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Jade's Freshman Year

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BC: Memories

FC: 2011 - 2015 | "Let us realize that the privilege to learn is a gift, that power to learn is a blessing, that love of learning is success. - David O. McKay | 2011-2012 | Freshman Year

1: BACK TO SCHOOL BASH! | Jade's youth group at The Church at Bradford Road had a back to school party. Jade won the watermelon eating contest and I'm not sure what the spaghetti thing was all about. They're teenagers!!! | Kelsey and Jade! Go figure!

2: Back to School Bash Continued. . | The kids, especially the girls, just goofed off at the bash. Above: Kelsey and Jade were "shaving" and Jade said the shaving cream was burning her face. Below: | Bonnie, Kelsey and Jade playing around. Far right: Jade licking the last little bit out of the nacho can.

3: FRESHMAN | FRESHMAN | First Day of 9th Grade! | Jade on her first day of school. She looks excited. High school is a whole new ball game!

4: My Teachers: | Ms. Stapleton English | Ms. Garrett Computer | Ms. Higdon History | Coach Van PE | Ms. Jeffres Biology | Coach Ford Recreational Sports | Ms. Bunt Adv. Algebra

5: The Key Club Car Wash! The Key Club is a student led organization within Springville High School. The Key Club mission is to serve the children of the world. Its members do acts of service in their communities and it is sponsored by Kiwanis International. | Jade helping wash a truck. I have no idea what she has written all over her legs. Check out her bright shoestrings. | Amanda Umphrey is our Key Club Sponsor. | KEY CLUB!

6: SPIRIT WEEK! Monday: Nerd Tuesday: Injury Wednesday: Switch Thursday: Costume Friday: Spirit Day! Jade :) | GO TIGERS! | Test: This Friday American Revolution | Ms. Higdon History

7: Monday: now that's a nerd if I ever saw one. | Tuesday: I'm a mess. Whoever came up with "Injury Day" was crazy. | SPIRIT WEEK! | SPIRIT WEEK! | Jade

8: Wednesday: Yes, I dressed up like a boy even down to the boxers that showed (actually they were my gym shorts). | Thursday was costume day!. Well, a hotdog is considered a costume, isn't it? | J A D E

9: SPIRIT DAY! YEAH!! | Me in the making! | fun

10: Some of my FRIENDS! | Autumn, Jade and Rebecca! | It rained at the Homecoming Day Parade but we watched it anyway. | Jade & Kelsey

11: JADE | JADE | I volunteered to pose so my mom could practice some new pictures with her camera.

12: Jade carved these pumpkins. What an awesome job. Below Left: Jade, Keila (Rubik's Cube), James, and Kayla. Right: Jade and Walt dressed up for our church event. | Jade and her candy!

13: Jade's 9th Grade Key Club went to Atlanta, Georgia to work at Samaritan's Purse, a project of Operation Christmas Child. It was fun but a lot of hard work. That little red circle is Jade's head.

14: Left: Some of the students working at a table preparing the shoe boxes for shipment. Right: Not sure why the poinsettia was in the toilet but that's what was seen in the women's restroom. | Ms. Umphrey working hard! | FIELD TRIP! | FIELD TRIP!

15: Jade and her close friends Kelsey - left and Cassidy - above, are working hard getting the shoe boxes ready to be shipped to Tanzania.

16: Fishes and Loaves Christmas Party! Right: Jade and Kelsey helping with the food at the Fishes and Loaves Christmas Party held at The Church at Bradford Road. | Jade and Kelsey handed stuff animals out to the children as they left.

17: Over 100 children were given "Christmas" by the Fishes and Loaves volunteers. | Everyone loved Jade's outfit. The children wanted their picture made with her.

18: Jade and Walt went to the Alabama Championship celebration in Tuscaloosa. They really had a good time. They bought several t-shirts.

