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Hensley Legal Group, PC Culture Book

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S: Hensley Legal Group, PC 2011-2012

FC: Hensley Legal Group, PC Culture Book 2011-2012

1: "I am proud and honored to be associated with such a good group of people. I love hearing how we make a difference." John Hensley

2: John D. Hensley President & Founder

3: FOREWORD Welcome to the 2nd Annual Edition of the Hensley Legal Group Culture Book. The purpose of this book is to provide newcomers, clients and outsiders a glimpse into what our culture here at HLG is all about. As we are entering our 15th year of business, I look back on all of the memories that I have made with the people who make up this organization. That leads me to the focus for this year’s book. My question to my co-workers this year was, “What was your greatest HLG related memory this past year? “ The responses ranged from heartwarming to comical, to everything in between, and they once again made me realize what a talented, unique and incredible group of people we have between these office walls. I could not do what I do without all of the wonderful people I am surrounded with each day. Enjoy.

4: In the past year, my most memorable HLG-related experience would have to be the Christmas Party! It was a blast seeing the different "white elephant" gifts that were given at the office, the dinner was delicious, and the Pacers game was unforgettable. It was a great time where I got to actually meet with a lot of co-workers that I didn't really get to know while back in the Case Control Department. Michael Amspaugh CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since 2012

6: Kristina Anderson SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2009 | My most memorable experience from the past twelve months was when we went snow tubing in January, 2012. We were supposed to go in December 2011 for our office Christmas Party but it was delayed because of a lack of snow. Personally, I was really happy it was delayed because I would not have been able to go in December. I love all things snow, so the trip was tailor made for me, but that's not the only reason I chose it as my most memorable, positive experience. While we were snow tubing, we were able to link our inner tubes together and go down the hill in large groups. I remember talking to several co-workers that I don't routinely see while we were working our way up the hill to take another run. I remember working together as a team to defeat other teams of co-workers in a race to the bottom of the hill. Mostly, I remember a lot of laughter and camaraderie, despite the cold, snowy weather. While our snow tubing trip was our last big trip as an office, I think it stands out as an excellent example of what a fun, positive environment we have at HLG.

8: My most memorable, positive experience at HLG this past year was the Light the Night Walk. I had only been employed here for a few months when it was time for the walk, and I did not expect many people to participate when I sent out the email. To my surprise, several people from the office (and their families!) showed up for the walk, and many more donated, raising over $600 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in my Dad’s name. I was so touched that people who really didn’t know me that well yet would go out of their way to support my family in a cause that is so important to us, and it really solidified what a great group of people I was working with. | Amal Anthony SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2012

10: WHAT IS CULTURE? Inspiring Surroundings Collective Vision & Purpose Individual Motivation Day to Day Communication An Easy & Flexible Workspace Empowered Decision Making Team Dynamics Effective, Positive Management Visible, Inspiring Leadership

11: My most memorable, positive experience would be joining Hensley Legal Group! There are many reasons why joining Hensley Legal Group has been such a positive experience. The work environment is great. Everyone gets along and are very nice to one another. They all made me feel welcome on my first day! As a newer member to Hensley Legal Group, I am still learning a lot, and my co-workers are so helpful when I have questions. I feel that I can ask anybody anything and they would gladly stop what they are doing to teach me. That is a great feeling! I am glad to be working here, and I am looking forward to returning the favor when newer employees start. | Liza Banich SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2013

12: I would have to say my most memorable, positive experience over the last twelve months has been joining the HLG squad. To be able to work at such a great company , and with such great people, is something I am thankful for, and something that I will never forget. Playing pick-up basketball games after work with some of my colleagues is another great experience that I have had in the past twelve months as well. Thanks for everything, John! | Zach Barnes Case Control Department Intake Specialist Employee Since 2012

13: Colts Blue Fridays!

14: Brandy Brown SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2012 | The number of positive experiences I have had here at HLG over the past year could fill a book. From helping people get approved for their Disability benefits, to meeting nearly fifty fantastic people, it is hard to narrow it down to one. Helping people each day who are so appreciative of our help, gives me something to smile about. However, within the HLG family, I would have to say my favorite memories are howling at the moon with my fellow co-workers. There is never a dull moment, especially with the Herms around.

