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North Korea

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FC: A Day in the Life | North Korea

1: Property of Nicole Scutti

2: Dear Diary, Right now I am sitting on the plane waiting to take off to go to North Korea. I am so very excited and yet very nervous at the same time. It seems as though I cant sit still. Getting in the plane was probably the most annoying part of this journey so far, and we haven't even taken off yet. I had to go through so many check points, and baggage things, all just to make sure I wasnt bringing something illegal on board. Know how they do those random searches? Well I got pulled out of line for one, which made the process for me even longer. After they patted me down, they took a small hand held metal detector over me. Then after that they went through my carry-on bag. Which I knew only held a change of clothing, a small bottle of hand sanitizer, and girly things. Though, they obviously didnt know that. So they dumped all of the contents of my bag on to the table. It was slightly embarrassing. After they were finally done doing all of that, they finally gave me my bag back, and I had to go back in line, and wait to go through the big metal detector too. By the time I got through check in, I was ready to just turn around and go home, though I knew what I had to do, I knew that I have to go to North Korea and help those who need it most -Nicole Scutti

3: TO: North Korea

4: Dear Diary, We are now in the air. It is beautiful up here. All you can see for miles are clouds from every direction. There's nothing but bliss. I am now getting anxious. I am not sure what to expect when we land. We are only 2 hours into the flight. The flight attendant told me that the flight will probably be around 16 hours. That all depends on good weather conditions though. As the sky gets darker and darker, I am starting to get tired. The lady next to me is on the same trip I am on; to go help those in need in North Korea. She told me that she has already been here once, and she was escorted out of the country for reasons unknown. All she told me is that I might want to get as much sleep as I can on the plane, because once we get there, Im not going to want to sleep. So I think I am going to take her advice. Though I think it is really neat to look out the window and see the ground every once in a while. -Nicole Scutti

5: Looking out of the airplane. I just can't get enough of the beautiful sky. The clouds look as though someone painted them perfectly. | As we get closer to North Korea and I look out of my window i can see what looks like Kim Jon Ills sanctuary. It looks so big from up here. Like nothing could ever harm it.

6: Dear Diary, As we get closer to the hotel, or the apartment complex that we are staying at I start to notice more and more things about the area around me. We pull up to the so called apartment building that all of the peace corps workers in my group will be staying. Its a 6 story building that looks like death. With only a couple of trees in the entrance making it look a little greener. When I finally got up into my room I looked out the window at the town that was surrounding us. It was so sad it was beautiful looking. Then out the other window across the hall from me if you looked down you could see where young women were harvesting the crops to bring in for dinner. It was all so beautiful but at the same time you felt horrible for the people who had to deal with these and worse conditions everyday of their lives. -Nicole Scutti

8: Dear Diary, It is my fourth day here in North Korea and I decided I would go and check out what the school systems are like around here. I started my journey today at the little nursery school down the road from where I am staying. I can not really remember what the name of it was, though it was a quant school. There had to be at least fifty children there. They were all about around the age of four or five. They all seemed too small to even be thinking about school, yet there they were learning things like their alphabet, and the number system. They seem to really enjoy the preforming arts. The entire time I was at their school the could not stop dancing and singing. It was the cutest thing I had ever seen. -Nicole Scutti

10: Dear Diary, Today I decided to go and visit the middle school that is right down the street from the elementary school I visited yesterday. As we got there I realized that most of the curriculum was based around music, art, and foreign languages. Though there was an awful lot of talk about politics for these young children. That makes me believe that they have had politics drilled into them since they were little. Which was confirmed when I asked one of the teachers how long they have been studying politics and she answered since kindergarten. On top of these major subjects the children have classes such as Korean language, math, gym, and drawing. These children range from ages six to nine. They also have a secondary middle school which ranges with kids from ages ten to fifteen. -Nicole Scutti

11: I took this picture during one of the musical classes I was invited to. The girls absolutely love to sing. It's not that difficult to tell though, seeing as they sing with such enthusiasm and happiness. | This picture was on the wall. I find it interesting that there isn't much different in the school between 1980 and 2009.

12: Dear Diary, Today I chose to go to both a high school and a college that are located right near where we are staying. I learned some very interesting things. First of all I learned that a high school education is offered to those between the ages of 15 and 19. It is offered to mostly girls and those men who chose to do something other than military with their lives. This only happens on a very rare occasion. When we got to the college the students told me a lot. Like their majors, but also things like how college works in their country. Things like how there are either 2-3 year colleges, or 4-6 year colleges. They also told me that it is not that easy to get into college. First a person who wants to go has to be nominated by the local college recommendation committee then they have

13: to get approved by the county and provincial level committees. This takes time and effort, though 98% of the people who want to go, end up graduating. The college I visited was Kim Il Sung University. At this college they offer courses such as economics, history, philosophy, law, foreign languages and literature, geography, physics, math, chemistry, atomic energy, biology, and computer science. It has a beautiful campus. Though I dont think I would ever want to go to college around here. -Nicole Scutti

14: In The News | Dear Diary, While in North Korea, there were news papers everywhere we went. These were just some of the headlines that citizens of this country are reading daily. -Nicole Scutti

16: Dear Diary, Today we went sightseeing. We went to go see the Kumgang mountains. It was so beautiful, though our tour guide told us that not many North Korean citizens can actually afford to come and see this great view that their country offers. They call it The Spirit of Korea. While we were there they had food everywhere. There were things like grilled chicken, fried meat, seafood, fresh vegetables, and seasoned pickles. It all smelled so good, I just couldnt get enough. Then they even served us a real North Korean meal complete with spicy soup, boiled rice, meat or seafood, and numerous spicy and salty side dishes, it was so good it made your mouth water for more. On our way back to our apartment we stopped to take pictures of a statue that I fell in love with. It was amazing; the detail on it was to die for. What we learned about this statue was that it was created to show the patriotism and nurturing socialist aesthetics of the country. They believe that this will further the socialist vision of the country. What the country aspires to be. This sculpture shows a North Korean soldier holding a small child. This was all made in the hope to emphasize patriotism. I had so much fun today. -Nicole Scutti


18: These are two posters that you can find on different buildings here in North Korea. They are both representing "football" or as we in America know it as "soccer." On the right it is an advertisement for mens football. Then on the right it is an advertisement for womens football. They are equally popular in both participating and watching in North Korea. | Sports

19: Dear Diary, I had so much fun in North Korea, I really enjoyed everything that we did to help those in need. It was a great experience that I will never forget. I always heard about how horrible the conditions were over here, though it never really sunk in until I saw everything that these people have to go through daily. I know that what I did will not change the entire country, but I really do hope that I helped in some way. I also hope and pray that the future of this country will no longer be death and despair, but hope and restoration. Now it is time to go home, and help our country understand just how good we have it. -Nicole Scutti

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