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Dhia Fani's 2011 - 2012

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S: Dhia Fani 2011 - 2012

BC: "The End is the new beginning..." | THANK YOU AND SEE YOU SOMEDAY, | USA

FC: Youth Exchange & Study 2011-2012 | My Adventure in United States | Dhia Fani | by

1: My family is my happy thought. They bring so much sunshine, laughter and joy into my life. They inspire me to be daring, love, take chances and dream. I am so grateful for my family. Life would not be the same without them.

2: Friendships that I am lucky to have | SMAN 1 Sidoarjo | My high school...

3: My Best friends Agatha and Viona, we three are called Srikandi | There's never a dull moment with these two. We won several competitions by fighting each other.

4: Chapter & National | SURABAYA & JAKARTA | June - August 2011 | ............................................ | We had to perform for US Embassy. These pictures are from our performance, "The Tale of Ande Ande Lumut" . It;s a folklore about a prince that's looking for his true love. I was Klenting that Ande Ande Lumut (played by Didin) would marry. We made some changes to the story, but it was so much fun!

5: The days went by so quickly during orientation phase. We had local orientations in Surabaya (for a week) then Jakarta (for two weeks). It was bitter-sweet. Our alumni had given us so much to learn from to face our exchange year: yet it seemed just like yesterday we did this. I had so much fun with Chapter Surabaya yp 2011/2012. So many stories I had with them! I couldn't find words to describe. In Jakarta, I met 70 other students from all over Indonesia. We are now like family, a big family with whom we face the year and years ahead together. Thank you for everything, Bina Antar-budaya!

6: from Jakarta, we flew to Malaysia then Frankfurt, Germany. After eight hours waiting, we finally flew to Washington D.C . The whole trip took 24 hours but we arrived at the same date!

7: Orientation in Washington DC was awesome. I met so many other exchange students from all over the world. It also felt quite weird, realizing that I am in United States. The air, the smell, the food, the people: Whoaa I felt like an alien in a different planet but this is exciting. Three days in DC were very helpful. After that, everyone went to their designated states. Now the excitement was mixed with a little sadness, But I was ready to begin the journey! | During orientation in DC, I got to meet Mr. Dino Patti Djalal, a diplomat of Indonesia for USA. I have been reading about him a lot, and meeting him was like a dream come true!

8: When I first got my placement information. I was happy that I would be staying in Ohio. I had never really known about it, but my friends told me that it's the state where Glee (Tv show) is based upon. I was excited to find out! haha

9: WORTHINGTON | I met my host mother, McCoy in the airport with Danny Kremer. They welcomed me nicely. Then we drove to a place-that-would-be-my-home, I fell in love with Worthington already! | Reasons why I picked United States as my first country preference: 1. I want to build friendship across borders and learn about different cultures 2. Hmm, I like American Idol. Especially David Archuleta hahaha (tragic story: He went to Indonesia when I flew to USA) 3. English is easier than Japanese 4. I like Mr. Obama (no political reason here, haha 5. USA is just awesome

10: I tried to get ready for school and set up for everything. I googled my school already haha but still, when I went to school for my first time, I was surprised. The school is HUGE. I saw some students in the hall way and I felt so weird but excited. I knew nobody at all, which scared me a little bit but also motivated me to be more open and friendly. My daily introduction would always start with, "Hi! I am Dhia Fani. I am an exchange student from Indonesia!" . It's funny how people try to say my name. I remember the feeling of being amazed by the building where all the music stuff is kept. I also got to watch some marching band people practice. It was thrilling to realize this will be my school for a year ahead. I wanted to know more and study as much as I could. But anyway, TWHS, here I come!

11: it was also Ramadhan when I came here in United States. As a moslem, we fasted for thirty days from sunset to sunrise. In Indonesia, the sunset and sunrise is equal (12 hours) but here it's longer since it was summer. Challenging indeed, but it felt so good to have the experience to fast in different country! One time during lunch in TWHS, I met Tika who is also Indonesian. She introduced me to her family: tante dewi dan kak ela, and also the whole Indonesian community in Central Ohio! I was beyond happy. We celebrated "Hari Raya" together and ate Indonesian food. I couldn't be happier than this!