15: "Even though the nature of our work can really beat you down sometimes, and we typically only hear "no" and have to fight for everything - even with our clients' own doctors, every once in awhile, the stars align and we get a great result for a great client. It's not about the amount of the settlement. It's about doing the right thing by the client and not letting the insurance company, or even the medical provider, get away with pushing people around. That's what it is all about." Spencer King, Attorney April 25, 2012

16: Chuck Brown CCD Field Investigator Employee Since 2006 | Being on the front line of our firm, I experience such pride and memories on a daily basis. Whether it be a gentleman that has used us a couple other times and know me by name, and we reminisce about our previous meetings, or a sweet elderly lady that has lost her husband of 50+ years and looking for answers. In these, and all of our cases, I have such a feeling of pride when I look into these peoples' eyes, and let them know they are in good hands. Some people have fears stemming from their friends’ or relatives’ experiences with other attorneys. I get a big thrill from being able to look someone in the eyes, and letting them feel the power of my words when I say, "That will not happen with us." Whether it be going to a tremendous 4-star restaurant for our Christmas dinner, playing kickball during work hours as a team building exercise, or shooting hoops on the floor at a Pacers’ game, John has always brought us together like a family, and gives us such a chance to have fun together. We are led by the best in the business in my opinion.

17: I have worked at HLG since 2008, but after becoming an attorney this past year, I've been able to get to know our clients a lot better. It's so gratifying to see someone get some positive news after struggling for so long. One of my favorite moments was when a wheelchair-bound client suffering from MS, stood up and gave me a hug after his Disability hearing. While many would pity him for living with such a debilitating disease, he told me he felt blessed. Seeing firsthand how we are able to positively impact lives with our work has been so rewarding. | Mallory Bryan Attorney Employee Since 2008

18: The family-like environment which our office has created makes it hard to choose just one favorite experience. As hard as everyone in the office works, we all like to hang out and have a good time too. Unfortunately, I missed two of my favorite annual events this past year, State Fair Day and our Hensley Legal Group (HLG) Christmas. Fortunately, the other event I look forward to is the bankruptcy department Christmas dinner, and that is what I have chosen as my most memorable experience of the year. When I started at HLG 8+ years ago, I started out in the bankruptcy (BK) department, before transitioning to also become the HLG receptionist. The BK department has always been the smallest department in the office, which made it easier to become close with my co-workers. Working with Katrina has been a blessing. She is so patient, kind, and caring. She always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help others. Justin is so unique and silly, and also very caring. He used his ‘Judge Pro Tem’ skills to marry my husband and me. This was his first wedding ceremony and everything went well. Minna was my personal “fashion guru” and go-to person for computer issues. She was creative and planned many fun HLG events and activities. I say “was” because after 5 years she has left HLG to pursue another job opportunity. It was bittersweet knowing that this would be our final BK department Christmas dinner, but we all knew that the time had come to close that chapter of our work and focus on new challenges and opportunities. Sad as it was, we had a great dinner, and I have another positive memory of the BK department and some very amazing co-workers.

19: Mallory Carr Receptionist Employee Since 2004

21: The most memorable positive experience for me in the last year was an approval that I had last fall. One of my clients was in severe financial need. She had her van repossessed, water was shut off in her house, and her teenage daughter was pregnant. She had received the opportunity to move into a HUD home before her first granddaughter was to be born, but only if she started receiving her disability benefits. We were told by the local office that she had been approved for benefits, but they were taking their time finalizing the decision. There were many issues and I was in communication with the local Social Security office for several months to find out what they needed and to provide them with the information to try to expedite the completion of her decision. Finally, the local office was able to get everything they needed to issue the official decision and release my client's money just in time for her to get into the new house before her granddaughter was born!! | Vanessa Collett SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2011

23: Super Bowl Week Challenges at HLG

24: I have memorable positive experiences every day at HLG, but my MOST memorable in the last 12 months was Halloween. At that time, I had been with HLG for over one year and my husband, Bob, had never been in our office, or met the HLG clan; however, Bob knew we had a special culture. Not only because I told him, but he could see how much I loved being here. On Halloween, Bob popped into the office because he had been out of town and wanted to see my costume. I never dressed up for Halloween, so this was different. Bob saw my costume, but what he saw that was much more moving was our culture. It’s difficult to describe, but he felt it. After dragging him around to meet many of the HLG’ers, and waiting for Minna to take a group picture of almost all of us in costume, Bob told me, “you have something special here.” So for those reading this, believe it without seeing it! HLG is special! Thank you, John, for making the HLG culture a top priority! | Kelly DeSchryver Medical Records Specialist Employee Since 2011