19: Before: January 2012 | She had braces put on February 2012. | Back at the dentist for bottom braces. She has had top braces now for 12 weeks. | Jade getting her bottom braces on. June 2012 | Left: Jade's dentist is Dr. Gregory Rape. She really likes him. Above: A picture of his office on Deerfoot Parkway. | Dr. Rape

20: Jade and her friend, Sarah touched small sharks and stingrays. They had a blast at the McWane Center. Jade said the stingray was slimy.

21: Jade getting "eaten" by a fish. | Jade and Sarah trying to make these flat discs stand on end and spin around. | The Wall of Water! Everyone loved the Wall of Water especially James. They touched it every time they walked by.

22: Right: Jade and Sarah actually built this "structure" in the children's play area. | Jade and her friend, Sarah, climbed over the rope to get a picture with the "Safari" scene. Partners in crime! | Sarah used her "mind" to control the ball and win the Mindball Game.

23: What a Face! | What a Face! | Sarah's face looks like George Washington and I'm not even going to ask how Jade's tongue got on there. Yuk! | Is there a resemblance here? | Left: Jade trying really hard to make some bubbles. They had a good time in the bubble area. Right: Not sure what this was but Jade looks like she is really concentrating.

24: Jade and Sarah with their "vegetables." James and I were playing in the children's area when Jade saw these vegetables and decided it would be a great photo opportunity. She crawled inside a mushroom and we got a picture. How cute!

25: NAILS, NAILS and MORE NAILS! | Left: Each nail was painted like the Pokemon Ball. Next were these Pikachu nails. They are so cute! Jade does all of her nails free hand. Right: Yes, that was her Thanksgiving nails. She is very creative. I can't wait to see what else she comes up with. Below Left: Jade went with the rainbow theme. Bottom Middle: She did this design because she was going to the lake for Memorial Day. Below right: Jade gave herself a French manicure with a beautiful silver outline.

26: Volunteering! | Jade loves volunteering. She has always helped out in her community. She makes coffee at the church twice a month.

27: Race Results: Jade: 28:11 (she won 3rd place) Walter: 32:04 Shawnette: 36:54 | Jade and her mom & dad ran Springville's Big Springs 5K held on St. Patrick's Day (March 17, 2012). Jade and her dad have ran it 3 times but it was her mom's first time. They had a great time.

28: Kayla & Jade on the scrambler! Below: They are having fun on the Moby Dick ride! | The ferris wheel after dark! | Jade hanging on for her life!

29: The ferris wheel rocked and went upside down. They rode it several times. | What a ferris wheel! This was one of their favorite rides. | Jade, Kayla and James at the local Trussville fair. Jade and Kayla had a great time but unfortunately James was too small to enjoy himself.

30: Jade was invited to spend a week in a cabin with her friend Cassidy and her family for Spring Break. They visited many places during their stay in Gatlinburg. The cabin had a pool table, an air hockey table, a hot tub and a mini theater. It was totally awesome. Jade bought a hat for the occasion! | SPRING BREAK | SPRING BREAK

31: Hot Tub Fun! | Jade and Cassidy really enjoyed the hot tub at the cabin. It was a few weeks before Easter.

32: They visited the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, the WonderWorks Upside Down House. Above: The largest tire in the world. Below: Jade is posing in her new hat, the largest chair ever made, the largest ruler beside the tallest man in the world who was 8 ft. and 6 inches. WOW! | Wonderworks was a science museum with a lot of cool, interesting stuff.

33: Jade and Bonnie Thompson | Jade and Alex Thrasher! | Jade and her youth pastor, Eric McGuyer | Jade and Savannah Reynolds | Jade and some of her friends! | Jade and Kelsey Jones

34: Easter at Memaw's! A few weeks before Easter, I helped memaw decorate and put eggs in the tree outside. On Easter Sunday, we went to memaw's house for dinner and mom and Kayla hid eggs for me and Keila to find. They were hard to find. They hid some underground and even in other Easter eggs that were hanging on the tree for decoration. James had his own little area where memaw hid eggs for him.

