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Jade's Junior Year

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Jade's Junior Year - Page Text Content


FC: springville high school junior year 2013-2014 | Springville High School | Junior Year 2013-2014

1: Above: Everyone took turns riding on the huge inner tube. Jade and Kelsey rode it together and had so much fun. | Rodney took over the youth this year after Eric and Erin stepped down and he took all the youth and their parents to Sportsman Lake in Springville for a fun filled day. Above: This is a gorgeous picture of Jade and Kelsey. Just adorable. | Jade and Kelsey | Bonnie and Savannah | Bonnie on the slide | Savannah on the slide or should I say, "off the slide."

2: Jade

3: Mr. Curren Band Director | Mrs. Rich Language | Mrs. Crumpton History | Coach House Anatomy | Mrs. Whiteside foods | Mrs. Bunt Alg. II with Trig | Sra. Teel Spanish | Jade is also taking a class called ACT Prep with Ms. Hill but there was not a picture of her on the school's website. Jade is a straight A student.

4: The four girls on top from left to right: Ashton, Olivia, Savanah and Nicole. Six girls in the front: Kristen, Connor, Tori, Kelsey, Jade and Sydney. Looks like everyone is having fun at the Jamboree game. | Not sure why Jade was laughing so hard. | This was our first game. It was a practice game. | J | A | M | B | O | R | E | E | E | G | A | M

5: Jade and Kelsey Clowdus having fun on the bus on their way to a game.

6: LABOR DAY! | We went to the lake for Labor Day and Jamie even got in the water this time. Left: Jade fishing and boy doesn't she look excited. Above: She finally caught a fish and her dad talked her into touching it. | Jade is fishing with Jamie's fishing rod.

7: Okay mom, I've got to go. You can quit taking pictures now. | Jade is driving now. She is so pretty especially with her hair curled like that. Jade drives a 2000 Toyota Avalon. We bought it from her grandparents (Walter and Doris) for 3,000. It had approximately 175,000 miles on it. We just hope it lasts until she finishes college. She had to go to school and I kept taking pictures.

8: We got our pompoms just in time to use them for our home games. We were so excited. This was the first time that the Springville Colorguard has ever had pompoms. An anonymous donor gave them to us. We are so thankful. | Jade using her new pompoms.

9: FUN TIMES WITH THE BAND!! | Jade and Olivia on the bus to an away game. | The Colorguard members decided to purchase these pink shirts through the school in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pep rally was themed "PINK" which worked out perfect because we got to wear our shirts. This picture was made right before the pep rally. | Band performing at the game! | Jade performing perfectly on the field during a game

10: There was a different theme each day of Homecoming Week! Jade only dressed up for a few of them. One day was "decade day" and another was "Holiday Day." Friday, of course was Spirit Day. Jade curled her hair and it was beautiful. | The 50s! | Holiday Day!

11: Homecoming was so much fun. We got out of school early and had a fantastic parade in downtown Springville. We all can't wait until the game tonight! | Top right: Jade acting silly at practice, performing at the Homecoming Game, and at the bottom: group picture at the Homecoming Parade.

12: Hayden | COMPETITIONS!! Midsouth & Hayden | Hayden and Midsouth were the two competitions Springville went to this year. Left: The band won every award possible. Jade had a really great time. Bottom: The band was excited to win their awards! Go SHS Band! | Guard receiving their award | Jade!

13: For the first time, Springville High School was nominated to participate in the NASA Crystal Project. The school chose the top 9 students in Jade's class to participate in the specialized project. For many months, the group researched amino acids and protein crystals and practiced with test solutions so they would not make any mistakes when they went to go do it for NASA. The group finally went to the UAB Science Center in October for the project. They were able to tour the entire science building. It was cool. They chose 4 people to do the syringe injections into the capillaries (VERY small tubes). Jade was part of that team. Many broke while being frozen in liquid nitrogen. This was done to prevent the crystals from growing until they reached space. | These are the crystals that were produced in the capillaries by mixing a protein on one side of the tube and a buffer, peg and water on the other side. Springville was the first school to create crystals in this specific solution. YEAH! | These were crystals that formed better and bigger but were in a different type of solution. They are swordlike. | SHS NASA CRYSTAL PROJECT | Top: Christian, Rachael, Taylor, Matthew, Holli Bottom: Brittney, Jade, Jessica, and Maggie

14: Jade | Kelsey | Jade

15: Jade and her friend, Kelsey had a photo shoot and they did a great job. They do this on a regular basis. These pictures were taken at a place that looked like a home had once burned down.

