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Kecoughtan 30 Year Reunion

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S: 83

FC: KECOUGHTAN | HIGH | 30 Year Reunion

1: Kecoughtan High School 1983 30 Year Reunion | Class of | Photo credits: Nelson Cheeseman/King Cheez Co. Kimberly Fischer Photography Michele Alvarez, Stephanie Berry, James Calhoun, Jeanine Joyner, Lucinda Noches-Talbert

2: At Marker 20 | When we get together, it's like 30 years haven't passed. | Kimberly Seymour Powell and Keith Ferguson ('82) | Monte ('84) and Amy Lehmkuhler, Dwayne Maddux, John Flores & Jana Ellis Flores, & Keith Knight | James Calhoun, Hugh Hudson, & Anthony Hardison | (Above) Angela Myers Benson, Susan Yuengert Jones, & Lisa Wildes | Angel Banks and Gloria Wyatt | Sheila Starkey Codd and Trish Westmoreland Bolt

3: Why does this guy have to live all the way in Arkansas? | I'm so glad to see old friends...not that WE'RE old! | Friday, August 9, 2013 | Melanie Smith | Anthony and Charmaine Hardison | (Back) Leah Hodge Raulerson, Frank Owens (Front) Amy Huhta, Vicki Darlington Pinello & Chuck Pinello | Keith Knight | Frank Owens and John Herring | Dwayne Maddux, Deneane Slidge Bell, & Keith Knight | Kimberly Seymour Powell, Joanie Casher Headrick, Terri Locklear Voris, Rocky Sporer ('78), & Keith Ferguson ('82)

4: Wishing that a few of our cheerleading friends were here | Keith Knight, Paul Brown, & Nelson Cheeseman Jr | Michele Lehmkuhler Alvarez, Lisa Stromfors Taylor, Hugh Hudson, Charlene Hudson, & Ray Hafer | James Calhoun, Hugh Hudson, Nelson Cheeseman, & Michael Holt | Jim McQuillen, Ray Hafer, & Scott Buxton | Lisa Wildes and Nelson Cheeseman | Melanie Smith and Lisa Stromfors Taylor | Trish Westmoreland Bolt, Jim McQuillen, & John Herring

5: Friday Night Social at Marker 20 | Lucinda Noches-Talbert and Keith Hinton | Terry Anderson ('85) and Sharon Jones | Sharon Baker and Josette Miles | James Calhoun and Keith Hinton | Trish Westmoreland Bolt | Lisa Stromfors Taylor, Leah Hodge Raulerson, Frank Owens, Sheila Starkey Codd & Vicki Darlington Pinello | Tina Popernack Kerby | (Clockwise) Lisa Stromfors Taylor, Amy Lehmkuhler, Michele Lehmkuhler Alvarez, Martin Alvarez, Alexa Stieffen Witt

6: Friday Night Social at Marker 20 | Sharon Jones | Lisa Stromfors Taylor and Jana Ellis Flores | James Calhoun and Nelson Cheeseman | Sheila Starkey Codd and Frank Owens | Lucinda Noches-Talbert, Lisa Wildes, and Sharon Jones | Terri Locklear Voris and Michael Holt | Tom Codd and Sheila Starkey Codd | James and Elisa Calhoun | Deneane Slidge Bell | Melanie Smith and Dwayne Maddux | John Flores & Jana Ellis Flores | (Left) Angela Myers Benson and Nelson Cheeseman | (Right) Sharon Baker, Dwayne Maddux, & Angela Myers Benson | Out on the Patio at Marker 20

7: classmates group photo | Golf Outing | Dwayne Maddux, Ray Hafer, Frank Owens, and Lisa Wildes | KHS hackers hit the links at Deer Run Golf Course on Saturday morning. Apparently, Lisa had an audience of deer and geese.

