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S: Cosmetology By: Mollie Henige

BC: Cosmetology | Mollie Henige

FC: Cosmetology Mollie Henige

1: Table of Contents Page 2-3 ................ Color Page 4-9 ................ Hair Page 10-15 ................ Makeup Page 16-17 ................ Nails Page 18-19 ................ Index

2: Colors | Law of Colors: -Primary Colors Blue, Red, Yellow -Secondary colors Orange, Violet, Green -tertiary Colors Red-orange, Yellow-Orange, Yellow-Green, Blue-Green, Blue-Viol -Complementary colors Blue and Orange, Red and Green, Yellow and Violet

3: Colors are one of the most important aspects in cosmetology and beauty. Color will help enhancify your natural beauty. Hair, makeup, nails... They all include color and as you will read remember the laws of color and color wheel.

4: Hair Hair is just one of the things girls try to make perfect so here are some tips on doing that. Braid: Fishtail Braids are very popular these days so follow these few steps to get a perfect braid. STEP 1: Divide the hair you want to braid into two equal sections. STEP 2: Start the fishtail braid by holding the right section with your right hand. Then, using your left hand, pick up a small chunk of hair from the outside of the left section and cross it over to the inside of the right section. STEP 3: Repeat on the other side: Hold the left section in your left hand. Use your right hand to pick up a small chunk of hair from the outer right section and cross it over to the inside of the left section. STEP 4: Continue picking up small sections and crossing them over until you reach the ends of your hair. STEP 5: Secure with an elastic , and spray the braid with a little shine spray like Smooth N' Shine Scalp & Breakage Miracle's Root to Tip Oil Sheen Spray (to seal in moisture and boost shine. And you're all set!

5: 1. Prep first by blow-drying hair straight with a round brush, which will create volume at the roots and make strands supersmooth. 2. Use a paddle brush to remove any tangles, then comb your hair straight back so that you don't have a part. 3. Now tip your head back, and gather strands into a ponytail. Leaning creates volume plus prevents part lines and bumps. Plus: Hair That Gets You What You Want 4. When gathered hair is level with your eyes, secure it with an elastic band. Wrap it tight (shoot for three loops) so that the band doesn't sag and look sloppy. | Ponytails are a part of everyday life so here is how to make a perfect ponytail.

6: Straightening your hair can be tricky so here is a procedure to help you. 1.Wash and condition your hair with a hair straightening shampoo and conditioner. These shampoos and conditioners soften hair, control frizz and fly-aways and facilitate the straightening process, making hair more responsive to straightening with a blow dryer or iron. Try Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Shampoo and Conditioner. 2.Spray some straightening serum into damp hair and comb through to cover every strand. A straightening serum will decrease the frizziness and general puffiness of your hair. Try TIGI S-Factor Seriously Straight Hair Straightening Spray. 3.Blow dry your hair straight to smoothen out your puffy hair. Separate your hair into three sections: the top including bangs, the middle between your ears, and the bottom. Use a large bristle brush and a diffuser to help concentrate the hot air from the blow dryer directly onto your hair. A hair dryer stand is optional, but it will help you by having both hands free to control the brush and your hair. Gather your hair onto the brush from the roots, press the tip of the hair dryer onto your hair and slowly slide both the brush and dryer down to the tips. Continue until all of your hair has been blow-dried straight. 4. Straighten your puffy hair with a ceramic straightening iron. Re-section the blow-dried hair into three areas as you did in Step 3. Take a 1/2-inch wide strand of hair, position the straightening iron as close to the root of your hair as possible, and slowly slide it down to the ends. Continue this process until all of your hair is perfectly straight.

7: Some quick tips to getting long luscious hair: - Condition and wash every few days (the more the better) - eat a well balanced diet - trim on average every 2 months - comb daily - find a quick and easy style (natural)

8: Natural Natural hair for some people is the easiest and prettiest way to do their hair. So, here are some tips to making it look like you spent hours doing it. Straight: After your hair is completely dry go over it with a straightner in random places for about 30 seconds to freshen it up. Then, lightly spray above your hair a shine spray. Turn your head upside down and shake out the roots of your hair to get a little lift. Curly: For curly hair all I suggest is putting a little gel or mousse on your hair when it is wet and scrunch it. To get more volume either clip up the roots of your hair when getting ready or flip your hair upside down and shake it.

