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Dehesa Years

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Dehesa Years - Page Text Content

BC: This is for all the people that put up with us | Thank You

1: Do you Remember... | Who were voted king and queen of the 2011 Dehesa Mission Valley Prom? | What did Nick Levi's D&D character do when fighting the giant stone snake? | What did we ask Paul on the phone after he moved to Wisconsin? | Why are badgers an important part of the criminal justice system? | What is so bad about Cold Pizza? | Why did half the day trip have to walk backwards in 2010 on Catalina? | What field trip did the photography class plan that the entire school ended up going to? | What did Mrs. Celia say about Tabitha at graduation that made everyone laugh? | What was our nickname for the shuttle to Catalina? | What did Tommy try to catch the seagull at Catalina with? | Quick Quiz

2: Tommy | Fun fact: Tommy loves Pigeons | Favorite song: "Momma Sed" by Puscifer | "Sometimes the trivial is where the meaningful can truly be found."

3: Tommy is most likely to: -become a musical artist -become a musician -be extremely eccentric -be an electronica musician -be awesome -murder an entire village -become an awesome underground guitarist | Last Will and Testament: I leave Nick to whoever wants to have him. I leave all of my pigeons to Kyle.

4: Last Will and Testament I leave everything to Bill Gates. | Whitish is most likely to: -be an evil genius -become a productive member of society -become a comedian -be the first zombie -be awesome -become a higgs boson -take over the world | Favorite song: "Archangel" by Burial

5: Whitish | Fun fact: Whitish isn't his real name. | Favorite quote from the past: "A little bit of meth is okay"

6: Nick | "Winning" | "Imaginations don't get out of hand as long as you know it's just up in your head."

7: Most likely to: - be Alpha - become a journalist - come out of the closet...or be a politician - be jumped by every minority race - get arrested for public nudity - be held hostage by Israel - be Mexican - move to the Jersey Shore - get a sex change | Last Will and Testament I bequeath my rusty spoons to myself. Also say away from my stuff. Emily gets my camera.

8: Kenda | Pastimes: Making LOTR references Working at the library Teasing Tabitha Speaking Elvish Being awesome

9: Most likely to: -Kill an Orc -Learn unspoken languages -Die of kryptonite poisoning

10: Most Likely To: - be a biker - have a hat - be incredibly normal - be the next Michael Cera - have a suburban family - live the most normal life

11: Andy | Favorite Color: Green | Favorite Song: "Caraphernalia" by Pierce the Veil | Favorite Song: "Caraphernalia" by Pierce the Veil

12: Michael

13: Most Likely To: - get a horde tattoo - be a spy - be the next Frank Sinatra - be a serial killer - become | Favorite Song: Diefy by Disturbed

14: Most Likely To: - be a private military contractor - go missing in a foreign country - be an EMS - become a PMC or fashion designer - be a hipster - join witness protection - become a hipster - participate in a riot - become a hipster fashion designer

15: Xerxes | "You're not your job. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. " - Chuck Palahniuk

16: Erin | Favorite Song: Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen | I, Erin Ricketts, bequeath the following to my friends: To Emily I leave my coordination, first aid kit, and all the misquotes she can remember. To Cayla I leave my mustache candies and "positive energy fields". To Nick I leave my unused Belmont arcade coins, and a bunch of songs I'm sure he'd rather forget. To Michael I leave my spelunking gear. To Whitish I leave the wig made from my hair. To Tommy I leave my closet at Dehesa (okay okay so it doesn't exist anymore, big deal). To Andy I leave my sister (wink). To Xerxes I leave food that agrees with his stomach.

17: Most Likely To: - become a doctor - be successful - buy an island - know everything - be president - be a whale

18: Last Will and Testament: I leave to Cayla all the mimes who don't wear glasses; beards; and a one-way ticket to the "cat farm". I leave her the word "peers" and the job of being Erin's pretend boyfriend. Also, a picture of a real, live, baby-moth-sloth! I leave Erin the nutritional facts on a water bottle, and the individual contents of toothpaste. I leave her the words "however", "plethora", "exacerbated", "peers", and "as well" in a casual conversation. I leave Andy a sound-proof room at a funeral, so he can laugh all he wants. To Emily and Kenda I leave a lot of laughs, a lot of fun, epic sleepovers, and drag-queen makeovers!

19: Tabitha | Tabitha is most likely to: -take over world/universe -rule the world -become dictator -be world dictator -buy a third-world country -kill Nick/rule the universe -be evil -murder Nick -live a happy life and likely be fairly wealthy

20: Cayla | Cayla is most likely to: -be a crazy cat lady -be a hipster roadie -become an entrepreneur -do drugs -become a drug user/successful fashion designer -become a troll hunter -prison -be really successful. At everything | Favorite Song: The Body Breaks- Devendra Banhart | Senior Will 2K11 Erin- A lifetime subscription to Budget Travel, a pet sloth, a kid under 40 lbs. Tabitha- A castle on the LEFT, a big St. Mary's bumper sticker.

21: Favorite quote: "Life has become immeasurably better since I've been forced to stop taking it seriously." -Hunter S. Thompson

22: Emily is most likely to: -ride more horses -horses -form a horse band -get hurt -horses (again) -provide horse psychiatry -keep liking horses -die in a tragic tripping accident -seriously injure herself -trip -get kidnapped, develop Stockholm Syndrome, and marry her kidnapper | Emily's favorite quote from the past: "My dream guy is under 40 pounds." -Erin

23: Emily | Favorite Song: Disenchanted- My Chemical Romance | Last Will and Testament I leave my horse to Erin, because she won't hurt him. I leave my brain to the Chinese communists who already have it. I leave my future husband to anyone- just get him away! I leave my toothpaste to Erin.

24: Dehesa Charter School Learning Center | Not Pictured: The Monkey in the Ceiling

25: Remember: -What we learned from the guest lawyers? --How depressing Ms. Morgan's World History is? -Playing D&D in Math? -Keith Keil?

26: Calling them "Stands"would have been more accurate

27: Dances

28: Park day

30: Catalina

32: Crazy Hat Day!

33: Parties

34: Halloween

36: Nick Hugging Everyone

37: Good Times

39: This portion of the page intentionally left blank

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