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Fall 2011

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Fall 2011 - Page Text Content

S: Fall 2011 1L: Law School Begins!

BC: Memories are a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

FC: Fall 2011 | 1L: Law School Begins

1: Although starting law school is certainly terrifying, I feel so blessed to be going to school at such an amazing place. Who wouldn't love this view?? | Pepperdine University School of Law

2: After packing both her car and my car full of stuff, Mom and I drove down to Grandma's house, where Mom was in charge of watering the plants. We spent one final night of relaxation going to dinner and going to see The Help in theaters, which was pretty good. | August 15-16, 2011 | Moving In | Lady Di Cookies from Mom and Dad for the roomies!

3: The next day we drove down to Malibu and we happened to arrive at the same time as Allison and her mom. Since we couldn't move in until 1:00, the four of us went to lunch at Subway and spent the rest of the afternoon getting moved in. That evening the two moms and the four of us roommates went to dinner before we had a meeting for housing. | Going clockwise starting at the bottom left: Allison Heers, Camilla Bjerg Nielsen, Katherine (Katie) Moran, and me! | A message of hope inside my desk drawer | My new bedroom!

4: Tour of the Apartment! | My lovely view of a tree | Little kitchen

5: Tour of the | Campus! | Beautiful Santa Monica Mountains | George Page Residence Hall | Odell McConnell Law School My new home... | Looking over the Pacific Ocean | Little kitchen | August 2011

6: "Finding Your Purpose in the Law" First-Year Student Orientation August 17-19, 2011 | Nearly $1,000 worth of paper...My new Bibles... | My name tag got a red sticker labeling me "Section A." | Meredith and Katie | The roomies exhausted by Day 3 of Orientation | Orientation, while very long and tiring, was awesome and very informative. We spent three days having our brains jammed full of information about the whole law school experience and every academic, personal, and spiritual service available to us. While still scary, I really feel like the faculty and staff are on our side here and are truly interested in getting to know us and helping us through the next three years in any way possible. I'm excited about the administrative understanding that we are more than just law students. I can't wait to start getting involved in all the wonderful clubs and communities at this school. The fact that we started orientation with a prayer was also very encouraging. I know that this is where I am supposed to be and I will never look back. :)

7: August 21, 2011 | Operation Wallet | Last night Allison's friend, Cory lost his wallet on the beach (he thinks) so today after church we trekked out there to try to find it. Although we didn't find the wallet, I did get to go to the beach, which means I won't graduate from Pepperdine never having stepped foot on the beach.

8: I made spaghetti which Camilla, Katie and I shared after the first day of classes! | First week of Classes! | Torts Professor Cupp M, Tu, Th 9:10-10:10 | Civil Procedure Professor Childress M, W, Th 10:20-11:20 | Property Professor Saxer M, W 1:40-3:10 | Legal Research and Writing Professor Butler Tu, F 10:20-11:20 | Contracts Professor Anderson Tu, Th, F 1:40-2:40

9: Sarah, along with the rest of the 1L class, is super excited about surviving the first week! Chalak, our R.A. put on a BBQ on Friday to celebrate! Although difficult and exhausting, I personally am not feeling as demolished as I feared I would. I'm just glad I'm not drowning yet...and I stress yet... | Classes were over-all really great! Section A definitely has the best schedule. We never have class before 9:10 and we don't ever have more than three classes on any given day. The material is exciting and fascinating, the people are smart (how novel!), the professors are intense, but personable and the environment is so inviting and encouraging! We had Bible Study on Wednesday, which was really awesome and I'm super stoked about the Christian Legal Society! It is admittedly pretty scary that the professors have all of our names and pictures right there in front of them in a seating chart every day in class. I did get called on in both Civil Procedure and Contracts this week (on the same day!). At least in CivPro that means I have a check by my name now, so I shouldn't be called on for awhile...And Contracts was my own fault for making eye contract with Professor Anderson after he asked a question while everyone else in the first row was busy typing stuff... | August 22-26, 2011

10: August | Birthdays!!!! | August 27-28, 2011

11: Setting up for the party!

12: Bob, Grandma, and Uncle Mike going for a swim | Grandma Shirley and Uncle Mo didn't want to get into the pool, so they just chilled on the patio.

13: Food!! | Grandma surprised Mom and invited Pearly, mom's childhood friend, over for the evening!

14: Cocoa Pebbles!!! | Beautiful sparkly (snake) necklace from Daddy :) | New BBQ rub | Fish decoration for the patio

15: We finally had an opportunity to try the epic super chocolate cake from Costco and let me say, it did not disappoint!

16: Daniel and Caitlin intended to go home this evening, but had a minor tire issue on the way out, so they got to stay the night! | Daniel made an epic bed made out of pillows with a blanket thrown over the top of them. | Sleepies!

17: Grandma and Greg followed me back to Pepperdine so I could show them my school and my new home! :) Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic forever on the PCH...

18: August 30, 2011 | The parental units stopped in Malibu on their way home to celebrate my birthday with me! | Birthday Box of deliciousness! | The roomies got me some cupcakes to celebrate

19: New friends came to share cake and spend time together! From left to right we have Steph, me, Allison, Cory, Steven, Shelley, Sarah, and Camilla | As always, Mama sent me my favorite cake in the Birthday Box to help me make friends.

