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Jade's Sophmore Year

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Jade's Sophmore Year - Page Text Content


FC: SPRINGVILLE HIGH SCHOOL 2012 - 2013 | jade kirkwood | SOPHMORE

1: Our Mission Statement | The mission of Springville High School is to help every student achieve his/her maximum potential, mentally, socially, physically and morally. To teach the fundamental concepts of American democracy, to make contributions to, and to participate in self-government, and to teach students to respect the rights of others are all components of this mission. Furthermore, Springville High School aims to provide a curriculum that will prepare students for competent work according to labor demands and include flexible opportunities for students who desire to go directly into vocational school or college. This mission will be carried out in a way that will ensure a safe learning environment. | GO TIGERS!

2: Jade wanted to start her school year off with a whole new room. She totally recreated the room downstairs all by herself in Alabama Crimson Tide! | BEFORE! | DURING! | After the painting was done! | Above: This is a picture Jade free handed to put in her room. Wow! Good Job Jade!

3: This sign was on her door! | Jade's Alabama Room! | Jade had a lot of fun fixing up her room. She had gathered Alabama "stuff" for almost a year so she would have enough to decorate her room. Below: Memaw made her these houndstooth pillows for her bed!

4: Water Splash Party! The Church at Bradford Road held a Back to School Water Splash Party for the youth department! Jade and Savannah had a blast! Clothes and all. | It's cold | Finally did it! | jeans and all!

5: Jade and Savannah | YEAH! | Let's go again! | Look at me!

6: Jade's first day of tenth grade! She made Colorguard so she is extremely excited!


9: Ms. Brand Visual Arts | Coach Taruc Chemistry | Mr. Curren Band | Coach Preston US History | Ms. Grainger Family & Consumer Science | Ms. Webb English | Ms. Saffles Adv. Geometry | Coach Taylor Driver's Ed | Ms. White Health | My Teachers!

10: SPRINGVILLE HIGH SCHOOL COLORGUARD | Jade | Colorguard was lifting the Danceline up on their flags! | Jade and Lily having so much fun! | Jade | and | Lily | Jade

11: SHS | Jade at end of a performance! | The band performing. They are so good! | The Colorguard performs without flaw. | Jade is in the back | Jade is in the front


13: Above: The SHS Band. Right: All the players prayed on the field when one of our players got hurt. The ambulance came but later we found out our player was okay. Below Left: Mr. Curren, the Band Director. Below Right: The football team!

14: Jade and her friends! First Row: Jade and Connor, Jade and Nicole. Second Row: Jade and Lily, Jade and Kelsey. Third Row: Jade and Kelsey in both pictures. Fourth Row: Jade with my camera, Jade in her uniform, Jade, Jade and Lily, Jade and Lily with their two good friends in the background. | Jade

15: BEFORE! | Right: When Jade was a freshman, she had cystic acne. She tried medicine after medicine to no avail. | AFTER! | Below: Jade after we found the right medicine. Her dermatologist finally prescribed something that worked. Thanks Veltin!

16: C O M P E T I T I O N | 2 0 1 2 | OUR BAND | IS 1 | #

17: The team did an amazing job working on advancing their skills and it showed at competition. We were so excited to have won second place.

18: We won the Amanda Marks Award for the best overall Colorguard in the entire competition. I loved holding this huge trophy. | It rained at the competition and when we got back to the school, we had to lay out all the flags to dry. | These are all the trophies that our band won this year. Wow, what an awesome band Springville has!!

19: Springville Homecoming Parade | There wasn't a lot of pictures taken at the parade. mom forgot her camera!

20: Jade was a butterfly and her sister, Keila was a beautiful mermaid. Jamie was a bottle of soy sauce. Memaw Kirkwood made his outfit. Jade carved the above pumpkins and they were 2-sided. The other side was a Christmas scene. Keila handed out candy at our church festival.

21: Yeah, mom and dad went all out too. We had an event at the church and they went dressed like Star Fleet Officers.

22: Jade and daddy! | We crossed a creek and our feet slipped on some rocks and our pants got wet. | Me and daddy went to Noccalula Falls for a camping trip. I got to bring a friend. | What a beautiful falls!

23: Jade and Lily enjoying the outdoors! | Jade! | Lily! | YOLO: means You Only Live Once but they spelled it backwards where they could see it instead. | Nov. 2nd

24: Jade and Lily having fun at Noccalula Falls. They had a great time camping out. Jade and Lily are in band together.

