are not smart enough to do anything. | Chery is the reason why I will be an engineer. | Cheryl is: Nurturing | You are an inspiration to everyone and someone we can't imagine not being apart of our Penn State experience. You are the JoePa of engineering.

16: Caitlin Behm | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Always remember web to web!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: This past spring I had an issue with an internship backing out on me and Cheryl helped me find another internship for this summer. I appreciated her listen to me complain about the situation! | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Always set goals for yourself and don't be afraid to set them too high! | Cheryl is a second mom to all of us. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to remember everyone's name! | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: The one time at a WEP Wednesday when a few guys thought they could take some free pizza and Cheryl stopped them and then barricaded the stairs that lead to the second floor of Kunkle Lounge. | Cheryl is: One of a kind

17: Julie Behr | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Not just an engineer, a Penn State WOMAN engineer!" -- from literally every single Girl Scout Saturday I've ever attended | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I've heard Cheryl tell the story about the two boys on a panel who are asked how they know about upcoming events on campus, like career fairs and networking events, and how they both looked at each other and agreed that they'd ask a woman engineer approximately 8204356387 times, and not only have I not gotten tired of it but I love how excited Cheryl gets every single time she gets to the punch line--SO great! | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Never let anyone tell you you can't do something that you want to do. If you want to do it, it can be done. (among many, MANY other things, but this is one of my favorites!) | To Me Cheryl is: The reason Penn State has become my home, not just my school. When I look around at the other women on the WEPO leadership team, in many cases I don't see acquaintances, or even friends, but girls who have become my family. Cheryl, you're like a mom to all of us in the greatest possible way, because you've raised us all to be better people with brighter futures than we would have had if we didn't have you, and you've brought us together in a way that's made us love you and each other. I never would have met so many of my closest friends if it hadn't been for you and the incredible effort you put into this program, so thank you. | Cheryl's Best Quality: She cries, in front of all of us, at the thought that a couple girls are graduating FOUR MONTHS FROM NOW! It speaks volumes about how much she truly cares about each of us. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Approximately every single time boys accidentally wander through Kunkle Lounge on a Wednesday evening, and when attempting self-defense moves | Cheryl is: WEP-tastic

18: Erica Behrends | Cheryl is: Mrs. Incredible | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "You gotta put your tools in your toolbox!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I have to say, I always get a kick out of when she talks about the boys and how clueless they are or how they rely on WOMEN engineers to get through things like career fairs or resumes. I never realized how much this program and Cheryl have really helped me throughout the years and I don't know what I would have done without her "tools in my toolbox" or the little interview questions booklet or the panel she puts together to show us all how great and successful we can be. I've learned that its okay to fail and that as long as you get back up and learn from your mistakes, you can be who you want to be! | Something Cheryl Taught Me: She taught me the tools, confidence and resources I need! Through the many stories she loved to tell about never giving up and little advice on how to succeed in interviews and as an engineer, I've very much learned to appreciate my life as an engineer! | To Me Cheryl is: The reason I feel comfortable in my own skin as an engineer. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Cheryl is VERY down to earth and supportive. I can always tell how passionate she is about WEPO and that she really cares about all of us and supports us like a mother! She's there whenever we need help, support or advice and I would not be where I was today if it wasn't for her! | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Every time I hear her say: "there's another tool in your toolbox!" because she's always so excited when she says it, or when she talked about elasta-girl and Mrs. Incredible and how she's totally AWESOME! haha. or when she yells at the boys that come through Kunkle Lounge during WEP Wednesday-- There's no way they'll steal our pizza!

19: Terri Creech | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Reach for the carrots ladies!" WEPO 09 career dinner. | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I loved when I played Cheryl in the WEPO 09 Rover skit. I had such a fun time impersonating one of my favorite people and sharing what I've learned from her to the group of WEPOteers. I'm so grateful that she had a good sense of humor about it because I certainly was not mocking her! | Something Cheryl Taught Me: What hasn't Cheryl taught me? Cheryl has taught me to believe in myself despite the odds and set backs. She has helped me to be confident while talking to employers and always seek to ask good questions. | To Me Cheryl is: my inspiration | Cheryl's Best Quality: The ability to make anyone feel comfortable in a situation simply with a smile and an impeccable memory for names. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Two words: Self Defense. | Cheryl is: The Ultimate Mentor