35: Above: The family out on memaw's deck eating dinner. Left: Mom and James. Below: Jade rode with daddy on the bike to memaw's and Kayla rode it home. We always bring the bike and one vehicle so everyone can come so we don't have to take two vehicles. Kayla had a great ride home.

36: Fun With Silly String! | Mom bought a few cans of silly string and me and Kayla had a lot of fun with it. I think I got Kayla pretty good. James did not like it as much but he was right there in the middle of it.

37: I really got Kayla! YEAH! | We colored eggs and the one on the far right in front (orange & yellow) is James' egg. He was excited. Above: We made these bunny bon bons. We cut off ears to peeps and put them on then I made the faces. They were really hard. We probably won't do this again.

38: The A-Day Game! | Walter Raymond, Doris, Jade and Walt went to the Alabama A-Day Game. Left: Jade posing with all the names of the players from the 2011 championship game. Right: Jade with the Regions logo (a big, green bicycle).

39: 2012

40: Go Springville! | Jade running hard in track. She is very competitive! This was her 3rd year of track.

41: Jade won 1st place in the 800m relay. The girls team won a trophy for 1st place overall and Jade was there to accept it on the team's behalf. | Jade doing her best and it shows!

42: Jade at Johnny and Beth's wedding! | Jade served punch at the wedding! | Johnny and Beth! They were married on April 21, 2012! | Jade caught the bouquet when Beth tossed it to all the girls.

43: After the wedding, Johnny's brother, Ben had his prom and we took Traci to the young lady's house to take pictures and across the street were these horses so we took the opportunity to take some really cool pictures of Jade with the horses.

44: H | A | P | P | Y | B | I | R | T | H | D | A | Y | J | A | D | E | Jade's 15th Birthday Party! She had a blast.

45: Yes, Jade had donuts instead of a cake. We actually got 15 candles on that top donut. | Right: Keila enjoyed being outside on the deck. The weather was just beautiful!


47: This was totally Jade's Idea! She loved it! The "canvas was a queen size sheet (bought at a yard sale for 1.00) and we used washable house paint.

48: CLEAN UP TIME! WATER BALLOONS - YEAH!! | Jade, Sarah & Bonnie had fun getting the paint off. They had to change clothes in the garage! | Sarah and Jade | Sarah and Jade | Jade trying to get the paint off.

49: WHAT A MESS! I think our yard was stained for a month!! Jade said it was the best party ever! She had so much fun! | JADE, YOU'RE AWESOME! | Sarah and Jade | Jade and Bonnie

50: Jade also received approximately 45.00 in cash for her birthday along with the above gifts. She still had paint all on her face and in her hair. She left immediately after her party to go to Wal-mart to spend her money. She did not even clean off the paint before she left.

51: When we came home, Jade had drawn this at the top of our driveway. Thank you Jade. Below: Jade and her sisters got creative with the sidewalk chalk. They had drawn the Powerpuff Girls. How very, very creative!! James got to draw some too!

52: Organizations, Clubs and Sports! | 1. First Priority - A student led Christian organization that meets each morning before school starts. 2. Key Club 3. Track & Field - This was her 3rd year 4. A Honor Roll

53: LAKE! | Jade and Sarah | Jade got to ride in a boat at the lake. It was a friend of Jim's. Jade also spent time catching minnows with her net.

54: Jade and Walt went to Carolyn's lake house for a couple of days. Top right: Walt soaking up the sun. Top left: Pawpaw was definitely ready for the weather. | Jade, Sarah & Cameron tried their hand at fishing.


56: ALABAMA JUBILEE HOT AIR BALLOON CLASSIC | The name of this balloon is "Desperado." It is owned and piloted by Tim Billingsly. The hot air balloon festival was held in Decatur, Alabama on Memorial Day weekend at Point Mallard Park. We went on Sunday and stayed all day. | Jade took this picture of the inside of the balloon. That's pretty cool! | It was fascinating to see all the balloons!

57: Jade and Kayla got to go on a tethered balloon ride. It was awesome. During the day, they also went ice skating which was located on the grounds at Point Mallard Park. It was their first time ever to be on ice.