25: The falls was gorgeous. Below: Jade & Lily taking in the mist from the falls. | Below: This silhouette of the girls was phenomenal. | Lily taking a break.

26: Keila | Kayla | Jade | Mom had to get pictures of all of us before we left to go to memaw's house for Thanksgiving.

27: Keila, Mom, Kayla and me! | Kayla and Keila | From left to right: Erika, Sarah, Jade, Cameron and Jamie. We were all at memaw's house.

28: Jade and Kelsey decided to just have fun with the camera!

29: Below: Jade grew a sunflower from an actual seed and it grew beautifully. She really took care of it. | Above: Jade must have gotten bored at the Mexican restaurant because she "designed " her name out of her tortilla chips. Jade, you are one very creative person. | Jade with her hair straight | Jade with her hair curly

30: Springville Parade December 2012 | Jade, her mom and dad, Kayla, Jamie and Keila all went to watch Jade perform in the Springville Parade. We had a great time especially Jamie after he received a lei from one of the floats. | Jade twirling her flag. She is so talented. | The SHS Band | Jamie and Kayla

31: Above: Jade's church, The Church at Bradford Road, won 3rd place for best float. They also had big oxen and horses in the parade. Below: Jamie held his ears because the firetrucks were too loud. And of course, we had the pleasure of waving to Santa. He was at the end of the parade.

32: Jade and her friends went to Zoo Light Safari at the Birmingham Zoo and they had a blast. Santa gave Jade a bell (below). Of course, she was screaming her head off to get his attention. | Bonnie, Jade and Kelsey | Jade and Kelsey

33: Samaritan's Purse! The Key Club took a trip to Operation Christmas Child Warehouse to volunteer! It was fantastic to see such a large group of teens willing to help! | K | E | Y | C | L | U | B | Jade

34: Fish and Loaves Jade volunteered again for the second time to help Fish & Loaves Ministry assist needy families during the holidays. It doesn't seem like much but you wouldn't believe how much the children loved Jade dressing up like an elf. She even got her best friend in on it. They had so much fun. | Kelsey and Jade at Fish and Loaves held at the Church at Bradford Road in Springville.

35: Jade making a gingerbread man. Below: the final product. | Jade painted her nails so cute. She is such an artist. Right: Walt did an awesome job putting up our lights. | Kayla and Jamie having fun making their cookies!

36: Christmas at our House! Jade received a ton of clothes including a letterman jacket and several things to go in her "Alabama" room. Above Right: Our famous "country" Christmas tree. | One of the ornaments on our tree. We have had it forever.

37: Keila got an expensive cell phone (279.00) and a pillow that lights up. Kayla received a very nice futon and little James received a DSI from grandma and grandpa and his favorite was his Polar Express train he received from memaw. | Left: Jamie really liked his Innotab that he received from his mommy.

38: Alabama Championship Celebration! | Jade and her dad went to the Alabama National Championship Celebration in January 2013. They had a great time and the parade was awesome!

39: This is the tunnel that the players get to run out of at each game played at home. It was very rare to get to see this. They had never opened it to the public. | Kenny Bell, a wide receiver of the Alabama Crimson Tide | Jade

40: W I N T E R | JADE | Jade had so much fun taking pictures of the snow. | This road is right in front of our home. | JADE

41: W O N D E R L A N D | Jade playing in the "first" and only snow of the year! | That was not a snowball that Jade was carrying; It was her mom's camera that she had wrapped up in a plastic bag so it wouldn't get wet.

42: BETA CLUB | Jade was "tapped" into Beta Club on Friday, Feb. 22nd at 2:30 p.m. in the gym at Springville High School. | Jade and her mom

43: TAPPING CEREMONY | Jade is a straight "A" student and strives very hard to reach her goals. | Jade has two best friends that were also being tapped into Beta Club: Kelsey Jones and Christian Morris. | Principal of Springville H. S.

44: Our hotel room. Right: Our hotel room after we occupied it! | Jade and Kelsey | Jade waiting for Savannah at the arcade. Obviously she got bored and started taking pictures of herself. | Jade and Bonnie having fun!

45: Jade 's friends, Kelsey and Savannah (sisters), went to the Wilderness Resort in Tennessee and each got to bring a friend so Jade and Bonnie were able to go. They had a blast. It was February and they stayed in the pool and the hot tub most of the time. | Bonnie | Savannah | Jade | Kelsey

46: HOT | TUB | Kelsey and Jade | Jade | Kelsey

47: Fun in the Laser Maze | Above : Jade and Kelsey having their picture made with the Wilderness mascots. Below: Eating time - yeah! | Above: You had to go through this maze without touching the beams. It was cool. Left: having fun at a kids play area. They were way too old to do this but they will try anything.

