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Our First Year

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S: Ultimate Frisbee Our First Year Volume 1.

BC: This could be one of those memories We want to hold on to, cling to, one we can’t forget Baby, this could be our last first kiss The door to forever What if this was that moment That chance worth taking History in the making

FC: Our | FIRST | Year

1: our first year in review. | I'm sure you've heard it said that the first year is the hardest, but why don't people ever talk about how fun the first few years are. Daniel and I started our marriage with a two day drive moving to Idaho. Sorry there are no pictures of that, there wasn't much make-up. The trip was meant to be done in a day but where is the adventure in that? There has been a lot of fun this past year and many memories made. I have it in my head that there will be many more "yearbooks." I can only hope that Daniel lets me continue capturing our memories. | We hope you enjoy looking through and sharing with us...

2: As a student at BYU Idaho its kind of a tradition to go to the Haunted Mill. Its a perfect date night. When I was a student I admit, I went once but it's only fun if you go with someone you actually like. Daniel and I went with a few friends of Daniels from the Bay Area. It was so much more fun holding on to Daniel and curling into him when I was "scared".

3: Our first Halloween Party! About 3 weeks before Halloween I started thinking about our costumes. After 2 weeks of thinking I started acting on my thoughts. We were out of time to buy anything, and finding those hula hoops in the middle of October was harder than you'd expect. So using my recourses I borrowed a few from our "P.E." department. After a trip to Walmart, and a lot of hot glue we had awesome costumes. I was so excited to show them off. We headed out our ward Halloween party but we didn't know the right people yet and didn't win the costume contest. We still got to carve pumpkins, and ended the night at the Straw Maze. At least everyone there loved seeing Mr. and Mrs. PacMan in the maze!

4: (Volleyball)

5: Playing in the leaves! | Moving and adjusting to Rexburg life was not to bad for Daniel. Together we made the decision that playing volleyball would be better than Daniel getting a part time job. He liked this decision because he got to play volleyball, I liked this decision because he was happy. I was the team cheerleader and attended every game either keeping score, or being a line judge. Daniel's team played really well and only lost 1 game. During their championship game the team played 5 sets and won the final set with a score of 16-14! The last point was earned by Sean, who deserved that point. We had a blast playing at watching but walked away barley being able to speak. Because Daniel is not in school in the summer (the other semester for BYU-I volleyball), we look forward to only 2 more season before he graduates, Fall 2011, and '12. | Or in our case... Play on the court!

6: These Are The Moments I Live For | For our first holiday (Thanksgiving) together as "man and wife" we went to see the Frisby family in the Bay. It all made sense, we would get to go see our new niece Morgan, and spend Daniel's birthday with his family, then Christmas with my family, as Kat was coming home from her mission in Brazil. On our way there the first snow of the season hit, which unfortunately lead to Daniel's first accident in the snow. It was a single car accidents and we were able to drive away from the scene (after being towed out). But on we went to see Morgan, celebrate Daniel's 24th birthday and enjoy Thanksgiving with the Frisby family.

7: We spent a day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium because it was something Daniel and I had really wanted to do together the summer before we got married... But because of how busy we were with school, work, and a faulty vehicle, it never happened. One of the highlights of our day was laughing at a woman trying to park her car... Daniel loves being from the Bay area and the diversity it has. He worked at a BMW dealership and watched many of his ethnic friends drive away in over priced cars they didn't know how to drive. Well, what we witnessed that day was a perfect example of what Daniel saw all to often. We had plenty of fun and I personally well never forget Daniel's patients with my bad feet.

8: After our Thanksgiving in the Bay I realized that our families look at Holidays just a little differently. The important thing is that we know what we are celebrating and that is the same. I needed to prepare Daniel for what the Christmas Holiday season is like as a Wardle and what he should expect from me as I prepared for Christmas. Daniel was a trooper and I would have to say he enjoyed Christmas 2011. Here is a little sample of how are season looked.

9: The pictures you'll see along the top of this were from a very special evening. As you see we were all color coordinating because thats just what the Wardle's do. Kat had come home from her mission one week before our family trip to the temple. My dad works in the temple on Tuesday night so he arranged for us to all do temple baptisms then go to a very fancy dinner at Roy's. You are also looking at the first family photos with Daniel and Kat together. I just love the picture of our hands on Elizabeth's belly. In there is Alan the first grandchild for my parents. After family pictures we drove up to Balboa Island for Daniel's first walk around the island, and his first Balboa Bar. I hope he treats me to many more. | Christmas 2010

11: When we were little Santa would send mom some money a few days before Christmas so we could all have matching pajama's. When the family started expanded he told her she would have to pay for the son-in-law's. Because Kat (and Paul) served her mission in Brazil we got these. Oh and DAD picked them out, we loved them!

