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NAS-NSE Centennial

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BC: ...Now

FC: National Association of Superintendents of Naval Shore Establishments | A Centennial of Service, Support and Skill 1912-2012 | Then... | Puget Sound Naval Activities

1: Thank you for your support of the National Association of Superintendents of Naval Shore Establishments (NAS-NSE) Puget Sound Naval Activities Centennial. We are taking this opportunity to look back, share our place in Naval History and honor the men and women who came before us with their tremendous leadership and vision. The mission that started by the Master Mechanics back in April 1912 lives on today through our daily efforts of the important task of maintaining and modernizing of Navy today. As we look forward to our next 100 years, our thoughts and ideals will remain the same. We strive to provide the best service to our fleet through our craftsmanship, skill and support to our workforce. Superintendents bear these responsibilities, like our military associates, in solemn recognition of offering their best efforts to nurture, apply and develop those priceless skills essential to the American Nation. The National Association of Superintendents regards with pride its long standing tradition of fostering such efforts. This is fully recognized in the credo that we continue to this day... We render SERVICE - give and lead SKILL - and by true dedication and loyalty, demonstrate SUPPORT. Dwight Otis NAS-NSE National President

2: 2011 NAS-NSE National Executive Board President Dwight Otis PSNS/IMF 1st Vice President Jack Harris NNSY 2nd Vice President Dan Vamane PHNSY Treasurer Randy Nadeau PNSY Secretary Ron Jorgenson PSNS/IMF Master-at-Arms Earl Sugai PHNSY | 2012 NAS-NSE Puget Sound Activities Executive Board President Dwight Otis Vice President Lori Tobin Treasurer Dennis Rickabaugh Secretary Jerry Piotrowski Master-at-Arms Don McKnight | Past PSNS/IMF National Emeritus Officers President Dave Fenton 1st Vice President Steve McDaniel

3: The History of the National Association of Superintendents -Naval Shore Establishments | On April 19, 1912 in Waverly Hall, Brooklyn, New York, Delegates representing Master Workmen employed at the East Coast and West Coast Navy Yards met to form a National Association of Master Workmen of Navy Yards and Naval Stations. This meeting focused the conviction of a breed of master craftsmen turned leaders, that goals of attainment were realized best through cooperative venture in an aura reflecting community interests. The purpose of the National Association was defined as " to promote the welfare of the members of Local organizations, and by so doing endeavor to increase the efficiency of work at Navy Yards and Naval Stations". The conditions conductive to this meeting , ascribed to this pre-World War 1 period, were dismal indeed. The ever-imposed burden of servicing the fleet with financial curtailment, administrative and legislative measures to invade and curtail established functions and the many resultant removals and transfers of Navy Master Workmen understandably induced the strong feeling of uncertainty in tenure and incapability of providing adequate performance. Following this organizational meeting, a representative committee was immediately sent to secure an interview with the Secretary of the Navy in an effort to establish a closer relationship with the Navy Department than had ever before existed. That this objective was attained was evident at the following annual meeting held in Washington, D.C. Recognition of the contributions of the Master Workmen to the Navy Yard's accomplishments were not being evaluated as members of a cooperative venture of civilian and military leadership. Master Mechanic in the Navy's industrial shops had many facets of responsibility usually not assigned to their counterparts in American industry. As well expressed by a senior Naval Officer in the past, "The word Master originally came form a Latin word meaning great". It came to denote a feudal chief or c commander, governor, or one exercising authority. In another sense, it meant a man whose teachings or precepts one accepts and follows. Still a third meaning was one who had attained great skill in the use or application or anything. The term Master Mechanic combines all three. A master Mechanic was one who had attained great skill in his craft, whose teachings and precepts the younger man | accepted and followed; and who was the chief or commander of this own and allied crafts in a naval shipyard or other large naval industrial establishment. In an Army, it is the division commanders who must train the men and who must have high-spirited and skilled men properly equipped at the right place at the right time to ensure victory. At the naval industrial facilities, it was the Master Mechanic who must handle men, machines and materials with wisdom, patience, and skill to carry out the program of top management and to ensure the timely and economical completion of any task, however difficult. Over the ensuing years, Master Mechanics have had to adopt to changing technology, management philosophies, and facility reorganization. In 1943, Master Mechanics divided into two categories based on their level or authority and scope of operations. The position of Foreman was created and although a Foreman performed the same duties and required the same basic qualifications as a Master Mechanic, the size of his shop and scope of his responsibility was less than that of Masters. In April of 1969, the titles of Master Mechanics and Foremen were changed again to reflect an organizational with the Naval Shipyards. Shops of similar trade disciplines were grouped together, and an additional layer of management was created to manage each group. Master Mechanics and Foreman became Superintendents, and a new level manager became a Group Superintendent. Group Superintendents normally have three of more subordinate Superintendents. These title changes more clearly identified Navy Industrial managers with other production managers with the private sector of our national industrial complex6 Now as we envision the future the role of Superintendent is taking shape as a change agent. This responsibility will evolve to adapting diversity into the workplace, waste reduction innovation into our processes and barrier removal to allow flexibility, and agility to support staffs and workforces. The Superintend, as a tradesman, leader, educator, manager, administrator, supervisor, and counselor, commands a position in the defense team which is closer than any other in the Navy's industrial activities, bridges the gap between the thoughts and the implementation - the need and its attainment. Superintendents bear these responsibilities, like our military associates, in solemn recognition of proffering their best efforts to nurture, apply, and develop those 7riceless skills essential to the American nation. The National Association of Superintendents regards with pride its long standing tradition of fostering such efforts

