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Friday Club 2011-2012

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S: The Friday Club 2011-2012

FC: The Friday Club 2011-2012 "All Creatures Great and Small"

1: All Creatures Great and Small | 2011-12 Officers President...........................Mrs. Charles VanDyke Vice President......................Mrs. Ronald Herbst Recording Secretary..............Mrs. Bruce Overturf Corresponding Secretary..........Mrs. F.D. Jolliffe Treasurer..................................Mrs. Robert Datteri Scrapbook...............................Mrs. Ronald Herbst Mrs. Ed Zorn Archivist...............................Mrs. Mac McGraw

2: October 7, 2011 Fall Luncheon "Food for Thought" Hostess: Mrs. Ed Zorn Program Introduction: Mrs. Don Ostwald | Mrs. Don Ostwald expressed her enthusiasm for the year’s program theme All Creatures Great and Small. Veterinary medicine is celebrating the 250th anniversary of the opening of the first veterinary hospital in Lyons, France. Displaying a much used copy of the well known first book of a series sharing the program title, by Dr. James White who wrote under the pen name of James Herriot, she referenced an article about the author in the Journal of Veterinary Medicine. Using Veterinary Medicine: an Illustrated History by Robert H. Dunlop of the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary medicine and David J. Williams, Professor of Medical Illustration at Perdue University, Mrs. Ostwald presented a timeline of the history of the connection between men and animals beginning with cave paintings dated as far back as 35,000 years ago and moving forward to current times. Women who pioneered in the field include the first British woman Veterinarian Aleen Cust who graduated from the Veterinarian College in Edinborough and Evelyn Hermann, the first woman to graduate from CSU.

4: October 21, 2011 "One of Nature's Little Miracles" Hostess: Mrs. Tom Bryant Program: Mrs. Tom Bryant | Mrs. Bryant, by way of power point, introduced her program “Lizzie, An American in Paris” and noted the art of Elizabeth Gardner Bouguereau was displayed on 3 walls of the very room in which her audience was sitting. Born in Exeter, New Hampshire, Elizabeth had exhibited two pictures in the Paris Salon by the time she was 30 and was the first American woman to receive a medal which could be described as “one of nature’s little miracles.” At this point sharing that her own grandmother had transcribed 380 letters written by Elizabeth to her family, Mrs. Bryant showed a family tree revealing her relationship to the artist. One of Mrs. Bryant’s displayed paintings “Imprudent Girl” was an example of the double meaning in Elizabeth’s work, a cracked pot beside a girl probably signified loss of innocence. At this point as she held the rapt interest of her listeners she inserted that frustrating phrase “to be continued.” And sent her guests home with a promise to give the second half of the program if asked in the future. To offset the disappointment, on the way out of her home her visitors were able to view Madonna and Child beside which hung a picture of the artist in the process of painting the actual work which hung in the Denver Art Museum for about 5 years.

5: November 4, 2011 "Through a Dog's Ear" Hostess Mrs. Bruce Overturf Program Mrs. Bruce Overturf | With the help of modern technology i.e.: Google, her Kindle, the computer, emails, Youtube, and her son Steve’s assistance burning a DVD and with inspiration and information from Martha K. Sprong and Dory of Wittenburg Gate’s blog sites she presented what she hoped would be a feel good program. Having read somewhere that God made dogs to enable us to see grace from the grace giver’s perspective, rather than our usual position as a recipient of grace, and defining grace as “undeserved free gift, undeserved favor and undeserved love” she then shared her personal feelings about what living with dogs teaches us about God’s grace towards us. In closing and because November is the month of Thanksgiving Mrs. Overturf played a video of Rehma Marvanne, a remarkable 8 year old gospel singer performing “I Thank God”.