16: This was a game that the youth played at church and here is how it went: The person had to stuff a banana in their mouth and then put a pair of pantyhose over their head and try and push the banana out through the pantyhose. This was a trick because it is impossible to do. | Left: Jade and Christian. Christian actually participated. Too bad we didn't get a picture. Right: When Jade took it off her head, the pantyhose got stuck in her braces. | This is so gross | Jade and her dad! | Jade with her friend, Christian

17: Random Pictures of Jade! | Jade always likes to get bonus points so when her Spanish teacher gave the class an opportunity to earn 10 extra bonus points and gave them a skeleton (The Mexican Day of the Dead was on this day which is why she gave them the skeleton) to "dress" any way they desired, Jade chose to dress hers as Ghost Rider from the movie. Nice! | Jade working hard on her split. | Far left: Jade and her mom acting silly in a store. Left: Jade's form of studying is totally through note cards. | She used so many, we had to start cutting them in half. She went through 4,000 of them cut in half. Here is a picture of about 1,000 that she studied just for her exams.

18: get his picture made. He wanted to play in the corn maze which we had already went through. | It took about 5 times to get this picture. Jamie didn't want to | We went to the 4D Farm in Cullman, Alabama. We all had such a great time. We went to go see the pumpkin patch but there was so much to do that Jamie didn't even want to go to the pumpkin patch. Even without a pumpkin, we had a blast. | Jade and Kayla on the hay bales!

19: As you went through the corn maze, there were places to stop to read part of a story. It was neat because you didn't know how the story ended unless you finished the maze. Right: Jade trying the art of lassoing. She didn't get it but none of us could. | They had "bowling" where you rolled a small pumpkin and knocked over orange pins. Jamie tried his hand at it as well. | Jade and Kayla rode the cow train with Jamie.

20: The farm had a huge yellow bouncy mat and we all had fun bouncing on it. Jamie was too little to really enjoy it. Then Jade and Kayla got on the bouncy horses. It was hilarious.

21: Everyone rode in these go karts even Walter. Jamie had to be pushed and everyone took turns pushing him. We were all exhausted but he had such a good time. | Jade Crossing | Watch Out!

22: More FUN on the farm! | Jade and Walter enjoyed this huge slide. They said it was a lot of fun. Below: The water duck race was fun. Jade and Kayla raced against each other to see who would win. It was Jamie's favorite game. Jamie also got to enjoy riding a pony. He loved it.

23: B | I | R | D | I | E | A | U | L | V | E | They had a big corn pit play area. Kayla buried Jade and then Jamie wanted to get buried. | Jamie laid completely still when Kayla was covering him with corn.

24: Jade and her friends went to Sloss Furnace in downtown Birmingham to a haunted house. Her friend knew someone there that dressed them up like "zombies" and they got to be part of the haunted house. Below right: They even got their picture made with a person who actually plays a character in the show "The Walking Dead." Jade said she had the best time. | The guy in the middle is an actual actor that played on the Walking Dead TV series. Jade was thrilled to have her picture made with him. | Jade looks really scary.

25: Jade and Kelsey wanted to dress up like Mario and Luigi. Cute! | Jade carved the above pumpkin. She is very artistic. It is the Hunger Games logo. | Jade and Several of her friends went to Atrox, a very scary haunted house. October 2013. Jade ran into a wall and cut her eyelid.

26: Jade and Kayla made a huge pile of leaves and they had so much fun - even Jamie! | Jade | Jamie | Jade | Jade

27: Jade | Jade | Jade | Jade | Kayla | Kayla | Kayla | Jamie | Jade Go figure! | Before: What a huge pile of leaves. Right: What fun! Bottom: Even more fun! Far Right: Jade getting leaves out of her pants.

28: Mark & Robin's Wedding | Left: Mark's Parents, Jan and Jr. and Right: Brian and Lanie | Mark's wedding was very simple but just adorable. They seem so happy together. Congratulations! | This beautiful cake was $50.00 at Publix. | Her dress was 10.00 at a thrift store.

