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OMS Yearbook (Copy)

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1: Standing- Ms. Brandi Christian, Ms. Megan Perkins, Ms. Teri Bickham, Ms. Christine McTopy, Ms. Laura Jones, Ms. Lisa Pitre, Ms. Joy Mumford, Ms. Jennifer Todd, Ms. Jill Whitehead Kneeling- Ms. Karen Pastor, Ms. Jean-Marie Williams, and Mr. Mike Sziber. | OMS Teachers

2: Ms. Teri Bickham

3: Ms. Teri has been using the Montessori method and training others to do so for more than two decades. It all started when she was in graduate school doing a research study on a recreational program for preschool. A friend from class, who's children attended a Montessori school, suggested that Ms. Teri observe the school for her research. She decided to take the advice. She was so amazed by what she saw, that she wanted to learn more about it. That was the beginning.... This year, in graduate school again, she conducted research in her own Montessori school. Her study, "Mandalas, Mantras, and Meditations: Effects on focusing, mindfulness, and engagement in the Montessori environment", was used to determine if making Mandalas and performing toning exercises would improve focus, attention, and engagement in the classroom. She collected checklists from teachers that described behavior in each class. Then, children made mandalas and practiced toning exercises daily. She studied each mandala for interpretation. She also taught the children to check their heart rate-which was done before and after toning to determine if there was a calming effect. Ms. Teri reported that she saw a difference in the children during the course of the study. She definitely noticed improvements in the children's ability to focus and engage in school lessons. She also revealed that toning gives her more energy and helps her focus better. She hopes to continue studying effects of interventions on behavior next year, so stay tuned.

4: Primary and | Top left to right: Ms. Lisa and Jillian Williams; Laurel Williams, John Christian, & Zuko LaPole; Middle: Aidan Franks; Eden Huguet, Caroline France, Zuko LaPole; Bottom: John Christian, Denon Wilder, Catherine Ortis; Brodie Crouch. | C | A | B

5: Kindergarten | Top left to right: Ms. Lisa with Andrew Mumford; Sydnie Tycer; Annabelle Johnson; Bottom left to right: Linus Sommerfeld; Liam Pierce.

6: Primary and | Top left to right: Connor Franks; Sedge Woltmann; Nicholas Massa. Bottom left to right: Lily Nelson; Maya Kornick. | A | C | B

7: Kindergarten | Top left to right: Andrew Mumford; Lily Nelson; Daniel Bankovic. Bottom left to right: Eden Huguet; Violet Williams and Ms. Jennifer. | 1 | 2 | 3

8: Primary and | Top left to right: Kenzie Messina, Lily Nelson. Middle: Annabelle Johnson, Daniel Bankovic. Bottom: Aidan Whitton and Ms. Jennifer; Ms. Laura, Eden Huguet, and Nicholas Barlow.

9: Top left to right: Miah Kirby; Ariel Buhler; Bottom: Jillian Williams; Aidan Whitton. | Kindergarten

10: Left to right: Zuko LaPole; Catherine Ortis; Lily Nelson; Laurel Williams; Matthew Christian; Annabelle Johnson and Nicholas Barlow; Preston Bergeron; Linus Sommerfeld; Andrew Mumford. | Primary and Kindergarten

11: Playground Group Shot: Top: Preston Bergeron Second Row: Maya Kornick; Eden Huguet; Matthew Christian Third Row: Lily Nelson; Zuko Lapole; Connor Franks; Caroline France; Miah Kirby Fourth Row: John Christian; Denon Wilder; Catherine Ortis | John and Matthew Christian | John and Matthew Christian

12: Top left to right: Anna Barlow; Kyle Gardner; Eva Jensen. Bottom left to right: Rebekah Christian; Jasmine Barlow. | JUNIOR

13: ELEMENTARY | Top left to right: Emerson Huguet and Christian Bankovic; Lilly Stevens; Ava Harrington. Bottom left to right: Ms. Jean Marie helps Yeshaya Smith; Ella Todd.

14: JUNIOR ELEMENTARY | Top left to right: Lincoln Crouch; Patrick PIerce; Anna Black; Bottom: Zoey Savoie; Brooklyn Hoth.

15: Top teft to right: Zoe Whitton; Lilly Stevens. Bottom: Christopher Massa

16: Junior Elementary Students at Work | Left to right: Christian Bankovic and Patrick Pierce; Kyle Gardner; Christopher Massa; Ms. Teri gives a lesson to Emerson Huguet and Rebekah Christian.