12: I tried to learn as much as I could during my earlier months. Everyday felt like a new adventure! It still is though, but my brain tingled every time I spoke Indonesian, yet it felt weird to speak English too. I had a dream in English my fourth day being here. Gary and his family took me to Easton, the biggest mall! I also went Tubing and visited a Zucchini festival. Gary made me eat "Elephant Ear" which I thought was an actual ear of elephant being fried. But it wasn't! haha and it actually tasted really good.

13: Summer was way more humid and burning here compared to Indonesia's weather. Weirdly enough, I found myself wearing long-sleeve tops and jeans and everything people would say, "This is burning-weather and you're wearing long-sleeve clothes!" Towards the end of September, YFU did camping weekend. It was so much fun getting to know other exchange students from all over the world! It was also neat to share our cultures and learn theirs as well. It's a little weird though, because when I heard the word, "Camping" I meant real camping when you cook your own food, hunt, clean up in the river, cold and sticky watery forest. But it was not: the camp ground has everything from bathroom to basketball court. Haha so I guess this is how 'camping' is here! I also got to see 9/11 Parade in Delaware, Ohio. It reminded me about why I came here to United States. It's an honor for me to help eliminate stereotypes of Muslims caused by 9/11. I truly wish the world will be better towards peacefulness.

14: I had to start everything from myself. I had to introduce myself, randomly came to people to start conversation, and do any possible way to meet new friends. Day by day, I started to know more people. It was challenging, but now I know, that every single step I took led to a bigger picture of friendship. | First International Dinner with my new friends! David Piatt, Ayana Logan, Steven Wood, Kiranmai Madali, Busra, Barbara, and Saniya Rohida. They are my first friends in United States from TWHS! CHARLIE BROWN: The first musical I watched. The performance inspired me to jon Cardinal Theater :)

15: Early Fall 2012 | I have heard that life will be a journey of ups and downs. This month, I had to make a detrimental decision to my exchange year: Host family replacement. I had to move with Shumaker family and Ms. Scott in Delaware, before I finally found my permanent placement with The Mlachak :)

16: I had a blast being with The Shumaker. Playing with Riley was always so much fun. He has so much energy! I also had fun hanging out with Maya and Barbara. SInging along to so many songs and playing with the piano too! It gave me lessons about how diverse family in United States is yet also how common we are. I finally moved back to Worthington with great memories. Thank you, Gary, Tina, Maya, Barbara, Riley and Jauren! | with the SHUMAKER

17: We all had a blast at the Homecoming in Thomas Worthington this year. I wore a dress that Armadhea, my bestfriend in Indonesia, designed. I was surprised of how "dance" here means lol it was so different than I thought! It was great to spend time with so many wonderful friends. | Homecoming

19: Right after homecoming, we drove to Buffalo, New York to spend the weekend with YFU in Niagara Falls Trip. I have always been amazed of Niagara Falls since I was in elementary school. Hence being there and actually experienced it up-close was an indescribable experience! It's one of the best places on earth! I want to go back there again. Not only that I had enjoyed visiting Niagara Falls, I also got to meet many other exchange students too! We had good times together. I would never forget this trip! | Niagara Falls

20: my hostfamily The Mlachak | During the time when I had to make hostfamily replacement, The Mlachak stepped up to be my new host family. I moved with them on October, and felt very welcome. The Mlachak are Mom and Dad, Joseph, Grace and Katie. I am so lucky to have them as my host family. Everyone knows how cool they are. But if you haven't met them, through out this book you will see why they are so awesome. They rock!

21: 6/12/12 | We went to downtown Columbus to celebrate Halloween! It was awesome seeing people dressed up in so many awesome costumres! I also had my first time trick-or-treat-ing with Allegra, Grace, and Elisa. I was being Rachel Berry from Glee. I got candy supplies for months!

22: We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. The whole family went to Cleveland! I enjoyed my very first thanksgiving foods! The foods for Thanksgiving contain: Mashed potato, Sweet potato, bread, Turkey, vegetables, and many more. I met all of the Mlachak family for the first time: Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Greg, Aunt Michelle, Faith, Matthew, Jerry, Uncle Jerry, Aunt Kelly, Kyle, Uncle Joe, and Aunt Natalie. I felt very welcome as if I had been there all my life. I love them so much! I also went Skating for my first time and fell so many times but I still have 87 chances to be better at this, based on Grace's standar haha it was fun!

