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NOVA Jax Yearbook

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BC: Cheers to New Beginnings...

FC: SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY | JACKSONVILLE, FL | _______________________________________________ | _______________________________________________ | NOVA | CLASS 2013

1: Alex met Kelly at a friend's wedding. Their eyes met during the ceremony, later that evening Alex summoned the courage to ask Kelly to dance. Little did he know what song was about to play, they danced the night away to baby got back and the rest was history.

2: Taylor Abraham | Jamie Armstrong | Brandon Bergschneider | Whitney Boyd | Kacie Brewer | Tiago Bruniera | Nicole Cassato | Chelsea Cronin | Theresa Davey | Katie Edwards | Afshan Fatima | Lori Fehr | Chelsea Ferrell | Kara Forinash | Ryan Garritson | Dave Gill | Class of 2013

3: Jason Hanna | Jeremy Howarth | Betsy Kaiman | Peter Kimball | Ilysa Lanza-Kaduce | Megan Larson | Amy Laurila | Leigh Macierowski | Kyla McGuire | Rachele Monroe | Danny Morgan | Kian Morris | Katee Neetz | Michael Nguyen | Alex Hoppe | Tyler Hawins

4: Carlos Pittman | Alexandra Posz | Bruna Purgato | JoAnna Roberts | Niki Rozsypal | Jenn Santana | Maggie Schuyler | Rachel Seeds | Andrew Selig | Daniel Shiffman | Julie Solomon | Stacy Lederman | Wes Sumrall | Aaron Tyler | Chad Palmer | Jackie Noe

5: Mary Katherine Wampler | Danielle Way | Casey White | Erin Zampell | Not pictured | Kenneth Phelps | PA school - so easy a caveman can do it.

8: Our Teachers and Staff | Stephanie Brighton | Keith Burnham, MPAS, PA-C | Lindsay Capeda, M.Ed. | Stephanie Collins, MSPAS, PA-C | Susan Cook, MCMS, PA-C | Angela Dunaway, PharmD, PA-C | Deborah Gerbert, MS, PA-C | John Long, MD | Hoi Kee Ng, MPAS, PA | Hugh Rappa, MD | Denise Richardson | Donna Smith, MPAS, PA-C | Tiffanie Waddell | Kerry Whitaker, MSHS, RT(R), PA-C

9: Class officers: Peter Kimball: President Theresa Davey: Vice President Betsy Kaimen: Treasurer Ryan Garritson: Secretary Dave Gill: Dir. of External Affiars Kacie Brewer: Dir. of Internal Affairs Wes Sumrall: Philanthropy Chair Chad Palmer: AOR Rep MaryKatherine Wampler:: AOR rep alt Kara Forinash: FAPA Rep Tiago Bruniera: Student Diversity Whitney Boyd: Historian Professors: Donna Smith & Angela Dunaway | "Swan Neck Deformity" | Student Government: The Tom Lemley Society

10: PA WEEK The main goal? To promote the PA profession in our community. On Saturday morning, twelve students provided free blood pressure checks and health screening information at a local YMCA. The handouts and NOVA gear giveaways were appreciated and the students took the opportunity to answer questions and explain the role of a PA in health care. One woman turned the tables and started quizzing us about when the first PA class graduated and from where, but you can’t stump a NOVA Jax PA student! Monday evening after class, several students offered free blood pressure checks at a Chick-fil-a restaurant. If NOVA’s name was mentioned at the register or if they presented one of our fliers, we collected 10% of their purchase. It was a great chance to spread the word about the PA profession and raise funds for future events.

11: Volunteering

13: We joined the city of Jacksonville in Making Strides for Breast Cancer in honor of one of our favorite professors, Donna Smith, MPAS-PAC, survivor. This fundraiser was a 3.1 mile walk along the river in Downtown Jacksonville. It was a beautiful day, but best of all, we raised over $1000 in support of ending breast cancer!

14: Working hard? | Or hardly working?

17: Bowtie Friday!

18: Suspenders!