12: Brian is in the Coast Gaurd stationed is San Diego, right across the street from the airport. He gave the rest of the Frisby family a tour of the boat he is stationed on the day Daniel and I got married, but since we were busy, we rescheduled our tour. As you can see from the picture Daniel and I didn't have the prettiest view compared to his family. It rained on us, not a light sprinkle, but real rain drops. Why did we pick a cold December day?... It was still fun, and we love that he is at least close to the Wardle family. It was a great Christmas break, but Daniel and I were happy to get back to Rexburg and celebrate the new year with new friends.

13: Martinelli's

14: When you live in Rexburg its natural to say inside. Some may refer to this as "hibernating, " but we had other things in mind. Daniel and I decided one night, rather then dine our, to make pizza at home. I recommend find someplace where you can buy the dough. It takes less time and taste perfect! This is now one of our favorite "stay home" date nights. Since Corinne lives so close to us she was my baking buddy. Granted she never ate anything, she was so helpful to have around. We made lots of cupcakes, chocolate chip banana bread, and cookies. What you see in the picture is about 4 dozen sugar cookies for Corinne's relief society lesson. That night we learned that our oven gets extremely hot on the out side. Luckily I had a back up bad of sugar.

15: We had a wonderful Valentines Day! We went to one of our favorite places, Olive Garden for dinner. I had a little cold but didn't want to miss out. | I will love you forever and ever and ever and...

16: How we got Tabby. We were headed to California for Daniel to begin his internship, and for Alan's baby blessing. Rather than drive the 16 hours in one shot, I made arrangements to stay with Kellie Lemon, a friend of the family who lived in St. George. When I mentioned this to my mom, she let me know Kellie's dog just had puppies. Daniel always said he wanted a big dog but I didn't want a big dog in a little apartment, so I tricked Daniel | an addition...

17: Tabitha | by not telling him there would be puppies there. I was hoping he'd fall in love with them when we got there. Within about 10 minutes of being there I could tell I had Daniel right where I wanted him. The pressure was on about whether to get one right away or not. Of the 6 puppies in the litter 2 were males and both had already been claimed, a family was coming the next day to pick out one of the 4 girls so we had to make a decision. With no personality to make a decision by, I chose the prettiest one. She was also the only one with brown coloring. We kept the name she was given at birth Tabitha, but usually call her Tabby.

18: is in the air | The more you laugh the longer you live

19: It was a quick trip, but we wouldn't have wanted to miss it. There were two purposes for this trip, the first was to drop Daniel off in San Diego so he could begin his internship for Legacy Building Services. The second reason for the trip to to see ALAN! Alan was born on March 26, 2011 (10 days over due, poor Elizabeth), he is the first grandchild on the Wardle side. We are so grateful for this little guy! He was blessed and given a name by his dad Paul, and Daniel got to be a part of the blessing. His full name is Alan Jack Jacinto. | After the blessing Elizabeth and Paul planned a great luncheon at their house. We got to celebrate Easter together and of course Alan. You know the Wardle Family can't get together and not take a picture. P.S. my memo said wear blue, nothing about navy. Oh well. The rest of the day was spent with the Siaosi's. Laura loves to throw a party and does everything in her power to make it memorable. So we did an egg drop, Kat and Daniel tied for the highest dropping position, a scavenger hunt for this kids (Fred hides Money in the eggs), which Juliette had way to much fun with, and finally we colored Easter eggs. This was the best part of the party; Juliette mistook the yellow egg coloring as apple juice! Best reaction possible! Daniel thought it was too funny to leave out of the book.

20: And oh what a we had!