6: November 18, 2011 "Song Bird" Hostess Mrs. Mac McGraw Program Ms Lindy Craig | Ms Craig set the stage for her program with both a classical and an acoustical guitar and a plush mourning dove, her favorite bird. She spoke briefly about songbirds, there are 800 types of birds that visit North America, of them are songbirds. She noted how God has created musical harmony throughout the universe and read from “Surprised by Beauty – a Listener’s Guide to the Recovery of Modern Music” by Robert R. Reilly. The question was asked “Is Music Sacred?” The answer appeared to evolve from Pythagoras” theory that music was man’s participation in the harmony of the universe, Plato teaching that “rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul”, Cicero presenting the right kind of music is divine and St. Clement showing music participated in the divine by praising God but music’s goal was even higher because Christ is higher – the new song is Christ. Ms Craig took classical guitar lessons “years ago” and with the preparation of this program thinks she will take lessons again. Referring to pre-20th century composers such as Tarrega, Sor and Carulli, and although she “usually doesn’t play for anyone” Ms Craig shared her gift playing threee pieces she has kept in her memory. Raising glasses containing a libation provided by Mrs. McGraw everyone toasted our Friday Club “foremothers” of 110 years ago.

7: December 2, 2011 "Bright and Beautiful Things I've Loved" Hostess Mrs. Richard Madsen Program Mrs. Ed Zorn | So many animals in children's literature! | Mrs. Zorn began a Friday Club adventure describing her love of sharing a book with a child which became a passion with her own children, continued through her years as a pre-school teacher and now flourishes as she reads, sometimes on Skype, to her own grandchildren. Citing several studies regarding the effect of reading Mrs. Zorn tied it all to creatures great and small noting animals of all shapes and sizes are characters in children’s books. Animals help children compensate for their essentially powerless position. Very young children believe animals have human characteristics and authors use animal characters because they can convey ideas by analogy. She stated it also pays to know your audience and it was apparent she knew hers well as she reached into what appeared to be an endless bag bringing to mind another “Mary”, Poppins, that is, and brought out some of her own bright and beautiful children’s books as examples of how animals so cleverly and artistically help us to understand ourselves and others, learn important life lessons or virtues, enrich our levels of thinking and reasoning, and indeed, celebrate life. To close, Mrs. Zorn shared two books: Wombat Divine by Mim Fox, whom she has met, and Humphery’s First Christmas by Carol Heyer which gives a charmingly illustrated look at the birth of Jesus through an adorable camel’s eye. The perfect culmination of a bright and beautiful afternoon.

8: December 16, 2011 "Merry Gentlemen" Place: United Methodist Church Program The Velcros Carol, Cindy, Sue & Dorothy | The light from the old stained glass windows bathed the chapel in quiet and charm, the altar was bedecked with decorated trees and poinsettias which repeated in garlands of light along the railing, the performers were garbed in black outfits accented by jewel toned scarves in the colors of green, red, blue, and purple, and the audience sat in anticipation – a perfect setting for a joyful musical tribute to Christmas given by the Velcros. Immediately after the performance everyone gathered in the festively decorated conference room of the church to share in animated conversation and delicious holiday refreshments served by the aforementioned committee, a setting proving to anyone listening members of Friday Club could be called “Merry Gentlewomen”!

10: January 20, 2012 "Plenty to Grouse About" Hostess Mrs. John Aggson Program Mrs. Robert Keenan " | Three reasons have made Mrs. Keenan's program appropriate: 1. She knows many grousers. 2. What better time than now to grouse? And 3. Grouse is such a strange verb as it means tiny bird. After inciting her audience to think of things about which to grouse, write them down, tear them up and put them in a small bag which she will take home and burn, she launched into a very humorous discourse on the linguistic properties of grouse. She then gave examples of famous and some not so famous curmudgeons from her own husband to Simon Cowell. Of interest, National Grump Day is October 15 and for $4 one can go to the International Society of curmudgeons and get a license to complain! In closing Friday Clubbers were invited to share some of the things they wished to grouse about proving for a strange little verb, grouse gets a lot of action. | Birds of a feather...curmudgeons: Winston Churchill, Napoleon, & Richard Nixon

11: "If Music be the Food for Love" | Angels | February 17, 2012 Hostess: Mrs. Jim Kramer Program: Mrs. Shirley Bowles | Accompanied by Mrs. Kramer at the grand piano, Mrs. Bowles opened their program with a vocal rendition of Reflections on Love by Joseph Martin. Then called the audience’s attention to a number of figurines placed throughout the music and living rooms some of which belong to Mrs. Kramer, others from her own collection of more than 300 angels. With the ease of a long standing relationship the two worked together to inspire their audience as they brought to fruition the theme of food, music and angels. As Mrs. Kramer passed sugar cookies in the shape of eighth notes and angels, Mrs. Bowles queried “Angels, who are they, where do they live, where do they come from?” then yielded the stage to Mrs. Kramer who played a piano arrangement of Angel Eyes by Jim Brickman.