20: This is Shelley's attempt to be picked for the Picture of the Day in my Photo Journal. | Cory, Ashley, Monica, and Jerry hanging out

21: The beautiful view from Baxter Park at Bible Study. | The color code of my new life... | Camilla and Allison studying away

22: Christian Legal Society Retreat | September 2-4, 2011

23: The cool car consisted of me, Steph, Hannah, and Chalak! | The 1L girls from 333A! Me, Sam, Sarah, Steph, Shelley, and Rachel, who was helping with breakfast. | We went to Forest Homes Christian Camp in the San Bernardino Mountains. After arriving, a group of us spent hours playing an epic game of "Signs."

24: Lakeview Cabins | I got to spend about an hour and a half getting to know my mentor group, talking about life, faith, and politics. Michael (in the middle) is our 3L mentor and Josh (left) is another 1L. It's a great group and I really enjoyed spending time with them. | After breakfast this morning we had some great worship time followed by a talk from Bob Goff, an attorney and founder of Restore International who is an amazing and inspirational speaker. He spoke about being called to get into the game, living passionately and with purpose. Favorite quote: Love doesn't think about doing things and talk about doing things. Love does.

25: Sarah finally caught a little guy, who broke off the line before we could get the hook out, so now he's a punk fish. | During our free time, Sarah, Rachel and I went fishing at the little trout pond! When marshmallows utterly failed as bait, we used any bugs we could catch and blackberries.

26: Sarah, Rachel and I picked blackberries....

27: ...and took them to the clubhouse to be put into shakes-one chocolate and one vanilla. They were DELICIOUS!

28: Sarah's awesome quote when talking about sunburns: "No, because artificial light doesn't burn!........Does it?" | Spending time at the lake, throwing a Frisbee around, going down the slide and getting some good R&R.

29: The BLOB!! | Steph is super excited to make the jump! | Sam's turn! | My turn to jump and then be "blobbed"!!! It was awesome!

30: I don't know who wrote this, but we found it funny. :) | Shelley and Mark playing some foosball. | Joyce, Camilla and Steph at dinner | More awesome worship time!!

31: After worship we had a great campfire, s'mores, and truly touching and bonding testimony time. I feel so blessed to be part of such a great community of people and I am looking forward to spending the next three years with them. | Joyce and Rachel | Steph, Camilla, and Sam

32: The amazing group of 1L girls!!! On the right, we're doing our signs from the game on the first night. :) Gemma, Joyce, Rachel, Sarah, me, Sam, Steph, and Shelley | After the campfire, a group of us played a couple rounds of a dice game called "Left-Right-Center." It was pretty fun and I won a round, earning me about $15 in quarters. :) The close of another long and happy day. :)

33: My new community (those who hadn't left yet...)!! Front Row: Shelley, Sarah, Joyce, Gemma, Steph, Julia, Becky, Sam, Nathan Middle Row: Rachel, Tom, Will, Mark, Camilla, Hannah, Alyssa, Michael, me Back Row: John, Luke, Josh, Tim, Rob, Chalak, Kyle, Bryan | Roomies! | Intense conversation on the way home

34: We stopped for a bite to eat on the way home. Delicious! | Sarah, Sam and Rachel | Rob, Mark, Tom, and Josh | Camilla, Luke, Becky, Steph and Michael | Camilla, Luke, and Steph were all In-and-Out newbies!!! | Kyle, Julia, Chalak, and Hannah | Steph and Becky are inverted twins!

35: Back to the studying part of school.... | View from the library- Makes it almost tolerable. :) | Steph and I at 8:00 on a Friday evening.... Closed Memos were released this afternoon...

36: Labor | BBQ! | Day | September 5, 2011 | Crazy Cory at the grill! | Steven, along with the rest of us law students, never escape the academic grind...

37: Cory is awesome and grilled burgers and corn for us! It was a delicious end to a busy day off of classes. | The girls: Allison, Camilla, Jordan, and myself | Steven, Jordan, me, Jerry, and Cory | Jordan admitted that before this evening, she had never shucked corn before!

38: Making Sandwiches for the Malibu Labor Exchange! | The Labor Exchange is a day labor hiring site where men and women workers come to find work and employers come to find workers. Every first and second Saturday of the month law students get together to make sandwiches for the day laborers. Al Sturgeon, the Academic Success Program director, runs the second one of the month and we worked at his house.

39: September 10, 2011 | The group included me, Madonna (Al's mother-in-law), Patricia, Allison, Rachel, Jody (Al's wife), Al, John, Keith, Shelley, and Sarah. | Sarah and I goofing off on the way to deliver the sandwiches.

40: Waves | of | Flags

41: September 11th, 2011 | Every year, Pepperdine puts up one flag for each person who died on September 11th. Multi-national flags are on display honoring the different nationalities of those who died during the attacks. It's truly amazing to see nearly 3,000 flags waving over the lawn at Alumni Park. | Camilla and I went down together.

42: Celebrating Allison's Birthday!!! | Top Left: John Ahn, Jerry, Allison and John Adams Bottom ;left: John and Monica Right: Devon, Monica, and Camilla | Jerry bringing the birthday girl her cake! | Cory, Jordan and Gemma | Me, Joyce, Gemma, Cory and Brook

43: September 11, 2011 | John and Laura | Steven, Katie and Allison | Gus, Josh, Zack, Katie and Allison | Camilla. me and Joyce

44: September 12, 2011 | Celebrating Allison's actual birthday with friends and cake!