20: Devon Curley | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Remember: web to web when you shake their hand!" | Something Cheryl Taught Me: She taught me that it is okay to fail. It is not the end of the world if you fail a test or do bad in a class, because failing is part of life and it will make you work harder in that class. | To Me Cheryl is: Someone who will always be there for me. | Cheryl's Best Quality: She takes the time to get to know everyone. She not only wants to know about school, but she asks how we are doing and what is going on in all aspects of our lives. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Every WEP Wednesday | Cheryl is: Inspiring

21: Maria Diliberto | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Every time she asks why I decided to become an engineer I tell the story about what my aunt said to me after the WEP Breakfast. She is always amazed when I tell her that I have two women engineers in my family (and I have told her this probably about 20 times in 2 years). | To Me Cheryl Is: An amazing woman who treats us all like family and gets joy out of seeing us succeed. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her willingness to help you no matter what time of day, or the problem. | Cheryl is: Wonderful! | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "...and here's another tool for your toolbox." | Something Cheryl Taught Me: You have a network of people who don't know you but will always take the time to help you prepare for something just because you are part of WEP.

22: Krystal Doheny | Favorite Cheryl Quote: After every email or visit to her office.. "Thinking of you" | "The semester had ended and I had some major issues with my grades, so I wrote her a long, worried, rambling email. Within a few minutes my phone was ringing. She didn't want me sitting in my room by myself and upset. That simple phone call turned my whole day around." | Something Cheryl Taught Me: She helped me realize that life isn't all rainbows and smiles. Sometimes you have to experience the worst before you can enjoy the better, but you'll never come out on top if you don't stay positive and try your hardest. She taught me to always have a game plan and to use my resources wisely! | Cheryl's Best Quality: She takes the time to get to know you. Not only your major and activities, but also your goals, dreams, personal problems, etc. When you have a problem, she's there - school related or not. If you think about it, she's like superwoman. | Cheryl is: Compassionate

23: Meghan Fisher | Favorite Cheryl Quote: When every she makes a mistake with what she is saying.... "Delete" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I love Cheryl at senior goodbyes. You can really see the impact that she has had on all of their lives and also how much we affect her | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Cheryl taught me that engineering is not something that you have to do alone. With her WEP program she really has brought female engineers together. She taught us that engineering does not have to be an impossible task, the right people and the right network can you give you a backbone that will get you through anything. | To Me Cheryl is: the holy grail of female engineers | Cheryl's Best Quality: I don't think it is fair to say that Cheryl can possibly have a BEST quality. She is the all around package of all good qualities! She is caring, helpful, compassionate, friendly, open, resourceful.... the list could go on forever. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Cheryl is always making me laugh! I love all of her snazzy engineering phrases (Weptastic, Web to Web, etc.) | Cheryl is: Supercalafragalisticexpealidocious

24: Ginger Gronski | Cheryl is: Inspirational | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: All the time!!! She can make anything funny, which is a total stress reliever, especially around finals week. | Favorite Cheryl Memory: The first time I ever met Cheryl at the WEP breakfast after the SWE stayover my senior year of high school. I wasn't sure what college I wanted to go to and I wasn't even sure what all I should be looking at since I was the first in my family to go to college. After I heard her speak and talk about career opportunities, I knew I needed a college with a strong support network. Picking a college was a very hard decision but Penn State's career resources as well as the WEP program is what finally made me decide this was where I needed to be. I love Penn State and I'm so thankful I got to hear Cheryl before making my decision on what college to go to. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: She helped me realize that all the hard work and bad times will be worth it in the end and to just hold on because it will feel so good when I finally get where I want to go. You can do anything if you try. | To Me Cheryl is: the best role model ever!!! | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her passion to inspire and help others | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "...another tool for your toolbox"

25: Stephanie Hemphill | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "You're all smarty-pops!" | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Just because the "requirement" on a program/organization/scholarships, etc may not fit you doesn't mean that you shouldn't try and show you are still worth it. Don't be discouraged by a lack of some requirements because you could blow them out of the water with others. | To Me Cheryl Is: A one of a kind mentor that every school should have. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her keeps everyone motivated and upbeat through the hard times, and she shows you that it's totally worth it when you make it through even though it's hard | Cheryl is: Nurturing | "Every year when she cries at the last WEP Wednesday it shows that she does her best to make sure we all succeed to meet our goals, and aside from being super professional and determined with us and our careers, she genuinely cares about the people that we are and hates to see us leave."