25: Mid year of 2012, my wife Carol and I were at the office of HLG to discuss an accident with John Hensley. We related our incident of me being injured, falling down the steps after leaving my Insurance Company. I had injured my right arm. We departed and returned home. Not long after that, we returned and met with HLG, only to find out that I didn't have enough powder in my guns to levy a complaint. We talked awhile about my past and years in law enforcement. Upon departing, John said to me, "If you run across any retired police officers that would like to join the firm here as a field investigator, let me know. We need one in your region." On our was home, Carol and I were really discussing this thing and wham... no question, I was going to call back the next day. I called and said, "Look no further, I would like to come aboard". I was hired and given the time for my surgery to my right wrist and healing time. Wow! Trust me. One of my favorite times in life was about to happen as the doors flew wide open. I was taken around and met everyone, trained, and put in the field. I love every minute spent with HLG. Life just dealt me another rewarding addition. Thank you to all of you, and I am looking forward to a long career with the best, HLG. | Cary Dawalt CCD Field Investigator Employee Since 2012


27: AUGUST 14, 2012

28: I cannot explain my most memorable & positive HLG experience in just one event. The events that occur all year long are always unforgettable; whether it is "Bring Your Dog to Work Day", self-defense class, the State Fair, or office-wide pitch-ins. It is not only the events, but the PEOPLE who I get to enjoy these adventures with that truly make Hensley Legal Group special. The personalities and quality of people I get to surround myself with everyday is something that I am extremely grateful for. | Megan Egenolf CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since 2011

30: "People are definitely a company's greatest asset. It doesn't make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the PEOPLE it keeps." Mary Kay Ash

31: Susan Florian SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2010 | My most memorable moment in 2012 came from an On the Record Approval of a client who was suffering from depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. She was also experiencing migraines on a daily basis without relief from routine treatment. Her doctor had suggested trying surgery to burn the nerves in her face. She would call regularly to check in and talk. Her constant pain had become a strain on her interpersonal relationships, and it was evident she didn’t have anyone to listen to her. I worked to get multiple RFCs from her treating doctors and therapist. After submitting them to Social Security, the judge made an offer to approve her without the need for a hearing. She was thrilled that she was approved and wouldn’t have to wait any longer! Hearing the relief in her voice and knowing that the stress of not being able to work was one less thing for her to worry about made all the hard work worth it.

32: "Every day we change the lives of people by doing what we do." | Sarah Graziano Attorney Employee Since 2002

33: There are so many things that have been positive over the past year or so at HLG. Too many to detail but I want to share a few things that have stood out for one reason or another. First, one thing that has tremendously helped the Personal Injury Department is the rehiring of Ashley Lindenmier. She is such an asset to our team and has come in and taken the world by storm. She is truly a team player and has had such a positive impact to me personally, as well as our organization. I never want to imagine our HLG team without her, and I hope that I can do as much for her someday as she has done for us over the years and here recently. Next, I participated in three cases this year that have stood out and taught me a lot about how important our job and role is for each and every client and case. To protect the clients’ privacy, I will refer to them as BR, KC, and SN. We fought for years for each client, and ultimately, the results were that we were able to help in achieving goals that became life changing for each of them. BR struggled from a mild traumatic brain injury that changed her vibrant lifestyle she had before her horrific crash. BR was in her 70’s at the time of the crash but lived her life like she was 50. She was an amazing woman and still is in my eyes. After the crash, she became just a shell of who she was, and the insurance companies, including her own, made us fight to the death - and we did. After securing the underlying limits just the night before trial, we fought our client’s insurance company this past year at an arbitration, and we secured BR every penny possible under the policies. She was so grateful. The same is true of KC. The Defendant’s insurance company turned down our demand of $20,000.00, and we fought for three days in trial and secured over $130,000 for KC which literally brought her to a sob after the jury returned her verdict. We changed her life. KC still sends me inspirational and spiritual text messages which brighten my day each time she sends them to me. Lastly, is SN. The insurance company was non-responsive and difficult. The case involved the states of WY, where the crash originated, and IN, where the clients lived and treated for the most part, as well as in MO, where the clients were forced to move for financial reasons. There were times when it would have made sense to give up on the clients, but we simply knew we could not do that to SN. No one would take the case, and we knew that, so I could not leave her high and dry. After fighting for a couple of days in WY Court before a jury and jurisdiction we had no ties to, and the jury came back at 7x the pre-trial offer of the insurance company, SN fell to tears and said, “You saved my life.” We saved her from financial and emotional ruin by doing what we do. Every day we change the lives of people by fighting to the very end. We have the ability to change someone’s life and we do that day in and day out. There is nothing more rewarding than that. I am honored to be part of this each day at HLG.