9: Curly hair is a fun dressy way to do your hair that is very popular. 1.Plug in your wide barrel curling iron and set it to medium heat. Do not wash your hair the day that you want this hairstyle so it will hold better. 2.Section off your hair with a comb so it is easier to work with. Hold the iron in a vertical position and wind about an inch of hair around the barrel and hold for about 60 seconds. This should create a ringlet look. Follow the same pattern for your whole head. 3.Use your fingers to separate the curls. Do not use a brush or a comb at all. Just fluff the curls lightly so that your hair keeps a natural look. 4.Spray your hair with a maximum hold hairspray and allow it to dry.

10: Makeup In the makeup world you basically can do anything these days as long as it looks good. Usually you look at the color wheel and use the opposite color of your eyes and hair, but thats for a normal day at work... When your having fun you can do whatever you want so here are some tips for looking your best.

11: Tools When applying any makeup you need to make sure you have the right tools to make it look natural. liquid foundation- sponge or fingers (clean sponge almost daily and only use for a few months) Powder foundation/ Powder/ Blush- Soft and big, real or fake depends on how much money you are willing to spend, Blush can be applied with the same brush or one the same but smaller Eyeshadow- Mini brushes and sponges

12: Crazy Makeup Colorful, sloppy but percise, colorful, bold.... If you are going on the wild side with your makeup, I say keep it tamed but crazy. As long as it looks good. Bold Makeup: 1. Outline the top lash line with black eyeliner. 2. Get a bold color eyeliner and line the top lash line leaving a little black showing but thick (cat eye is optional). 3. Line the bottom lash line with the same color and make it fade out. 4. Get a lighter version of the color in eyeshadow and start applying from the lash line and making it fade to thee brow line. 5. Use white eyeshadow and lightly apply in inner corners of eyes and along the brow line.

13: Day Makeup Day makeup is clean and percise and ready for any situation. Day Makeup: 1. Apply your normal foundation and a light layer of blush. 2. Apply a thin line of black or brown eyeliner to the top lash line and outer corners of the bottom lash line. 3. Pick a light shade of brown or purple depending on what suits your face and dust on from the lash line so it fades going up. 4. lightly dust on a white shade on the brow line and inner corner of the eye. 5. Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes. 6. Last choose a light shade of lip gloss.

14: Makeup Basics Foundation: used as a tinted base, applied before makeup and powder Concealers: covers blemishes and discoloration Face Powder: adds matte or a dull finish Cheak Color: cream or powder, colors cheaks and skin beneathe cheak bones Lip Color: Paste form, colors lips Eye Shadow: Applied to eyelids, eyebrows, or lash line to accentuate or counter

15: Eyeliner: Emphasize and outline eyes Eyebrow Color: adds color and shape to eyebrows Mascara: darkens eyelashes, defines and thickens lashes Makeup Remover: takes off makeup

16: Nails Nails can be tricky, messy, sloppy.... So take these tips to get salon nails.

17: - 3 Stroke Trick: Like most professionals, the 3 stroke trick will help you be percise and cover everything. All you have to do is first do not get alot of polish on the brush and put a stroke in the middle and on either sides of the nails. - Make sure all of your old nail polish is off before you apply new polish to prevent any stains and get the best results. - For strong nails get strengthening cream and leave your nails with no nail polish on for a few days every month. - If you can not sit and wait until your nails are dry speed dry nail polish is a great compromise and works just as well as normal nail polish.

18: Index: Color- Page 2 through 3 Hair- Braid, Ponytail, Straight, Tips, Curly Natural Page 4 through 9 Makeup- Brushes, Crazy Makeup, Daytime, Basics Page 10 through 15 Nails- Tips Page 16 through 17

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