24: In the fall, I got to do presentation about Indonesia during International Education Week. Besides doing presentation at Tomas Worthington, I also had so much fun presenting in elementary school. Grace (my sister) and I got the chance to perform a traditional song called "Kidang Talun" in theater showcase. Grace learned the song so quickly and so well. I am so proud of her! I also taught this song to my choir friends. It was so fun to teach them this song and to sing along with them! Choir performed its first concert on November. I was so nervous! But it was so fun performing with woman chorale. Mr. Parsons, our choir director is also a really nice and supportive teacher. I love the songs that we performed! During Halloween party in Linworth, Hag-Pie, I also met my friend Eva from Netherlands :)

25: Car packed, camping gear loaded, coffee in hand and ready to hit the road...and we're off! The kids didn't sleep a wink last night, they were so excited about the trip they stayed up helping Dad pack the car. We've been looking forward to having some time together and I think this was just the thing we needed. A long, long drive. | These pictures above were taken by Eva. We loved hanging out together downtown Worthington and take pictures!

26: Winter in The Wonderland - Community Service Club - Nutcrackers - Christmas - Snow! | TWHS Community Service Club has given me so many lessons to learn. We did Welcome Home projects, Homeless Shelter visit, Laurels, and many other volunteer activities. This club has inspired me to keep contributing to society through community service. Thank you Mrs Galasso and TWHS Community Service Club!

27: Watching The Nutcracker

28: Hey Dhia, here it's Violin to learn!

29: Andy and Sarah's first day back at school. I can't believe Andy is in Kindergarten and Sarah is in First Grade this year. My little babies are growing up too fast. This is going to be a great year! | We went to West Virginia for winter break. We hiked, played game, and enjoyed family quality time together. One night we were doing Night Hiking without any flash light or other electronic devices. We heard coyotes and possibly mountain lion. It was so exciting and so memorable. The next day I saw snow for my very first time!

30: My Birthday in United States

33: The Secret Garden The dream comes true. I auditioned in October, I was nervous. Since I was not a theatre rep/survey student, I was asked to have a ‘special’ audition. It was in the Hottenroth Centre; a huge auditorium that my school has. Rehearsals started, months after months. After school from 3 to 6 pm, or 6 pm to 9 pm. It changed my whole routine, packing my dinner along, bringing my homework to school; everything. The great thing is that I learned a lot! As an exchange student, it had been a great time learning about theater, growing musically, and especially meeting more friends! All of their support and excitement for me to learn about theater make me happy regardless how much energy you have to put into it. They made me feel home, made me feel loved even when I’m miles away from where I’m from. They are people I can call friends, even when we are from different countries; different personalities. I looooveeee them :) This musical is my musical. It wrote another script of my own, the one I’d always sing.

34: Sn w | "There's no bad weather, just bad gear" - Mom Mlachak

35: Eva Abigail is an exchange student from Netherlands who has been a friend I hang out with and share everything with. We just met this year, but it felt like I've known her all my life

36: April 2012 | Our Annual Family Reunion was fantastic this year! We had so much fun playing games, telling stories and eating lots of great food. My favorite part was listening to all of the grandparents tell stories about their childhood, boy how things have changed. It makes me grateful to live in such convenient times. I will always cherish the memories we create at these special events. I hope everyone had as much fun as we did. Until next year... | CEW | Civics Education Workshop was one of those memories I would never forget in my life. Written, carved deep within the dimension of my heart. It was so strange yet so familiar to see everybody. about 150 students; Everybody. We got this opportunity by winning an essay contest. Mine was about youth involvement in politics. Here we learned about religious freedom, politics, community service, foreign affairs, US government and history and many other things. I feel so honored to also meet Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates during public hearing in the capitol. It was a dream come true to actually see them in person, talking as leaders of United States and the world. The week I spent in CEW definitely will matter in my life years ahead!

37: Bride getting ready photos

38: I had the opportunity to write a song titled “We AreThe Generation” along with Shyer (Bangladesh) and Milos (Serbia), which we show along with his friends from Pakistan, Africa, etc. We wrote it in less than 2 hours. This song describes the challenge of the world that often makes the younger generation desperate to achieve their dreams and hopes. Inspired by the challenges that young people face, we believe that our generation is the one that will determine the future of this world and we must keep trying. Regardless of the complexity of the issues we face, we must continue to dream and keep trying to contribute together to create positive change.