29: Jade all dressed up for the wedding. The wedding was a week before Thanksgiving. | The culprits: Jade, Walter and Robin's son and his friend decorated Mark's truck. They had toilet paper all over it and tons of balloons on the inside. Mark and Robin had a time getting it all off.

30: The Happy Couple | Mark and Robin really enjoyed their photo shoot. They just had fun with it!

31: Jade volunteers each year for the fish and Loaves Ministry at church. She dresses up and and the children love it and want their picture made with her. She was only able to attend for just a little while this year but the kids really did like it. She hands out stuff and and helps wherever she is needed. Memaw made this outfit for her.

32: Above: Jade (left) and Keila (right) pushing their faces through a peg board. It is weird how you can even see the details of your smile. Right: Jade and Keila making bubbles. Last picture Jade is trying to put herself in a bubble. | Above: Jade (left) and Keila (right) holding leaves. This was weird. You stood in front of a screen and your silhouette showed up and you could "hold" the leaves. Right: Jade and Jamie working with the huge light bright board. | Jamie standing in front of a screen that portrayed him as a "sunshine" it was funny. He did all kinds of motions.

33: Jade first got her braces Feb. 2012. She wore them for almost two years. She got them off on Dec. 20th, 2013 just in time for the Christmas holidays and we didn't tell anyone so it was a BIG surprise. She said with the braces off, her teeth felt big. After she got them off, she came straight to her mom's work to show her. | Jade before braces | Jade 6 months after braces | Jade 1 year after braces | Jade 1.5 years after braces | Jade and her orthodontist | After | braces! | In the car minutes after she got her braces off.

34: Walt took Jade ice skating at the Shoppes at Grand River in Leeds on Christmas Eve. This is just a temporary rink that is put up annually. She had so much fun. Just her and her dad. Yes, Walt actually skated as well. Below left: She took a picture of her ice skating boot. | ICE SKATING!

35: Jade having a blast decorating the Christmas tree. | Kayla , Jamie and Jade dramatizing decorating the tree. | I told Jamie to pose and this is what he did. | Jade did her nails just for the occasion | Our Christmas tree | Jades youth group made ornaments and had to give it to someone. Jade's friend made this one for her.

36: Top Left: Walter getting the fire started before everyone gets up. Jade received new shoes and a very nice camera among other things. Keila received her favorite beanie, some bee tea cups she asked for, and a nice sleeve for her mac computer. The embroidery was a surprise.

37: Jade also received a big odd light ball that came with a remote control which made it change colors at different speeds. Right: Kayla received a Bed Head Iron for her hair, a nice I-pod and Below: Keila loves books as you can see, Jamie opening | a gift. Jade got Kayla this picture of Mary Kate and put it in a frame for her. Far Right: Jamie got the best surprise of all: A brand new car! He loved it. He was nervous but excited.

38: Christmas at Memaw's | Jade had drawn a picture of Cameron for memaw for Christmas. She loved it. Right: Jade received her backpack that she had asked for. | Jamie helping Keila open gifts (Keila received a nice printer from memaw, Jade received a portfolio for her drawings and a trash can from Sarah, and Kayla got a vacuum cleaner which she had asked for.

39: Jade, Kayla, Keila, and Jamie in the front. I guess he did not want his picture made however he loved his "Jamie" train. Above: Keila with a big smile and Walter Raymond just enjoying the evening.

40: Happy | New | Year | Jade and her friends made some awesome fireworks the night of New Year's Eve. They were very creative. Above: Jade also got creative with her nail art. Left: Jade being silly with her sparkler. Below: Savannah enjoying her sparkler as well.

41: Jade and her friends had a bonfire at Bonnie's house and they had so much fun. Above Left: Jade and Savannah. Right: Jade and Kelsey. | Bonnie, Kathryn, Cassidy, Savannah, Jade of course, and Kelsey. | Wow!! What Fun!

42: Jade had herself a photo shoot and I think she did an amazing job. I love all the pictures she takes. Most of these were taken in Margaret, and some were taken at our home in Argo. Great job Jade!!

