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S: Outtatown Guatemala 2010-11

FC: Knowing God Knowing Yourself Knowing the World

1: Site 1 2010-2011

4: Canoe Trip | Beauty | Brokenness | 4 Days 3 Nights AWFUL food GREAT talks Amazing Friendships

6: Roseau River | Spiritual | Tradition

7: First Nations | Tradition

8: Pinawa | "You know what you value"

9: Gavin Hall - Theology

10: Winnipeg Urban Plunge

11: You're the God of this City

12: R A N D O M

13: R A N D O M

14: As this first semester draws to a close And you''re heading home to where nobody knows All the fun and exciting and challenging things That 3 months of life on Outtatown brings So I'm sure and I'm certain lots of folks will ask yoü "So you go outtatown but what did you do ?" So as you face the chats with great trepidation Relax, and say this with tons of elation We kicked off our trip with our group split in 2 Pooping in boxes and traveling by canoe Collecting strange first impressions (and some mice in a pot) We ate some moist loaves and bonded a lot! | While building friendships at Roseau our hearts were infused With hope for a people who've been so abused Words of indecision turned into beads of sweat While a few brave souls learned sweat lodge etiquette At "resort Pinawa" the good life took its toll as an abundance of food taught us self control Exploring basic theology with the great Gavin Hall reminded our crew this was school, after all Esther Epp-Thiessen shared her awarness Of Guatemalan mining and its unfairness After some cold morning dips and some tubing too It was finally time to go somewhere new! Set loose on the streets of Winnipeg's north side Our hearts were all broken our eyes opened wide | Inspired by the passion of the Vineyard's flatlanders We were convicted to be more than bystanders At camp Assinaboia Shawna shuts us all up By comparing our spirits to water in a cup An increase in estrogen gave our presence away As the girls from both sites In Banff were to stay As we talk with Sharon about our walk through each day Participation was key in the roles women play While thoroughly lost in the beauty around In the strange dance of Zumba God's humour was found But after walking on glaciers and hiking Lake Louise We joined our boys (just because they said please) We came back to rest at our next fine abode and in Kawkawa's fine air our busy lives slowed

15: While Jay talked about peace and the change conflict brings We watched salmon run and hung on rope swings And on one fine morning we took a short hike Which ended up longer than was easy to like While advising us how to bring worship into each day Garreth sang spanish songs that just won't go away Sleepless in Seattle our boys found to be true while the girls at Lynn's house made friends with Matthew Christmas came early for most of our crew As sorting through Santas was all they could do Halloween was a hoot with Cindy Lou Who The Grinch, some mailmen and Jesse from Toy Story, too After sticking our mark on the famous gum wall we left with big hopes though our impact was small | Back home in Kawkawa for just a few days We learned the key role the Old Testament plays Also while in Hope the elusive Tara Teng Raised our awareness of human trafficking At Whistler Bungee Christa and Jon took a dip While others (like Brent) did a neat flip Vancouver urban plunge sure was unique.... We met a Buddhist man and were fed by a Sikh Each night at the Ivanhoe we slept snug in our beds With visions of sugar plums and bed bugs in our heads With a full week of talking hot chocolate and prayer We tried to give Vancouver all our love and care | At Kawkawa again we got rather frustrated While we learned to love us just as we were created From Nathan we gained an essential idol education And stared sin in the face with a strange sense of elation Steve lead us through Mark and taught us to hear That the presence of God will always be near A snowy day of silence was filled with loud laughter as was the dance party that came the day after Kawkawa sure feels like home for here life has been drawn But it's time for change and soon we'll be gone So this Christmas time my gift to you Is simply memories of what love can do -Miriam Mahaffy

16: Girls Week | PARTICIPATE

17: Skydiving Bungee Jumping Travel ACROSS Australia Cooking School Read through my bible Learn another language Work at an orphanage