58: Illinois, here we come! | Memaw and Pawpaw Kirkwood took Jade and Sarah to Illinois to visit Abraham Lincoln's home and museum. We took a picture before they left. They were gone a total of four days. Their first stop was Taco Bell - YUM!

59: We stopped in Clarksville, TN for the night at a Quality Inn which had an indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool. The indoor pool was actually in the lobby which was kind of weird. We didn't waste any time getting in the pool. We stayed in it for a couple of hours before we had to go to dinner.

60: Having fun at the pool! We have traveled in the car for so long that we were thrilled to get in the pool! Sarah looked like a mermaid.

61: We finally arrived in our Abraham Lincoln Hotel room. The girls were glad we finally made it! | Sarah was completely worn out from riding in the car and swimming that she had no problem sleeping. | Quality Inn offered a fantastic breakfast. Jade holding up her delicious bacon. She loves bacon. | We stayed at the Quality Inn. | Z Z Z z

62: President Lincoln Hotel and Conference Center. | Right: A beautiful rug was at the entrance of the hotel. Jade had to take a picture of the highway because she said there was no civilization from Kentucky to Springfield. Left: There was a huge chair in the lobby of the hotel so they took pictures.

63: Jade and Sarah really enjoying the pool. The hot tub was next to the pool so they kept going from the hot tub to the pool and from the pool to the hot tub.

64: Jade and Sarah in the pool at the Lincoln Hotel.

65: The Lincoln Museum was great! Left: The museum started with Abe's childhood in Kentucky. Right: memaw, pawpaw, Jade and Sarah posing with Abe's family. Only one son reached adulthood. | Left: Jade and Sarah were looking in the cups of the soldiers. See them on their tip toes? Right: A well educated black man and in the background through the window were the dresses that Mary Lincoln wore. We could not take pictures in that room.

66: The museum was very well done. It depicted Lincoln's life very well and particularly his White House years, the war years and his death. Lincoln was noted for many things including the Emancipation Proclamation ending slavery. He is a significant part of Mt. Rushmore and he is on the penny as well as the five dollar bill. | Jade and Sarah in front of the museum. | The Abraham Lincoln Museum. When you entered into the museum, you received a "log cabin" penny. | The Lincoln Cent was introduced 100 years after his death. In 1959, a new design depicting the Lincoln Memorial and statue resulted in the Lincoln penny becoming the first coin to have a person embossed on both sides of the coin. In 2009, the coin reverse changed again offering different areas of Lincoln's life.

67: The Gettysburg Address: The purpose of this speech was to dedicate a plot of land that would become Soldier's Cemetery to honor the fallen. | Emancipation Proclamation: The purpose of this document was to free the slaves. | Abraham Lincoln was born on Feb. 12th, 1809. He was the 16th president and the first republican president and the first to have a beard. He was 6' 4" tall. He married Mary Todd and had 4 children and only one lived to adulthood. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14th 1865 and died the next day.

68: This is a game called "Graces." It is a ring toss game played with 4 wooden dowel sticks and one wooden ring. The game was pretty neat and the girls enjoyed it. Sarah seemed to be a little better at it than Jade. There were people dressed up like the mid 1800s and they were showing us how to play the game.

69: Lincoln's Home! It was a one story but he added a second story to it. This was the only home Lincoln ever owned. The home and two blocks surrounding it are now owned by the government as a National Park and will be forever preserved as it was in the 1850s. | The black furniture was all original and the black bench above is where Lincoln was sitting when they came and told him he was president. Left: The handrail that Sarah is touching is the original handrail that Abe touched and used. Right: This is the "restroom" which was located outside near the house. | Black bench where Abe was sitting when he was told he was president.

70: Abraham Lincoln rented this pew for $50.00 for his family to use during services. | This is not the actual church. It had to be rebuilt but it sits in the same place. It had very beautiful and interesting stained glass. | Jade out in front of the church. Right: Jade and Sarah enjoying lunch before their ghost walk.