8: SCHOOL TOUR | Arranged by Tina Popernack Kerby | Auditorium Gym School Map Lockers Shop Class | The Calhoun Family

9: (Back) Andrew Crumbly, Sharon Jones Anderson, Lucinda Noches-Talbert, Jim McQuillen, Tina Popernack Kerby, unknown, James Calhoun, Michael Holt, Nelson Cheeseman Jr, (Front) Angela Myers Benson | Panorama of the track, football and soccer practice field and the baseball field | Band Room Warrior Central Cafeteria Trophy Case Media Center

10: Joanie Casher Headrick, Kim & Michael Holt, Rocky Sporer ('78), and Tina Popernack Kerby | Tina Popernack Kerby and Kim and Michael Holt | Janine Shackelford, Courtney Bennett Darden, and Kraig Cole | Angela Myers Benson, David Williams, and Stephanie Jarret Berry | Eric Green | Hugh Hudson, Sam Noel, Eric Green, and Tony Hooper | William Barnes, Keith Lloyd, and Cerelle Burton

11: August 10, 2013 at Paradise Ocean Club | 30 Year Reunion Gala | Our evening began with thunderstorms as guests arrived. These gave way to a beautiful summer evening, where one could enjoy the deck. The attire was beach resort casual, the music was entirely early 80's, and the menu was Southern comfort food. | Erin Duquette (friend of Lisa), Lisa Stromfors Taylor, Alison McKay Owens, and Kathy Johnston Crews | Angela Myers Benson, Janine Shackelford, Stephen Bobko, and Cindy Hayes Hafer | Angela Myers Benson, Janine Shackelford, and Cindy Hayes Hafer | Lucinda Noches-Talbert and Tony Hooper

12: Mark and Sharon Midgette | Javier Garcia and Leah Hodge Raulerson

13: The ballroom was decorated with green and white throughout, even down to the "Green-Velvet" cupcakes! As friends settled in, Alison McKay Owens welcomed everyone and Renee Johnson asked for a blessing over the food. | Ray Hafer, Virginia Cole Spaetzel and Mike Spaetzel ('80) | Alison McKay Owens | Sandy Felker, Cindy Hicks West Keith Knight, and Kraig Cole | Renee Johnson

14: Ben and Claudia Farmer, Gloria Wyatt, Angel Banks | Terry Anderson ('85), Courtney Bennett Darden and Kraig Cole | Mark and Sharon Midgette | Joanie Casher Headrick and Rocky Sporer ('78) | Kim and Michael Holt | Andy and Kim Coates Powell | Kathy Johnston Crews and Tim Sullivan | Keith Maxwell, William Barnes, Allen Davis ('84), David Williams, and Deneane Slidge Bell | Kim and Michael Holt, Joanie Casher Headrick and Rocky Sporer ('78)

15: Tanya Walker and Craig Lambert | Courtney Bennett Darden, Bruce White, and Nelson Cheeseman | Frank and Sandra Owens, and Ray and Dian Hafer | Frank Owens and Alison McKay Owens (not related) | Toni and Nelson Cheeseman | Deneane Slidge Bell, Angela Myers Benson, Annette Kornegay Caleb, and David Williams | Leah Hodge Raulerson and Javier Garcia | Dan Parham, Tim Sullivan, and Steve Bobko | The "Wall of Shame" - Class photos of those who couldn't attend were posted on the wall

16: Andrew Crumbly, Dan Parham, and Steve Bobko | Tony Hooper, David Williams, and Cerelle Burton | Angela Myers Benson and Terrie Moody | Nelson Cheeseman and Jeanine Green Joyner | Sharon Jones and William Barnes | Alison McKay Owens and Steve Bobko | Keith Maxwell and Bruce White | Aaron Robinson and Deborah Carter Hudson | Jim McQuillen, Ben Farmer, James Calhoun, Michael Holt, and Joanie Casher Headrick

17: Keith Lloyd, Cerelle Burton and Rhonda Robinson | Keith Maxwell, Terrie Moody, and Stephanie Jarrett Berry | Allen Davis ('84), Aaron Robinson, William Barnes, Michael Holt, and Ben Farmer | Kim Coates Powell, Andy Powell, Dwayne Maddux, Keith Knight, and Leah Hodge Raulerson | David Williams and Keith Maxwell | Paul Brown, and Mark and Sharon Midgette | Bruce White and Nelson Cheeseman | Paul Brown, Tim Sullivan, and Lisa Stromfors Taylor | Stephanie Jarrett Berry, William Barnes, and Terrie Moody