4: Our Purpose To improve the prestige and welfare of the membership, to increase our technical competence advancing our respective trade techniques in the art of building and repairing ships and the necessary support thereof. A superintendent is one who has attained great skill in his craft, whose teachings and precepts the mechanic accepted and followed; and who is the master of his/her own and allied crafts in a naval shipyard or other large naval industrial establishment. The Association shall promote harmony and good will between its members, and cultivate to the fullest extent the spirit of cooperation with the Commanding Officers, Heads of Departments and with each other, to the benefit of all. To associate ourselves as a Local Chapter of the National Association and work for the common good of the Federal Government, so the Defense Department and its employees may be mutually benefited. | Founding Fathers in 1912: Left to Right, upper row - George Trahey, Master Shipwright; Harry Bailey, Chief Draughtsman; Thomas Raines, Quartermaster Painter in Charge; Timothy Triggs, Warrant Carpenter; C.A. Douglas, Foreman of Laborers; Lower row - A.L. Croxton, Master Electrician; David Rogers, Master Shipfitter; J.H. Warren, Quartermaster Blacksmith in Charge; Robert Stewart, Master Joiner; A.J. Stanton, Leading Boatbuilder; S.G. Wolfkill, Master Machinist; E.W. Nelson, Quartermaster Molder in Charge. Not shown: R.E. Hibbard, Master Sheetmetal

5: Superintendent of the Year Each year since 1991 our Chapter has selected a member who has shown through their effort, ideals and dedication -both on and off the workplace- the NAS Principles of Service - Support - Skills. They represent the "Best of the Best" for that calendar year. | 1991 Lew Commons 1992 Gary Champine 1993 Mark Matthews 1994 Jerry Main 1995 Jim Davidson 1996 Tom Davies 1997 Al Burton 1998 Dave Fenton 1999 Mary Jane Tallman 2000 Rick Ferre | 2001 Steven McDaniel 2002 Dirk Close 2003 Don Berg 2004 Patrick Glasgow 2005 Danny Haas 2006 Anthony Frey 2007 Mark Angell 2008 Theodore Wheeler 2009 Glen Allen 2010 Fred Buxton 2011 Dwight Otis