45: Monica, Cory, Brook, Jerry, John, Brittany, Annie, Shelley, Allison, Jordan, John, Steven, and Camilla

46: For better (beautiful scenery and deer) or worse (lots and lots of stairs...) I love this campus!!

47: Sister Visit September 16, 2011 | Mary came to visit me at Pepperdine! I made cookies before she came and then we made fajitas for dinner! It was quite delicious, even though I over-cooked the meat a little...Afterwards we watched Little Rascals and then Mary drove back to Long Beach. It was a really nice and welcomed break from the library! | Camilla joined us for dinner.

48: Word of the Day | In true Demetri Martin style, Section A is doing Word of the Day in class. I'm always too focused on the material to notice when the word is being used, much less to try to use the word myself, but it provides entertainment on the Facebook page. Levon started the game, keeps score, and gives us the new word every evening on the Section A page. | "So now, there's 110 of us in the class and one professor. And there's 110 people waiting to hear the word "bagel" and one guy who has no clue. So game on." | 9-8-11 "Alright folks, section B has a cool game going and I suggest we play it. It's called word of the day and everyday there's a new word you have to slip into your answer if you get called on. How you manage to do it is up to you, but if you can you'll earn points. It doesn't count if you raise your hand for a comment or a question. We'll have a points system and only do it in our section. You get double points if you can get the professor to say it and we'll make the words decent-nothing too crazy. For example, today's word in Section B was arsenal, and before that it was daring. So let me know what you think and if you're down, like this comment. Cheers?" | 9-10-11 "Alright folks, I know its gloomy outside and you're in the library working on your memo (ha!) but I have good news: Word of the Day is officially on! The teams are guys vs. girls. You get 5 points for using in the Word of the Day, you can earn points in every class, first team to use the word gets the points, double points if you can get the professor to say it. Cheers, good luck, game starts Monday. The word is "illuminate" :)" | 9-15-11 "Alright folks, Word of the Day finally started yesterday with Nicole Navarre's excellent use of the word "fantastic" to describe trash- nice. Today, Joshua Lastine somehow managed to compare a linebacker to a sea monster, using "Leviathan" (never thought it would work). Nicole earns double points for starting the game off so now the tally is Girls: 10, Guys: 5 Let's see who strikes next. Friday's word of the day: Crumpet -Josh: “This leviathan of a guy comes and hits him.”

49: Steph and I went to see Contagion with Rachel, Nathan, Luke and a couple other girls I don't know. It was okay-Matt Damon's smile at his daughter at the end almost made it worth it... September 17, 2011

50: Sarah, Kristin and I celebrated Adjoa's birthday today (which was yesterday) with cupcakes! September 20, 2011 | Leaving the library at midnight on a foggy night

51: Law School Humor | Ever since I started law school, I've found that I have a new sense of humor....As such, law school cartoons and quotes from class are now considered funny. | “My goal [in the midterm] is that at least one person cries” –Professor Childress | “Now that I think about it, bring tissues, just in case you start crying.” –Professor Childress, regarding what to bring in for the midterm | “They're basically idiot teenagers doing idiot things.” –Professor Cupp | “If I try to shoot Professor Childress, but accidentally hit Professor Anderson, can I be held liable to Anderson for an intentional battery?” -Professor Cupp | “It sounds like you're really learning contracts from Yoda! ‘Though consideration there was none.’” -Professor Anderson in regards to a case by Cordozo | “Oh! This rule isn't that innocent! Reminiscent of Brittney Spears, anyone?” -Professor Anderson | “Wasted harm? That sounds like a band.” -Professor Anderson

52: Family Day | September 23, 2011 | Mom and Mary came to visit me for Family Day! They were dragged to Property with me and didn't find talking about estates nearly as interesting as I did....After a panel presentation from Dean Chase, Dean Perrin, and Dean Gash, we watched the final round of the Armand Arabian Advocacy Tournament. There was a delicious lunch and I had to go to class while Mom and Mary went on a tour of the building. We visited the lovely and peaceful Heroes Garden up at the Drescher Grad School.

54: “So today we're talking about the Statute of Frauds. Normally Family Day falls a on day where we're talking about something interesting. But that is not the case this year.” -Anderson today in class | The amazing view from Heroes Garden | Cupcakes!!! (yes, before dinner) | The three of us wandered around the Country Mart shopping mall after classes. We were quite astonished at the ridiculous pricing of one of the stores. Yes, on the left is a $430 regular sheet. Ridiculous. | After dinner at Marmalade, Mom and Mary went on their way and I hit the books again. | Sisters!!

55: September 24, 2011 | Greg's Visit & CLS Game Night | Greg drove down with Nick to visit me! We hung out and watched Shutter Island before going to Dean Gash's house for the Christian Legal Society Game Night. We ate great Italian food and then played a huge round of Catch Phrase before transitioning into a smaller group playing Taboo. We ended the evening playing Consensus! So much fun and delicious food! | Sleepyhead | Greg was quite proud of his round of Taboo, where he went through 7 cards-far more than any of the law students.

56: September 28, 2011 | A big group of 1Ls went to dinner at Howdy's Taqueria this evening before Bible Study. Sometimes it's nice to get off campus for a little while. | John, Ope, Adjoa, Kristin, and Sarah | Luke, Kelsey, Ryan, Delia, and me | Josh, Lauren, Rachel, and Shelley | Dinner Out

57: October 1, 2011 | Sandwiches!!!! | Making sandwiches for the Malibu Labor Exchange again! We were super efficient this week!