26: Susan Jankiewicz | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "One more thing for your toolbox" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: At the end of every year when she is presenting the senior class. She is always an integral part of their lives and how they arrived there. It is always inspiring to see them and Cheryl always tells us that it will be us one day. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: With a smile and a confident handshake, you can achieve anything that you want. | To Me Cheryl is: always there with open arms. | Cheryl's Best Quality: She is always available to help and offer a hug. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: When she told us how she was on that engineering panel that asked some male engineers how they knew what to do for career preparation. They said that they asked a women engineer of course. | Cheryl is: Motherly

27: Katie Kirsch | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "FUN FACT! : (Fill in any fact about a WEP engineer)" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Cheryl came to visit me when I was dancing in THON on that Sunday morning. She made my feel so much better! I introduced her to my parents as my school mom. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Never be intimidated. You have something so unique and special about you, there's nothing you can't do! | To Me Cheryl is: My school mom | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: How she reacts to the boys who walk through Kunkle on WEP Wednesdays. | Cheryl's Best Quality is: How she can make anyone feel so much better about themselves even after a terrible day | Cheryl is: Motivating

28: Emily Mansell | Cheryl is: Devoted | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Another tool for your toolbox!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: On my site visit to Harris Cheryl was our chaperon. On the way home she tried to put diesel gas into our mini van :) | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Never give up. Even if you have a small set back that should stop you from trying again. You can do anything you set your mind to. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to make you feel like you belong. Being at WEP Wednesday and just listening to how passionate she is about each and every woman engineer is truly amazing. Even if I have the smallest doubt, she is able to make me feel like I belong in engineering and that I can succeed. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: When ever I'm in the same room as her I'm either laughing or smiling. Her enthusiasm is infectious :) | To Me Cheryl is: My second mom | Being at a school so big, Cheryl is able to make it feel much smaller with her passion for getting to know each and every woman engineer and helping them succeed.

29: Annie McAndrew | Favorite Cheryl Quote: Delete! | Cheryl is: Caring | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Bonding on a whole other level during my WEP interview about how to experience Penn State outside of the classroom and really live during your time at school. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Don't be afraid of taking chances and also don't be afraid to have a little fun outside of school! | To Me Cheryl is: That little voice in the back of my head telling me to keep smiling.

30: Katie Mulvaney | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Listening to her speak this year at the SWE Stayover Brunch and really understanding how dedicated she is to WEP and all of us. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: When she stares down the boys that try to walk through Kunkle Lounge during WEP Wednesdays | Something Cheryl Taught Me: It's okay to change your mind and follow a different path. Have confidence in yourself and put fears behind you. | To Me Cheryl is: a strong woman with this amazing ability to positively impact so many student's lives | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to motivate you to accomplish things that seemed impossible at one point | Cheryl is: Genuine

31: Morgan Oster | Something Cheryl Taught Me: To be confident in yourself and your abilities. If you put your mind to it, anything is achievable. | To Me Cheryl is: A big part of the reason I have made it this far | Cheryl is: Spunky

32: Kylie Sheplock | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "I know just the person who you can contact." | Favorite Cheryl Memory: When she welcomed me into her house for the whole summer and became my mom away from home! | Something Cheryl Taught Me: She had taught me that it is ok, that things change and no matter what you will get though this. Also, you will never be alone at Penn State. | To Me Cheryl is: Wonder Woman | Cheryl's Best Quality: No matter what happens she will always put a smile on and get the job done!!! | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Every time I was really down, or stressed and went into her office and just being in her presence but a smile on my face, because at that moment I knew it is going to be ok. | I think it is amazing that one person can love and help so many girls year after year. And every time I see her cry it breaks my heart that one day I am going to have to say goodbye to her. | Cheryl is: Unstoppable

33: Amanda Siergiej | When I met her for the first time at MTM camp. I knew that I wanted to be a Penn State Engineer from that moment on. | Cheryl is: Inspiring | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Work hard and never give up. | To Me Cheryl is: an amazing woman | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to make you laugh and feel good about yourself.