17: Left to right: Ava Harrington; Christian Bankovic; Patrick Pierce and Eva Jensen; Anna Black.

18: Junior Elementary Students at Work | Left to right: Kyle Gardner; Brooklyn Hoth; Zoe Whitton and Emerson Huguet.

19: Left to right: Kyle Gardner; Children petting Peppa; Christian Bankovic, Nikola Plaznic, and Lilly Stevens. Bottom: Parsing work.

20: Top left to right: Isabella Rayborn; Teddi Rayborn and Sean McCabe; Emily Porter. Bottom left to right: Alex Hauck; Nils Sommerfeld | Senior Elementary and

21: Top: Yellow house students around mandala they created from nature. Bottom left to right: Shawn Yates; Lauren Williams and Rebekah Johnson; Max Rigaud | Middle School

22: Left to right: Top-Sean McCabe; Lauren Williams; Middle: Rebekah Johnson; Bottom: Shawn Yates; Nils Sommerfeld. | Senior Elementary and

23: Left to right: Top-Teddi Rayborn; Emily Porter; Middle: Alex Hauck; Bottom: Max Rigaud; Isabella Rayborn. | Middle School at Work

24: SOCK | Left to right: Kyle Gardner; Jack White and Sean McCabe; Mrs. Laura doing the hula hoop; Kristy and Riley Bankovic.

25: HOP! | Left to right: Top- Zoe Whitton; Aidan Whitton; Middle-Patrick Pierce; Bottom-Lilly Stevens; Isabella Rayborn.

26: SOCK | Left to right: Barry and Brooklyn Hoth dancing; Laurel Williams; Chris and Daniel Bankovic; Emily Porter and Eden Huguet.

27: HOP! | Top to bottom: Rick & Courtney Harrington; Violet and Tansy Williams; Rebekah Johnson

28: HARVEST FESTIVAL | Left to right: Ava Harrington and Patrick Pierce; Teddi Rayborn; Laurel Williams; Christian Bankovic, Yeshaya Smith, and Nikola Plaznic; Laurel WIlliams; Nils Sommerfeld.

29: Left to right: Zoey Savoie, Christopher Massa; Ms. Laura; Haunted Hayride; Jasmine, Anna, and Nicholas Barlow; Miah Kirby; MAD MIKE!; Brodie Crouch.

30: Art Under the Oaks | Top left to right: Violet and Laurel Williams; Connor Franks; Middle: Rebekah Christian; Eva Jensen; Andrew Mumford; Bottom: Patrick Pierce; Catherine Ortis; Matthew Christian.

31: Art Under the Oaks | Top to bottom:3-5 age division; 6-12 age division; and adults | Costume Contest

32: Animal Visitors | Left to right: Sean McCabe and Isabella Rayborn; Ms. Laura; A baby piglet; Ella Todd; Teddi Rayborn, Rebekah Johnson, Emily Porter, Alex Hauck, and Lauren Williams; Ms. Jennifer, Annabelle Johnson, and Matthew Christian.

33: Top left to right: Isabella Rayborn; Emily Porter; Max Rigaud; Bottom: Teddi Rayborn; Rebekah Johnson. | Bookfair | OMS

34: Fathers' Day Cookout | From left to right: Laurel and Bruce Williams; Kenzie and Andrew Messina: Anastasia and Nick Barlow

35: From left to right: Caroline France walking with Bill Porter; Linus, Thomas, & Nils Sommerfeld; Ava and Rick Harrington; Blue House gift of pumpkin pie for dads

36: Fathers' Day Cookout | Top left to right: Mike and Alex Hauck, Ronnie and Arielle Buhler. Bottom: Preston and Donald Bergeron, Shawn and Paul Yates.

37: November 17, 2011 | Top left to right: Connor Franks; Brooklyn and Nick Hoth; Bottom: Maya and Todd Kornick.

38: TORBOTICS FIELD TRIP | Top left to right: Max Rigaud; Sean McCabe; Nils Sommerfeld; Middle: Lauren Williams; Bottom: Isabella Rayborn; Alex Hauck; Emily Porter. | Making marshmallow shooters! | Making Marshmallow Shooters...

39: Top left to right: Ms. Christine; Teddi Rayborn; Sean McCabe; Rebekah Johnson. Group Shot: Back-Nils Sommerfeld, Max Rigaud, Alex Hauck, Emily Porter. Front-Lauren Williams, Sean McCabe, Teddi Rayborn, and Isabella Rayborn. | Peppa the Pygmy Goat

40: Winter | Top: Lilly Stevens and Brooklyn Hoth help hand out hot chocolate. Bottom left to right: Nils Sommerfeld reads about holidays; Ms.Lisa helps Pink House children find their parents' gifts.