12: To set her stage Mrs. Aggson placed, on the back of the piano, candle sticks which she and another member of the United Methodist Church have made to help finance a trip they are taking to work with UMCOR. The candles were lit, then displayed a handkerchief reminiscent of Mrs. Charlotte Whittenburg she opened her program with an a cappella rendition of He Touched Me. Two of her father’s favorite sayings became the foundation of her World Day of Prayer program 1. Steady as you go, and 2. Everything you need to know to succeed in life can be found in Micah 6:8. “No, O people, the Lord has told you what is good, and this is what he requires of you. To do what is right, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” She spoke of prophets and asked “what does it take to make us listen?” Accompanied by Mrs. Kramer at the piano she sang Savior of My Heart and from a devotional in the Guidepost Magazine she highlighted courage, patience, good orderly direction ad repentance. Through ministry she has been involved in the spiritual walk, Emmaus and Kairos Prison Ministry. She shared experiences from he work at the High Plains Correctional Facility in Brush and led her audience in singing Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place. From the works of Maya Angelou she urged “build your house on faith” and reminded from The Purpose Driven Life we each will be asked two questions in an audit before God: 1. What did you do with my son, Jesus Christ? And 2. What did you do with what I gave you? To close her very meaningful program Mrs. Aggson, again, accompanied by Mrs. Kramer, acknowledged her father with a soft call out to “Chester” and sang a moving rendition of Draw Me Close.

13: March 2, 2012 World Day of Prayer Morning Coffee "All Things Bright and Beautiful" Hostess Mrs. Jarrold Schaefer Program Mrs. John Aggson | Committee: Mrs. Datteri, Mrs. Schaefer, Mrs. Jolliffe, Mrs. Grosholz, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Ostwald

14: March 16, 2012 "The Cat's Meow" Hostess: Mrs. Darrel Aldrich Program: The Noteables

15: The Noteables, notably Mrs. Aldrich, Mrs. Herbst, Mrs. Jim Kramer and Mrs. William Thornsby, attired in matching green shirt jackets, took their places at the 2 grand pianos. After a brief intro by Mrs. Aldrich they transported Friday Club members to a 19th century Matinée Musicale as they performed Allegro Deciso, then went even further back to the 18th century with 2 Handel Minuets which were composed for the royal fireworks. Returning to the present, their audience arrived in New Orleans when the 8 hands joined to play a musical tribute written for the city and published just 2 months before Katrina struck. One could just imagine cruising on a Mississippi Riverboat and listening to traditional and Dixieland jazz alternating with rhythm and blues as they played Jambalaya. After a brief intermission to rest their hands and allow the audience to stretch, Mrs. Aldrich urged everyone to think of a ballerina lifted far above her partner's head as they listened to a Faust Waltz. The mood was changed and the brightly colored flounce of the ladies skirts and the sound of the soles of the dancers' shoes came to mind as 3 of 6 Spanish Dances showcased the performer's virtuosity. To close the afternoon's entertainment the familiar notes from Champagne Toccata triggered memories of performances in other venues. Not allowed to end their program without an encore the Noteable’s signature piece Stars and Stripes Forever ended a presentation of the performer's favorites from the 6 years they have played together, easily described as The Cat's Meow, AKA “too cool for words.”