71: Our Ghost Walk Tour | The Ghost Walk was a tour of most of the places that we had already seen but we learned a lot of interesting facts. While we were waiting for our tour guide, we had fun with the nearby statues. The little boy above was supposedly waving at the little boy below. Sarah gave him a hi-five. Below: We both had to try and "fit" under the hat. We had a great time. | We passed this street with the Illinois capitol building while on our tour.

72: Lincoln's Tomb | Lincoln holding the Emancipation Proclamation! Below: A depiction of the north and south soldiers. | Above & Left: Jade and Sarah at the entrance of the tomb where Lincoln and his family are buried.

73: Oak Ridge Cemetery This "head" of Lincoln is out front at the base of the tomb and his nose is shiny due to the many visitors who rub it for good luck. Jade and Sarah wanted some of that luck! | This window was in the back of the tomb and if you looked past the glass, you could see inside where Lincoln and his family were buried. Below: The "wreath" had the word "Lincoln" in the middle of it. | Sarah | Jade | Jade hugging a pot outside the tomb.

74: In the foyer at the entrance of the tomb, was a miniature version of the Lincoln Memorial. As you walked down the halls, you would see Lincoln Statues as well as plaques with excerpts from Lincoln's Farewell Speech, the Gettysburg Address, and his second Inaugural Address.

75: The burial chamber had Lincoln's granite cenotaph. Lincoln is buried behind the marker and ten feet below the marble floor. The marker is flanked by the Presidential Flag, the United States Flag and the flags of the states where the Lincoln family had resided. | Lincoln, his wife and three of his sons are buried here. His oldest son is buried at the Arlington National Cemetery. | Inside the Tomb Monument

76: We are eating dinner on the Mississippi River. | Our ticket to go up in the St. Louis Arch! | We are in the pod and ready to go up. There were small windows in the pod to look out. | Jade did not like it every time the pod made a correction in the way it was oriented. There was a sign at the top. It was 630 feet high. It is also the same across the bottom between the base of the Arch.

77: Views from inside the pod at the top of the Arch. | The Arch of St. Louis which is called the "Gateway to the West." | Above: Jade and Sarah in front of the Arch as they were leaving. Left: Jade and Sarah at a rest stop on the way home. | Jade & Sarah at the base of the Arch.

78: Congratulations on getting your permit! | We left the house at 9 a.m. to get Jade's permit. We got home at 5 p.m. This had to be one of the craziest days ever. We had to go to the health department to get a copy of her birth certificate and then go back to the DMV in Pell City. They said we needed an enrollment form so we left and went to her school to get the form which was supposed to be open until 4 p.m. but they weren't. The DMV closes for 2 hours for lunch so we had to wait until they opened and told them the school was closed. We had her report card but they wouldn't accept it. We then had to go to the Board of Education to get the form and by that time it was pretty late. The road was being worked on so it took a while. We FINALLY got back to the DMV at 3:58 p.m and they close at 4 p.m. but they took her anyway. We took this picture (on the left) on the steps of the courthouse. Wow, what a day!!

79: Jade went to the beach with her Aunt Traci and Uncle Doug for a week during July 4th. She painted her nails (above) for the occasion. | Jade, Traci and Beth enjoyed getting pedicures while at the beach. | We stayed at the Shores of Panama in Panama City, Florida. They had an indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool (below).

80: We loved the pool! These pictures were taken with Jade's underwater camera! Doug is at the top left and the rest are me and daddy!

81: Hot Tub Heaven! | Me and daddy enjoying the hot tub. | We spent a lot of time in the hot tub and when we were really warm, we would go get in the pool to cool off. | Jade | Daddy

82: Jade wore her hat a lot. It kept the sun out of her eyes.

83: Jade and daddy building sandcastles. They do this together every time they go to the beach. It is their thing!!