58: This is what happens when I go grocery shopping when I'm hungry and haven't bothered putting together a list... | I am totally digging all of the free office supplies that companies like WestLaw, LexisNexis, and Barbri are giving us to try to entice us to use their products in the future. The multi-colored highlighter/pen is my favorite so far! | My poor quillo has been put through the ringer with being slept under almost every night for nearly 12 years. | 12:00am-Yes, this is a fairly typical set-up for this time of night... | I'm pretty sure this is how everyone in Section A is feeling as we prepare for our CivPro Midterm....

59: "Now I'm doing the reading. I'm becoming a good student for all the wrong reasons, just so I can show off. So that I can prove I can use the word "cupcake" in a contracts case." | Word of the Day | 9-27-11 "Wooooow, major props to Nicole Navarre today for single handedly scoring all the points for the girls team using "fancy"-very nice. The score is now Girls: 20, Guys: 5-guys we're getting owned. Wednesday is Innocent." -Nicole: “Is it just a fancy way of saying...” -Anderson: “Well, I don't know if it's fancy, but...” | 9-28-11 "Well done Joshua Lastine for using "innocent" today, earning 10 points with the Cardosi rule. That brings the score up to Girls: 20, Guys: 15 Word for Thursday is Sensation." | 9-29-11 "He may be have been late to class, but Sanju Zacharias still pulled off sensation in Torts today-well done. That evens out the score at 20 points each. Word for Friday is Barrister. :) Cheers" | 10-04-11 "The curse of Monday's Word of the Day strikes again-I forgot to give Greg Boden credit for using "forgetful" during Torts and getting the professor to use it too, so 10 points to the guys who, for the first time, are leading 30-20. Wednesday is "swift," Cardosi rule is in effect so double points for whoever gets it. Cheers" | 10-05-11 "Yet again Nicole Navarre comes through on Word of the Day, "swiftly" looking at her notes, lol. That puts the girls 10 points ahead of the guys at 40-30. Thursday is Triumph. Best of luck on Civ Pro-We can do this!"

60: Movie night had it's debut last week with The Adjustment Bureau featuring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. This week featured Catch Me If You Can with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio and an interesting follow-up of the Reduced Shakespeare Company. It was a great end to a week which included both a Property and an evil CivPro mid-term... -October 6, 2011 | Ope and Melissa enjoying the movie | Sandra, Mark, Tom and lots of delicious snacks! | This makes me miss my kitty.... | Cory and Allison attempting to

61: Hi. I am Debbie Imbach's boyfriend. It has come to my attention that you are making sure Debbie is eating and sleeping properly while at Pepperdine and if she does not you are hitting her in the back of the head. I approve of this and encourage more swift hits to the back of her head if her eating and sleeping habits do not improve. Thank you for being awesome. Greg | Greg was happy to hear that Shelley smacked me on the back of the head this evening at Bible Study for forgetting to eat dinner.... | You're welcome. Being awesome and delivering necessary chastisement for ridiculous behavior is my pleasure. And it sure is fun to whack Debbie in the back of the head! | Gorgeous sunset today on the way up the hill to Dean Perrin's house for Bible Study | Keeping with the action/drama and Leonardo DiCaprio trend, Camilla, Tom and I watched Inception this evening at the weekly movie night. Such an awesome movie! I made cookie bars! -October 14, 2011

62: Law School Humor | “Who cares-it accomplishes justice.”-Professor Childress “Yeah...but it's...sketchy” –Eddy | “I heard Cupp did this crazy thing, which doesn't surprise me because Cupp’s crazy.” -Professor Childress in discussing midterms | “There's a special word for him. He's a jerk.” -Professor Cupp | “She saw the truck coming and stepped on the gas in order to become air-bourne because she knew she could fly because Batman does it. To her surprise she was not air-bourne before striking the truck, but after the impact she was flying.” -Breunig v. American Ins. Co. | “I did not have contractual relations with that plaintiff!” -ProfessorAnderson | “Known to many for his good looks and charming personality, Professor Anderson is actually a man of substance” -Brian Freano introducing Professor Anderson in CLS Bible Study e-mail | “Questions? Thoughts? Uncertainties? Negative comments about Childress?” -Professor Anderson | “I'm not going to call on anyone today...I know you guys have been lobotomized by Childress's mid-term.” -Professor Anderson

63: Mary and I went shopping for a new suit for me and then met the parents and the grandmas for dinner after they returned from their cruise on the East Coast/to Canada. Daniel joined us the next morning for breakfast at Marie Callender's. We hung out, looked at the pictures from the cruise and got to hear all of their fun stories. :) | October 15-16, 2011

64: Christian Legal Society Conference | October 20-23, 2011 | The CLS Conference took place in Chicago this year! Our flight left from LAX at 7:30, so my caravan left at 5:30 on Thursday morning...ridiculous. | Daniel, Luke and Mark on the shuttle to the airport | Steph didn't actually join us for Chicago, but she was headed to Florida to be with family, so she hitched a ride with us to the airport. :)

65: Neither were Delia and Jordan... | Joyce, Laura, and Camilla were not particularly happy with me for taking a picture at 7:30 in the morning.... | To get back at me for taking their pictures, Jordan insisted I have my picture taken as well. | Flight from LAX to San Francisco | We were delayed in San Francisco for about 2 hours...On the plus side, I got a ton of Torts homework done!