16: April 20, 2012 "A Friend for Life" Hostess Mrs. Jeff Bieber Program Mrs. Bruce Marron Mrs. Jeff Bieber

17: As Mrs. Bieber and Mrs. Marron, attired in red and white, settled in, adjusting seat straps and fixing reeds they noted ”What you get is what we managed” with Mrs. Bieber’s father’s health issues and the birth of the Marron’s first grandchild. Last year the duo introduced Friday Club to Marvin Roth’s little duets for bassoon, which they called “ditties” or short melodies conducive to making music. Today each, in turn, moderated sections of their program on friends then through Roth’s duets and selections from the Barber of Seville their bassoons became the storytellers as the tale of friendship touched on children at play, delicate and playful; Junior High, sweet innocence and dangerous femme fatale; High School, a lot of drama and they interjected a bit of their own. The audience was given a glimpse into their relationship as they shared personal journeys, empathy for friends, mutual trust and understanding and sad times shared. Mrs. Bieber noted “Friends make your life better” and expressed the importance of Friday Club which she said is synonymous with friendship. To the delight of their listeners they changed the mood of the day to humor as Mrs. Bieber turned to Mrs. Marron and gave “The Top 10 Reasons We are Best Friends”. In rebuttal, Mrs. Marron brought the curtain down on their performance with “You Jump Off a Bridge” and a herein deleted expletive. Both a sure sign of good friends.

18: May 4, 2012 "Horsing Around" | Hostess & Program Mrs. Floyd Deal | Mrs. Deal opened her program with a frank admission of her love of horses. Early memories include picnics with her grandmother at a little park with ponies, hearing the stories of Black Beauty and My Friend Flicka, riding stick horses with her friends and when her grandmother asked whether she wanted a new brother or a sister, she lisped “a horsth”. When she married Floyd and moved to Fort Morgan they bought the Sherman Street house partly because it had a barn. She noted “Everything I loved and wanted to do happened in this little dried up Ag gown.” For her they bought an Arabian Mare, for their daughter, Kelly, a Welch pony. Her mare led her to a trainer from Massachusetts who became a close friend and obviously a person whom she greatly admired. What followed was the story of her love affair with these horses which was interspersed with the stories behind her many collectibles which, when one glanced around the room it was noted they could not fix their eyes on any point that did not feature a horse. Each item so tastefully placed it blended into the décor. To note just a few of the antiques and collectables, there was an ink well made from the hoof of a cavalry horse in 1901, a desk set, a horse shoe from the Sherman house barn, a Hermes perfume bottle with its signature horse and buggy purchased by Floyd for her in 1968 in Bakersfield California and the paintings and bronzes of Robin Laws, a nationally known artist with local connections. To close her program Mrs. Deal read about horses who teach us to love spiritually, provide deep camaraderie and demonstrate an innate ability to resonate with human emotions. Although her presentation ended the audience lingered to find more objects of art throughout her home that depicted just how much she does “love horses.”

20: May 18, 2012 Spring Luncheon "Mairzy Doats" Hostess: Mrs. Robert Keenan Committee: Mrs. Ronald Herbst, Mrs. Floyd Deal, Mrs. Robert Keenan, Mrs. Gary Littlefield, Mrs. Bruce Overturf, Mrs. Jarry Schaefer

21: The Lions Sleeps Tonight Over a 5-week period Mr. and Mrs. Frank Landis, accompanied by her parents, visited 4 countries of Africa and stayed in 5 camps from fancy to down home as they went on camera safari. Inviting her audience to ask questions as she presented a power point of magnificent animal pictures with original camp music from Frank’s I pad in the background, Mrs. Landis started the tour with views from the airplane they took out of Johannesburg bound for their first and fanciest camp. With their tracker, Isaac, mounted in a seat in front of their land rover the Landis’ were able to obtain multiple views of wild animals in their natural habitats. From cape Buffalo to hippos to wart hogs to elephants to lions, to name a few, Friday Club was given an overview of their awesome photo opportunities. Many questions were fielded by Mrs. Landis as the program progressed. Other points of interest included Victoria Falls and Lodge, the gardens at Capetown and Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was kept imprisoned. Joined by Mrs. Landis she described the camps they stayed in including the last night party where staff and visitors shared their cultures. She was the music director and demonstrated her skills as she led her Friday Club audience in singing “We are Marching” in English followed by Zulu. To quote one of her audience it was “a most enjoyable afternoon complete with an African Safari triponly at Friday Club.” | Rescheduled program: from a stormy February 3: "A Lion Sleeps Tonight" Mrs. Frank Landis

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