84: Pretty in Pink! | Jade

85: I asked Jade to run gracefully and (above: was the outcome). Right: She did a wonderful job of modifying her gracefulness and did a much better job. | Right: Jade preparing for her handstand. Great job Jade!

86: me and my mom! | I don't get to take a lot of pictures with my mom because she is always the one taking the pictures but we took the opportunity to let daddy take the pictures this time. Below: Daddy took these pictures at Boondock's Restaurant.

87: This is my mom. Below: She is doing a handstand and having fun in the cold water. I took a picture of her doing a handstand and she took a picture of me doing one. Daddy took most of her pictures. I just took the one of her doing a handstand. We had a lot of fun the morning that we went out walking and taking pictures. She got me up at 5:30 a.m. but I really did have a good time.

88: On Wednesday, July 4th, there was a huge fireworks display on the beach. We all stayed out there for about an hour. It was totally awesome and one of the best fireworks show I've ever seen. My mom took these pictures.

89: One morning, mom went for a walk to the pier. She thought it was about a mile away. It was a 5 mile round trip. It came up a storm on her way back (below). Left: me and daddy at the pool; there was a wedding going on at the beach. We viewed it from our condo; me and daddy at the pool (not sure | of daddy's look in this picture - go figure); we all went out to eat at Boondocks Restaurant one night. | 2012

90: MISSION TRIP TO BREATHITT, KENTUCKY | Our youth pastors, Eric and Erin McGuyer took a small group of girls on a mission trip to Breathitt, Kentucky. Left: Cassidy, Jade, Bonnie, Madison and Kelsey. Below: The family that they helped were evicted from their home because of inadequate living conditions. As you can see, the mobile home was in pretty bad shape.

91: Working Hard! | Jade and the crew worked really hard putting down flooring, painting and redoing the ceilings.

92: AFTER! | These two pictures were taken after our work was completed! Below left: The girls with the family that lived in the mobile home. Nicole (the mom), her husband, Wilbur and their two kids. The county condemned their home because it was not suitable to live in until some major renovations were done and that's where we came in. We spent a full week there but with other groups working too, it took a total of 5 weeks to completely redo their home. | Eric, Erin and the five of us!

93: We had time to have fun too! | Above: We made dresses for the "prom" out of our own sheets and shirts. Creative, huh? Above Right: We went in the school basement to get prom dresses and we had our own "prom." The school keeps dresses at the school for people who can't afford them. Bottom Right: we are enjoying ourselves at the local park where a group comes weekly and plays the Blues for people to enjoy. | Jade and Bonnie | Kelsey, Jade and Bonnie | Bonnie, Jade, Kelsey, Madison, Cassidy and one of the workers there.

94: The Blue Grass Band! | We went to the local park after a hard day's work and enjoyed a Blue Grass Band. Above: Eric and Erin doing the "robot." Below: We are all just dancing around. | Madison having fun

95: Each group at camp had a song and our was to the tune of "Don't Stop Believing" Just a small youth group; livin' in a country town Took the big, white van going anywhere Just 6 girls and one boy; could you imagine the noise We took the big, white van going anywhere Sanding in a tiny room; the smell of dust and paint fumes All the shingles you could ever want; they go on and on and on and on Strangers, waving - at us at the gas station Stop sign that says "Hammertime" Streetlights, curvy roads; making us carsick We slept really good that night Workin' hard to fix their home; everybody's gettin' along Playing with the little kids; up on the side of a hill Thank God we didn't see a snake We'd be runnin' on and on and on and on Chorus: Remember the feeling; All for one and one for all The trip here was worth it all

96: ASH

97: Ash is Jade's hamster. We set him on the scales to weigh him but he didn't register. He will bite you if you bother him but he seems to like Jade pretty well. Jade takes care of him and cleans his cage regularly. She has had him now for about 6 months.

98: Fun at Sarah's House!! | Jade at Sarah Clark's house. Sarah lives in a subdivision with a community pool and Jade loves going over there to swim. | Sarah!

99: Jade!

102: Autographs

103: Autographs

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