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Hatch yearbook 2011

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Hatch yearbook 2011 - Page Text Content

S: HATCH 2011

BC: The End

FC: Hatch 2011

1: atch's dventures | H A | 2011 was a an eventful year. Welcoming Abigail into the world and sharing her first year of life was a blast. Telling Grandpa Barrow goodbye was a hard but a happy thing as he is moving on in his eternal progression. We have many memories with him that will last forever. The Ogden temple that Mom and Dad got married in was torn down so they could rebuild it. It is expected to be done in 2014. Ed got called to the bishopric. We played lots of golf, baseball, games and hung out with family and friends. We have been extremely blessed to have so many fun memories this year.

2: We love the tradition of going to the dry farm with the Clark's and sledding on New Year's Day. This time, a friend had a snow cat and it was fun to cruise around in it.

4: Mom and Dad ready for work party. Boys having fun on the new piano.

5: K.J. and Jed

7: Sometimes we celebrate birthdays more than one day. We went to breakfast at Jeremiahs. Mom made Jed his special pancake and a train cake. We had Jed's grandparents over for dinner and he opened presents. Fun Times!

9: Birthday Boy!

10: Jed's Birthday Adventure

11: Jed' loves horses and playing farm. For his birthday we took him to the McMillans and let him ride the pony. He was nervous at first but then he realized that dad was there to help him. He even gave the pony a hug and kiss. K.J. also had a good time riding the pony.

12: Sweet Baby Girl! | I was worried that you would be born on Jed's birthday but you were nice enough to wait. Mom went to the hospital to get started the morning after his birthday. It was not an easy morning for me and I about told them to let me go back home. They poked me nine times to get the iv in my arm. I had a very nerve racking experience with the epidural and felt like I was going to pass out. I was anxious to get you here and meet my little girl. I was sad when I realized the doctor had scratched you when he broke my water, but I was grateful it didn't hit your eye. I was so relieved when you were finally born and it had been a rough day, but you came with lots of smiles and love for your Mom. We watched chick flicks together and cuddled a ton. I felt so happy to have you. Every Mom hopes for the day when they have a daughter. I am so grateful for you Abigail and I am so happy to have you in my life. I would have gone through much worse to bring you into this world if I had to. You are truly a blessing to me. I love you. Mom

13: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

14: Welcome Abigail J. Hatch

15: A

16: bigail | Meeting

17: Big Brothers are so fun

18: Grandparents are so happy to meet Abigail

19: "The more you laugh the longer you live" | "Good times are even better when they are shared"

20: Grandparents | Mrs. Fowle | Abigail visiting grandma and grandpa Barrow and grandma Rogers a couple days after coming home from the hospital. They were happy to cuddle her and loved her visits.

22: Abigail's Visitors | Having visitors come meet Abigail and taking her to meet some of her family was a lot of fun. She is a happy girl and content to be held by anyone. Abigail had fun meeting some of her Rogers and Hatch cousins. She was glad Jami and Stance came to visit. Having Jennilyn live in our house gave Abigail the opportunity to be snuggled double.

24: All I Do Is Dream of You | "Abigail" What a beautiful name. Your name came from an experience in the temple. I had a feeling as I was driving to the temple that I was going to have a baby. I thought if it is a girl I will name her Abigail. After the strong character of Abigail in the bible and after Abigail Adams who held down the fort while her husband was away building the government. I thought the name would suit a girl and that it was those types of characteristics that I wanted a child of mine to have. I thought if the name in the temple isAbigail then you will know for sure she is coming and that it is meant to be. Joy was mine when the name Abigail was uttered. I could not stop smiling thinking about what you would be like and to know you were on your way. I was never more sure of anything in all my life then to know that you were being prepared to be my daughter and the time would be short until you would arrive.