34: Christie Smith | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Always remember...Web to Web when you are shaking someone's hand" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Meeting her for my first time at WEPO 2007 because I didn't think there were people like her out there that can make you smile all the time! | To Me Cheryl Is: A fearless woman who inspires young women to be whatever they want to be and that giving up is not an option. | Cheryl is : Confident. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her loud mouth :) | Something Cheryl Taught Me: She taught me to not be intimidated by employers because they were once upon a time one of us.

35: Amy Szabo | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Always keep pushing to do your best and have confidence in yourself that you can do it, no matter what it is. Don't underestimate yourself. | To Me Cheryl is: The backbone of my support system at Penn State. She can always help with any school problems and is someone I can count on. | Cheryl is: Motivational | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her contagiously positive personality | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I was really stressed out freshman year with classes and projects, I went into Cheryl's office and after a pep talk I felt 10x better about everything and had a huge boost of confidence!

36: Jen Troutman | Favorite Cheryl Memory: When I moved to State College after my freshman year at a branch campus, she remembered me from WEPO '08 :) | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Work hard and believe in yourself, and you'll get where you want to be. | To Me Cheryl is: An incredible role model | Cheryl is: Encouraging | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her obvious passion for her job and helping us to be very successful

37: Catrina Vargo | Favorite Cheryl Memory: One of the most amazing qualities of Cheryl is how much she sincerely celebrates with us. I feel like we tend to be modest in our accomplishments because we're around many successful engineering students at Penn State. When I told Cheryl I was going to China, she called me up in front of WEP as a sophomore and had me speak about the experience of receiving the offer. I remember that moment thinking "Wow, this really is something to be proud of." This year in January I received the internship offer from P&G that I had been hoping for since September. I felt like my family was excited for me but they don't really understand the challenges of engineering and finding the right job. When I e-mailed Cheryl and told her, she e-mailed me back in all exclamation and assured me how proud she was of me. It's so nice to have her as a role model. She understands how hard being a woman in engineering(and being a woman) can be, so having her there to celebrate my accomplishments really makes me feel like I have a second mom cheering for me at school. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Cheryl taught me to take chances at an early age and to live my life. As women engineers we still deserve to do everything we want to do in college. She has shown me the path to so many great opportunities and introduced me to endless strong, women engineer role models who help me feel constantly inspired. | To Me Cheryl is: the person who taught me to believe in myself. In high school, I thought my daydreams would stay daydreams. She has made me courageous and convinced me that I deserve to set the bar high for my goals. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Any time that a guy enters WEP Wednesdays by accident- Cheryl always makes it hilariously awkward. | Cheryl's Best Quality: her optimism | Cheryl is: Compassionate

38: Sharon Waxmonsky | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "I love WEPO and all the verbage that goes with what are you doing? I'm WEPOing and How are you doing today? I'm WEPOtastic!" | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Never be intimidated, you have something to offer and it is up to you to show it that to the world. | To Me Cheryl is: My Penn State mom! | Cheryl is: Passionate | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: When I had tears in my eyes... I was stressed out about classes and being homesick...she brought up pictures of her dogs and told me some funny story. I laughed and realized that laughter is what I was missing in my life then. | I wouldn't be a Penn State Engineer if it wasn't for you!!!

39: Grier Wilt | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "WEPTASTIC!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Going into her office upset and she just dropped what she was doing and gave me a big 'squeeze' hug. Sometimes when you're away from home or family...that's all you need. A hug to know that it's all going to be alright and that you have someone there for you. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: To stick to your guns. | To Me Cheryl is: To stick to your guns. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to listen | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: When she talks to the Girl Scouts first thing in the morning on Saturdays...I love her demeanor and enthusiasm, it always makes me happy! | Cheryl is: Compassionate

40: Brandi Wingate | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Delete!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: My first foot rub at THON 2010 as a dancer--thank you Cheryl for making my gross feet feel so good :) | To Me Cheryl is: My 2nd mom :) | "Thank you for everything you do. You are an inspiration and I wouldn't be where I am today without your help and guidance. You really are a gift to Penn State Women Engineers. :)" | Cheryl is: Unbeatable

41: Gail Wondowski | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Smarty Pop" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: When she held me up during the last few hours of THON because she knew that I needed a mom in that moment. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Things always seem worse then they are. Just talk them out (or cry them out) and you will see the light. | To Me Cheryl is: my saving grace at PSU. | Cheryl is: Loving

42: Rovers

43: "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." ~Oprah

44: Megan Barr | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Everything will work out for a reason. Use your resources, try your hardest, and never give up on your goal. | To Me Cheryl is: my backbone at Penn State. Whenever I need advice or am worried about a situation, she is there for me. I know I can count on Cheryl for anything. | Cheryl is: Vivacious | Cheryl's Best Quality: She is always willing to listen and give advice no matter how busy she is. She really takes the time to get to know everyone and truly cares about any problem we have.