18: Memorial | After dinner, a moment of silence was observed in honor of our fallen Warriors. As Renee Johnson read the names, Cindy Hicks West lit the candle that corresponded with the person's picture. | Lisa Stromfors Taylor and Renee Johnson

19: We remember and honor those who left us too early | Earl Bobby Barkers 9/8/1997 | Deborah Batten 1/12/2009 | Ricardo Mike Belton 9/4/1964 - 5/1/1992 | William Richard Cash III 1/9/2012 | James Bland Garner 2/28/1994 | Floyd McSwain Jr 10/20/1963 - 5/21/2002 | Sonya Johnson Jamieson 11/13/1964 - 5/29/2010 | Carolyn Armstrong Perry 12/6/1965 - 6/28/2006

20: Steve Bobko, as our class treasurer, recognized the people who worked behind the scenes to make our reunion happen. | Then, we had an Icebreaker activity that required us to find classmates who fulfilled the categories on a bingo-type sheet. The person with the most names filled-in won a bottle of wine from Williamsburg Winery | Steve Bobko | Mike Spaetzel ('80) and Virginia Cole Spaetzel | Cynthia Hodges, David Williams, Gloria Wyatt, and Tony Hooper | Bruce White, Keith Maxwell, and James Calhoun | Kathy Johnston Crews, Tim Sullivan, Steve Bobko, and Dan Parham | Renee Johnson and Deborah Carter Hudson

21: The winner was JoAnne Briggs Dunn and second runner-up was Lisa Wildes | Mike Holt and Ray Hafer | Nelson Cheeseman, Martin Alvarez, Michele Lehmkuhler Alvarez, and Lisa Wildes | Toni and Nelson Cheeseman, Deborah Carter Hudson, and Michele Lehmkuhler Alvarez | Elisa and James Calhoun, and Sharon Jones | Sandy Felker, Lucinda Noches-Talbert, and Craig Lambert | Lisa Stromfors Taylor and Tina Popernack Kerby

22: Award Show | Frank Owens gave us a few laughs with his award show that he was mostly making up as he went along. | Traveled the shortest distance to get to the reunion: Angela Myers Benson Traveled the longest distance to get to the reunion: Angel Banks...from KOREA! Most recently became a grandparent: Cassandra Battle Jordan Has the most degrees: William Barnes Has been married the longest: Ray and Cindy Hayes Hafer...30 Years for these High School Sweethearts! Has been to jail at least once: Tim Sullivan....Frank gave himself the award for having been locked up THREE times! | This is the group of classmates who have attended every reunion so far. Now that's Warrior spirit! | Class of 83 | Ray Hafer, Bruce White, Angela Myers Benson, Courtney Bennett Darden, Mark Midgette, Leah Hodge Raulerson, Sharon Jones, and Kim Coates Powell

23: Tony Hooper got up to recognize a recent accomplishment by his friend, Sam Noel. Sam is one of the few who has achieved a Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Sam got up to explain what this means. | High School Sweethearts | Lisa Stromfors and William Barnes | Tim Sullivan and Frank Owens | Tony Hooper | Tim Sullivan and Frank Owens | Angel Banks and Lisa Stromfors Taylor | Lisa Stromfors Taylor and Cassandra Battle Jordan | Sam Noel | Ray and Cindy Hayes Hafer

24: Class of '83 | Chemise and Bruce White, and Deborah Carter Hudson | Lisa Wildes and Tina Popernack Kerby | Gloria Wyatt and Angel Banks | Keith Hinton and Deneane Slidge Bell | Cindy Hicks West, Kathy Johnston Crews, Alison McKay Owens, and Sandy Felker | Leah Hodge Raulerson | Dwayne Maddux and Keith Knight | Stephanie Jarrett Berry and Cassandra Battle Jordan | Angela Myers Benson, Ray Hafer, and Terrie Moody | James and Elisa Calhoun | Sam Noel, Tracey Johnson, Hugh Hudson, and Eric Green | Keith Maxwell and William Barnes | Sandra and Frank Owens