43: Jade's Photo Shoot

44: FUN IN THE SNOW | Jade had so much fun with the first snow of the year. She takes such great pictures of herself. I love everything she did.

46: Snow can be beautiful and even though Jade had fun in the snow, | Jade and her mom walking home. After being in traffic for two hours, we finally got close enough to home to walk. We all walked about a mile to get home. Walt joined us after he parked the truck.

47: others weren't quite so lucky! | This happened on Tuesday, January 28th. Birmingham and the surrounding cities came to a halt due to a winter storm. People were staying overnight at hotels, grocery stores, hospitals and even students had to stay overnight at school because they couldn't be picked up. People were in traffic 5- 7 hours.

48: Left to right: Jade, Cassidy and Kelsey. They really liked climbing on the rocks and visiting with nature at Palisades Park in Oneonta. | The weather was beautiful for February and the scenery was majestic.

49: Cassidy, Kelsey and Jade went to Palisades park for the day just to see nature and of course take more pictures. Top left: Jade and Kelsey. Cassidy just liked exploring on her own. Top right: a beautiful silhouette of Kelsey. Left: There was a crack that was only about 11 inches wide and as you can see, Kelsey is still struggling to get through. All the girls had a great time.

50: Queen of Hearts Pageant | The Band Auxiliary performed at the Queen of Hearts Pageant and it was themed "Decades." The girls had to dance to six of the biggest hits of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. | The girls: Taylor, Anna, Jade and Bre | Jade and Taylor | Jade and Taylor | Jade doing the "swim" off stage

51: Taylor and Jade doing a performance to the 70s. They had to hurry because they had to rush on after the 60s performers. Right and below: For their 80s performance, they did "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. And at last, the winner of the pageant was crowned. | Jade | Jade | Jade | Jade | Taylor

52: It snowed again which is very unusual here in Alabama. Jade felt like she had enough snow to build a snowman. Jade loves to take pictures in the snow. Bottom left: Jade laying in the snow. It looks like she is really enjoying it. Bottom right: Jade is leaning against the first part of her snowman. | Our backyard. It looks so peaceful.

53: February Snow 2014 | Above: Jade using Jamie's wagon to get all of the snow needed to build a snowman. She worked very hard gathering the snow. And well, this was the final product. He looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Right: Jade blowing a kiss to her snowman. She loved it and it took her quite a long time to build him. He was very tall. Jade said the snow would not stick together because it was too soft. She did the best she could. Good job Jade. It didn't take long before the snow melted. By the afternoon, you couldn't even tell it had snowed. | More Snow!!

54: Thanks "Sew" Much Memaw! | Memaw was so excited when Jade showed an interest in sewing. Memaw Kirkwood brought a machine over and spent hours showing Jade how to sew and thread her machine. Jade took a pair of jeans that she didn't like and made them into "skinny" jeans, which she loves. Jade, you are doing a great job. We are very proud of you and I know memaw is too.

55: Band Trip to . . . | On our way | Our hotel | Every few years the SHS Band goes to Disney World in Florida to perform. Jade was very excited to be part of it this year. Right: Kelsey Clowdus in the floor and she was dry shaving. Yuck. Connor sat on the sink and got her shorts wet so she was blow drying them. Jade shared a room with these two and Connor's mom. | Connor and Jade on the bus | Above: The hotel that we stayed at. Charter buses took us to and from the parks each day. | Taylor Golden, Kelsey Clowdus, Jade Kirkwood, Olivia Hutto, Connor Newman, and Tori St. John. | Connor, Olivia and Jade

56: The first park we visited was Hollywood Studios. | Above: This water tower was very interesting. Left: Connor, Tori and Jade in front of the hat. There were booths under the "hat" that sold merchandise. | Nancy, Jade, Sophia the Princess (Nancy's daughter), Olivia and Olivia's mom. | This is the entrance to Hollywood Studios. You had to scan your Disney card to get in the park.