45: Sarah Bass | Favorite Cheryl Memory: The first time I met Cheryl was at the SWE stay over when I was a senior in high school. At the time i was still deciding between a couple of schools and was having a hard time deciding. Sitting in the ballroom at the Atherton hotel on the last morning and listening to Cheryl speak about Penn State, WEP and WEPO I was in awe. I had no idea someone could care this much about a group of girls. I can truly say that Cheryl convinced me to come to Penn State because I knew she was a person that I needed to get to know and have in my life and college experience. I also had the opportunity this year as a hostess to hear the same speech she gave to me as a high school senior and I was still in awe. | Cheryl's Best Quality: She has a way of relieving tension and stress. I'm pretty sure I went to every WEP Wednesday super stressed and tense, but when I left I was calm and in a much better mood. She has a way of putting things and perspective and releasing the stress and tension with whoever she is around. | "She taught me that I wasn't the only one with reservations and I wasn't the only one who was nervous about taking on engineering. And that there are always going to be people around to help me and guide me through this journey because we are all taking it together." | Cheryl is: One of a kind

46: Sienna George | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Isn't that awesome?!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: When I was interviewing to be a rover for WEPO, it was a really hot day and I had to hustle to change and make it to the interview on time. When I got there, I was pretty hot and sweaty and frazzled. The exact opposite of what I wanted Cheryl to see. When it was my turn, Cheryl sat me down and started looking over my resume that I had handed her with shaking hands. I'm sure she noticed and the next thing she said was "You know you're like, rock star smart?!" I couldn't help laugh and the whole rest of the interview went so much better. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: No matter what college throws at you, you can handle it. If your classes are tough, you can get help from others. If the work is too much, you can get help from the teacher.And if your days is just blue, WEP girls can help you through. | To Me Cheryl is: The reason Penn State women engineers are the best at what they do. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: She makes me laugh every time I open one of her emails and it addresses us like "hello beautiful ladies" and it's full of bright colors. It makes me wonder why all the emails I read can't be like this. | At the end of the SWE stayover when I was a participant, Cheryl got up at the closing brunch to tell everyone about WEPO. She talked about the program, how wonderful it is for all the women, and how successful they all become. Right then she convinced my mom and I that Penn State was the place for me. | Cheryl is: Powerful

47: Jacki Guillemette | Something Cheryl Taught Me: She taught me that you don't have a to be a perfectionist with all of your work because that's impossible to do. As long as you try your hardest and put in a lot of work, that's enough and the rest will work out. | To Me Cheryl is: My Penn State Mom and the most amazing role model that I have met so far at school. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Every time I am near her! | Cheryl is: Unstoppable | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "We have a lot of great things to talk about today!"

48: Christine Gunther | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I remember last year being at WEPO, when all of us WEPO-teers were meeting her for the first time, thinking to myself, "This woman will be inspirational and full of encouragement towards any girl who wants to be an engineer." | To Me Cheryl is: a great person who is extremely helpful and thoughtful. | Cheryl is: Positive

49: Jill Holloway

50: Kaitlyn Johnson | To Me Cheryl is: The reason why I will be a Penn State Engineer. Honestly without her encouragement and reassurance I don't know what major I would be in or what school I would have attended | Cheryl is: Giving | Favorite Cheryl Memory: My favorite memory of Cheryl is the first time I met her at the WEP breakfast after the SWE-Stayover. I was uncertain as to whether or not I would be able to survive completing an engineering degree. Especially considering its such a "boys club." However, from the moment Cheryl started speaking all of that doubt went away. I suddenly felt confident that I would be able to become an engineer. I knew with her on my side I could pretty much become anything I wanted. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: She taught me that its okay to fail and sometimes it is from failure that one can learn the most. Cheryl showed me that we all fall down sometimes, but it is how we recover from that fall that really counts. As long as I know that I tried my best and put my best effort forward, that's all that really matters at the end of the day. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to make you feel better, no matter how low you may feel at the time. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Every Girl Scout Saturday when she gives her, "What do engineers do?" intro and interacted with the girls.

