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My Senior Year with Cheers! (Copy)

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My Senior Year with Cheers! (Copy) - Page Text Content

S: Evans High School: My Senior Year With Cheers Volume 1

BC: -''Where there is a star in every knight, and we are all champions for life''"

FC: Kia Barr | Evans High School: My Senior Year With Cheers

3: Alma Mater From Old Evans four Star - Border Faithful Evermore Proudly Stands our Alma Mater As the years they go Onward Onward be our Motto Conquer and Prevail Here's to thee our Alma Mater Hail to thee, all Hail When our foes we Must Conquer Ever and a Day We are true to Alma Mater Onward be our way Evans, Evans we will always Honor and Uphold Here's to thee our Alma Mater Hail to Black and Gold | 2010 | 2010 | 2010 | 2010

4: Band Senior Graduates of the Year 2009- 2010 | Sarah Adams Anthony Alberti Kia Barr Raven Blocker Olivia Megan Bruton Logan Bryant Jean Cardoso Oksana Chaly Drake Cooper Lief Danielson Emily Freeh Rebecca Gray Chris Hennigan Aja Hoeller Rachel Hutto Scott Johnson Andrew Kelly Andrew Loper | 2010

5: John Makekau Steven McLendon Jessica Messer Bobby Oellerich Cori Ostrihon Sarah Parker Vonnie Pella Nicholas Pravato Jr. Monica Ridlehoovr Matt Robinson Jacquelynne Rodriguez Brittani Shaw Justin Shields Sebastian Short- Cruz Christina Snider Farris Speering Tina Summers Zachary Sweat Callan Thomas Laura van Tuyll Bethany Watson Megan Weidner | 2010

6: Teacher of Our Years 2006-2010 | Ms. Reid Hall | Ms. Hall has been a huge inspiration in my life. She has taught me how to love, listen, and learn. We, the class of 2010, will take what we have learned from Ms. Hall and use it in our future day-to-day activities. Her speeches of integrity, sophistication, and attention to detail will always remain in my heart and mind. I'm sure that Ms. Hall will care for, love, and miss all of the graduating seniors of 2010. So, I just want to say, on behalf of all of the seniors of 2010, we love you Ms. Hall, and we will miss you, too. | I Will Always Love and Cherish the Evans High School Marching Knights!

7: I want to thank Mr. Rosche for his kindness and his ability to teach to me, and many other students, how to encourage others. We have had great times together, and I was very sad that he had to leave our band organization during my last year of high school. He has taught me many things throughout the years, and I will never forget him. Thank you for everything Mr. Rosche. | Mr. Geoff Rosche | ...and a special thank you to all of our Supporters!


9: Excited, Delighted, & UKNIGHTED! | fOOTBALL bAND mARHCHING sHOW mUSIC: Livin' on a Prayer & Georgia on my Mind

10: The band is a strong willed part of the football games! We help to encourage the players and keep the crowd pumped up. Our band of people love to work hard, get the crowd jumping, and most of all help our football team win the big games!

11: eVANS vs. hEPHZIBAH | The crowd, the band, and the cheerleaders went crazy after we beat the Hephzibah team 28-16!

12: Best of Evans High School Band | Competition North Augusta East Jackson Warner Robins (Heart of Georgia)

13: The Thrill of Competition | Take Flight: Take Off and Ascension

14: Soaring

15: Turbulence, Descent, and Landing

16: At the Competition Shows

17: When we traveled to the North Augusta competition Geremy Washington just so happened to forget his band shoes, even after Ms. Hall's routine speech about forgetting things either at home or in the band room. So, Ryan Oellerich had to call up a friend and arrange for him to receive a pair of extra flag girl shoes. Then, after the arrangement was final, drum line made Geremy run through the Tunnel of Shame. (left page, top middle and top right)

18: Lacount Bly shows his commitment to the EHS Marching Knights by going hardcore with his haircut of honor. (left)

19: Gettin' Ready for the Big Show

21: Honors and Awards

22: Gettin' Ready for ToKNIGHTS Game! | Pep Rally Excitement

23: Joe Rizner and Justin Black hyping up the crowd. (left) | Drum line Performed for the Audience!

24: Fruit Pick- Up | The Fruit Pick- Ups are held annually at the Coca- Cola plant.

25: William Snider is working hard to please the customers! (above)

26: Nothing works like the good, old assembly line process.

27: Rachel Tennis seems to be enjoying all of the hard labor. (left) | The Hennigan family sells enough boxes of oranges and grapefruit to fill up their entire Suburban. (right)

28: Waiting for people to pick up their fruit is not as fun as it looks,...

29: but when people start to show up again we don't hold back! | "Play to win the game!"-Farris Speering and Andrew Kelly in reference to filling up the trucks as quick as possible. (right page, bottom right)

30: Ryan Oellerich at his best. | Side effects of Citrus Overload!