20: Under the ‘No food or drink’ reminder posted on the wall lay a spread of colorful, tasty, and tantalizing dishes representative of different cultures from around the world. The Cultural Issues in Health Care class, taught by Professor Hoikee Ng, highlighted various ethnic traditions and beliefs related to health to instill in us sensitivity and cultural competence as future clinicians. To celebrate diversity, an end of semester feast brought good conversation, laughter, and full bellies as we partook together. From key lime pie to moose sausage, Jamaican chicken to home-made guacamole, there was plenty to go around and many recipes to share. With such tasty dishes and creative presentations, it’s no wonder why Professor Ng called this year’s “the best international luncheon to date”!

26: FAPA Feb. 2012 Orlando, FL

29: Challenge Bowl! Dunaway with the competition!

31: Christmas Party!

32: Pediatric Lab

36: 4.22.10 | Learning to give injections

37: Ouch!

38: The NOVA Physician Assistant students in Jacksonville have had a busy semester filled with studying and exams. Most would agree, I think, that the community events have been the highlights (not that Pharmacology tests aren’t fun). In August, several students volunteered to perform sports physicals at Baptist Medical Center and Nemour’s Hospital. It was a perfect opportunity to serve the community, but it also provided a chance for the students to solidify all they had learned in their Physical Diagnosis class. Students found arrhythmias, swollen tonsils, and even a foreign body lodged in a girl’s ear canal! NOVA was also recruited to perform hearing and vision tests at 11 elementary schools around Jacksonville. About once a week, 8 students spent the morning volunteering. Working with young children was a new experience for many of us, so it was great exposure to a new style of patient care. After seeing our white coats, one child, teary eyed, asked “Are you here to give me a shot?” We were happy to remove our coats and learn to adapt to their level and gain their trust. NOVA students have also been connected to The Shultzbaucher clinic in downtown Jacksonville through one of our professors, Stephanie Collins, PA-C. It is a free clinic for the homeless and students have volunteered taking the history and performing the head to toe physical for these people, some who are trying to be cleared to apply for jobs. It’s a very rewarding experience to practice our professional skills while helping those in need!

39: serve

41: Team Building

42: Class of 2013 celebrates Class of 2012

47: Casting Lab

49: AAPA

53: Suturing and Starting IVs

56: Can you Identify these future PAs? | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16

57: Good luck! | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32

58: ANSWERS 1. Alexandra P. 2. Andrew 3. Aaron 4. Jackie 5. Jamie 6. Amy 7. Chad 8. Alex H. 9. Casey 10. Peter 11. Jen 12. Tyler 13. Brandon 14. Whitney | 15. Afshan 16. Daniel 17. Nicole 18. Chelsea C. 19. Betsy 20. Wes 21. Stacy 22. Tiago 23. Rachele S. 24. Ilysa 25. Taylor 26. Rachel M. 27. Julie 28. Ryan | 29. Jeremy 30. Niki 31. Kara 32. Megan 33. Lori 34. Maggie 35. Theresa 36. MaryKatherine 37. Kyla 38. Erin 39. Kacie 40. Chelsea F. 41. Katee 42. Bruna | 33 | 34 | 35 | 36 | 37 | 38 | 40 | 39 | 41 | 42

59: 1. "Always check ABCs. It does no good to put a cast on a dead person. You can't bill for that." 2. "It's just not right to eat somebody else's poop." 3. "I love working in the ER because every night when you leave, you think 'I'm so normal'." 4. "You wanted a bicycle, now pedal!" | NAME THAT PROFESSOR! 5. "How do you spell J-lo?" 6. "This patient is fixing to die. See? I'm working on talking like a Southerner. I'm learning - or unlearning as the case may be." 7. "Right now is the season for psoriasis. It's not the season to be jolly." 8. "Very good! You're smarter than a 3rd grader." 9. "If you're not sure, just call in the surgeon for a consult. Consider them a tool. That came out wrong." 10. "There's no hard data that erectile dysfunction meds work for women." 11. "Every parent wants their child to be the best, smartest, tallest...but, we can't all be Brandon." | 39