66: Landscapes across the U.S.! | The Bay Bridge in San Francisco | Leaving San Francisco

67: Arriving in Chicago, IL

68: Hello Chicago!!!! | Waiting for the shuttle to take us to the hotel after a whole day of traveling | The windy city!!! | Chicago O'Hare International Airport

69: Going clockwise: Dean Gash, Rachel, Jay (the director of the Global Justice Program), Michael, Josh, Mitchell, me, Melody, Daniel, Tim, Keith, Grant, Karissa, and Brian | Going clockwise: John, Brittany, Sarah, Jordan, Monica, Gemma, Joyce, Amanda, Tony, Shelley, Camilla, Laura, Mark, Luke, and Bryan | We didn't arrive in Chicago until 4:00-ish California time, 6:00 Chicago time, because of a flight delay in San Francisco. Everyone was exhausted and hungry by the time we got to the hotel, so we all went to Maggiano's Little Italy for dinner. Delicious food and good company! | We were so tired, some of us got a little loopy...Brittany and Jordan started dancing in the restaurant lobby while we waited for the shuttle to pick us up and take us back to the hotel. | John and Daniel showed them how it was done!

70: Amanda and I roomed together along with Brittany | View from our room | On Friday we spent the day exploring Chicago | After a little chaos in trying to plan out our day, we finally had a shuttle scheduled to take us to the train station to get to the city. | (above) Sarah, Daniel and Zach (above right) Zach, Daniel, and Luke (right, clockwise) John, Shelley, Delia, me, Amanda, and Michael

71: Shuttle Ride to the Train Station

72: I got up at 6:00 to be at breakfast by 7:00. Unfortunately, 6:00 Chicago time is 4:00 California time...we were exhausted and once the drunk guy started talking to us on the train, we decided it was nap time. | Delia instructed us to "elongate" our necks for pictures. This was Michael's response.... | John, me and Rachel | Rachel, Shelley, Amanda, and Sarah | Delia and Michael

73: Downtown Chicago!!!! | John Adams was quite excited about "Adams Street."

74: If the building were on fire and I had to climb down this fire escape, I'm pretty sure I would be burned to a crisp... | Michael and Rachel showing off their bellies | Skipping through downtown Chicago. :) | Batman was filmed in Chicago and this bridge seems like it should be in the movies somewhere....

75: I don't know what it is about law students, but somehow we found ourselves in the Chicago Public Library....NERDS! | It was a little awkward watching John help Michael down off of his perch....

76: Sarah is adorable! | Group Shot! Me, Amanda, John, Sarah, Rachel, Michael, Delia and Shelley | Rachel was very excited about this guys epic mustache which matched her ring. She got him to take a couple pictures with her, lol.

77: Amanda was quite excited about the changing leaves.

78: The Bean This sculpture, called "Cloud Gate," was designed by Anish Kapoor and is constructed out of 168 highly polished stainless steel plates. The project, completed in 2006, reflects and distorts the city's skyline.

79: On the underside is the "omphalos" (Greek for "navel"), a concave chamber that warps and multiplies reflections. | For whatever reason, Brittany and Jordan thought jumping against the bean would be a good resulted in pain for both parties, but laughter for the observers.

80: The manly men Tim, Keith, Luke, Daniel, Tony, Zach, John and Michael

81: The ladies Monica, Delia, Rachel, Jordan, me, Amanda, Brittany, Sarah and Shelley

83: This guy started going crazy on some kids who were throwing a football around on "his" grass...Brittany and Michael went to talk to him.

84: Somehow a group of law students thought it would be a good idea to have Shelley and Brittany jump into Zach, Monica, and John's Luckily no one got hurt.

85: Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

86: Keith, who is a Chicago native, took us to Lou Malnati's for some authentic Chicago deep-dish pizza! | Going clockwise: Michael, Zach, Brittany, Daniel, Jordan, Keith, Sarah, and Rachel | Going clockwise: one of Delia's friends from Chicago, Delia, Luke, Shelley, Tim, Monica, Tony, Amanda, and John

89: Creepy statue of Marilyn Monroe

90: Sears Tower!!! | This was kinda cool. The guides in the bus were dressed like gangsters. | Seeing Forever 21 made me think of Mary.

91: Amanda was not happy when Michael tried to get in her picture... | A very lawyerly quote...

92: A group of us went back to the hotel pretty early. I meant to work on some homework, but wound up taking a wonderful nap instead. We woke up in time to go see the Christian comedian, Jeff Allan, whose routine is called "Happy Wife, Happy Life." He was hilarious!!! | Zach, Rachel and I went to go see the showing of "Win Win" after Pepperdine's dessert banquet. It was a pretty good movie about an attorney who gets stuck in some unethical stuff. We didn't stick around for the panel discussion afterward-it was time for bed. | Gabe Lyons spoke the following day at lunch about how to live as Christians in the world, being part of the world and bringing others to Christ while still being apart from the world. His lunch talk was so inspiring, I went to his talk as one of my workshops and bought both of his books. I'm excited to read them and learn how to change society's perception of Christians. | My other workshop was by the International Justice Mission, which further encouraged me to apply for the summer internship.

93: On the way to our workshops, Rachel noticed the fall decorations outside and insisted we take "Harvest Pictures!" | "Okay you guys, show me how you really feel about the Harvest Pictures!" | John, Grant and I | Grant took a picture of Rachel and I and then remarked... | ..."Hey! These are actually pretty cute! I want to be in another one!"