31: Saran Wrap? Really? | Hmm...I wonder if Scott Johnson ever figured out who did this?

32: "We're all very active in our after school activities, and fun is a never ending factor." - Sierra Vennes (top left) | After School Fun

33: I Scream for ICE CREAM! | These are some crazy pictures of the pit being rewarded with ICE CREAM for a job well done at the competitions. | Here is Patrick Lavin eating his ICE CREAM with his quiet and graceful intensity.

34: "Smile for the Camera" | I took these photographs after I calmly forced my friend Sierra Vennes to do some lovely modeling of the new Autumn leaves.

35: A Little McLovin in Percussion | This is percussion at its best. This is where everyone gets along and forgets about the rest.

36: We, band kids, go crazy when we have a little extra time to spare, and this is just a bit of what happens in our line of work. | Just Hanging in Band with "Too Much Time on Our Hands"

37: Here | are | more | examples

38: Band People Unite

39: Without Authority We Have Nothing | What would we do without unity and authority? We all rely on each other, and no one is ever left out of the group. Also, everyone in this big band loves to go wild sometimes, so a little management is necessary every so often.

40: Nothing Can Stop Our INTENSITY

41: Our INTENSITY is nothing to mess around with.

42: Silly Kids Tricks aren't for YOU | Rachel Hutto got her foot stuck in an awkward position, but she was told not to move a muscle unless she wanted to fall off. Then I noticed that her legs looked like she was striking a Michael Jackson pose, so I told her to point her finger so that I could take a picture. (middle photo) | Yes, if you haven't noticed yet, that is Chris Hennigan in a cat hat that is accompanied with kitten mittens. Isn't he so cute? (above)

43: Collin Lang is so generous. After we found out that a friend was looking for his literature book, he decided to put it in the proper place and return the top of the school building. (left) | The disappointed look on Sarah Parker's face is quite acceptable. We set our friend, Raven Blocker, up to open an ice sickle with her knee, but what she didn't know was that it was halfway defrosted. She went in for the kill and WHOOSH. It had exploded all over the kitchen floor. (right)

44: Mr. Fischer found a camera on the field after we marched our first show. He was asking Ryan Oellerich if he knew who it belonged to, and at that exact moment I shouted "I have the same exact camera." So, Mr. Fischer asked where it was. Then I felt my velcro pocket, and it wasn't there. I must have had a really crazy look on my face, because Mrs. Hall could not stop laughing. So, the two of them took a picture on my camera, and they said that I would have to pay them 45 dollars just to get it back. (top) | Mr. Fischer also took a few pictures of his own before returning the camera to me.

45: This is how Anthony McCullough waits for the band room to open in the morning. (top left) | Vonnie Pella tries but fails at the attempt of getting a picture of her breath in the cold night sky. (left) | Jessica Krzywda definitely feels the love from Michelyn Vinston and Meghan Molloy. (right to left)

46: How much Sarah Parker cares about the law. (right) | How Eric Spencer achieves his goals. (left) | How Erin Sherrill wilds out on Friday nights. (right)

47: Matthew Elim and Pooja Gopal sharing the love...very awkwardly. (above) | This is what you look like when you're too excited to lose a game, featuring Eddie Sleeth and Patrick Lavin. (left to right)

48: All Fun and Games During Homecoming Week | Super Hero Day | Wacky/Nerd Day

49: Blast from the Past

50: Best Dressed Day | "We don't like Best Dressed Day, and we think it's kind of lame. So, we're going to spruce it up a bit and be hobos!" - Kia Barr (bottom)

51: Spirit Day

52: Homecoming Court | Emily Austin & Justin Black | Racheal Bullock & Christopher Burton | Jasmin Herrera & Seth Dymeck

53: Kelsey Moore & Daron Griffin | Sarah Brittany Sandbach & Hector Mallar | Allison Williams & Tevin Nelson | Jasmine Brown & Ethan Brown

54: Sybil Kim & Jonathan Finch | Brittany Reed & Troy Griffith | Jackie Rodriguez & Andy Knight

55: The Homecoming King and Queen | The Big Night | Jackie Rodriguez & Justin Black

56: HOTTEST | Top 10 Movies Music Artists Favorite Songs

57: #10 | #9 | #8 | #7 | #6 | #5 | #4 | #3 | #2 | A comedic adventure intertwining a dramatic and fun filled trip, only to explain "Whose baby is this?", and "Why did I get married?" | #1 | Movies

58: Hottest Artists of 2009- 10 | #10 | #9 | #8 | #7 | #6 | #5

59: #4 | #3 | #2 | #1 | ady Gaga has been the newest hit sensation in 2009- 10. She has made many songs that have been labeled as a #1 hit, and people all over the world admire her for her quirky fashion and performances. Lady Gaga is known as a trend setter and many people wish to follow in her footsteps. | L