22: Best birthday of my life! I know its a little extreme that I have a full spread dedicated to my birthday and only a few picture acknowledging Daniels, but I figured out why. Daniel loves me more. I can't thank Daniel or my family enough for making my birthday so memorable! | Happy Birthday Kelly

23: My mom is always awesome about making birthday dinners and having everyone get together, but I decided to go a different route this year by having a pizza party at the Siaosi's house. They have a woodfire oven in the back yard so Laura hosted the party and mom made the cake. Everyone but Kat who was in Utah going to school, and Corinne who was at work was able to make the party. (Even Jake who was writing a paper graced us with his presence for a few minutes.) Curtis and Minnie Corinnie really bonded with Daniel this summer, which is so important to me, so they wanted to help Daniel with the cake. After dinner, cake and gifts, Daniel took me home and led me on a scavenger hunt through the house to find one last gift. I had been admiring that watch for a few weeks but was surprised to get it. Daniel had gone to get it for me a few days before my birthday but it was gone. He didn't want me to be let down so he told me he'd tired but it was gone. I don't remember how he managed to find it but I was so happy to get it. To top it off Juliette took me to Taco Bell for a $2 Meal Deal. To finish off the week, Daniel took me to Disneyland on Friday, this required him taking a day off from his internship (thanks dad). We left Carlsbad around 6:30 and got breakfast burritos from Alejandro's. We were on Disney's Main Street USA before the rides opened ready for the fun filled day. Daniel could not have been any sweeter all day. He look me to lunch at the Pavilion right by New Orleans Square, dinner at Pizza Port Cafe, and bought me a Dole Pineapple frozen yogurt as a mid day snack. We watch the fireworks, and stayed until the park closed. After 16 hours at the Park we were exhausted. Looking back, I'm so glad we jumped on the Disney Express, and road around the park playing cards so my feet could take a break. Like I said, BEST BRITHDAY EVER!

24: There were so many memories and moments that are worth mentioning, but just not enough space so I'll just name them. We went to Juliette's Pop's concert where she "nailed it!" June 11th was Juliette's graduation, The San Diego Fair was during the month of June, we went 3 times. Daniel tried Chocolate covered deep fried bacon. July 4th Nick was in town, I made the yummiest Lemon Cupcakes, thanks to Laura's recipe. July 15th Padres vs Giants Game, it was Daniel's first game at Petco Park, we had great seats and got to watch fireworks afterward. There was lots of volleyball, and Costco too! We ended the summer with a great trip to Sea World.

25: Family, Fun, Food and Fireworks | Nothing beats a day at the beach, tons of yummy food, cousins, babies, and fireworks. The firework show didn't actually go so well for Daniel and I this year but we'll have many more ahead of us to make of for this on.

26: Earlier in the summer Daniel and I helped Corinne babysit the Vassau kids, it was a great opportunity to see Daniel with kids. The boys really got to know Daniel as you can see form the pictures above. He had a lot of fun but was a little warn out by the end of the weekend, and the night pictured above. On the following page are our pictures from Sea World. While Daniel worked at Legacy he helped do a close-out project for the new turtle exhibit. We weren't able to go to the open house that was held for Legacy employee's but Daniel managed to get two tickets for us. I just forgot to bring him a change of clothes. Key moment to mention was we finished the night by watching the final Shamu show, the place was packed so we sat in the only seats left, the "Splash Zone!" However, the only part of us that got wet was our shoes.

29: Daniel and I have a plan... Daniel's groomsmen were some of this best friends from high school. When Russel got engaged he asked Daniel and Nate to be in his bridal party. He got married on August 19th the day before we got married. So here's the plan, we want Nate to get married on August 18th. That way all three of us couples can celebrate together. Anyway, Jerrica and Russ had a wonderful wedding. Jerrica and I clicked right off the bat and I kind of became an extra bridesmaid. Their reception was held at their Branch President's home that over looked a beautiful view of the American River. We danced, and had a great time with old and new friends. The following day we celebrated our anniversary... in the car.

30: Daniel and I got our wedding cake at VG's Bakery in Cardif. Rather than us freeze the top layer of our wedding cake we saved it for after our honeymoon. When we tried to eat it a week later it had fermented, and we didn't get to enjoy any cake other than the bite we took at the wedding. Thankfully we got a one year anniversary cake a few days before leaving San Diego. We had it match the bottom layer of our original cake which was everyone's favorite, chocolate cake with oreo cream filling. We spent the night packing and going to dinner with Brian. Even with that hole cake, we barely got to eat any because we were too full form dinner. At least my family got to enjoy it (again).

31: Lasting Memories... | Lasting memories we definitely made this year. The song Daniel and I danced to at our wedding still makes me tear up. Its called, History in the Making, by Darius Rucker. I hope that these yearbooks will someday be around for our children and grandchildren to see our, "History in the Making".

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