57: They rode the Tower of Terror and it was pretty scary. Left: When Olivia and Jade got off the ride, they gave it a thumbs up which caused them to ride it 3 more times. Right: They ate lunch and Tori is very scared of birds and there was a bird flying around. | Jade was gripping the handle with all her might because the ride was free falling and her purse was flying up in her face. She was scared to death. | Jade

58: Above: Our group decided to see the Beauty and the Beast play. It was an amazing play. The actors were great. Far right: a picture of all of us at the play. | We visited a museum that was filled with actual movie props. We saw Herbie the Love Bug, the original batman suit that was used in the movies, and the life boat from the movie "Titanic." | Left: all the things that were used in the movie Titanic: safe, axe, drawings, etc.

59: Jade, Olivia & Nancy | The War Scene | We are being attacked | Take 1 | Scene 3 | ACTION | Nancy, Jade and Olivia were chosen to "act" in a special effects show. They weren't told what they were going to do. There was a huge audience which was unexpected and they were excited. Jade volunteered to be the captain. Water explosions nearly drowned them. Jade had to pretend to look through binoculars & get on the phone to get help. The "scene" lasted a good 5-6 minutes. | Jade

60: Below: Jade and Olivia inside the Buzz Lightyear ride. | Great picture of Jade in front of Cinderella's castle. It's so beautiful. She is looking forward to the band performing this same night right in front of the castle. Yeah! | Jade and Olivia in front of Cinderella's castle.

61: Jade took a picture of the monitor when they rode Space Mountain. She said if you bought the pictures, they were very expensive. From left to right: Kelsey, Cody, and Jade. | Jade, Austin and Kelsey! | Jade actually captured the castle as it was changing colors. Wow!! | Jade and the Little Mermaid!

62: Before the parade started, Cinderella and her prince were dancing to our "practice music." It was funny. Top left: Our band in front of Cinderella's Castle getting ready to march. Left: This was really amazing. It was an American | flag with an eagle. So | stunning. After the parade, we had to go to backstage Disney and the lady that was in charge gave us these cool red bags and told us we were official performers of Disney World.

63: The band did an amazing job performing at Magic Kingdom. Jade loved it and taking pictures was difficult since she was performing. They had so much fun visiting all the parks. | Danceline doing their best. | The Springville Tiger Band! There were so many people there watching them perform. They were excited but nervous.

64: Terry, Kelsey and Jade practicing a panoramic view with their camera. | Left: Kelsey, Jade and Olivia. Right: Jade, Olivia and Kelsey posing in front of the Epcot "ball" at the entrance of the park.

65: 2014 | Left: A fireworks show was presented at night in Epcot over the lake. | Right middle: Kelsey, Olivia, Anna, Jade and Nicole right before the fireworks show. Bottom right: Jade, Olivia, and Kelsey watching a 3D Michael Jackson show at Epcot. | Jade's favorite "country" was Japan!

66: Jade really loved the Mt. Everest ride (above right). She rode it several times and as you can see, she "posed" every time. | The Mt. Everest Ride at Animal Kingdom! | Jade

67: Left: the gang getting ready for the trip down the mountain. Right: John, Jade, and Anthony (friends who moved away to Florida last year). The entire 5-day Disney trip cost 600.00. Jade sold enough sheet sets to total over 900.00. We paid nothing for her trip or her spending. Wow, Way to go Jade. She can really sell! | Jade & Tori | Jade, Olivia, Dylan, Cody and Terry! | Anthony & Jade

68: Jade wanted her ring before she started her 12th grade year. The ring came two days after she got back from her Disney trip with the band. The ring cost 270.39 which is about normal for a class ring these days. Class rings are not as popular as they once were. Several of Jade's classmates are not getting a ring but Jade wanted one. Her dad and mom had one so she wanted one and especially since she made captain. She got the March birthstone just because it was pretty-no other reason. she is very pleased with it. On one side it has the Colorguard flags and on the other side it has the symbol for the National Honor's Society that she belongs to. | The Class Ring

69: Class of 2015 | Jade was absolutely thrilled with her ring. When we ordered it, Jade couldn't go, so we did everything over the phone through texting. I would send her pictures of what they had and she basically designed it over the phone. She was so happy with how it turned out. She had made captain on a Friday night and we designed the ring on Saturday on their website but you really couldn't see what it looked like and we had to change up some things. | We gave Jade her ring right before we went out to eat on a Wednesday. She had gotten back from her band trip to Disney World on a Monday.