25: Dads Story: To be honest it all felt very routine to me by child number 3. Get packed, drive to the hospital, check in, and wait. But it all changed as delivery came near. In fact, it became very urgent when we thought Jill was going to have Abby before the doctor showed up. The doctor arrived just in time and delivery was fast. This delivery was different. When KJ and Jed arrived they looked almost identical to me. They even made the same motions with their arms and everything. Abby came out our Princess! It was definitely Abigail with her beautiful eyes. When I saw the scratch across her face I had some anxiety shoot through me. I was glad she was okay, but it occurred to me how fragile a process birth can be and that our daughter was truly a miracle from Heavenly Father. The scratch was insignificant to Abby's health, but it put in my heart an appreciation I will have for her all of my life. I always wanted to have a son so bad, but having a daughter is just as awesome. I didn't want to be a "Dance Dad", but now when I see my little girl dance it melts my heart and I am 100% grateful to be Abby's Dad.

30: Hanging out at home with Abigail is so much fun. The boys wanted to wrestle her and play tough. When Abby was in her bouncer they would bounce it to soothe her sometimes too hard but their intent was to help out and be good big brothers. Abigail loved her first bath except she puked on Mom right when she was done. Abigail loved her naps with Jennilyn. They had lots of time to snuggle and hang out together.

33: Fun | K.J. and Jed were excited to invite Chloee over to blow bubbles and play outside. Jed figured out that bubbles are not for eating! K.J. and Jed had fun running around like Indians

34: How much does Jed look like his Mom? At least they both enjoyed eating chocolate

36: Grandpa | Loving | True Love is in the clasp of your hands holding tight to one another. From an infant gripping your finger as if begging you to guide them forever, The hand of youth learning to labor in service and love, to the clasp of marriage representing eternal bonds from above. The hands of a mother serving diligently every day, to the father who teaches the importance of work and play. True Love is the two of you hand in hand together Promised hearts and understanding that your love is forever Written by: Jill Hatch | This was a few hours before Grandpa died. He was physically out of it and had been for several hours. It wasn't until after we looked at pictures we realized the tender mercy of him squeezing Grandmas hand shortly before his death. True Love creates miracles!

37: Hands of Kenneth W. Barrow & Kenneth J. Hatch | K.J. and Mom. Used these pictures in a collage for the funeral with the poem | Grandma Barrow and Abigail | We will always treasure the memories of Grandpa. Abigail lifted Grandmas spirit after the funeral

38: Kenneth William Barrow | It was very hard to say goodbye to Grandpa. He has been a good friend and comfort in time of need. His funeral was beautiful and was a great tribute to a man who is full of love for others, who worked hard, who wanted to see us all succeed and who has a deep abiding testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He lived by its' teachings and was concerned about the welfare of all he associated with that they would find answers in the gospel. We will honor and remember his advice and love. Until we meet again! We love you Grandpa!! | Dec. 16, 1921-March 17, 2011

40: weet Girl! | S

41: illy Boy! | S | Jed used Moms make-up right before church. We scrubbed and scrubbed and it wouldn't come off. Everyone wanted to know what happened to Jed. He thought he was funny walking around in Dads hat and making crazy hair with K.J. in the bath tub.

42: Ogden | TEMPLE | The temple is being torn down to rebuild it. This is the last week visitors could be on the temple grounds. We went as a Hatch family and then Grandma and Grandpa Hatch taught us about the temple | Ed Hatch Family | Abigail & Dad | Grandma & Grandpa

43: Hannah, Ellissa, Jennifer, Ethan | Jed | K.J. | Learning from Grandma and Grandpa

44: FAMILY FUN! Awards | March Madness

45: Pittsburgh | Misty Rogers | Champion | Top 6 picks | Panthers | Vikings | Bears | Wild Cats | Dolphins | Wolves | GAME | POINTS | 12 | 3 | 5 | 11 | 7 | 5 | Winner Misty!

46: Morgan Alumni Tournament

47: We did it! | Dave Stuart Chad Whimpey Brock Randall Eddie Hatch Ryan Randall Josh Zeiglowski | Morgan High held a fundraiser by having an Alumni basketball tournament. Ed was happy to play with his buddies on Morgan floor once again. They won!