39: Friends all over the world, tying lines of togetherness and the same aim to better the world. I couldn’t ask for greater experience than this. Thank you for CEW staff who has given us this opportunity, Thank you to the Department of State, and finally thank you so much for all students involved; you guys made this journey remarkable. We are the generation!

40: Remember why I came to United States? I was so happy to get to meet Mr. Obama!! | YFU Columbus Trip!

41: Woke up in the morning and getting all excited about seeing what Easter Bunny has brought! (oh, well. I thought he's going to hate me because I killed a bunny once in my girl scout day) but no! He still loves me. haha we also went to Cleveland to celebrate easter with the family! Granny always makes potato salads and ham, so good! It was so great spending the easter weekend with the family!

43: Paris ,Las Vegas

44: Car packed, camping gear loaded, coffee in hand and ready to hit the road...and we're off! The kids didn't sleep a wink last night, they were so excited about the trip they stayed up helping Dad pack the car. We've been looking forward to having some time together and I think this was just the thing we needed. A long, long drive. | Colorado Here We Come!

45: Zion National Park! | We hiked Emerald's Pool and Angels Landing the first day, which is 5785 feet high at its peak. One of the most dangerous one! The next day we hiked Eastern Rim and camped there. Camping on top of Eastern Rim Canyon was so memorable. Canned food felt so yummy haha It was also so cold! We hiked for about 15 miles but with huge elevation change. We made a squad name: Zero (Joseph), E (Scotty), Eyes (Me) and The Healer (Grace) and Dad as The Wise :)

47: Spring Break | Our Spring Break was the high light this year! We had so much fun hanging out, hiking, playing games, telling stories and eating lots of great food. My favorite part was lhiking, but Las Vegas was really pretty too! I actually also had my first roller coaster there (which will always matter because now I love roller coaster) in New York, NY Vegas. I will always cherish the memories we create at this spring break. It made me become more adventurous person! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. I hope that I can also travel and keep exploring, because by traveling and visiting new places: I am always amazed and thankful of what God has given us.. | Vegas & Utah

48: Pegora The Witch

49: I was surprised yet excited to be the lead in the show! I had no clue what to do. Bu it's flattering how they support me and help me to use all my emotion and everything on stage. Theater is fun. It is the kind of art that requires a whole lot of imagination and emotion. It's not easy, really! and it's great how I can now transfer my emotion, not only through song but also performance, my expression on stage. I have enjoyed my time learning and being Pegora! Thank you Cardinal Theater!

50: Prom | Prom was a blast! I went with my friends: Daria, Molly Malone, Molly Sowash, Devonna, Katie, and Saniya! I cut my hair so it's now way shorter. We were lost downtown, I had to open Ohio map! haha we also ran beneath pouring rain through German Village, talked to random people who tought we were engaged and got late to the dance. It was so much fun!

51: Choir STate Contest. Ranked ! ! Whohooo! | Global Youth Service Day

52: Cardinal's Day Talent Show - Showtime - Final Scene Night

53: May was such a musical month. I feel honored to perform "Imagine" for TWHS Talent Show and Cardinal Day with Bethany Savarese. I also performed, "Bayang Ilusi" for Showtime Choir Concert, which was really neat because I got to sing an Indonesian song! Showtime was choir's last concert too. It was bittersweet :') This month, I also wrote and recorded my first music theory final composition tittled, "Indonesia Ku" with Caroline, Edward, and Bethany. It was fun! Towards the end of May, Gwen Fuller, Oscar Lisa and I performed a song I wrote, "Lullaby" for Final Scene Night. I felt so good about this song because that is the first time I wrote the composition for the violin! It was so nice performing with them as well, they are such talented and kind friends.

54: At School | Thank you, Thomas Worthington High School!