6: The Apprentice Leadership Award The apprenticeship at PSNS/IMF has been the keystone building block for production leadership throughout the years. The Superintendents have taken this program as its own to develop -not only skilled mechanics- but great leaders. Since 1963, NAS has awarded a graduate apprentice(s) with the Leadership Award for their leadership in the classroom, on the deck plates, in their community and in their homes. | 1963 Donald Benberg 1964 Arthur Fenton 1965 Timothy Cline 1966 William Miller 1967 Fred Read 1968 Christopher Olson 1969 William Chynoweth 1970 Daniel Smith 1971 Rodger Noll 1972 Keith Blackler 1973 Gerald Haner 1974 Richard Huff 1975 Hansel Reed 1976 Michael Drouin 1977 John Van Ruth 1978 Harry Bennet 1979 David Fenton 1980 Amber Hay 1981 Linda Norem 1982 Steven Decoy 1983 D'on "Dee" White 1984 David Ross 1985 Nina Ingham 1986 Debby Whitten 1987 Albert Ungren | Shop 17 Shop 38 Shop 11 Shop 17 Shop 56 Shop 38 Shop 38 Shop 56 Shop 31 Shop 11 Shop 56 Shop 67 Shop 72 Shop 31 Shop 03 Shop 07 Shop 26 Shop 56 Shop 31 Shop 38 Shop 17 Shop 56 Shop 17 Shop 38 Shop 41 | Shop 51 Shop 51 Shop 17 Shop 67 Shop 56 Shop 56 Shop 11 Shop 72 Shop 64 Shop 31 Shop 99 Shop 07 Shop 11 Shop 71 Shop 11 Shop 26 Shop 71 Shop 26 Shop 17 Shop 17 Shop 38 Shop 17 | 1988 Richard Murguia 1989 Charisse Wise 1990 No selection 1991 Catherine Jett 1992 Nadine Foshaug 1992 Donald McKnight 1993 Gregory O'Guin 1994 No selection 1995 Evan Dewan 1996 No selection 1997 Mary Moreira 1998 Teresa Dahl 1999 Jeanne Brown 2000 Julie Stevens 2001 Bryan King 2002 Roberta Hamilton 2003 Carlene Ludwick 2004 Michelle L. Plasse 2005 Lyndee Cowan 2006 Eben Burton 2007 Sean Lefleur 2008 Megan Post 2009 Jason Miller 2010 Jason Wood 2011 Roy Logan

7: NAS Puget Sound Naval Activities Past Presidents | G. Trahey H. Peterson W. Abbot J. Hausel T. Pederson J. Sender G. Sheldon H. Jaixen W. Ainsworth J. Kettel W. Wessler E. Boyle W. Bruns A. Nelson H. Thompson J. Chandler E. McAfee F. Hicks E. McAfee W. Wessler V. Mills D. Calhoun E. Moskeland | L. Armstrong G. Woodward L. Ross O. Kelly G. Phipps T. Worms J. Main A. Burton J. Backs G. Woodward J. Locke M. Matthews M. Short T. Davies C. Brown J. Davidson I. Ramirez R. Brown G. Allen S. McDaniel T. Wheeler F. Buxton M. Winkler | 1930-1936 1936-1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 | 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1993-1994 1995 1996-1997 1998 1999 2000-2001 2002-2003 2004-2005 2006-2007 2008-2009 2010 2011 | L. Welch E. Tennyson R. Pendras C. Edwards F. Timmerman C.Bay Jr. J. Cummins J. Trull J. Longmate M. May R. Miles K. Nelson C. Laurie M. Wortman J. Ensign M. Wixson J. Oas G. Holt H. Morgan E. Drouin R. Dotson H. Werner H. Westermann | 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1971-1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982

8: Congressman Norm Dicks VADM Kevin McCoy RADM Dale Baugh CAPT Robert Mazzone S. Sato T. Miyahara N. Yamamoto T. Yoshida T. Sugiyama N. Chikuda CAPT S. Williamson RADM M. Whitney | Honorary Membership In certain occasions, a leader from outside our Chapter showed such accomplishments that exemplified the principles of NAS, that the title "Honorary Superintendent" is bestowed to them. | RADM J. Taylor RADM R. Traister RADM A. Clark CAPT H.Hunter RADM W. Klemm CAPT T. Marnane M. Lawson ADM G. Roughhead CAPT B. Fuller B. Ryzewic S. Krum CAPT W.Green F. Bankes