49: Abigail's Baby Blessing Day

50: Dad's Memories from your blessing:day 1. You have been blessed with a healthy body that will allow you to serve others and bless their lives. 2. You have agency to make choices that will bring joy in the lives of many 3. Two parents that love you and will find happiness in watching you succeed in life 4. Priesthood holders are apart of your life and you should demand that the men around you honor their priesthood so that these blessings will be apart of your life. 5. Blessings of the temple ordinances and covenants. If the world ever seems overwhelming go to the temple. You will feel a special closeness to your Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ 6. Your example will be a shining light for others. You will inspire others to do good. Be sensitive of the feelings of the people around you. Be their friend and help others feel the love of God.

51: Mom's Thoughts Abigail J. Hatch. You are a beautiful girl with a wonderful life. The thing that stood out to be most in your blessing and on that day was how special you are. You have an amazing personality to befriend and love others. You make peoples day by your smile. I know you will be a positive influence in the lives of many people as you befriend, help, encourage, and love those around you. I love you Abby!

54: "You'll wake up on Easter morning, And you'll know that he was there, When you find those chocolate bunnies, That he's hiding everywhere" ~ Gene Autry

55: Easter Party @ Grandma & Grandpa Rogers

56: Kids Are Music | K.J. did Kids are Music for a year. We carpooled with Chloee and Jamison. He had a performance at the studio, one at Ogden Amphitheater and a year end one at WSU. He is a great singer.

58: Enjoy...Your in the warmth of St. George

59: We spent a lot of time in the pool and enjoyed being with our friends the Weston's

60: Life is so much better when you have good friends to share it with Golfing with Clint and Stalee was so much fun.

61: We loved the condo we stayed at. The playground and pool were fun

62: ROCK CLIMBING | St. George, UT The boys loved Red Rock they could have stayed all day. Abigail slept the whole time

65: ADVENTURE | The time to explore is now

66: K | K.J. played tee ball this year. He was shy but got the hang of it by time he was done. He bats left handed even though he writes with his right hand. Childhood friend of mom's Jordan Meibos coached his team.

67: 2011 | White Socks | the

69: play ball

70: B

71: You Are Always in My Heart | Visiting Grandpas grave on Memorial day. The picture of the Barrows was the only one we took before the camera battery died.

72: Thomas W. Barrow Reunion at West Warren Park on Memorial Day. We visited the graves and had lunch at the park

73: "You should be showered with flowers" | The boys were excited to see Grandmas new books she bought at the craft fair. She bought each of them a prize

74: We had a ton of rain and flooding was an issue across the State of Utah. We went out to Jollys one night to help him sandbag his place. The picture (bottom middle) was the flood of 1983 in West Warren. The big background picture is the same place 2011.

75: These are pictures taken in Morgan of the rivers that are normally fields. | Jed, K.J. and Kambree making sure they are helping out too

76: West Warren Days Parade

78: Jed wanted his hair done after Mom helped Jami wash out her hair color. Grandma came spent the day with us watching movies. Abigail and Rainbow are buddies.

81: FAMILY IS EVERYTHING | "You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them." - Desmond Tutu | Jed and K.J. had a blast playing in the moon sand and Abigail had fun watching

82: FAMILY FUN | "The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness." -John Muir

83: East Canyon Hike

85: The boys were excited to get ready for the cement to come. Jed and K.J used their dump trucks to spread out the gravel. Ed made a late night dig to get ready for the fire pit to be poured. The boys had fun watching the trucks come to our yard.

86: Water Fight with the Rogers family. Boys against the girls.

88: Car show on Commercial Street

89: 5 | Cecily | Hailey | Chloee | Jill | Abigail | K.J.'s favorite car at the car show | Jed's favorite car at the car show

90: Abby with Dad | Grandma | Mom | Jennilyn

92: Ed, Greg Tyler, T.J. Ethan Friend of T.J., Carson, Ryan, Kara, Garrett, Ellissa, Jessica Sheridan, Hannah, Hailey Cecily, Ashley, Chloee, K.J. Heather, Jarah | Drew & Jed | Yard golf with Todd, T.J. (friend) Ed, Greg | Abby

93: Loving the hair color and rock band | Putting on a show

94: K.J. & Jed taking a whack at the pinata

95: Fireworks show was awesome

96: FILL OUR LIVES WITH HAPPINESS AND LAUGHTER LEAVING US MEMORIES TO TREASURE TODAY AND FOREVER AFTER. | BARROW | Reunion | Yard golf and sitting around fire sharing memories of Grandpa | Ed, Shaun, Cody, Trent | Nice Hats!