48: Water Tube Slides and The Surf Rider! Water rides are awesome! | The Water Dome had a ton of water slides and they were enormous. We spent most of our time here. We had so much fun.

49: Ropes Course and Rock Climbing! It doesn't get any better than this! | The ropes course was above the arcade. It took an hour to go through the whole thing. It was pretty awesome and kind of scary because you were high in the air. Far Left: Jade and Savannah on the rock climbing wall. Left: It was hard to do and Jade almost made it to the top but then fell because her arms were getting tired. Good job Jade!

50: Getting Ready! | Jade and Kayla getting ready to dye the eggs. Jamie is definitely waiting his turn and being so patient. Below: They are planning on making some very creative eggs. | Jade getting the vinegar ready and measuring it just perfect.

51: Happy Easter 2013 | Right: Jade all dressed up for Easter. Look how long and beautiful her hair is. Above: Jade had her face painted at the church Easter event. That's a pretty awesome butterfly. Left: Jade and Kayla did a great job coloring the Easter eggs. They did tie-dye. a pikachu, some splattered ones and even a "facebook" egg.

52: Jade's friend had drawn this on Jade's arm. How impressive! | Jade stacked up these four apples. It was a challenge at church to try to stack five. Jade stacked the most. | Jade can braid her own hair. She does a lot with her hair. | Jade is definitely her own person. She is really enjoying life.

53: Jade loves practicing with the camera. She takes tons of pictures. She will take pictures with her camera, with her cell phone and any other device that she gets her hands on. She's pretty good at it. She took all of these pictures herself. | S | M | I | L | E | ! | Jade taking more pictures of herself to upload on Facebook.

54: Big Springs 5K March 16, 2013 | Walt and Jade ran the Springville 5K. Jade's mom had school that day. Her time was 33.01 and Walt's was 32.08. Bottom Right: Jade and Kelsey relaxing at the park where the race ended. Kelsey didn't even run and she looks exhausted. | Jade's number. | Jade started getting sick during the race. | Jade and Kelsey | The race is about to begin! | Way to go Walt!

55: Spring Break Hoover Tactical Firearms | Yes, Jade spent one of her days of Spring Break at the firing range. Walt used his Taurus 9mm and Jade used Walt's other gun which was a Bersa 380 Thunder. Jade was a little nervous at first because of the loud noise of the other shooters but adapted quickly. She did pretty well especially for her first time. She killed "Bin Laden" and "Hitler" (right) which were the names of her targets. It was only 10.00 a person.

56: J A D E | Jade getting ready for her end of year band banquet. she looks so pretty!

57: Top left: Jade and Kelsey! Above Right: from left to right: Olivia, Victoria, Christian, Jade and Kelsey. They are in the Key Club and was picking up trash in Springville! Below: In both pictures they are having fun in the back of the truck. They did a good job! Springville looks fantastic and clean. Great work | guys! What would we do without all of you!

58: Jade's Art Work We all went to the art show at Springville High School. Jade has done some amazing art. She is very talented. | In Jade's Art Class, they had to make a representation of the color wheel. Jade and Kelsey partnered up and did this "cake." They received the "Honorable Mention" Award.

59: Jade is extremely detailed in her art work. The top picture is a picture of Jade and her friends that she had drawn. Her two friends got her some art supplies for her birthday and they wanted the first picture in her sketch book to be of them.

60: Jade entered these two pencil drawings in the art show and won 1st place. She actually won 1st place in all 3 art divisions. She made two of "Lights" (the picture on the left), framed it and gave them to Keila and Kayla for their birthday. They displayed the pictures in their home. | ART

61: Jade is extremely talented and it definitely shows in her artwork.

62: Jade and Kelsey had a "photo shoot" at the house and Kelsey's camera was messed up and it actually took pictures in black and white or color or both. You never knew what you were going to get. It was funny. That's why there are so many shades of Jade's dress. The actual color is at the top left (very bright orange).