94: Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter) spoke at the banquet on the final evening of the conference. The entirety of the banquet lasted around four and a half hours-waaaay too long. Anne Graham was less than impressive, speaking only about how sure she is that she is part of the "last generation" before the Rapture and why. Everyone got really bored and restless and she topped it off with a prayer which never invoked the name of Christ and which made a plug for her website-totally inappropriate. The banquet was all-around disappointing, but it was pretty awesome when the old guy almost fell off the stage while directing "Great Is Thy Faithfulness"! | Everyone was really anxious to get home the next day. Joyce and I grabbed some breakfast during our layover in Denver (our flight from Chicago left at 7:30 in the morning...). | Jordan and I counting down the hours until we are safe in Malibu and able to relax for a little while.

95: Word of the Day | "Hobble: This law was designed to prevent people from hobbling into court with any old claim." | 10-10-11 "He's a bold man. Mark Tomlinson stepped up today in torts and smoothly slipped in "bold," well done. Lets see if the girls will answer in Property or the guys will take the lead-scores are tied for now though at 40-40." -“Is that a good approach?” -Professor Cupp -“Well, it's a fairly bold approach.” -Mark - “Why is it bold?” -Cupp | 10-17-11 -"Mad props to Kelsey for her brazen use of brazen and inducing Saxer to talk about it for two minutes. RESPECT!" -"And Kelsey even defended her use of it in a case. I'm still impressed." -"Mad freaking props to Kelsey Halverson today for being Brazen in the face of Saxer's property class. She earns her team 10 points and doubles the number of participants to two! Girls take the lead yet again at 50-40, well done. " | 10-18-11 "It was hardly "smooth" but I [Levon] managed to get the word of the day in, so that's 5 points for the guys, at 50-45." | 10-25-11 -"Professor Cupp scores 5 points for his outstanding use of the word Fuzzy. The score is now Girls-50, Boys-45, Professors-5." -"NOO!! Points for the professors!!! I don't know what happened in class today but it got really weird-Anderson was close with “Brazen” but that was last week, sorry Anderson. And Cupp, as Greg pointed out, got today's points, so let's open up a new category of players-professors. They score points when they unknowingly (I hope) use the word before anyone else does. Cheers. | 10-31-11: -""They're happy with water!.” 5 points to the Cuppster?" -"As John Ahn pointed out, Cuppster scored points for his team today, so that's 50 girls, 45 guys, and 10 professors. Haha. " -"Cupp is better at this game than we are lately."

96: Law School Humor | "The Supreme Court is final, not infallible." -Professor Childress (okay, this more profound than funny, but whatever) | [After going through Pennoyer v. Neff] “So now all my students are asking 'How do I commit a wrong in California and then leave before they can serve me with process?'”-Professor Childress | “So Anderson doesn't know anything about contract law and he's just finding any weaselly way to get recovery since he's such a kind-hearted liberal...if anyone knows anything about Anderson, he is neither kind-hearted, nor a liberal. Joking. But winning.” -Professor Childress | Highlighter Rage: The Woe of Used Books | “[A cocktail party case is one you can bring up at a party and the attorney you're speaking to will recognize the case, have a feeling they're supposed to know what the case is about and they will] feel bad about themselves while simultaneously feeling impressed with you.”-Professor Cupp | “No. You have to throw a rock to throw a rock.” -Professor Cupp | “My dog collar...not my dog collar, my dog's collar, has our address on it.”-Kristin | “If he meant to say ‘Tree Pig’ but instead said ‘Bush Hog’ that would be accidentally accepting the offer.”-Anderson regarding Industrial America, Inc. v. Fulton Industries, Inc. | “[When you die, your contract is still valid.] The contract doesn't explode because you exploded.” -Professor Anderson

97: October 18, 2011 Getting all ready for the Blackstone Fellowship Information Dinner | October 28, 2011 I made some epic tiger brownies for movie night-the colors seemed appropriate with Halloween coming soon. We watched Casablanca and after it was all over, there was a ridiculous amount of leftover candy and sweets... | Was this clarification really necessary?? | Best season of the year! | Greg messing with my OCD issues...

98: Water Polo | Stephen is now playing water polo for American River College, a JC in Sacramento. They played in a tournament in Southern California, so the whole family trekked out to watch him play. :) It felt quire reminiscent of high school and was awesome to see the family and watch Stephen rock the pool again. :) | November 29, 2011

99: Stephen shoots and scores!! | Grandma Shirley, Uncle Frank, Kent, Jane, Faith, Grandma Mer, Biff and even Greg all made it out along with the rest of our immediate family-except Dad, who had to work...sad :(. It was the biggest cheer group the team had ever had! :)

100: Greg, Mom, Daniel, Mary and I grabbed brunch at The Corner Bakery before Daniel and Mary parted ways with us and Mom, Greg and I headed out to watch Stephen's second game. | Stephen played so well and I'm so proud of him. :)

101: We had record breaking numbers of 16 people for movie night tonight! We had to move our viewing of "How to Train Your Dragon" into the common room. November 4, 2011 | The next day I made sandwiches for the Labor Exchange followed by a long lonely afternoon in an empty library.

102: Another late night at the library... | Sunday morning breakfast before church at Kristin's house. That view is ridiculous. | Afternoon hot chocolate to make it through the rest of the day | Every time I see this little guy in my closet, he reminds me that Christmas is almost here...