97: Played water kickball, rode bikes, & visited | Jed & K.J. | Ed | Montana & K.J. | Ed & Keaton | Tyson teaching Jed to ride a bike | Playing games with Katie, Stance, Misty, Jenni, Jami, Abby | Jill | Grandma Rogers

98: Jed & K.J. playing rock and roll | Tyler, T.J. Abby | K.J. & Abby | Hating her first bite of food

99: Putting in the sod. We had so much help it went fast. We are grateful for good family

100: Abigail | Jed | Cecily, Hailey, Chloee, Jed, K.J. Abby | Jennilyn

101: K.J. loves swimming lessons | Running through sprinklers for 1st time in new yard | Barbara Hansen our fun loving, crazy, all knowing neighbor. | Finding treasures in Hansens backyard | Abigail & Grandpa | K.J. & Jed swimming when they were not suppose to

102: Jordan, Josey, Jarrett, K.J., Ed. Jed

103: Spent the day in Kemmerrer WY with our friends the Allen's. We are excited when we can spend time with them. We went swimming. Played games and hung out. Ed and Josey went golfing. The boys loved their sour candy! | Jed | K.J. | Jordan | Jarrett

104: Grandma Barrow loved having family be with her on her birthday. This year we were unable to have the reunion over her birthday so we had a party too. Jed was sad when Jenni popped his balloon but he kept going and was so proud when he popped Dad's. Grandma held her own sucking candy with a straw. But Glenn out did her and beat us all. | Grandma & Jill | Jed | Ed & Glenn | Jed & Jenni | K.J.

105: Ed & Glenn | Stance, Denise, K.J. | Glenn and Denise | Boyd | Tiffany and Nicole | Cardyn Clem & Grandma

106: Excited for our new grass. The Clarks and McMillans came to play with us in the sprinklers and our swimming pool. | Jed | Jed, K.J. Logan | K.J. | Logan | Spencer

107: Spent a day at Cherry Hill with the Hatch family | K.J. | Eric, Ed | Jed | Cyndi w/kids

108: Morgan Fair | Jed | K.J. | Jeds new cow | Jenny and Abby | Mom and Abigail | K.J. & Avery | K.J. | K.J.

109: K.J. and Jed love the fair and one big reason is the bounce toys. K.J. even got cut and that didn't stop him. He hung out with Avery one day too. Ed, Todd, T.J., Tyler, Ethan couldn't resist the bounce toys either. This is the bungee run and we had some good laughs as they were being thrown all over the place. | Ethan | Todd | Ed | Tyler | T.J.

110: K.J. showed a calf with Chloee at the fair. He was excited to get a trophy

111: Jed loves cows. He is always talking about going to the farm to feed the cows.

112: Morgan | Rodeo | Fun times at the rodeo with Grandma and Grandpa Rogers,Avery, Todd, T.J., Tyler, Ethan, Jami, Stance, & Jennilyn

113: Jed tried so hard to get a bunny and was sad when he didn't.....BUT

114: ...The kids who caught it gave it to Jed after the fair. He was ecstatic and so was K.J., and Abby. We didn't have it long because it ate grass after we fertilized the lawn

115: Summer Days | * We rode the Morgan 1st ward float in the fair parade. The kids had fun throwing candy. * So much fun in the summer equals so much more laundry. *K.J. & Jed were happy when Monie brought them G.I. Joe trucks. * Jed loved playing Play-doh with Mom

116: 1st Ward Camp out

117: Shooting contest at the camp out. hunter and Jaycee cook hung out with jed and abigail while kj, mom, and dad did most of the shooting.