63: "My best friend is the one that brings out the best in me." - Henry Ford

64: Top: memaw with her grandchildren and great grandchildren; Above: memaw with her great grandchildren. Below: Kayla tanning, Jamie riding the tractor & he would pout if he had to get off, Jade and Walt. | The Kirkwood Family! | Memorial Day | 2013

65: Jamie trying to catch a fish with the help of grandpa Walt. Below: Jamie caught one but not sure what he thought about it. | Kayla looking pretty as ever! | Jamie posing for a picture. | Walter caught a pretty big fish the next day.

66: Jade and Sarah came up with several ideas for "water fun." Top left: This is how most of their attempts ended up. Bottom left: Maybe Jade was trying to surf. Below: Just go for it, Sarah!

67: F R I S B E E | FUN | Jade and Sarah having so much fun playing frisbee!

69: Far left: Jade's report card from the 10th grade. She is an excellent student and she is on an Honor's Diploma. Left: This was the first time she took her ACT and she did fantastic. She plans to take it again after finishing the 11th grade. Above: This is the picture that we attached to her ACT application. Her application scores were sent to four colleges.



72: This was Jade's favorite picture! She looks so beautiful. We were at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens for several hours so we were pretty tired when we left.

73: Me and Daddy! | We took several sweet 16 pictures at the house and at the Botanical Gardens!

74: Above: Jade's invitation. Below: Delores Cox opened up her home and let us use her beautiful pool for Jade's sweet 16 birthday party! | Beautiful as ever. she looks like she is in Hawaii.

75: Keila | Walt | Jade & Keila | Walt grilling hotdogs and hamburgers | Christian, one of Jade's friends | Steve, one of Walt's friends | Jim, Jade's uncle

77: Above: Jade opening her gifts. She got a ton of gift cards, clothes, a camelbak, shower radio, and $40 in cash. Far Left: Jade showing off her "hat", Jade's cake which was 70.00, Jade was blowing out her candles but it looks like she is sniffing the cake. Far Left Below: Jade being silly, Kelsey & Jade, and finally: Kelsey, Christian and Jade. | Jade and her best friend, Kelsey!

78: Kelsey and Jade taking pictures under water. This is one of Jade's favorite things to do! | Top Left: Kelsey and Jade, Middle Left: Kelsey, Jade and Bonnie. Bottom Left: Jade and Kelsey!! | Jade!

79: Luau Birthday Pool Party! | Top Left: Walt enjoying "floating" in the water. Middle Left: Lanie had a great time as well and below left: Bonnie, Kelsey and Jade trying to overload the float. Top right: Jade and Lanie trying out the diving board. Jade with that hat on again. Bottom Right: Johnny with little Maci. She is just chilling.

80: Jade had drawn this picture of Nick Saban for her dad for Father's Day. He loved it. She did this freehand. This girl has got some talent.

81: Church Camp Laguna Beach Panama City | On our way Kelsey, Bonnie, Savannah and Jade | Beautiful Scenery Once we got there! | Above: Our youth pastor, Eric and his family. And this is a picture of our resort.

82: We went to the Bethany Meeting Room everyday for worship and fellowship. Above: The "weatherman" was telling us how important it was to wear sunscreen. He was really funny. | This guy was the host of all of the events. He was playing a newscaster in this picture. | These were volunteers that were picked from the audience to be in a skit. This was done everyday. | Games were played regularly throughout the day and they would be announced so if you wanted to play, you could go and participate. | The guy below had water in his mouth and just blew it all over the other guy. yuk!!

83: Above: Camp META and Right: A belly buster contest was held and the guy above won. Below left: at the pool, there was a game announced called "human angry birds." all the beach balls and rings were stacked up and you had to get in teams and use a slingshot to | knock them over. One guy ended up going to the hospital because he got hit with a water balloon with a slingshot. | We wrote on some balloons what we needed to work on like (ex. I need to pray more or work on this, etc.) and then we let them go down by the shore.

84: Jade | Jade and Kelsey | Kelsey in a huge hole. Go figure! Below: How cute! I think it's Bonnie, Savannah and then Jade at the bottom. | Kelsey, Jade, Bonnie and Savannah!

85: Bonnie | Jade and Kelsey | They had so much fun on the beach. The weather was perfect. Right: This is a fish they saw in the water. Not sure how they captured a picture of it. | Friends

86: Jade loves making sandcastles | Best friends making a splash. Their shirts matched the water. Not sure how they pulled that off. | Above: Jade and Kelsey. This is the cutest picture ever!! Below: Just taking a cute picture on the beach.

87: Kelsey and Jade: Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest... It's about who came, and never left your side... author unknown | Right: Kelsey took this picture and it was so cool how it put a halo around Jade's head. She is an angel.