25: Tracey Johnson was the biggest cheerleader for the reunion, yet almost didn't make it to the event because he had a little event of his own the same day. Undaunted by his own wedding, reception, thunderstorms. or tunnel traffic, he and his new bride, Sharon, made it to the class reunion! | Keith Lloyd, Cerelle Burton, and Aaron Robinson | Nelson Cheeseman and Sam Noel | Hugh Hudson and Ben Farmer | Angel Banks, Stephanie Jarrett Berry, Terrie Moodie, and Deneane Slidge Bell | Hugh Hudson, Floyd Mitchell, and Nelson Cheeseman | Tony Hooper, Nelson Cheeseman, Sam Noel, Tracey Johnson, Hugh Hudson, Eric Green, and Floyd Mitchell | Michele Lehmkuhler Alvarez, Cindy Hicks West, and Martin Alvarez | Scott Buxton and Steve Bobko | Angel Banks, Keith Hinton, and Deneane Slidge Bell | Edwina Harvey Simmons, Angela Myers Benson, Sharon and Tracey Johnson, and Allen Davis ('84) | Maureen and Scott Buxton | Sam Noel, Gloria Wyatt, Tracey and Sharon Johnson, and Dwayne Maddux

26: Keith Maxwell and William Barnes | Edwina Harvey Simmons, and Ulysses and Margaret Dismond Martin | Kathy Johntson Crews and Lucinda Noches-Talbert | Craig Lambert, Frank Owens, and Kim Coates Powelll | Cindy Hicks West and Kim Coates Powell | Photo on the right --> (Back)Jeanine Green Joyner, Toni and Nelson Cheeseman, Tracey Johnson, Hugh Hudson, Eric Green, Allen Davis, Angel Banks, James Calhoun, Ulysses Martin, Deneane Slidge Bell, Cerelle Burton, Margaret Dismond Martin, (Front)Gloria Wyatt, Renee and Sam Noel, Tony Hooper, Floyd Mitchell, Edwina Harvey Simmons, Dwayne Maddux | Photo on the right --> Nelson Cheeseman, Bruce White, Keith Hinton, Jim McQuillen, Ben Farmer, Mark Midgette, Aaron Robinson, and James Calhoun | Alison McKay Owens, Terry Anderson ('85), and Dwayne Maddux | Lisa Stromfors Taylor and Jeanine Green Joyner | Elaine Burgess Gowen and Cindy Hayes Hafer | Stephanie Jarrett Berry, Lisa Wildes, and Angela Myers Benson | Andrew Crumbly and Paul Brown | Ben and Claudia Farmer | Allen Davis ('84), Stephanie Jarrett Berry, and William Barnes | Rocky Sporer ('78) and Joanie Casher Headrick

27: Friends til the end | Dwayne Maddux and Lucinda Noches-Talbert | Nelson Cheeseman and Cindy Hicks West | Alison McKay Owens, Tim Sullivan, Steve Bobko, Dan Parham, and Kathy Johnston Crews | Elaine Burgess Gowen and Janine Shackelford | Terry Anderson ('85) and Sharon Jones | JoAnne Briggs Dunn | Michele Lehmkuhler Alvarez and Martin Alvarez | Dwayne Maddux and Cerelle Burton | Chemise and Bruce White | Annette Kornegay Caleb | Aaron and Rhonda Robinson

28: Warrior FamilyPicnic at Buckroe Beach | Sunday, August 11,2013 | Bruce White and his children | Keith Knight with Sammy and Farriss | Kyle Taylor | Barry and Lisa Taylor | Bruce White | Angela Myers Benson | Keith Lloyd and Nelson Cheeseman | Vicki Darlington Pinello | Melanie Smith, Lisa Taylor, Sharon Midgette, Mark Midgette | Alex Hedden and Ajae | Heley Garcia | Leah and Haley

29: Leah Hodge Raulerson, Lucinda Noches-Talbert, Melanie Smith, Lisa Stromfors Taylor, Nelson Cheeseman Jr | Keith Maxwell and his children | Leah Hodge Raulerson's Family

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