118: Ted Carter Jim Hendershot | Bro. Wilson | Covi Christensen | Bro. Lott Leading Jed and Dad on horse | Jed | K.J. catching bugs with Brooks Anderton | Abby

119: Ed leading the way in the "polar bear" contest. Jumping in the creek in the freezing cold water. | sagen wilkinson | richins boys | matt wilkinson | jared anderton

120: Fishing ponds are always fun | Derek Richins was in for it the minute he had the idea to break a balloon over Eds head. You better run fast Derek!

121: Becky Hendershot, Ingrid Anderton, & Jill | K.J. Jed & Dad | Jennilyn | K.J.

122: A fun day at the zoo with the Clarks and Mcmillans | KJ | Jed | Logan | Spencer | Chloee | Abigail

123: There were special guests at the zoo; Dinosaurs!

127: Memories made in the sun last a lifetime. K.J. and Chloee having a blast at the splash pad in South Ogden

128: We decided to go to Heber City for Labor Day and play some golf and go to Swiss days. We rented a house. When we got there they had forgot the gas was turned off to the hot water heater and could not get the gas company to turn it on. We had to use a bucket to boil water for baths. Grandma and Grandpa were feeding Abby cantaloupe and mom took it away it made her mad.

129: Bike rides, golf, parade, dog show and swiss days. We had a good time hanging out together as a family | Ed, Jenni & her date Brian, Denise, Jill. Jami, Stance, K.J. and Jed

130: Played a little golf on this trip. Even though we only took pictures of the boys practicing

131: Played at the park. The boys loved riding fast down the hill and playing tag with grandma

132: Dog Show

133: Lucky Dog

134: Ed got super sick one night and was puking his guts out. I lay in bed that night and could hear a tapping outside our bedroom. I went down to investigate and found this cute little critter (sarcasm) in the window well. Ed was to sick to worry about it until morning. | Ed tried to shoot it with a pellet gun and it is just made it mad and it sprayed instead. After several hours, a very stinky house, and lots of frustration Ed was finally able to kill it. I had taken the kids over to Wilmas and when I got back Ed told me the Stake had called for an interview. We knew they were replacing our bishopric and I was convinced Ed was kidding. But he wasn't. We rushed to shower and rid ourselves of skunk smell just in time to go over and meet with Pres. Walker. Ed was called to serve as second counselor in the Morgan 1st Ward bishopric. Skunks are now an inside joke with our family and I believe they always will be. | When he finally felt good enough he thought he could lower a piece of wood and it would climb up. It didn't. It sprayed instead. Tried to lower a bucket of food to see if it would eat it and we could pull it up. Sprayed instead. | Jed | Jill

135: A day of desitine. This actually happened on two totally different days. Jed was upset and Abby thought it was pretty dang funny. Mom was mad she had to clean up the mess that was all over the carpet but of course needed pictures of these cute little stinkers | Jed | Abby | K.J.

137: KJ. loved teacher Melanie Moores Class Jed was lucky to go to a preschool when he turned 3 with Teacher Haylee Larson He loved it!

138: Scott, Tyler, Bruce, Cyndi, T.J., Jed, Hailey, Jenni, Jennifer, Ruth, Denise, Shirley, Hannah & Abby, Grandma and Grandpa Hatch, Ashley, Chloee, Logan, Cecily, K.J. Heather, Elissa, Spencer, Megan


145: Mom & Dad, Grandma and Grandpa Hatch, Grandma Rogers Jed, K.J. Grandma Barrow, Abigail, Great Grandma Rogers



148: A is forever | Family

150: K.J.