34: HLG Around Town By Taylor Herman


36: I think my most memorable experience would have to be that for the second year in a row, HLG showed up in numbers for the Prostate Walk! When the cause is good, the people of HLG are great with the support, but when it involves one of our own, it’s beyond amazing the support that follows! The first year we did this event, my father was still going through treatment, so the support really helped get us through it. The second year, we really didn’t expect much because he had made it through. To see so many people excited to do it again and to have both my dad and Yates’ dad there as survivors made it even better! We even had people winning medals, which was really cool and hopefully made them enjoy their time a little better! I just could never express how much it means to myself and my family to look around and see the HLG family right there with us at the starting line and right there with me during it all. You never want to go through something bad, but it is amazing to see how much support your co-workers provide when you need it the most and expect it the least. And when things are bright again, they are there to celebrate with you! No one had to show up either year, but they did, and it really just proved to not only me, but to my family that this really is a special place filled with people that care! | Melissa Hartsock Office Manager Employee Since 2005

37: September 22, 2012 | The Great Prostate Cancer Challenge

38: My most positive experience this year would have to be the opportunity I received to work with Hensley Legal Group. Not only is it a great company to be associated with, but I look forward to coming into work everyday, and I enjoy all of my wonderful colleagues. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful throughout all aspects of this job, and it just creates a wonderful work environment, both in and out of the office. My first week on the job, numerous coworkers from the office met after work to socialize and show me around downtown Indy. The second week on the job, we organized a pick-up basketball game, where again, numerous coworkers attended. I am so grateful to be a part of a company where I can consider the people I work with more like “family” rather than colleagues. Samantha Hartsock CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since 2013

39: I can think of so many positive moments that I have had over the last year, but there is one that really sticks out in my mind. At the beginning of the year, our department is given several goals to accomplish by the end of the year. These goals are especially lofty, and I can recall thinking that reaching them would be nearly impossible. However, our group really pulled together, worked hard, and not only met our goals but we exceeded them. It showed me that not only does hard work pay off, but it also reminded me that we have really good, tough-minded, hard-working people here that care about each other, our clients, and what we do. | Aimee Heacox PI Case Manager Employee Since 2003

40: Take Your Dog To Work Day

42: Katrina Hecht Attorney Employee Since 1999 | I have really enjoyed becoming more involved with our Social Security Disability department over the last few years. One case particularly stands out to me. We represented a younger woman that was suffering from serious mental illness. She was tortured by this on a daily basis because she was very aware of the psychosis, but nothing, including medication, could take it away. When we went to her hearing, the Judge was sympathetic and compelled by her sincere and sad testimony. The Judge told us on the spot that she would be approving the claim for disability benefits. We were so happy and relieved. I then received a call a few days later from this Judge telling me she had essentially changed her mind and felt our client didn’t deserve benefits. This was devastating, obviously. I immediately got on the phone with our client’s psychiatrist and asked for his help in proving our case. He was willing to write a statement based upon my questions at no cost when I explained what had happened. I also spoke with our client’s counselor, and she wrote a very helpful statement too about our client’s difficulties. I contacted the Judge and requested a supplemental hearing, letting her know that we didn’t get testimony from our client’s boyfriend once we knew we were approved, and we felt we deserved that opportunity. When the supplemental hearing came along (I think the Judge realized she needed to give us this opportunity), the Judge had a psychiatrist come as a medical expert. He reviewed our psychiatrist’s and counselor’s statements and records, and he indicated that our client certainly met the criteria to be approved for disability. The Judge finally agreed. It was hugely rewarding to take a stand for our client, push back against an unfair Judge and help her be awarded the benefits she deserved from the start.