60: Ke$ha "Tik Tok" | Black Eyed Peas "Imma Be" | Lady Gaga "Pokerface" | Tayor Swift "Love Story" | Kings of Leon "Use Somebody" | #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5

61: Michael Jackson "This Is It" | Pink " Please Don't Leave Me" | Drake "Best I Ever Had" | All American Rejects "Gives You Hell" | Soulja Boy Tell'em "Turn My Swag On" | Favorite Songs | #6 | #7 | #8 | #9 | #10

62: Michael Jackson Memorial | My #1 Favorite Music Artist of All Time

63: If you have a problem with Michael then just "Beat It." | Although Michael Jackson has been accused of many things, he is and always has been my favorite singer of all time. He inspires me to be a better musician, and I believe that Michael put his heart and soul into his music, family, and the organizations that he supplied millions of dollars to. No one in this world, to me, could ever be as caring as he was. I will always love him for what he accomplished. August 29, 1958- June 25, 2009.

64: Book Club | Mrs. Warren is the Book Club coordinator, and she does a great job of choosing books for the club to read. We meet frequently on Wednesdays or Fridays, and it is a lot of fun to be a part of. (above)

65: Math Honor Society | Mr. Shoemaker is a kind hearted man. He runs the Math Tournament that is held annually at our school, and these are some photographs from that event.

66: Going Green for the Scene | Take a stand. | Recycle aluminum, paper, plastic, and cans!

67: Matthew Elim, Megan Bruton, and James Tripp are all modeling the colorful Autumn leaves and encouraging recycling for this big, beautiful Earth that we all live on and sometimes take advantage of. (top to bottom) | Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

68: Powder Puff Game | Guys Cheer, Girls Gear!

69: "The Powder Puff Game was great! I'm just sad and mad that the Seniors lost to the Juniors. We (seniors) should have played in the finals against the teachers! " - Tyesha Miller (left page, bottom right)

70: When I say "Evans", you say "Knights"! -Cheerleaders

71: Senior Girls Gettin' Their Game On

72: Finals | Teachers dominate the Juniors at the Powder Puff Game! Score: 12- 6

73: Fun in the Stands | D.I.V.A.S. of the Powder Puff Game.

74: Halloween Madness

75: Our voyage started in the wee hours of the night. We ventured to a place titled Hennigan's, and we began the long journey. Our search for candy was finally met when we made our first stop at a neighbor's house. | We continued to pursue more treats, but the road was long and weary. Ghouls and goblins from every tomb were among us. A clown here, a little fairy princess there. Nothing was inevitable on this night!

76: Eventually, after traveling far and wide, we ended up in a place called Collinville, and its only source of human activity was coming from the Meat Shop on the corner. | My crew and I chanced the opportunity to enter this place. It seemed perfectly fine at first, but then our quest for more candy became a little more than we bargained for.

77: There was a creepy butcher man with dozens of lifeless bodies that surrounded him, as well as us. He tried to harm any of those who were likely to get in his path, but we all got out safely. | Even as we exited this masquerade there were men yelling out of their minds for the torture to stop and even crazy men hiding in garbage cans.

78: The beginning of the story was staged in Chris Hennigan's neighborhood, Spring Lakes. (left) | The second half of the story, the Meat Shop, was placed at Collin's haunted house in the backyard of his home. (right) | In the end, this whole story of boogie monsters and a crazy butcher man turned out to be a hoax, because it was only Halloween night. These weary characters may have frightened us, but we knew that it was only for this one night.

79: Collin Lang's creepy looking Meat Shop and its warning label. | Farris Speering scaring the neighborhood with his haunted house and heart stopping chainsaw.

80: How D- line Gets Together for Christmas Time!

81: Tree of Love and Friends

82: Christmas time with each other is like Christmas time with the family! | Everyone received kind and warm gifts from a Secret Santa that wasn't revealed until the big night!

83: Garrett Fischer and Bobby Kwon were really feeling the holiday spirit after we all exchanged gifts with one another. (left)

84: ~Ornaments of Fun and Torture~ Anthony Alberti and Ryan Oellerich took it upon themselves to find some of our funniest or most embarrassing pictures and make them into fun little ornaments.

86: 2009-2010 BirthdayParties | Ja'cari Sutton, my nephew, turned 2 on December 11, 2009. | Sarah Parker turned 17 on September 16, 2009. | Bobby Oellerich turned 18 on January 1, 2010.

87: Happy 18th... | Birthday Kia! | I turned 18 years old on January 16, 2010.

88: Family and Friends

90: "Family means love and living in the moment, while cherishing every minute." -TaShundra Corbin

91: The latest additions to the family.

92: Memorabilia

94: SENIORS | Signatures | PICK- UP LINES FOR THE YEAR: Best Pick- Up Line for the Guys: What has 142 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk? My zipper. Best Pick- Up Line for the Girls: (At the office copy machine) "Reproducing eh? Can I help?"

95: 2010

96: Graduation Day:

97: May 22, 2010


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