55: Music Theory | French 1 AB with Madame Hunter

56: Math is next in line. My math class is called FST. It’s a branch of Math focusing in Trigonometry, Function, and Statistic. I decided to take this class because in Indonesia, those brances of Math are what I need to focus more since I am in Social Studies major in High School. It’s also a really fun class. I used to dislike math, but here I think I really love math haha huge change, right? Mrs. Apple is our teacher. She is really caring and amazing in teaching. I have David, Abbey, Angela, Abby, Cami, Graham, Charmi, Marcus, and Steve as people I know and talk to in this class. It’s been so fun learning with them. We can also eat in this class so it helps us staying happy in solving math problems haha | Contemporary Voices

57: Cards For Kids! I will go to elementary school to volunteer by mentoring elementary students. The program is called Cards For Kids. It’s really fun! My mentee is Marika Johnson. I get to read with them, tell stories about Indonesia, play in the play ground with them, laying on the ground haha, and have lunch with them. It’s a great time to spend with these young generation!

58: 2012 | It’s U.S History class with Mr. McCort as our favorite teacher. He is an amazing, fun, extremely smart, and awesome teacher. He is our long-life, everlasting, and unbeatable president in McCort land. Our flag is white (hahaha) and we speak French, we LOVE French (this is a little sarcastic by the way) and we love everything funny. This U.S History class is really fun. I can’t explain how fun it is! It’s always the highlight of the day with Alexa, Saniya, Hannah, Jack, AJ, Jaylen, Naya, Shyen, Nick, Bryan, and everybody in that class who are always funny and fun to learn with. | My sixth period is Journalism. We write news, interview people, watch journalism-related movie and many other things related to journalism or sometimes just simply have fun sharing popular things in the class. Mr. Bey is our teacher :)

59: TWHS Library Book and Friends Club | CHOIR | Cardinal Theater

60: Bike Club is awesome. It's so much fun biking with them to North Market through bike path, OSU, etc! | TWHS Bike Club | Surprisingly, I also got a chance to learn about Marching Band and Flags! Bethany invited me to join in and I was so happy to because Marching Band people are awesome! I learned Flag and marched for Memorial Day Parade! | Marching Band

61: Cedar Point with Theater Point! | had crazy fun times at Cedar Point with Cardinal Theater friends. if I weren't with this group, I wouldn't probably even think of riding the Dragon Stare aka Top Thrill Dragster. It was awesome!!! I love rollercoaster!

62: Thank you, My host family | I can not find words to describe how thankful I am to be with you,Mom, Dad, Grace, Joseph and Katie and the whole big Mlachak family this year. I can not thank God enough for giving me a family that I can truly feel as my family, thousands miles away from where I'm from. This year is like a life. A year that doesn't seem enough to spend. Yet everyday you have taught, shared, and given me so much for me to learn and bring in a lifetime. This exchange year would have been completely a different story without you. This year has been indescribably amazing because of you. And I am sure, I will not be able to survive the year without guidance and help you have given me through out the year. Thank you Dad, Mom, Grace, Joe, Katie, Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Greg and family, Uncle Jerry and family, Aunt Natalie and family and the whole family for being my family in United States. I will miss you all terribly! | FAMILY

63: Dad saying. "Prepare to dismount!" | The Mlachak | "Mlachak woman, we don't suffer." | said, | you are not allowed to sneeze! | "It's necessary to say, 'No.' " | "You don't have a ride? Well, it won't happen if you ask me first!" | "Every ending is a new beginning. Be excited for it!" | "You can tune a piano, but you can't tune-a-fish!" | "Be good. "Be smart "Be safe" - and have fun! | "Don't depend on others to give you flowers. Plant your own garden. But if you receive flowers, keep them dearly." | "Keep looking for the answer you want to get. " | "To fix a child, is to fix the dinner time" | CALL YOUR MOTHER! | Food is love | "if there's me and Granny here, what would you answer?" | There's no bad weather, just bad gear! | "Say: I'm sorry. That would be impossible!" | DINNER TIME: | From, "How's your day?" to LGBT Right and Religion Comparison. Intermission with Dad vs Joseph wrestling | "FORMATION!!" | JOSEPH | "Do I need to kill them?" | "D-D-Dhia! Tickle!" | Grace | "I am your sister. My job is to make you insane." | "Dhia, it's gonna be okay! Everything is gonna be okay!" | Katie | "Ooh! I see the chemistry!" | "Bring it on!"

64: YFU End of the year orientation

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