45: Taylor Herman CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since | Taylor Herman CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since 2012 | My most memorable experience was actually just one week ago. While working in the Case Control Department, Craig asked us if anyone wanted four $20 tickets to the IU vs. Penn State game. Mitch, Michael, and I decided to head down to B-town. We headed down to Bloomington and walked into Assembly Hall a few minutes after tip-off. As we went to find our seats, the usher pointed out that two of our seats were actually on the court. It was an awesome experience. I had friends and family who saw me on TV. I would have never dreamed about actually being on the court, watching my favorite team play basketball. It was, by far, the best $20 I had ever spent, and it was fun being spontaneous with two of my colleagues.

46: Katie Hilton SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2012

47: I have had so many positive experiences since starting at HLG in June 2012. Overall, my most positive experience was taking a job here. I am so honored to work with such a positive group of people who work hard to help each and every one of our clients. I have really enjoyed all of our group outings: from the state fair, to playing kickball, to the Christmas party. It is so important to take time away from all the craziness of our jobs to spend time with each other as people and not just coworkers. I also appreciate the support I get from everyone I work with. I believe that I want to do a better job and produce a better product because I get support and positive energy from the people who work around me. It makes coming to work an enjoyable experience each day! I have also truly enjoyed working with my clients. It has been a great experience to get to know them. They are the reason we are here, and I’m always happy to talk with them and see what else I can do to help them out. One positive in particular was my first approval. I had received what looked like a denial letter for a client, so I called her to let her know and sent out the forms, etc. A couple weeks later, we received an attorney fee on her case. So we went back and looked at the letter and realized it was actually an approval, but with an amended onset date. I had never seen one before, so I didn’t even know that I was looking at something different. As a result, I got to call the client back and tell her she had actually been approved! She was so happy and very thankful for our help. It’s always nice to make that phone call. On the opposite side of that, while it is not so fun to make calls regarding denials, I like to think that I do my best to let my clients know we are there for them during such a difficult time. I want my clients to feel like they can talk to me and to know that I am always here to listen, even if they just want to vent. In this way, I think we, as a company, offer so much more than just legal services. We realize that our clients are people, not just numbers. I know I have enjoyed my time at HLG so far, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this company!

48: STATE FAIR DAY Christmas Party with the Pacers Super Bowl Challenge Week Take Your Dog to Work Day TIE TUESDAYS Kickball Tournament Thanksgiving Pitch-In Halloween Costume Contest Colts Blue Fridays fRiDaY MoRnInG DaNcE pArTiEs

49: Yates Hull CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since 2011 | The most memorable moment for me here is hard to narrow down. There are really so many great things that happen here throughout the year. If I have to pick one, my favorite moment would have to be when we all went on a bus trip to a Ohio Ski Resort to go tubing. To take a day to have fun like that is amazing. From the party on the bus, white elephant gifts being passed out, the hours of fun on the hills, and to the dinner that night, it has to be one of my favorite moments or even days since becoming a member of this family. This group really becomes your extended family, and what a better time it is to celebrate and share all your accomplishments or special occasions throughout the year with your family. All year long, we are giving back to the community, doing blood drives or shopping for the needy, and taking the time to celebrate our accomplishments by taking a day and playing kickball. It is a blast. I am very happy to be a part of this family and positive environment, and I can’t wait to see all the new accomplishments and special occasions that are ahead of us.

51: Outside These Office Walls

52: Spencer King Attorney Employee Since 2010 | "I honestly do not believe another law firm would have put in the effort to truly maximize her recovery like we did."

53: My most positive experience in 2012 was the result that Jodi and I were able to achieve for a client out of Kokomo. This sounds like bragging, and maybe it is, but I honestly do not believe another law firm would put in the effort to truly maximize her recovery like we did. We personally visited the client in the hospital where she was admitted for multiple fractures and internal bleeding. The challenge in the case was figuring out a way to achieve any financial recovery for the client because her medical bills exceeded the amount of insurance available by over $50,000.00. It would have been very easy to take our 1/3 from the settlement and leave the client with a mountain of unpaid bills. But Jodi would not take “NO” for an answer. Together, we were able to negotiate the reduction of her medical bills to allow her to make a significant financial recovery from the settlement. It was easy to take on this task because it was the right thing to do, and the client was very appreciative of our efforts.