41: Solstice | Left: Ms Jill, Alex Hauck, and Kyle Gardner. Top right: Zoe Whitton reads about holidays. Bottom: Max Rigaud plays guitar.

42: Winter | Top: Recorder players: Isabella Rayborn; Alex Hauck; Rebekah Johnson; Nils Sommerfeld. Bottom left to right: Brodie Crouch and Sydnie Tycer; Ms. Jean-Marie assists Emerson Huguet.

43: Solstice | Left: Rachel, Annabelle, & Rebekah Johnson Top: Ms. Jill directing the children's music. Bottom: Ms. Jean-Marie helping students find their gifts.

44: Casa de Bambini Projects Junior Elementary | Top left to right: Lilly Stevens; Kyle Gardner; Middle: Christian Bankovic; Emerson Huguet; Bottom: Lincoln Crouch; Patrick Pierce.

45: Top left to right: Anna Black; Anna Barlow; Middle: Ava Harrington; Jasmine Barlow; Bottom: Rebekah Christian; Eva Jensen; Brooklyn Hoth.

46: Casa de Bambini Projects Senior Elementary and Middle School | Top left to right: Rebekah Johnson; Nils Sommerfeld; Bottom left to right: Emily Porter assisting Alex Hauck; Shawn Yates

47: Top to bottom: Max Rigaud; Emily Porter; Lauren Williams

48: Visit from the | Top left to right: Lilly Stevens and Ava Harrington; Mickey Mouse handing out beads; Bottom left to right: Andrew Mumford and Nicholas Massa; The Krewe of Omega 2012.

49: Krewe of Omega | Top: Krewe of Omega with OMS faculty and students. Bottom left to right: Alex Hauck, Teddi Rayborn, and Zuko Lapole watch the procession of the Omega Krewe; The King and Queen of Omega, and the Queen of Hearts tossing beads.

50: Valentines | Left: Robo Valentino-The Pink House Valentines Robot; Top right: Maya Kornick; Bottom right: Brodie Crouch.

51: Exchange | Top left to right: Nicholas Barlow; Miah Kirby; John Christian; Bottom: Sydnie Tycer hands out valentines; Denon Wilder.

52: Krewe of OMS Parade and Ball | Top left to right: Zoey Savoie; Peppa the Pygmy Goat; Shawn Yates; Middle: Sydnie Tycer and Brodie Crouch; Pink House Children in the parade; Bottom: Ella Todd; Eva Jensen; Lauren Williams.

53: Krewe of OMS Court | Left to right: Captain Nils Sommerfeld; King Preston Bergeron and Queen Eden Huguet; Upper Elementary Duke Sean McCabe; Bottom: Captain-Nils Sommerfeld, Jester-Yeshaya Smith, Primary Maid-Laurel Williams, Primary Duke-John Christian, King Preston Bergeron, Queen Eden Huguet, Junior Elementary Maid-Jasmine Barlow, Junior Elementary Duke-Kyle Gardner, Senior Elementary Maid-Alex Hauck, Senior Elementary Duke-Sean McCabe.

54: Chinese New | Year Celebration | Top: Yellow House students entertaining the Pink House students; Bottom left to right: Zuko Lapole and Ariel Buhler; Pink House students waving red ribbons.

55: Top: Lauren Williams as "The Dragon Head"; Middle left to right: Zoe Whitton, Anna Black, and Zoey Savoie; Ella Todd, Kyle Gardner, and Yeshaya Smith; Anna Black; Bottom:Emily Porter | Gung Hay Fat Choy

56: Airport F i e l d trip | Top: Elementary class rooms in the jet; left to right: Max Riguad; Shawn Yates; Christian Bankovic; Christopher Massa

57: Left to right: Rebekah Johnson; Anna Black; Rebekah Christian; Zoey Savoie; Ella Todd; Isabella Rayborn.

58: Career Exploration | Left to right: Kristy Bankovic-Mechanical Engineer; Cris Bankovic-Computer Programmer; Erin Pierce-Owner, Pierce Aviation & Hammond Air Center; Lisa Alonzo-Dental Hygienist; Grant Estrada-Owner, Laughing Buddah Gardens. | Opposite page-left to right: Heith Huguet-Humana Insurance; Chad Winters-Southeastern University Theatre Department; Matthew Massa-Chemical Engineer; Sharon Knight-Owner, Fly by Knight Flight School; Rob Christian-Acadian EMS; Ben Williams, Air Traffic Controller Specialist.