103: Word of the Day | 11-02-11: -"“All that 'fun' stuff!” Joe Cardosi, stepped up to the plate and easily knocked it out of the park today in property. Well done. That's double points of course and an extra 5 points for color coordinating clothes with his property group. Now, I know you're gonna ask: is this an arbitrary rule me and Joe made up right after class? Yes. Is it potentially unfair? Yes. Does it provide an incentive for people to wear awesome matching clothes in property and make class a little more bearable? Absolutely. So, tally now stands at girls 50, guys 60, and profs 10. " -"OBJECTION! If you are going to make a rule like that, I think you need to tell everyone about it before it is effective." | "But like any game, people learned it, it got too easy. So I had to up the ante after a few weeks to a harder word-sassy. That's a hard one to use in a legal context." | 11-03-11: -"Cupp just said "creative"...I'm convinced he's onto us..." -"Cupp has already used "creative" twice. He's clearly the best player in this game." -"Alright, this is what's gonna happen: the team dress rule will be in effect. Property groups who wear matching tops, bottoms, or accessories like hats or scarves (shoes, belts are too easy and don't count unless they're a distinct color) will get an extra five points if anyone on their team gets called on and uses the word. The Wolfpack does get five points because they took initiative and we wouldn't have even had this rule if they hadn't all worn orange shirts to class. This rule will be in effect Mondays and Wednesdays in all classes. As to the recent criticisms that words aren't "unique" or "creative" enough, there are two reasons for this: first, to make the game easier to play and encourage participation, and second (I couldn't say this before) as bait, to see if the professors were really in on this, which I think it's clear a couple of them are. So, let's see if they can hang when the words go back to being "unique" and "creative." Lauren Agrimonti, my apologies for not hearing you in Civ Pro. Of course you get points for the girls. Revised scores are girls: 60, guys: 60, profs: 15 (well done Cuppster!) Friday: Sassy" | 11-07-11: -"Points for Cupp again for danger!" -"Cuppster is on fire! Revised scores in light of Cuppster's participation: girls 60, guys 60, profs 20" -Revised scores in light of Cuppster's participation: girls 60, guys 60, profs 20

104: November 11, 2011 This afternoon I was finishing up my application for the Global Justice Program when I got a call from Mary telling me that she was coming to Malibu to see me (she needed to use my printer to print tickets to The Getty.). Later that evening she and her friend Richi joined us for "True Grit" movie night. | November 18, 2011 It was tough, but we managed to fit 11 people in our tiny living room for "The Princess Bride" this week.

105: What do YOU do after church on Sunday mornings? | More bars in more places! (the result of being really bored in the library with Joyce) | Keith and Al putting together sandwich bags | Joyce and I finally tried the cafeteria's awesome breakfast burritos after Bible Study

106: Cory | Jordan's | &

107: November 19, 2011

109: Law School Humor | “Don't blame me. Blame the people in the black robes.” -Professor Childress | “So, what if like some super advanced humanoid robot...” –Eddy “Wait, wait wait-did someone in class bet you to use ‘humanoid robot’ in class or something? Because we know this is going on.” -Professor Anderson | [Keith posted on facebook during class when Professor Anderson called on people and started acting all-around goofy] “Anderson's had too much cough syrup." Totally true... | “How does the molten metal cause a fire?” -Professor Cupp “Some science occurs.” -Keith This is why we're in law school... | “So let's say if instead of kicking out the New Yorker, we kick out the Mexican, is there jurisdiction?” -Professor Childress | “All I'm saying is, life is short, okay? Don't spend it studying the Blue Book.” -Professor Anderson on the day of our LRW exam | Greg Boden: CRAZY-Sometime between 10:00 P.M. and 2:00 A.M. on the night of October 8, 1982, Frank Billotti shot and killed his wife, Carolyn, and their daughters, Andrea and Francie. After shooting his family, Billotti shot himself in the head. Billotti lost an eye, but survived to stand trial. Amy Anderson: Way more interesting than how his land was distributed. John Stanley: I heard that if you turn the lights out and say “joint tenancy” three times his ghost appears! [law student facebook conversations...] | Daniel Gochnour: Since "Carnival Cruise Lines v. Shute" is about a boat, whoever gets called on needs to ask Childress about Rule 9h (admiralty rule). Joshua Lastine: And say something like, "Well this is arguably my favorite case..."

110: Open Memo.... | How the time leading up to the due date was spent... | The only thing I saw the day the memo was due-the view from my desk. | It was a rough couple of days...Shelley and Sarah prayed with me and then made me lunch. | And finally, my reward for finally getting the memo done-home.

111: Weekend | November 22-26, 2011 | It was great to finally be home for the first time since August. Although a good chunk of Wednesday was spent at Dad's office working on outlines, the time to relax was great. It also involved a lot of kitty time.

112: This is what I woke up to this morning. I miss my babies. :)

114: One of Mom's favorite lunches of the year!

116: The group got together for the first time since August! We grabbed dinner at Denny's and then headed over to Caitlin's to hang out and play "What?" | Sam and Phillip joined us! It's the first time I've seen them since the wedding!

117: This is the last time we get to see Chase before he leaves for boot camp with the Navy in December. :( | It was a really ridiculously huge game of "What?"!!

119: This fake tree at Target made Mary, Mom and I think of Daniel...