54: Justin Kosiba Attorney Employee Since 2008

55: When given the task to reflect upon my most positive moment of 2012, for some reason I immediately thought of Tolstoy’s line that “happy families are all alike, but every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” I thought it was an odd line to come to mind, but then I realized that it alluded well to my most positive experiences of the past year. In our office, we are aware that clients are approaching us during difficult times in their lives, whether it be from injury, disability, or financial problems, and all too often these problems overlap. After being in the practice for years, it is easy to become somewhat desensitized to the obvious highs. Sure, it always feels great to win cases. Clients are obviously grateful, but like Tolstoy’s line suggests, it is almost too easy to be happy in those moments. Rather, in the past year I have learned to appreciate that the most rewarding feelings I get nowadays occur while I am able to put a client’s mind at ease while a case is still pending, not once it has successfully concluded. Clients can understandably be nervous and anxious in dealing with unfamiliar processes during an already stressful time in their lives. I do my best to understand the roots of my clients' individual problems and what is really on their minds to make sure that I am able to address their particular concerns. Throughout the year, clients at times apologized for contacting me so much about the same worries, but thanked me for my time and listening to their concerns, and also for putting their minds at ease. While my clients are apologizing for what they deem are excessive concerns, little do they know that taking the extra time for them while they are struggling creates some of my most satisfying and positive moments upon which I reflect. It is time well spent to understand clients’ unique needs and reassure them during some of the most difficult periods in their lives, as it is usually during these times that I feel clients need me the most.


57: Kathleen Kreicker SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2002 | One of my favorite memories of 2012 was our week-long Super Bowl challenge. We divided the office into two teams (AFC and NFC I think) and we participated in challenges each day to earn points. My favorite part of the week was showing up one morning to find that the outside of my office had been decorated by my teammates to show our team spirit. And to top it all off, we were allowed to leave for a couple of hours during the workday to go check out the Super Bowl festivities going on around downtown. Everyone was already excited about the Super Bowl being held in Indy, but making a week-long event out of it at HLG was a great way to bring some of the excitement to our workplace. It even got us working together in teams (with a little bit of our competitive spirit to make it interesting!)

58: Ryan Kreicker CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since 2007 | For me, it is how we treat every person who calls our office. I heard time and again this past year that we were the only law office that was willing to listen to the caller - even if it is a case that we can’t help with. Most callers are so thankful that we spent the extra time to listen to them, and then if we can’t help, give them the number of another attorney that may be able to help them. I was shocked to hear these callers say that often, they call an office, give their information, and they never hear back from that office. At HLG, we are always glad to take that extra step for anyone who calls needing help.

59: HLG

60: Halloween 2012

62: :a | Lauren Lecklider SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2011

63: Shop with a Cop – it was such an amazing feeling to see these kids, who have had an incredibly hard childhood so far, being escorted in by a police car. They all looked so happy and excited to be there. They all got their picture with Santa then were able to pick out what they wanted in Wal-Mart. Many of them were shopping for shoes and clothes because their parents were not financially able to afford it. This experience made me realize how truly blessed I was to grow up in an environment where I always had a meal provided to me, clothes, and shelter. That event also allowed the children to be able to see the police officers off duty, which is great. You could see that both the police officers and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I was so grateful to be a part of it.

64: As I am writing this, I have actually only been employed at HLG for two weeks. That being the case, I don’t have any memories to share, but the great thing is that I already know that I am about to create some fantastic new ones. Just in the short time I have been here, I have already met some wonderful people. I can see why the employees are loyal to John and enjoy coming to work daily. When I interviewed here, there was a lot of emphasis on the culture and environment at the office. John discussed making sure that I was a good fit for the company and that it was a good fit for me. So far so good! I am excited to get to know everyone a little better while becoming an integral part of the team! | Rachel Lee PI Case Manager Employee Since 2013

65: " Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." Andrew Carnegie, American Industrialist & Philanthropist

66: My most memorable experience last year was the day of our kickball game. Before the game, we got a call from an insurance adjuster on a case we have. The client was a young woman, who was in an accident, and now has a whole host of problems, including fibromyalgia. She was asymptomatic prior to the collision, and now her world has been turned upside. She’s now applying for disability, uses a walker, and is only 31 or 32. Emily and I fought tooth and nail to get the insurance adjuster to offer policy limits. It took probably close to an hour on the phone to get the 25k because the adjuster claims that all of her current problems are unrelated. We finally got it, and we are now pursuing UIM, who is putting up the same fight. We’ll be filing soon against the UIM carrier to get the other 25k (they offered $900 as their top offer). It’s a lot of fighting, considering the limits, but the client is extremely deserving, so it’s worth the while.