60: Spring Picnic | Top left to right; Christian Bankovic; Eva and Elizabeth Jensen; Nicholas Massa; Middle: Elementary students playing musical chairs; Ms. Lisa, Ariel and Ronnie Buhler; Bottom: Patrick Pierce; Kenzie Messina; Rebekah Johnson

61: Top left to right: Anna Black; Brooklyn Hoth; Middle: Shawn Yates; Ms. Jennifer and Ella Todd; Bottom: Sydnie Tycer; Andrew Mumford.

62: The May Pole | Celebration of new life

63: Top left to right: Violet Williams; Jillian Williams; Middle: Isabella Massa; Kenzie Messina; Bottom: Miah Kirby. | The Scarf Dance by the Primary Class

64: P E R S E P H O N E | Top to bottom: Ceres- Maya Kornick; Persephone's friend: Sydnie Tycer. The Sun: Preston Bergeron; Horsemen, Daniel Bankovic, Linus Sommerfeld, Nicholas Barlow, Denon Wilder. | Top to bottom: Pluto- Brodie Crouch; Persephone- Arielle Buhler; Persephone's friends: Laurel Williams and Eden Huguet.

65: Class Artwork! | Pink House Art | Pink House Art | Junior Elementary Sun Print Art | Junior Elementary Chinese Calligraphy | Senior Elementary Hand Collages | Senior Elementary Mandalas

66: Sadako and the Thousand Cranes | Top: Whole Cast; left to right: Grandmother-Isabella Rayborn and Sound Producer-Sean McCabe; The Eight Sadakos: Back Row: Rebekah Christian; Ella Todd; Ava Harrington; Zoe Whitton. Front Row: Teddi Rayborn; Lauren Williams; Brooklyn Hoth; Emily Porter.

67: Left to right: Crane's Guide-Lincoln Crouch; Miko and Sadako-Jasmine Barlow and Brooklyn Hoth; Middle: Large paper crane; Chizuko and Sadako-Emily Porter and Lauren Williams Mr. Araki-Yeshaya Smith | Directed by Mrs. Jean-Marie Williams

68: Sadako and The Thousand Cranes | Top left to right: Rebekah Johnson; Alex Hauck and Nils Sommerfeld; Bottom: Anna Barlow; Kabuki masks

69: Top left to right: Kabuki dancers: Alex Hauck, Teddi Rayborn, Eva Jensen, Lilly Stevens, Jasmine Barlow; Production assistant: Max Rigaud; Kenji: Patrick Pierce; Bottom: Emperor and his guide: Kyle Gardner and Christian Bankovic; Hospital Staff: Lauren Williams, Anna Black, Kyle Gardner, Emerson Huguet, Christopher Massa, Zoe Whitton .

70: Top left to right: Linus Sommerfeld snuffing the candle; Teddi Rayborn assists Aidan Franks; Denon Wilder snuffs the candle; Middle: Kindergarten class: Daniel Bankovic, Linus Sommerfeld, Andrew Mumford, Preston Bergeron, Nicholas Massa, Nicholas Barlow, Denon Wilder; Bottom: Senior Elementary Recorder Band; Primary and Lower Elementary classes. | Graduation

71: Thanks Mr. Mike for all you do and for always being there for us. | We Love You!

72: New Beginnings Landscaping | Tina Bickham 985-878-6143 or 985-517-1458 Transforms a home or business into a more inviting atmosphere. -Licensed & Insured | Emily Porter Roses are red; Violets are blue; We think you're smart, funny, And beautiful too! Love, Grand dad & Ms. Darlene

73: Congratulations Emily Porter! You're moving up to middle school. Have a great summer! We're so proud of you! Love, Aunt Donice & Mr. Andrew | EMILY PORTER Energetic Enthusiastic Marvelous Meritorious Interesting Independent Lovely Lively Young Yummy Love Always, Mom, Dad, & Meghan

75: Note: The yearbook club respectfully and joyfully submits this book of memories. Literally hundreds of hours were spent on this project. Every effort has been made to choose our best pictures and use correct spelling and good form. Some pictures were donated to our cause, but they could not be manipulated without disturbing picture quality. Though this book has gone through dozens of revisions, we realize that some errors may still be present. For that, we apologize. Above all, we hope that this book brings you joy and great memories to share. | Yearbook Club | Left to right: Max Rigaud, Alex Hauck, Emily Porter, Teddi Rayborn, and Ms. Sheri Porter

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