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My Book of Memories

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BC: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

FC: It's the little things that make life beautiful

1: All About Me I, Kendra Gonzalez was born on May 21, 1998. A small city named Santa Rosa was the place I was born in. It was ten minutes away from my house in Rohnert Park/Cotati. My school that was in front of my house was called La Fiesta Elementary. Their was such an excitement on the first day I went to school. After nine months of kindergarten, my dad decided to move. No one knew the feeling I had of moving away from my hometown. All of my cousins and friends lived near me. A new life was about to begin in a city named West Sacramento. This place was an hour and a half away from my house. My new house was right in front of the River City High school. When I first moved in to my new house, I thought it was the biggest house I have seen. In the neighborhood, my friend and I would always shoot hoops everyday. It was the best neighborhood anyone could have. Basketball is my favorite sport. My skills are not that great but I have really fun playing. Making points is the best part I like about basketball. I am not as good at shooting hoops but it is not a problem for me . I also like to take the ball away from my opponents. Every time I have the ball, I get a good feeling. Sometimes I get nervous because they might take the ball away from me. I am the type of person who can get my work done but also have fun. I can be serious at times when I am doing my school work. Being serious all the time can be boring. Everyone wants to have fun. Usually, I would get my homework done in class so I would not have to do it at home and hang out with my friends instead. My goal this year was to never miss any assignments in all my classes. So far, I have not missed any. I am truly proud of myself for almost accomplishing this goal. Living in West Sacramento has been great. Here is where my life began. One of my favorite sport is basketball but I also like to play plenty of other sports. I sometimes worry about getting my work done but I usually put it aside because being worried when I am trying to have fun is a really bad feeling. This here is who I am.

2: Thanking you Dear Mom, I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me. I always think of how my life would be without having a mom like you. Without you, I would not have learned Spanish. For all that I can remember, you would always speak to me in Spanish. Correcting me was the best part of having you when I tried to speak it. Thank you for making my life how it is now. I will always be thankful of having a person like you in my life. I will always love you. Love, Kendra Gonzalez | Mothers hold their children's hand for a short while, but their hearts forever

3: I remember when I would asked my parents how they named me. It sure was funny hearing all the other names they would have gave me. Being a child was the best part of my life. My parents would always spoil me because I was the princess. Out of seven children, I was the youngest. My sisters were the ones that raised me because my parents worked all day. The only bad memory I remember was about my little baby duck. I could never forget how my duck died. The day when all of my sisters got together, we talked about how we got our names. As my mom began to talk about me, she told me that my dad was going to name me Lupita. That name was not as bad as I thought. My mom was the one who named all of us. I felt sorry for my dad because he did not get to name any of his children. Although, my mom was not bad at picking names for us. Being the princess was the best part of all. I was daddy's little girl. My dad would always tell me to lay next to him on the couch and he would always say he loved me the most because I was his princess. All of my sisters would get jealous especially my oldest sister Celeste. Celeste was the least spoiled of all and she would call me a brat but it was not my fault. Being the center of attention was great. As a kindergartener, I did not know how to raise a baby duck. Mrs. Smith, my kindergartener teacher gave me a baby duck to raise at home. I treated her as if she was a real person. The name that was given to her was Ramona. Their was a couple of times she escaped her cage but I would always catch her. My sister Mimi wrapped Ramona in a blanket and left her on the couch. I did not know she was there and I accidentally sat on her and she died. I was so terrified. A bunch of tears ran down my cheeks. I would never be able to forget that day. I love hearing the stories my parents tell me about. They would always make me laugh. Being a princess is not everything to me but it feels great to be called one. Even if your remembering the good and the bad memories, it is the past. I had great times with my baby duck but no one lives forever.

4: My First Years of School Kindergarten I was so excited to go to school, Their was so many people I made friends with. Going to a different school, not so great. Butterflies were in my stomach. The best part about this school, I loved to play house. First Grade Having a new teacher was kind of scary. Although, my best friend Eriah was there with me. It was pretty fun learning to read in the reading circle. My first language was Spanish. Good thing their was a speech program, It made it easier for me to read. Second Grade It was time to learn more advanced subjects. I liked it when we learned about dinosaurs, The best part was when we made them out of clay. Second grade was awesome, Especially having a cool teacher like Mrs. Dayton. Third Grade Worst year of my life! My friends and I were fighting over each other. I tried hard to forget but it is really difficult. Worst part was that I had a mean teacher. My fear was having another year like this.