67: Ashley Lindenmier Attorney Employee Since 2008

68: Jill Marsteller SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2011

69: My most memorable and positive experience of 2012 was being able to work on a new system for the Social Security Disability Department. In an effort to try and streamline the initial application process, a new system was needed. I was able to work with colleagues, try out different ideas, and implement an entirely new process in our department. When I was given the challenge of creating a new system, without a doubt in my mind, I knew that this would be a huge task. I am a die-hard perfectionist, and with that being said, I knew that working on a new system would be hard, but also very rewarding. John gave me the opportunity to build on something that I love to do: creating, developing, and executing ideas. It is amazing that I was entrusted to work on this system, and I am grateful to have had such an opportunity. This is one of the reasons that I enjoy working at Hensley Legal Group. In the long-run, I hope that this system will be able to help with the flow of processing, with the Disability Department as a whole, and most importantly, with our clients.

70: My most memorable moment of 2012 was the day that the PI Department hit their goal for the year. We all were really stressing if we would get there, and then we had hit our goal early and didn’t even realize it. We were all so proud of ourselves and one another. It is such a great feeling to go above and beyond what we were asked to do. We even had a special celebratory dinner, and the fact that it was because of our hard work, made it that much more enjoyable. The most enjoyable part of being at HLG is the people I work with. | Heather McBride PI Case Manager Employee Since 2009

71: "Shop With a Cop" 2012

72: Meagan McCurdy PI Case Manager Employee Since 2011 | My most positive experience that I have had at HLG so far would have been becoming a Litigation Case Manager! I feel so blessed to be a part of the PI department and the work ethic that we all share. I played collegiate softball, and I will have to tell you, last year when our PI department exceeded our goal, that was more exciting to me than winning a softball tournament. I would not want to work anywhere else than HLG! | "I feel so blessed to be a part of the PI Department and the work ethic that we all share."

73: Emily Molitor PI Case Manager Employee Since 2012 | After 10 months of working here at HLG, I have had several memorable and positive experiences, but one really sticks out to me. One in particular was when I was given a bridal shower. There are several reasons why this was such a positive and exciting memory for me. When I first started here at HLG in March, I was already in the process of planning my wedding, which was to take place in June. Everyone here took such an interest and was so supportive of my impending big day. As the day approached, I was amazed and touched when all the women got together and threw me a shower. Not only did they take the time to create such an amazing party, but they did it after I had only been working here a couple months, which they by no means had to do. I felt so welcomed by everyone here at HLG, but after that, I really felt like part of the HLG family!!

74: Mike Moylan CCD Field Investigator Employee Since 2010

75: Last summer my sister approached me with a disability referral for our office. She works as an occupational therapist, and one of her patients really touched her heart. A man in his early 30's suffered a traumatic brain injury, and she had been working with him to help him gain back some of his motor skills. Just a few months prior, this man was leading a healthy, happy, and productive life. He was engaged and eagerly anticipating his wedding day. One day after work, he was playing pick-up basketball with some co-workers and suffered a knee injury which required surgery. While at home recovering, some friends stopped by to watch a game with him. When they knocked on the door, he started hopping down the steps, lost his balance, and fell, slamming his head on the floor...forever changing his life. He has had to relearn everything, from walking to even talking. He is unable to work and support himself and his child, and his wedding has obviously been postponed. His fiancée was explaining to my sister how she had applied for SSD for him and all the struggles, challenges, and frustrations she was facing. She couldn't believe they actually denied him, and she didn't know what to do. My sister told her who I worked for and explained that she thought we could really help. Shortly after, I met with the couple in their home and got to see first hand all the difficulties they were facing and how inspiring it was to see the incredible manner in which they were handling it all. One of the most frustrating things they were dealing with was his disability case. They were so grateful that we were willing to help and take one of the biggest headaches off their plate. Once I turned the file in and did my report, I received several reply e-mails from our disability department on how eager they were to help and they will do everything in their power to get an approval. His case is still pending, but just the simple fact that I work with so many people who are ready, willing, and able to help others is an absolute awesome feeling. When I left their house that day, I was so happy that they crossed paths with my sister, because in doing so, he was able to get the best law firm on his side, and that's what he deserves. "Here for the People"

76: Bri Neff SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2012 | One of my most memorable experiences so far with HLG has been our Halloween costume contest day. I loved seeing everyone dressed up out of character, and all the extremely creative costumes that people came up with! And now I know that I’ll definitely need to bring my A game for next year!