88: We went to Harmony Park Zoo. It is a drive-through zoo where you can feed the animals right from your car. June 2013

89: Jade had a real liking to the pig (left). Above left: She is hesitantly touching the pig. She had a lot of fun. Bottom left: That huge black bull of a thing started chasing our car. We had to break the speed limit trying to get away from it. The speed limit was only 5 mph. It could have really damaged our car. We were screaming, "Go, Go, Go." Jamie didn't know what to think. He was excited and a little scared.

90: Jamie seemed a little scared at first because the turtles were so big but he soon got used to them as you can see. | Turtle Time | Jade looking a bit scared | Getting more adjusted to their size

91: The zebra was very friendly. In the top picture, it looks like the zebra was smiling. Top right: The llama was a little aggressive and it totally spit all over Jade. It was disgusting. Far right: Some of the trees were decorated and Jamie liked them probably more than the animals themselves. He thought the trees looked so funny.

92: Jade and her dad took a few days to join Traci and Doug at the beach. A hurricane came and they had to enjoy it the best they could. They still had a fireworks show and it was great!

93: Top left: Jade covering her head in the hot tub. Doug wading through the water. Bottom left: Jade (go figure). Top right: What can you do? (Doug enjoying the hot tub as best as he could while it was open). Jade in the hot tub before it was closed. The last picture, I think, is the pool. They wore jackets and goggles because of all the sand flying around. It was piercing. If you didn't have goggles, you couldn't see because the rain was so thick and blowing so hard. | FAMILY MEMORIES

94: Getting License Jade turned a flip the day she passed her driver's test. She was so excited. Her daddy went with her to get them. | First day out in the car.

95: Jade and Kelsey | Interesting face, Kelsey! | Now, this is weird. Kelsey and Jade were experimenting with the computer at school. | Christian, Jade & Kelsey | You can't beat good FRIENDS ** * * * * * * !

96: Above: Mr. Curren, our Band Director, was going over the show that we would be learning for the upcoming year. Below Left: taking a short break because band camp is all day. | This is what most of us looked like during band camp! | The band was practicing hard. I would not want to play the xylophone.

97: Colorguard, Danceline and band members practicing the routine. | Colorguard practicing hard!! Erin Caudel is our choreographer and she is teaching us the new routine for our upcoming show. | Jade and Kelsey Clowdus went to Kelsey's house after practice and they played in the sprinkler system. I guess they were hot! Not sure why the weird faces. | Erin | Jade | Connor

98: Jade | SHS Colorguard Jade is right in the middle standing up! | Jade | Colorguard and Danceline!

99: Jade and Kelsey | Jade and Kelsey | Jade and Kelsey | Connor, Tori, Olivia, Jade and Kelsey | Kelsey, Taylor and Jade | Olivia and Jade | Jade and Savannah | Jade, Kelsey and Olivia

100: SPRING VALLEY | The girls had a great time going down the water slide! | Left: On the way. Eric (youth pastor) and his wife, Erin, took the youth to Spring Valley Beach before school started. Below: Jade going down the slide. | Bonnie and Savannah

101: BEACH | Above: Jade and Kelsey (best friends). Right: Jade and Kelsey asked a worker at the park if they could have their picture made with him because they thought he looked like the character "Peeta" in the Hunger Games movie. Below: Jade and Kelsey decided to do some "hair" water pictures.

102: Underwater Fun | Kelsey and Jade acting silly and having fun underwater. | Bonnie (go figure) | S | A | V | A | N | N | A | H | Above: Savannah making a face underwater and Kelsey looking like a mermaid. Left: Kelsey and Jade. Interesting hair, huh? | Kelsey | Jade

103: Jade | All the pictures are of Jade. I think she was born to be a mermaid. She loves the water. | Jade | Kelsey | Savannah and Jade

104: SpringFest is usually in the spring but it got rained out so it was held right when school started. It took place at the armory in Springville. The band performed and did a fantastic job.

105: Everyone enjoyed the band performance. There were arts and crafts and tons of food at the event. Most of the food was free and given out by companies and churches in the community.

106: The band performed several songs and Jade looks like she is having a ball!! | Jade

107: The "FLIP" Jade and Sydney were partners for the flip in one of the songs. Jade is the one being flipped. She was so excited that I was able to get a picture of it. SpringFest was an all day event. A huge fireworks show was at 9:00 p.m. that night. | SHS | COLORGUARD


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