9: Membership (Alphabetically) Abbott, W. Addy, C. Ainsworth, W. Allen, V. Allison, L. Anderson, G. Angell, M. Armstrong, L. Arthur, C. Bachaud, J. Backs, J. Baker, M. Balcom, R. Baltz, T. Bankhead, W. Banks, M. Barber, J. Barrington, K. Barrington, R. Battin, D. Bauer, G. Bay, C. Jr. Berg, B. Berg, D. Berg, R. Bert, J. Beyl, J. Bjorling, C. Boldt, H. Bond, J. Boone, E. Boyle, E. Brannon, B. Brinson, R. Brochner, P. Brooke, L. Brooking, G. Brooks, B. Brooling, D. Brown, C. Brown, R. Brown, T. Bruhn, T. Bruns, W. Burritt, R. Burton, A. Buxton, F. Calhoun, D. Cameron, G. Campbell, J. Campbell, M. Carlsen, W. Carrier, A. Cates, D. | Chamberlin, E. Champine, G. Chandler, J. Chandler, M. Chism, E. Chrey, T. Christenbury, W. Close, D. Commons, L. Cooley, J. Cox, Dan Cox, G. Croxton, A. Crump, O. Cummins, J. Darcey, G. David, G. Davidson, J. Davies, F. Davies, T. Denney, J. Doerr, D. Dotson, R. Douglas, C. Driver, V. Drouin, E. Edwards, C. Edwards, E. Ellis, W. Emery, C. English,F Enos, C. Ensign, J. Eslick, A. Everheart, G. Exum, G. Falkner, W. Farman, B. Farrell, K. Fazio, B. Fenton, A. Fenton, D. Ferguson, T. Ferre, R. Filer, T. Fletcher, J. Fojtik, B. Forbes, J. Forsmark, C. Frederick, B. Frey, A. Fryette, R. | 1926 1958 1941 1997 1940 1989 2000 1980 1944 1994 1987 1951 1947 1997 1911 1989 1991 1999 1989 1987 1985 1959 1962 1992 2007 1961 2008 1963 1910 1966 1948 1944 2002 1986 1986 1944 2007 1993 1992 1990 1995 2003 2007 1944 1985 1986 2003 1954 1951 1942 2001 1977 2012 2001 | Marine Machinist Public Works Tool Shop Marine Machinist Machinist Forge/Foundry Project Superintendent Sheetmetal Ordnance Mach Prod Supt Elect/Electronic Ordnance Keyport Ordnance NAD Nuc Prod Mgr Power Plant Welder Exec Assist IRR Supt Machinery Group Ordnance Keyport Ordnance Keyport Pipefitter Elect/Electron Grp Proj Superintendent Weaps Repair IMF Welder Prod Training Electrician Mech NTS Public Works NTS Shipfitter Molder Pipefitter Maint. Keyport Shipfitter Sailmaker Pipefitter Rigger Assist Proj Supt Pipefitter Deputy Prod Res Proj Superintendent Machinist Rigger/Laborer Ordnance Keyport Struct Group Supt Welder Shipfitter Forge Laborer C & R Nuclear Facilities Shipfitter Machinist Marine Machinist | 1986 1983 1942 1975 1997 1940 1971 1993 1981 1951 2007 2007 1904 1943 1960 1993 1982 1990 1964 1992 2007 2007 1976 1904 1935 1976 1957 1973 1993 1959 2011 2004 1967 1963 1994 2005 1980 1993 1935 2009 1991 1995 2003 1997 1945 1995 1989 1982 1952 1985 1996 1920 | Pipe/Boiler Grp Utilities Pipefitter Pipefitter Pipe/Boiler/Temp Shipfitter Woodcrafter Proj Superintendent Woodcrafter Painter Crane Maint Supt Dpty RMC Cmdr Power Plant NOP Pocatello Machinist Grp Supt Proj Superintendent Elect/Electronic Insulator Machinist Keyport Machinist Grp Supt Project Supt Project Supt Svc Grp Supt Laborers C&R Ordnance Machinist Pipefitter Elect/Electron Grp Painter Sheetmetal Project Supt Machinist Service Group Supt Marine Machinist Elect/Electronic Marine Machinist Prod Supt Keyport Toolmaker Forge Marine Machinist Marine Machinist Weldor Project Supt Mach/Tool/Forge Ordnance NAD Sheetmetal Maintenance Shipfitter Machinist Ordnance Keyport Nuc Prod Manager Electrician