77: Kickball Outing | Ellenberger Park September 20, 2012

78: Krav Maga Self-Defense Class

79: Lauren Parmley Law Clerk Employee Since 2012 | My most positive experience here so far has been participating in the Biggest Loser Challenge with Lindsey, Erin, and Kelly D! Thanks for letting us do such a fun activity in the office.

81: Lauren Pena Law Clerk Employee Since 2012 | My most positive and memorable experience in 2012 was the kick-ball game. For me, that experience really showed me how HLG forms as a team and has fun together. It was positive and memorable because it expressed to me the truth behind HLG, a hardworking team that works together.

82: Being a part of HLG has been a very rewarding, positive experience for me. I finally love coming to work and enjoy what I do. I recently got my first Hispanic client, and I was thrilled to be able to speak with her in Spanish and make her feel comfortable knowing that I understood her. It felt good knowing that I was needed and could help her and answer her questions. | Jennifer Penman SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2012

83: Social Security Disability

85: Spencer received the following email from one of our clients this past year and it was hands down one of my favorite HLG-related moments from 2012: Spencer, I can't stress how comfortable you and the Hensley staff made this for me. Closure is a relief but throughout the process, I took advantage of knowing you were on the case to pursue my best interest. It truly settled in the back of my mind except on rare occasion. Without doubt, I would refer anyone needing this type of counsel to you. When Hensley commercials are on TV, I have literally smiled. For an awful situation, your team allowed more peace than I could have imagined. And the settlement amount?? Wow!! Someone had asked just a couple weeks ago how I thought it would come out. My hope was that there was enough money to pay all the providers and the lawyer. If I could be reimbursed for the time off pay I had to take, then I was going to take my grand kids and daughter on a small weekend trip. Money in my pocket was never my goal! I was shocked to the point of tears when I read that settlement document. I feel so blessed and watched over. Thank you again for everything!! It felt so good to be so appreciated. It just solidified my thoughts on why we do what we do. Jodi Scott PI Case Manager Employee Since 2008

87: One positive experience that sticks out in my mind involved working on an especially challenging case. The client was very deserving of disability benefits; however, their medical records were not written well and did not reflect the severity of their conditions. I went back and forth between the client’s doctors and Social Security trying to find a way to get this case approved. After ten months of work, it finally paid off. The case was approved at the initial level, and the client received almost two years’ worth of past due benefits in addition to ongoing monthly payments. Although working on this case was challenging at the time, looking back, this is one of my most positive memories because I know that the work we do here is making a difference in our clients’ lives. Any obstacles we face are all worth it in the end because they are done to help others. | Erin Solis SSD Case Manager Employee Since 2010

88: My most memorable experience in the last 12 months was Bring Your Dog to Work day. First, I got to spend the day with my pup at my desk, which was amazing. Second, in talking with the other employees, I found out that almost all of the dogs were shelter rescues or were adopted from rescue groups. It was very encouraging to be surrounded by so many people supporting shelters throughout the city and to see so many happy endings for dogs in Indy. It made me aware of how caring and kindhearted my co-workers are! | Lindsey Stout Law Clerk Employee Since 2012

89: 2012 came and went with some good times. One of the moments that sticks out the most was being able to go to Philadelphia for an intake conference. I had the opportunity to meet people who operated intake departments in law firms from all across the country. It was nice to be able to compare our way of doing business to how other firms operate. It also shined a light on the people that I work with. Everyone here is great. | Mitch Waldroup CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since 2011

90: Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

91: I think the best experiences from 2012 were the company events, such as kickball, State Fair day, the Halloween costume contest, etc. The actual events were incredible, but the part that I most enjoyed was seeing everyones' enthusiasm. To me, that enthusiasm represents the positivity that we feel towards working for HLG. Being part of a team of great people who truly enjoy what they do is what makes this job so rewarding. | Jessie Wolfe PI Case Manager Employee Since 2012

92: My most memorable, positive experience since I began working here in early January was going out with a big group of HLG workers. After my first week, I was still getting to know everyone. This experience allowed me to get close to my co-workers, while also helping me to adapt to my new job at HLG. | Craig Wood CCD Intake Specialist Employee Since 2013

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