70: PROM: | Morgan from the gym came and did Jade's hair and makeup for only $50. Jade had so much fun. Kelsey had hers done also. Jade already had an idea for her hair and she picked a good one because it looked beautiful.

71: Jade painted her nails. Not too bad Jade. | Kelsey had her makeup and hair done as well and Jade had to do a "photo bomb." | Kelsey painted hers as well. | Morgan loved posing with each girl while doing their makeup. | matching toenails!

72: The story behind the "dress" | It all started about two years ago when the Key Club was having a prom dress sale. Jade had to work it since she was in Key Club. When her dad went to pick her up, she had a fit over the dress. It was her favorite. She let us know real quick that she just couldn't live without it. It was 100.00 but a way more expensive dress to begin with. She took a picture of it and sent it to her mom and then her dad talked to her mom and then her mom talked to her about how prom was two years away and that if we got the dress, that would be it. It was done. The dress was bought. As prom drew near, Jade really wanted a short dress and I told her since we saved so much on the dress and since she would be doing her own nails, we could get the dress altered to be short. Well, in the meantime, she wanted to know how to use Ebay. Her mom showed her how and we bid on a dress that was really pretty from China but only 20.00 because we already had a dress and her mom said, "See, we are not winning it because it is in red" and then we bid 20.50 and it said we were winning it. Her mom said, "See it's in green now but we will be outbid and it will be red again." Lo and behold, we won the dress. Jade wanted to wear the dress. We already dropped the white and black dress off to be altered. She was not going to wear the black peacock dress. We went round and round about this and to the point where she was going to pack it and change into it. Her mom said she could do that but she was wearing the white dress for pictures since that is the one we had originally bought and was paying to get it altered. There were ten layers to the white dress so it was 100.00 to get it altered. We now had 200.00 in the dress. | Before: The dress long. After: The dress short. | The dress she didn't wear.

73: Each girl paid a little bit so we could rent a van ($110.00) to ride in to the prom. We met at the bowling alley in Trussville and loaded everyone up and went to the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham to take pictures. | Everyone in front of the van: Walt the driver, Jade, Kelsey, Charlotte, Kathryn, Danny, Tilia, Bonnie and Savannah! We were just arriving at the Botanical Gardens. | Jade and Kelsey! Best friends! They were standing on a brick wall at the gardens! Everyone had a good time taking pictures. | Here is a picture of the fabulous five!

74: Birmingham Botanical Gardens | The gardens were beautiful but of course, when you are dealing with eight people, you are automatically going to run late. We had less than an hour for pictures and we originally had two hours planned. Oh well, we did our best and Jade looks just beautiful. We all had fun at the gardens even though we were rushed.

75: Jade and Kelsey Best Friends Forever | Jade and Kelsey took several pictures together. They look awesome. We got a lot of pictures for the little time we were there.

76: Friends | Above: The girls met some friends at the gardens. It seems everyone was there. Left to right: Meagan, Marinda, Jessica, Kelsey, Jade, Charlotte, Kathryn, Savannah, and Bonnie. | Below: Savannah, Tilia, Jade, Kathryn, Bonnie and Charlotte. | Above: Our group including Danny who is Tilia's boyfriend (front and center). Tilia is from Germany and she would be going back on Wednesday. We had a good group with us and everything went very smooth. | Our core group from church. These five girls have been together for years!

77: Kelsey, Charlotte, Jade, Tilia and Bonnie. | We did several pictures here in the Japanese Gardens. I don't think they were supposed to pick the flowers. | Jade, Kelsey and Charlotte having fun! | Jade | and | Sava | nnah | More friends that they met up with. They all decided to do something fun and look silly. | PROM | 2014

79: This turned out to be one of the best pictures and it was just on the spare of the moment on our way out. Jade enjoyed everything before and after the prom but not the actual prom itself. All the dancing, etc. was just not her. She said it was okay but she really doesn't want to go back her senior year. | Prom tickets were 45.00 each and the theme was "The Great Gatsby"

80: After pictures at the Botanical Gardens, We dropped them off at the Village Tavern Restaurant. Jade picked out the restaurant prior to prom. They really enjoyed it and a few of their friends that weren't going to be at the prom, met them there for dinner. | The front door of the Sheraton where the prom was held. | The Village Tavern! | Walt was the driver!