152: JED

154: Abigail

155: Daddy's Girl

156: It wouldn't be fall without playing in the leaves at the Clarks | K.J. | Jed | Rainbow Marshmallow in the dryer sleeping

157: We had a party with some of our friends from the neighborhood. The Drapers, Andertons, Clarks, Navas, Higleys. Hendershots, Hansens. Ed was a human pinata and had candy in the bag that fell out when they would hit him with the pool noodle. He was the "hit" of the party. The kids loved it and the adults had a good laugh too. Even after the candy was gone the kids wanted turns hitting Ed. | Block Party | Abby & Becky Hendershot

159: Toy Story | All ready for Trick or Treat | With Hannah Prost | Bambi

163: Candy Hang-Over

164: DodgeBall | Jennilyn & Abigail | Sheridan playing with Abby | /Ed's a stud | When Greg comes to town it always turns into some kind of party. This time was an awesome game of dodge ball at the Stake Center | Ethan, Bruce, Carson, Jennifer, Heather, Greg, Ellissa, Hannah, Ed. Andy & Garret, Thom, Eric, T.J. Sheridan, Megan, Tyler, Hailey, Sheridan | Abigail giving Dad a rest

165: Jill | T.J. going for Ed | Watch out Elissa Gregs going to hit you | Nice Dodge Andy | Get those boys Jen! | Give it all you got Greg! | Nice catch Thom | Jed sneaking up on Bruce. Your out. | Jed | Nice form Ed

166: The party turned to a girls night with painting fingernails and hanging out together

167: "Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family." -Anthony Brandt | The boys LOVE when Grandma reads to them! This is one of their favorite things about Grandma

168: Jed making himself a cozy place to sleep | Abby loving the car Jennifer brought over for her | Snuggle time for K.J. and Abigail

169: "The family is one of nature's masterpieces." -George Santayana | K.J.'s 1st tooth | Jed looking Awesome! | Abby laughing at spilled milk | A very large entertainment center Mom bought not realizing how big it was until it was sitting in our house

170: K.J participated in a singing group with Heidi Farmer. He learned so much and it was a great experience

171: Teacher Melanie Moore | Our carpool with Madi Gale, & Tyton Ellis | K.J. loves preschool | On their special day at school they get to pick someone to come read to the class. K.J. picked Grandma

172: 2011 | Christmas

174: Lighting of the tree on Commercial street and sending floating lanterns into the sky. It was a very cold but cool night!

175: Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.

176: SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN! | 1st Ward Christmas Party

177: K.J. | Morgan 1st Ward Primary

179: Our houses started falling apart but the kids realized that was fun and played longer destroying them than making them. They had a blast!

180: We were ready to leave for the Hatch Christmas party when we discovered a stow away. This mink had jumped inside the car. The kids were all buckled in their seats and mom and dad were gathering last minute things. We could not get it to leave the car. Jennilyn, Kambree and Kylee were here and locked themselves in Jenni's car. The Clarks stopped to see if they could help us and we ended up calling the Boyces to come get the mink. They were able to catch it and take it away. At least it wasn't a skunk!

182: NAUGHTY | NICE | Andy teasing Cyndi while she tries to play the piano | Jessica, Elyssa, Hannah, Megan | Tyler, T.J., Ethan | Jed, Spencer, Logan, K.J. | Logan, Chloee, Kara, K.J. | Jill & Ed | Spencer, Drew, Jed | Ed & Jennifer | Jessica & Abby

183: Hatch Christmas Party | Scott & Ed | Thom & Abby | K.J. | Hannah | Hannah, Ellissa, Jessica | Abby & Mom | Ethan teasing girls | Jed

185: Christmas Eve Rogers Party | Music, Wrestling, Burping the ABC's, Origami, Homemade gifts, Good food, fun presents, and P.J.'s from Grandma and Grandpa sum up this party!

186: Grandmas Christmas without Grandpa was hard and Jolly and Abigail did a good job comforting her. She was excited to get a kindle to read on but wondering how an "old lady like me" was going to work it. | Abigail is Grandmas Girl | ...and Grandpas

187: Andrea took this photo of Abby drinking someones leftover Mt. Dew. I guess he was trying to keep up with Tysons ABC's | K.J made reindeer food at preschool and put it out in hopes they would find our house.

189: Christmas was on Sunday this year so we went to church and then followed up with our tradition of having breakfast with Aunt Eileen. She was getting a kick out of Abby | Grandma testing out K.J new 360 bike | T.J. & Tyler came for a visit

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