121: Law School Humor | Amy Anderson: This textiles case has way too many puns woven into it. Michael Morea: So I'm not the only one who cott-on to that. Amy Anderson: Absolutely knot. | TEXT

127: Word of the Day | TEXT

128: Section A | Hey everyone, Starting next week (probably Monday) we're going to be playing Section A Bingo! The basic concept is that you can get a card with Section A things on it (Childress talks about Anderson, Zinger laughs out loud in class, Josh wears a tie, etc.), randomized obviously, and play Section A Bingo for sweet prizes. It's going to be 1 or 2 dollars to play, with all the money going to charity. We need your help for several things: 1. We need suggestions for charities that you would like to support - I think we will vote later this week. (Sanju also had a good idea that we can change it up monthly to make sure we are supporting the interests of all the players.) 2. This will make more sense after you see the cards, but we want your suggestions for "Actions/Events" to put on the card - bring your friends' and teachers' idiosyncrasies to a hilariously public forum! | Greg Boden: I ask a question and Childress makes me do the next case needs to be on there. | Rachel Hilzinger: ... or Childress says, "Why?" | Rachel Hilzinger: I also think there needs to be something on there about Cupp calling his diagrams an "artist's rendition." | Amy Anderson: Somebody asks a question in Property and Saxer just says, "Right," smiles, and moves on.

130: Celebrity Sightings | At the beginning of the year, Professor Childress challenged the class to get pictures with celebrities and our Civil Procedure books. If we get twelve, he says we'll make a calendar out of them, sell it for charity, and go down in history as the coolest section ever, lol. So far we're doing pretty well! | Cory with Craig T. Nelson after church | Eddy coaches wrestling and Jonathan Lipnicki (in Jerry Maguire) is on his team. | Val saw Reese Witherspoon! | Josh and Josh with Marina Sirtis, who was apparently in Star Trek: The Next Generation

131: Every Thursday we take a few minutes to share any celebrity sightings we've had. We've had some pretty good sightings including Tom Cruise, Julia Roberts, and Rainn Wilson, although I admittedly don't recognize most of the celebrities. The funniest story so far was when Shiva saw Jamie Foxx at the gym and he blew her off when she asked him to wipe his sweat off the machine. Another excellent one was when Josh saw one of the Kardashians. He asked her for a picture with his CivPro book and when she said no he was tempted to say, ""It's okay, you're not a real celebrity anyway." | Mark ran a 10k with Sean Astin so he and Sandra got a picture after the race!! I am soooo jealous!!!! Why he had his CivPro book at the race, I have no idea....

132: TEXT 1 | Celebrity Sightings

133: TEXT 2

135: I love cute little shoes!!! I got to buy some for my one and a half year-old Angel Tree Friend, Mia!

136: FINALS | Best finals-time quote by Allison: "I actually understand Erie. It's the only thing in Contacts I actually get..." | I got Subway after our first exam-Contracts. The guy behind the counter mentioned that I looked really happy. "That's because I just finished a three hour exam." "Oh, I thought it was because you're about to eat a ham sandwich." Haha | This is how we feel after a full day of studying (yes, 14 hours straight...) | Visiting the chapel before a study session in the undergrad library after our last class for the semester | !!

137: November 30-December 15, 2011 | Getting together for some much needed worship time on the Monday before exams begin... | Getting desperate for Christmas time (the Internet gets credit for the photo). | An amazing sunset reminds me of God's love and His plan for my life. | To take a break and celebrate being half way done with finals, we still had a movie night on Friday night. We watched "It's a Wonderful Life" in anticipation of Christmas.

138: After our Property final, a group of us went to Malibu Seafood for lunch and then to the beach to celebrate. | Sarah is super cute and prepared-she brought a table cloth and a vase for a flower to put on our table. :) | December 9, 2011 | Sarah, Kristin, Gemma, Joyce, Adjoa and Steph are excited to be half way done!

139: Yay!!! Property is over!!! | Skipping rocks in the ocean.

140: In celebration of finals being over, Shelley, Steph, Adjoa, Sarah, Kristin and I went to the Tudor House, a little British restaurant in Santa Monica, for tea and lunch. | December 15, 2011

141: Celebrating the end of the semester and saying goodbye to Camilla! | December 15, 2011 | A big group of us went to a diner in Santa Monica called "Swingers" to celebrate being done with finals and to say goodbye to Camilla before she heads back to Denmark. | Matilde (Camilla's Danish friend), Camilla, John, Josh, Allison, Joyce, me, Gemma, Kyle and Jordan | Two Section C people I don't know, Brook, Jerry and Monica | Allison, Joyce and I watched "The Proposal" after dinner to unwind after a long few weeks...

142: Saying goodbye to an awesome roommate *tear*

146: Mark and Ariel's

148: Top Facebook Statuses of the Year | 10. Debbie finds herself very content with life when she pauses to find beauty and joy in the small things 9. Debbie has appropriately named her new iPhone "Debbie's Palantir." 8. Debbie has a new sense of humor as a result of law school. "I did NOT have contractual relations with that plaintiff!" Yes, these kinds of comments by professors in class are now funny. 7. Debbie got to watch a clip from her property law school. :) 6. Debbie is amazed by the vast amount of information she's acquired in one month. 5. Debbie wishes everyone a Happy Groundhog Day! :) 4. Debbie has a job at a temp. agency and is already working. :) 3. Debbie feels so blessed to be starting this great adventure in such an amazing environment. 2. Debbie got into Pepperdine with a full tuition scholarship!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D 1. Debbie has finally put down a deposit at Pepperdine School of Law. :D :D

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