10: Membership (Con't) Garrett, R. George, D. Gegoire Gibson, C. Glasgow, P. Gregoire, G. Gruwell, F.A. Gruwell, F. Gurley, C. Haas, D. Hagey, J. Hall, D. Hall, T. Hamilton, T. Hammond, A. Haner, G. Harriman, V. Hauschel, J. Heistand, M. Henderson, R. Hensel, W. Hentschel, R. Herrmann, G. Hermanson, N. Heyer, W. Hibbard, R.E. Hibbard, R.J. Hicks, F. Higgins, F. Hilberg, V. Hill, G. Holt, G. Hughes, C. Hunter, B. Ingles, E. Irby, M. Isham, L. Jaixen, H. Janzing, M. Johnson, L. Jolly, C. Jorgenson, R. Kaylor, A. Kelly, O. Kelly, R. Kemmerling, C. Kettel, J. Keys, K. Kidrick, E. Kimmel, J. King, E. Kormmpel, K. Kutzke, B. | Langhans, J. Latham, J. Laurie, B. Laurie, C. Lawrence, H. Lent, A. Levin, M. Locke, J. Longmate, J. Lund, T. Lyons, F. Macomber, C. Main, J. Mannen, K. Marcacci, J. Masterson, R. Matthews, M. Mauchan, T. May, M. McAfee, E. McArthur, A. McCaughan, B. McDaniel, S. McDonald, B. McKinney, K. McKnight, D. McLaughlin, C. McNellis, T. McPherson, D. Melz, R Merrifield, A. Mickelson, L. Miles, R. Mills, V. Moen, B. Montain, G. Morgan, H. Morley, H. Morris, T. Moskeland, E Nelson, A. Nelson, D. Neslon, K. Nelson, R. Niemi, L. Nyswonger, D. Oas, J. Olsen, O. O'Neill, E. Ortler, C. Otis, D. Owen, D. Parker, M. Palmer, R. | 1993 1987 1913 1977 1995 1919 1920 1913 1973 2002 2008 1991 1948 1989 1981 1993 1943 1934 2010 1990 1942 1955 2001 1981 1977 1911 1936 1941 1944 1944 1952 1972 2009 1966 2011 2011 1989 1921 1997 2004 1941 2003 1947 1980 1970 1941 1942 1948 1972 1968 1954 2010 2004 | Sheetmetal Shipfitter Shipfitter Pattern/Foundry Dir Lift/Handling Shipfitter Pipefitter Shipfitter Temp Service Prod Safety Mgr Welder Ops Planning Mgr Electronic Machinist Quality Assurance Pipefitter PW NOP Pocatello Pipefitter Sheetmetal Rigger Weldor Public Works Flt Cust Support Transportation Rigger Sheetmetal Sheetmetal Machinist Electrical Woodcrafter Rigger/Laborer Elect/Electron Grp Project Supt Transportation Prod Dir IMF Temp Services Rigger Painter Prod Training Weaps Repair IMF Marine Machinist Nuc Fac/ Temp Svc PW NAD Machinery Grp Supt Dir Radcon Laborer Supply Forge PW Indian Isl. Woodworker Electronics Rigger Proj Superintendent Proj Superintendent | 1955 1976 1972 1967 1953 1942 2012 1986 1963 1958 1983 1932 1981 1987 2000 1942 1989 1961 1964 1938 1936 1971 1996 2004 1942 2008 1927 1980 2004 1972 1958 1942 1966 1953 1979 1943 1971 1943 2010 1955 1945 1986 1965 2004 2009 1976 1972 1941 1964 2008 2004 1973 1932 1974 | Molder Power Plant Pipefitter PW Grp Supt Laborer Supply Pipefitter IRR Superintendent Boilermaker Struct Grp Supt Mech Utilities Utilities Transportation Prod Resurce Manger Painter Proj Superintendent Power Plant Painters PW Grp Supt Toolmaker Patternmaker Shipwright Shipfitter Electricial/Electronic Marine Machinist Shipfitter Temp Srvc Boatbuilder/Joiner Toolmaker Carrier Proj Manager Toolmaker Machinist Public Works Elect/Electron Grp Supt Sheetmetal Prod Supt Keyport Transportation Structural Grp Supt Mech NOP Pocatello Rigger Machinery Grp Supt Marine Machinist Prod. Engr. Boilermaker Prod Dir IMF Prod Admin Officer Painter Sheetmetal Public Works Shipfitter Crane Maint Electrical/Electronic Marine Machinist Power Plant Mech Keyport