81: Left side: Sean, Tilia, Danny, Kathryn, Bonnie, and Charlotte. | Right side: Savannah (blue dress), Jade, Kelsey, Christian and Cassidy. | Jade | Above: This was the prom ticket. Right: Jade walking down the hall to the room where the prom was held. She would not let me follow her into the prom of course. Jade, her mom and dad went bowling after the prom. Jade bowled in her prom dress. The pictures did not take at all.

82: Jade, Jamie and Kayla getting ready to dye eggs. And like always, Jamie wants a yellow one. | Their eggs! yeah! Below: Keila (blue shirt) decided to join in the festivities. They left a pink one and a blue one in the dye for a long time and that is why they are so dark.

83: Parents Night Out! | The church held a Parents Night Out and the teenagers volunteered to help. Jade worked with her mom who had the 11 and 12 year olds. We kept them outside until almost 11 pm. We had other helpers as well so there was a lot of downtime and Jade took advantage of it. When it got dark and the kids didn't want to watch the movie being played inside, they all got chalk and were encouraged to "decorate" outside of the youth building. Jade got very creative. | Kim Cohen at the church was doing face painting so Jade had a bunny painted on her face. | Jade had drawn Mickey and Minnie mouse. How cute and detailed. Right: She kept busy drawing flowers, trees, etc.

84: Band Banquet May 9th, 2014 | Jade, Connor and Sydney! The Captains!! | Some of Jade's colorguard friends from left to right (back row) are: Sydney, Jade, Ms. Erin, Olivia, Tori and Connor. Front row are: Whitney and Anna. | Jade - how pretty! | Jade with her dad! | Jade and her mom! | Jade volunteered to be captain over the rifle team.

85: L | R | D | C | O | R | G | U | A | C | A | P | T | A | I | N | O | A Band Banquet is held each year to honor and recognize the new officers and Jade was given a medal from the present officer, Connor, to welcome her as one of the new colorguard captains. | Anna, Taryn and Jade | After Jade received her medal. Colorguard and Danceline won "Most Outstanding Performance" Award. | Left: The front and back of Jade's medal | Jade and Savannah

86: Jade's First Job! | Jade's first job was at Images In Ink, A tattoo parlor. He goes to our church and he is a great guy. He is very easy going and lets Jade work whenever it is convenient for her. He even let her off the entire band season so she would not have to worry about working around her band schedule and events. Jade, he is spoiling you. Left: The tattoo shop. Right: Jade posing for a picture. Top right: Jade working on a drawing. | Left: Chris Culverhouse (Jade's employer).

87: Jade decided to take a few pictures of herself in our field of white clover. You did a good job Jade. | JADE

88: SpringFest | Jade performing with the colorguard. This is her last performance before she falls into the role of captain.

89: SHS BAND | Far left: Mr. Curren, the band director, leads the SHS Band as they perform. The band performed at SpringFest as they do every year. It is held in Springville, Alabama. Jade had a good time. | The sun must have been in her eyes. | Jade having fun doing her stand dances! | The entertainment was great! | Way to go Jade!

90: Happy | Jade | Seventeenth | Jade wanted a black and white retro Minnie mouse cake and this was the best we could come up with. Right: cute picture of Keila. | Above: Jade and Keila chowing down!

91: Birthday | 17 | Jade | Jade wanted to eat at the outback steakhouse. She ordered and ate an entire slab of ribs. Gosh, this girl can eat. | Happy Birthday!

93: "It isn't how much time you spend somewhere that makes it memorable: it's how you spend the time." - David Brenner | These girls have been friends for a long time. They really know how to stick together. | Savannah, Jade, Kathryn and Bonnie!

94: Our Pastor, Rodney Davis took the youth to "Hydrate," A Christian Camp in Panama City. We had a great group of students and some really dedicated youth workers. | Left: Bo, Walter & Chris. Right: Forrest, Sharon & Shawnette.

95: Best Friends | Savannah & Jade | Jade and Savannah had fun in the pool, on the beach and at each session!

96: Fun in the | Kathryn, Savannah and Bonnie | A beautiful picture of Sharon and her daughter, Bonnie. | Bonnie - go figure! | We all stayed at "Bethany Dorm." Each room slept approximately nine people comfortably. It was a very nice place and very convenient to everything. | Left: Allison and Shawnette eating lunch in the dining hall.