51: Putie Kadir | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Pound it." *Knuckle touches girl scout* "Hardcore!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Last semester I was having all sorts of problems and all of the stress just piled up as the semester went on. I asked a couple of friends for advice, and EVERYONE told me to go talk to Cheryl, but I refused to do so because - well, I'm probably the only one in the history of WEP to ever feel this way, but Cheryl straight up intimidated me. But with time running out in the semester, I knew I needed an expert. And so I went to see Cheryl and she pretty much took a lot of the frustration/confusion/worries that I had been holding in me for nine long weeks and wiped them away in one 30 minute sitting! At the end of our chat, I told her that she was a pretty freaking amazing person, and she said ever so humbly, "I didn't do anything!" | To Me Cheryl is: Why I brag being a female in the College of Engineering. Seriously, I have education majors asking, "Where can I get me one of those?!" | Cheryl is: Gangster

52: Abby Kreider | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Upperclassmen, raise your hand if you have ever failed an exam at Penn State. (pause for hand raising) ...See! It happens to everyone, and look how successful these women are!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: When I was moraling during THON, it was one of those moments where I had been on the floor for awhile and it was getting hard to stay happy and encouraging for my dancer. I turned around and instantly was engulfed in a hug! I pulled back, unable to see who at was at first, and saw Cheryl's smiling face staring back at me and that was enough to put me in a better mood and keep me going and staying strong for my dancer. | To Me Cheryl is: "A strong, independent woman engineer that provides the most secure support system for women at Penn State, continually encouraging young women to set goals and then following through and supporting them as they meet them. " | Cheryl is: Inspiration | Cheryl's Best Quality: Cheryl's best quality is her ability to make herself available to many different groups of people at one time. Although Cheryl is constantly busy with several different groups, organizations, meetings, and job responsibilities, it seems that she always finds time to return your email or meet with you to talk and each time, she makes you feel like her sole attention is concentrated on just you and what you came to discuss and that is something that I really appreciate about Cheryl.

53: Carlye Lauff | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "Tools for your toolbox!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I remember coming to her office one of the first weeks of school and just sitting down with her to talk about adjusting to Penn State and my life. She knew so much about me and she genuinely cared to stop everything she was doing to just talk with me. It made me feel special as an incoming freshman. From that day I always knew she'd be an important part of my life at PSU. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Always believe in yourself and that you will always have a family of sisters at Penn State whenever you need a helping hand. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her love for all her WEP women...past present and future. She always has a place in her heart and a moment of her time for anyone that comes to her. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: When I first met her at WEPO '09 she never stopped smiling and being jolly that it instantly made me turn my frown upside down. Before I knew it all her "networking", "tools", and "WEP-words" made me laugh and forget my fears. | Cheryl is: Passionate

54: Erin Miller | Cheryl is: Energetic | Favorite Cheryl Memory: My favorite memory of Cheryl is the first time I met her. She shock my hand and introduced her self and instantly I knew there was something special about her. Every time I see her I am reminded of that moment and how she is always full of life and excitement to help others. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: One of the most important things Cheryl taught me is to be confident in myself. She taught me that sometimes you have to stand up and take credit for all that you have accomplished even though it may seem hard to do. | To Me Cheryl is: The ultimate renaissance woman | Cheryl's Best Quality: The fact that she can have a million different things going on but you would never know it because she stays so calm and collected.

55: Bobbi Jo Mitchell | To Me Cheryl is: a mom. I e-mail her about so many of my problems and she always helps me figure things out. She's is such an inspiration to me - she gives me the motivation to succeed. When I walk out of a WEP Wednesday I feel ready to conquer the world. Cheryl makes me feel like I can accomplish any goal that I have. I love her! | Cheryl is: Kick-butt | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Every WEP Wednesday or meeting I have with her, she always makes me laugh like no other. Whether it is because of her WEP verbs or her other goofy sayings, Cheryl is constantly making me smile, brightening my day. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Cheryl has taught me that as Penn State Engineers we have so many opportunities that we have to take advantage of! I love how she is always telling us to network with other engineers - it's so helpful to have those contacts to ask questions to down the road. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to always see the bright-side of every situation. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: I love Cheryl's story about how the only reason why the men engineers know when to do things is because they are a friend of a woman engineer!