11: Membership (Con't) Pappas, J. Paschal, L. Pendras, R. Penketh, G. Personett, A. Peterson, H. Peterson, R. Peterson T. Peterson, W. Proj Superintendent Phipps, D. Phipps, G. Piotrowski, J. Penketh, G. Potter, O. Jr. Potter,O. III Prentice, D. Ramirez, I. Rasmussen, C. Rasmussen, G. Reams, Rick Reed, G. Reese, R. Richards, C. Richards, H. Richardson, B. Rickabaugh, D. Rogers, D. Rogers, F. Rolfs, D. Rosewarne, D. Ross, L. Ruggiero, R. Runquist, J. Rust, R. Sampson, R. Sandin, E. Sawyer, B. Schremser, D. Schmickrath, A. Schmidt, L. Schmacher, J. Sender, J. Servey, G. Sharp, L. Sheldon, G. Shellgren, A. Shepson, R. Sherman, D. Sherwood, B. Short, M. Shroy, H. Shuford, W. Simms, B. Skaw, S. Sliger, D. | Smith, F. Smith, T. Stansbury, W. Steele, D. Stephan, L. Jr. Stephenson, B. Stewart, R. Stoner, H. Strom, L. Tallman, M. Taylor, A. Tennyson, E. Thomas, S. Thompson, H. Thompson, W. Thorniley, M. Timmerman, F. Tobacco, E. Tobin, B. Tobin, L. Tower, F. Trahey, G. Trower, H. Trull, J. Turner, J. Van Antwerp, J. Waaga, A. Wagner, E. Waggett, G. Wakefield, P. Walde, B. Warren, J. Welch, L. Werner, H. Wessler, W. Westerman, L. Wheeler, T. Whilton, J. White, J. Williams, C. Williams, H. Williams, J. Williamson, C. Willow, E. Winkler, M. Wixson, M. Wolfe G. Woodell, T. Woodings, H. Woodward, G. Wooldridge, C. Worms, T. Wortman, M. Wynn, E. Yoder, D. | 1920 1969 1970 1994 1961 1912 1904 1941 1944 1993 1953 1955 1962 1945 1976 1945 1960 UNK 2006 2006 1970 1904 1970 1962 1966 1998 1954 1935 1989 1962 1995 1913 1946 1977 1943 1974 2000 1974 1993 1984 1998 1984 2009 1942 2004 1971 2008 2007 1962 1979 1954 1980 1968 1977 1978 | Machinist Marine Machinist Transportation Prog Superintendent Machinist Keyport Boilermaker Joiner C&R Shipfitter Public Works Wood/Insul/ShipW Sheetmetal Sheetmetal Weldor Power Plant Shipfitter Laborer NAD Service Group Supt Electrical/Electronics NRMD Dir Wood/Insul/ShipW Service Group Supt Shipwright/Dkmaster Woodworker Painter Woodcrafter Engr/Plan. Manager Shipfitter Electrician Ordance Keyport Rigger Assist Proj Supt Utilities PW Grp Supt Maintenance Electrician Machinist Grp Supt Shipfitter/Sheetmtl Electronics Temp Services Proj Manager Rigger Marine Machinist Prod Process Mgr Shipfitter Painter Struct Grp Supt Proj Superintendent Proj Superintendent Woodcrafter Elect/Electr Grp Supt Public Works Machinist Machinist Painter Shipfitter | 1964 1970 1952 1933 1946 1919 1985 1936 2008 1992 1982 2002 1935 1970 1992 1973 1993 1940 1967 2006 2004 1990 1952 1912 1944 2008 1912 1988 1987 1948 1982 1993 1993 1989 1972 1975 1990 2004 1946 1994 1992 1922 1912 1991 1940 1978 2006 1983 1967 1992 1966 1997 1981 2012 2012 | Electrical/Electronic Maintenance Boilermaker Boilermaker Painter Shipfitter Maint. Keyport Machinist Toolmaker Electronics Painter Boilermaker Painter Nuc Engr. PW Grp Supt Marine Machinist Sailmaker Public Works Sub Prog Manager Temp Services Toolmaker Pipefitter Patternmaker Mach NTS Repair Supt IMF Shipfitter Forge Transportation Mech NTS Weldor Shipfitter Prod Admin Officer Sheetmetal PW Keyport Transportation Elect/Eltrn Grp Supt Repair Supt IMF Boilermaker Assist Proj Supt SW/Woodcrafter Molder Marine Machinist Sub Recycle Supt Pipefitter Boilermaker Rigger/Crane Ops Rigger Machinist Electrical/ElectronicWeldor Proj Superintendent Ordnance Keyport Weaps Repair IMF Product Line Mgr