5: The Movement So many good memories in Rohnert Park. My little house I lived in where I slept in any room. Only five years living there and I only remember a few things what happened in that house. After, we all moved to West Sacramento and it felt like a whole new world. Having a little house was great. It felt like we were all bunched up on one another. My cousins would always visit and all of us would have a great time. The city was so small, my aunts and uncles lived five minutes away. That was a good thing because I would get bored being home with nothing to do. I had a smalle barbie bike that my godfather bought me and I would ride it everywhere. Their was a nearby store called Olivers that I would go to on my bike and buy some redvines. My sisters and I would ride around the neighborhood playing games like cops or bike tag. On April in 2004, my family moved to West Sacramento. The new house had six bedrooms. My dad made the upstairs living room into a seventh bedroom. There was two beds that were in a room because my sister Nohemy had to share with me. I did not not why we had to share, there was other rooms available for me but I think I would have been scared to sleep alone. Well, my dad was nice enough to put cable in our room and that was great. All of the walls in each room were a light green and khaki color and the T.V. Was on the floor. I loved my neighborhood because it would always look beautiful outside. It would always rain in Rohnert Park. On the same street, my dad wanted to buy a different house. At first, the lady that lived there did not want to sell it to him but at last, she did. It was kind of weird because we had to carry all the small stuff there. The house looked the same except it had a fireplace and a master bedroom. My dad made that master bedroom into two separate rooms. The stuff seemed heavy for me because I was so small. Even though it was three houses down. Being in a small house made me feel so close to my family. The best part about it was that the house never felt empty. Although, having a big house would be fun. I always wanted to live in a house with stairs. No one was ever home. The house was so big, it felt like no one lived there. Well, I love where I live and I hope to never move.

6: “ ” Hit Me Known as the cutest guy in first grade Only the coolest guy in class The teacher would always catch us passing notes Yard duties would see us hang out So many funny memories with him in the first grade Impossible not to laugh at his jokes Liked going to school to hang out with him Very good friends with him seven years ago Always sat by me in the reading circle

7: Lost and Found Dear Karina, Well, another year has passed. I can not believe the days pass by so quickly. It has been eight years since the last time I talked to you. I am sorry for not writing you before. By accident, I lost your address but I was lucky to find it. Anyway, how are you doing? The reason why I am writing you is because of all the good memories I thought about us. Do you remember when we would share our lunch together? Or how we lived on the same street and we would always play outside? I just want to catch up with all that we missed. Seeing the days pass so quickly, I have learned that time is gold but friends are platinum. It sounds pretty cheesy but it carries an important message to friends, especially the old friends. I hope to hear from you soon. Your friend, Kendra Gonzalez

8: Growing Up Going to middle school was kind of scary. At the same time, I was excited to have more than one teacher. My first year of middle school was drama. My favorite class was Physical Education. We would always play team sports and that was really fun. Many teachers may be mean but they are like that because they want us to learn. Everyday, I would hate to go to that class just because of the teacher. It would always give me butterflies in my stomach. My fear was then getting smaller as the days passed. The only thing that got rid of my fear was being with my friends in the class. They were a big help to me. I was really thankful. Anyway, the teacher did a good job teaching. The group I hanged out with was full of drama. My friends and I would fight over boys. It was tearing our friendship apart. Good thing I moved on after a while. My new friends were really good friends. Although, I would still say hey to the old folks here and the but they were in a bunch of drama. I called it the drama group. Even though I like getting caught up, I tried to stay away from them. My favorite class was Physical Education. The team sport games were really fun. Ms. Costanza was an awesome teacher. The games were more fun with her playing with us. She was strict with us because she cared about our health and the students did not appreciate that. Anyway, I like P.E. because we play many sports and I like to be active. Middle school is not that scary. There is nothing to fear. Learning is all that matters. It was hard to keep my grades up but at last, everything turned out well. A.V.I.D. Helped me set goals to keep my grades up.

9: Spain, Here I Come! Spain! My future trip in six years, So excited to take a vacation. Going off on my own, Definitely taking advantage in Spain. It is very beautiful in Spain, I want to visit Madrid. In fact, if I love it in Madrid, It would be a place I would live at. So many cities I would like to see in Spain. Barcelona would be another place I would like to visit, I would love to spend the rest of my years in Spain. Spain to me is a beautiful country. Can not wait to take a vacation in Spain, I am going to have so much fun! Maybe I can study abroad and spend a year there, I will see you in a few years Spain.

10: The Unexpected High school for me, is going to be really exciting. My fear is to have a load of homework everyday. I am expecting to be in abundance of programs. Also, I am looking forward to meeting new people. The problem that haunts me is making my mind up of picking a career. Well, I have been picturing myself of being a police detective. There will be many other careers I can pick to be when I get older. At one moment, I get really excited of going to High School but after, I get butterflies in my stomach of having more responsibility. Getting older and becoming an adult is a bit scary. Although, I get to wear free dress. As I think of it, I would be self conscience about what I wear. That means I have to think about what I wear. High school is going to be a little scary. For me, I am excited to leave the school I am in and go to River City High School. In middle school, there is not as much homework the teachers give everyday. That is good because I do not have to be doing homework very long. People in high school complain about having a load of homework. It gets me scared because then I will have to be doing homework for more then two hours everyday. I am hoping to not get mean teachers who give out abundance of homework. Maybe the teachers are mean but give the least homework. That would be great. The problem that haunts me is not making my mind up of picking a career. I have been picturing myself in being a police detective. It is very fun solving a mystery crime. Even though, some mysteries can be a bit difficult for me to solve. Many other careers interest me but it is very hard for me to make up my mind. This problem makes me feel like I am not gonna have enough time to make up my mind. Like as if it was to late to make up my mind. High School can be very exciting or maybe even scary. But, I think I will be able to go through it. Even with having good grades. Yes their might be a load of homework but I think I will be able to do it. All I have to do is pay attention. Being a police detective may be my future career. No one knows at the moment. There will be enough time to make up my mind. There will be nothing to worry about. I am definitely looking forward to going to High School.

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