60: 12. "They are trying to idiot-proof medicine. But it's not working, idiots are very resourceful." 13. "Why did God make the lymphatic system? So we can use the color green in the atlas." 14. "Gynecomastia is an easy side effect to remember. It just kind of sticks out to me." 15. "It's okay if you laugh, because I laugh at you all the time." 16. "Haven't you guys ever played Jacks? Uh, me neither....Dr. Rappa told me about it." 17. "If you don't do it right, the kids don't wake up from anesthesia. Parents hate that." 18. "There's a fine line between sleeping and death." 19. "This stuff is easy."

61: ANSWERS 1-Long, 2-Burnham, 3-Collins, 4-Rappa, 5-Smith, 6-Long, 7-Gonzoles, 8-Ng, 9-Long, 10-Dunaway, 11-Gerbert, 12-Long, 13-Rappa, 14-Collins 15-Smith, 16-Burnham, 17-Campbell, 18-Gerbert, 19-Rappa, 20-Long, 21-Smith, 22-Gerbert, 23-Long | 20. "If you get arrested, just get chest pain. Cops are scared to death of chest pain. If you can get diaphoresis, more power to you." 21. "Kacie's spleen feels hard. It's probably poop. Somebody tap that tomorrow and let me know." 22. "There's a reason babies are so cute. It's so you don't kill them when they're 14. That's why families have baby pictures all over the home. To remind them why they like this kid." 23. "I should start numbering my slides so I know where I'm at."

62: Welcome Class of 2014!

64: NOVA Jacksonville- Medical Mission Trip to Honduras Theresa Davey and Kara Forinash A group of second-year Physician Assistant students at NSU-Jacksonville (Kacie Brewer, Theresa Davey, Kara Forinash, Bruna Purgato, JoAnna Roberts, Rachel Seeds, and Mary Katherine Wampler) put our newly-honed clinical skills to use this August when we embarked on a medical mission trip to LaCeiba, Honduras. Along with two professors (Angela Dunaway, PharmD., PA-C, and Hoikee Ng, PA-C), and joined by a physician, his son, and a pre-med student, our team served through the Presbyterian service organization Mission to the World. During the week-long mission, our team brought medical care to the people of two impoverished communities. In La Fe, a village with no running water on the outskirts of La Ceiba, we ran our “clinic” in two rooms of one of the villager’s houses. Our patients, most of them women and small children, huddled under a tin roof on the other side of a sheet we had rigged up as a partition, as they waited to be seen. In Armenia Bonito, nestled in the rainforest, our clinic was in the classrooms of a school that is being built. The medical conditions we’ve been studying took on new significance as we assessed real cases of dehydration, expectant mothers, reactive airway disease, gastroenteritis, diabetes, and congestive heart failure. Some patients had real physical needs, such as the young boy with a broken arm, who got a splint made of tongue depressors until proper casting equipment could be acquired. Others simply needed someone to talk to, like the teenaged girl who complained of headaches whenever her little brother screamed. Each person who came to the clinic received a month supply of vitamins, as well as a parasite medication. In four days, we cared for 323 patients. As in many impoverished areas, the people we served in Honduras face the daily problems of inadequate sanitation and lack of a clean water source. In addition to running the medical clinic, our team also gave educational courses on disease prevention, water purification methods, nutrition, and dental hygiene.

65: The medical mission to Honduras was a wonderful experience for everyone involved. While we went with the hope of making a difference in the lives people who would not otherwise have access to medical care, we came away realizing that the people we met had made a huge impact on our lives as well. Whether it was with a smile or a simple “Hola”, it was amazing to discover how rapidly we were able to build relationships with the people we met, despite language barriers and cultural differences. We were inspired by their willingness to allow us to come into their lives, and to care for them and their children. The challenges we faced and the experiences we shared will no doubt continue to resonate with us as we continue on the path of becoming Physician Assistants.

68: Make a Wish

69: Make a Wish | Karaoke

76: White Coat Ceremony

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