56: Lauren Murphy | To Me Cheryl is: my enthusiasm idol! I want to be the happy, energetic role model she is. | Cheryl's Best Quality: Her ability to be friends with everyone. She knows everyone's names and everyone loves her. | Cheryl is: Enthusiastic

57: Fawn Romanko | Favorite Cheryl Memory: I remember on the last day of WEPO '09 when I was a WEPOteer. I walked up to Cheryl to introduce myself and tell her how much I enjoyed the orientation. Turns out, she already knew my name! I was so excited. She made me feel special from the very beginning of my time at Penn State. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Time management is everything. Cheryl knows it best. She got us Phi Rho girls back from WEPO training just in time for Phi Rho induction. (Granted, we changed on the bus, but we made it!) | To Me Cheryl is: my stress reliever! I emailed her countless times with my concerns and questions. She had an answer for me every time. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: Every WEP Wednesday! Her catch phrases are the best. | Cheryl's Best Quality: She is very patient | Cheryl is: Fearless

58: Sarah Schopman | Cheryl is: Amazing | Favorite Cheryl Memory: Coming to WEPO I didn't know anything or anyone. I was nervous about coming to a school 2,000 miles away from my family. After hearing her speak the first time I knew that she and the rest of the WEP girls would be part of a new family here at Penn State and I felt so much better knowing she was there. | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Cheryl taught me that no matter what I'm in control of my future and I can make things happen. I know that it won't always be easy, but with her support I can do anything and it will always get better. | To Me Cheryl is: The best role model at Penn State. Who wouldn't want to be like her?! | Cheryl's Best Quality is: Her ability to inspire people! She always knows just what to say and when to say it to make people take action. | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: There's not just one time. It's every time I see her!

59: Emily Wolf | Favorite Cheryl Quote: "If you want to convince your parents to let you come back for graduation just say this, this, and this......I'm so sorry Mr. and Mrs. Wolf! I can't believe I just told you how to convince your parents to let you go!" | Favorite Cheryl Memory: We were sitting next to each other for the last four hours of THON and we cried during family hour, celebrated the reveal, and encouraged dancers together. But that wasn't the best part! That was when we started singing and dancing to Tik Tok together! | To Me Cheryl is: The best thing that has happened to Penn State! She is my mom away from home, my encourager, and my support system! I have never known someone who cared SO MUCH about every single person and would do anything for all of them. | Cheryl is: Enthusiastic | A Time When Cheryl Made Me Laugh: There are so many times that to choose just one is impossible! Let's see... one that was really funny was when we were playing two truths and a lie at the SWE Stayover and it was her turn and she cheated and told three truths just to throw everyone off! | Cheryl, I am at Penn State because of you. I had no interest in Penn State and went to the WEP Breakfast because my parents forced me. I heard you speak as well as the girls on the panel and realized that Penn State was where I needed to be. You have been so much more than a mentor to me and for giving me every opportunity in the world, I must say thank you (and that doesn't even begin to cover it!). Everyone at home asks why I went to Penn State and I have two reasons - I love the campus and atmosphere, and because of the Women in Engineering Program and its director! THANK YOU! :) | Something Cheryl Taught Me: Cheryl has taught me a lot but one that stands out was how to deal with being a women engineer. I didn't believe that there were that many guys that would make our lives difficult but then I realized - it only takes one guy! She taught me to "just be one of the guys" and to stay tough. She also connected me to a network of women who had been in my shoes and they helped me too.

61: Thank you for believing in us, seeing us through the roughest times, laughing with us through the longest days, and helping us reach our goals. | Fun * Inspirational * Dynamic * Strong * Hardcore * Supporting * Nurturing * One of a kind * WEP-tastic * Gangsta | Mrs. Incredible * The Ultimate Mentor * Compassionate * Supercalafragalisticexpealidocious * Devoted * Motivating | * Caring * Genuine * Spunky * Unstoppable * Confident * Motivational * Encouraging * | * My Number One Fan * Devoted * Zealous * Vivacious * Powerful * Positive * Unstoppable *

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