97: Jade and her mom | Jade and her dad | Jade | A beautiful sailboat came by just in time for us to get a picture with it in the background. | Jade painted her toenails just for the occasion | Walt took a picture of a pigeon on the pier and we even saw some dolphins and a huge mackerel. | Pier Park is a big shopping center that we went to before we left the beach.

98: Jade and Savannah enjoying Panama City. Bottom left: Jade actually caught some sand dollars and took them home and bleached them. Way to go Jade! They turned out perfectly. She soaked them in water and bleach first, then you have to paint them with glue so they won't be so fragile | Jade and Savannah displaying their painted nails in honor of July 4th! | . It took | less than 30 minutes. Wow! | Right: Jade and Savannah got their picture made with the band.

99: We "tested" out a jet ski to purchase but decided against it after it left Walter stranded in the middle of the lake. Left: Jade caught a fish. She was so excited. | We spent July 4th at the lake then went to the Brook Besor in Pell City on July 5th and enjoyed an evening with the Jordan family. Jade's friend, Savannah stayed with us the whole weekend. | Jamie with a sparkler. He was cold so he put on someone's jacket.

100: Practicing rifle at the park | Practicing the routine | The local restaurants and members of the community brought all the band members food for every day of band camp. That's two weeks of lunches! The entire band got together and said "Thank You." What a wonderful way of showing their appreciation. | These are all the seniors on Colorguard. Savanah, Olivia, Jade and Connor.

101: BAND CAMP SUMMER 2014 | Jade is in the tie-dyed shirt on the right. | Above and left: The band has been practicing so hard for the past two weeks. The show will be AWESOME this year!!

102: Just a few pictures that we took at the house!

103: PICTURE DAY!! | Payton | Makayla | Emma | Ashlea | Alyssa | Brennan | Hannah | Monica | Selena | Mattison, Emma, and Jade | Selena, Jade, Olivia, Emma, and Mattison | Left: I don't think they were ready to take the picture!

105: J | a | d | e | Left: Jade's individual picture and Above: All the seniors for the upcoming 2014-2015 Tiger Band! | Jade

106: I have no idea why they decided to put on their goggles while eating. Girls - Go figure. . | Our family decided to go to Spring Valley Beach in Blountsville. Everyone took off work on Monday, August 4th before school started. When we got up the next morning to leave, Jamie was running 102 temperature. He couldn't go and had to stay with Mawmaw and Pawpaw Jordan. I'm glad he didn't see what he missed (below). We absolutely hated the fact he couldn't go but we could not cancel since everyone had asked off from work. Maybe next time! | Keila and Jade | Spring Valley Beach

107: Keila and Kayla had so much fun on the waterslides. They rode together then separately. They did this too many times to count. Below: Keila in the first two pictures and Kayla in the last two.

108: Keila | Kayla | Jade | Jade | Keila | Jade had an awesome time with her sisters. They rarely get to spend this much time with each other. The twins are so good to her. We all had a great time aside from the fact that Walt and myself felt like we nearly drowned.

109: Walt - before | Walt - after | Kayla - before | Kayla - after | Keila - before | Keila - after

110: Walt had as much fun as the kids. He is always up for a challenge. Above: He started out relaxed and then from top to bottom: He hit, bounced a little and what is so funny is in the bottom picture, he still seems relaxed.

111: Far left: Walt (top and bottom) having a great time. Left: Jade who you can't see on the slide and bottom left she is hitting the water like she is having a blast. Below: Walt and Jade on a two person tube. What fun!

112: There is just something about a ride where you have to wear helmets. Jade's mom did ride some of the rides but not this one. | Jade | Keila | Kayla | Walt | Walt had gotten flipped and turned around but finally got back in control.

113: Jade and her dad rode the SideWinder at Spring Valley Beach. No one else had the nerve to ride it. Right: First you go way down, then way up. Bottom: Then you sidewind back and forth until you come to a stop to get off. No wonder no one wanted to ride it. It also sits high on a 4-story tower. | coming to a stop | They rode it twice because we didn't have the camera the first time.



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