12: Service

13: 1947 | Support

14: Skill | 1972

15: Service | 1976 First row- Floyd Davies, George Holt,, John Longmate, Claire Paschal, RADM Manganaro, Jack Oas, Jay Potter Second Row- Bob Meltz, Leo Westermann, \Howard Morgan, Jim Whiton, Gene Sandin, Cy Laurie, Dean Prentice, Frank Kidrick Back Row- Don Owens, Mel Chandler, Ed Edwards, M.S. Wixson, Bill Thompson, Mel Wortman, Frank Tower Not Pictured-0 Chuck Gurley, John Langhans,Bob Palmer,Bob Sampson

16: Support | Support

17: Skill

18: Service

19: Support

20: Skill

21: Service

22: Support

32: NAS-NSE PSNA Centennial Celebration 1912-2012 | We render SERVICE - give and lead SKILL -

33: April 21, 2012 Kitsap Golf and Country Club Bremerton, Wa. | and by true dedication and loyalty, demonstrate SUPPORT.

40: We have given of our skill through the years from cannon to missile -to the power of our nation.

41: We, in wearing the eagle, show this dedication -this Support.

42: The eagle in flight on our lapel emblems demonstrates the dedication of the Superintendents to the U.S. Navy and the installation that we service and to our country.

43: Service - Support - Skill

44: Thanks to our Centennial Committee: Chairman Ted Wheeler Bruce Farman Dave Fenton Rick Ferre Steve McDaniel Don McKnight Dwight Otis | Special Thanks to: PSNS/IMF Photographic Services and Historical Division for their help with photos. Chris Calnan for his photo services. | Please forgive any misspellings, omissions and or oversights. Our intent is to honor -not to disrespect.

45: Eagle on Cannon The eagle in flight with a cannon in its talons is the symbol of the National Association of Superintendents. This, the Superintendent's emblem, represents a symbol of heraldry fully as significant and alive as it was when conceived and adopted many years ago. The eagle is the national emblem of the United States of America. It appears on the insignia of the military uniforms, banners, seals and displays of the military and civil functions of our government. The eagle is symbolic of the strength and greatness of our country. The eagle in flight on our lapel emblems demonstrates the dedication of the Superintendents to the U.S. Navy and the installation that we service and to our country. We, in wearing the eagle, show this dedication -this Support. The cannon may appear as old weaponry, it isn't -it portrays power. The power of our military force is significant to the defense of our country and to our freedoms. The powers of the ships at sea, the planes in the air, the submarines beneath the waters requires SKILL of our people. The ships, planes, submarines -the armament, the machinery, the devices of modern technology, in these we render our skills. We have given of our skill through the years from cannon to missile -to the power of our nation. We Superintendents wear with pride our emblem - the eagle poised on cannon. We render Service -give and lead SKILL -and by true dedication and loyalty, demonstrate SUPPORT.

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