18: Kawkawa

20: Schedule | 7:55 Wake Up 8:00 Breakfast 9:00 - 11:00 Class 11:00 - 12:00 Quiet Time 1:00 - 3:00 Class 3:00 - 6:00 Free Time 6:00 Supper 7:00 Activiy Wednesday - Small Group Thursday - Worship All other nights - Either fun stuff or free time

21: Class Time | Jonathan Janzen - Anabaptist Perspective's on Peace and Justice - Conflict, confrontation, and forgiveness are crucial to the growth of relationships Garreth Goosen - Worship - God created us to be worshippers, not singers Brad Fuller - Old Testament - God doesn't want to destroy his people, but he wants to test us, see what kind of reaction he can get

22: Nathan Reiger - Idolatry - Jesus is LORD, and they're not Natasha Crozler - Knowing Yourself - Calling doesn't refer to the one thing God wants us to do, it refers to an attitude of willingness to use our God-given gifts Steve Klassen - Mark - Jesus wants his disciples to have eyes to see, and ears to hear.

24: Seattle Urban Plunge

25: Flying by the seat of our pants


28: Vanouver Urban Plunge

29: I am NOT made to be vegetarian!

30: Canmore - Debrief Week

31: Skiing is NOT for me

32: Lessons Learned | Canoe Trip - Be courageous and become vulnerable Roseau River - Information comes before transformation Irresistible Revolution - Showing God's love, often involves taking risks Gavin Hall - My life needs to reflect my beliefs Real Sex/Girl/Guy Week - Spiritual discipline's help align our feelings, will, and habits, with God's will.

33: Jonathan Janzen - Conflict, confrontation, and forgiveness are crucial to the growth of relationships. Winnipeg Urban Plunge - The church needs to be in the front lines of dealing with poverty Vancouver Urban Plunge - The best example of God's love in community is demonstrated where people have nothing but each other Glorious Pursuit - Living Christ like is a lifetime pursuit Nathan Reiger/Knowing Yourself - I love people, I don't like to disappoint them, and I HATE any sign of conflict

34: R A N D O M

35: R A N D O M

36: Guatemala

37: "You will go out in joy, and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands." Isaiah 55:12

38: Camp Adulam

39: Happy Birthday to ME

40: San Juan Del Obispo | There's no place like home...

42: Mi Casa

43: Mi Familia

45: APPE | Tuve un gran tiempo que aprende español. Los maestros fueron gran y yo sólo fui frustrado un poco gran parte del tiempo. Yo nunca me olvidaré el gato.

46: Monterrico

47: ":The sound of the water is loud; the ocean waves are powerful, but the Lord above is much greater". | Psalm 93:4

48: Coban

49: Senim Taka | Dwell

51: "The word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only son from the father, full of grace and truth." John 1:14

52: Semuk Champey

54: Christmas was over The carols all sung, Gifts were unwrapped, Mistletoe unhung. 31 Outtatowners lay awake in their beds, filled with excitement for the semester ahead. The very next morning Those kids were off and away, Their bodies to Guatemala Where their hearts would stay. Week one we were kept At camp behind a wall, And scared off the sun With our ghostly white pall. We met Lance and Sherri And Luis Carlos, Who had set us up And were fantastic hosts. In San Juan del Obispo Our host families lay in wait To feed us our very first Overfilled dinner plate. | Stutter and stammering We began Spanish class, All of us hoping To at least scrape a pass. Thus began life at home; With Spanish at eight, Chicken bus to Antigua, Then futbol ‘til late. Some Mondays Gareth spoke, And Tuesdays we served, Wednesdays for small group Were always reserved. Thursdays we finished With a night of worship, And set off on Friday For our next crazy trip. Yes we quickly adapted To how San Juan life passes; The roosters and church bells And incessant Zeta gasses. For our first vacation We hit Monte Rico beach, And soaked in everything The ocean could teach. | We learned in Guat City How living poor can be scary, And face harsh realities of Dump and cemetery. In the simple beauty Of Coban’s slow pace, We saw one more side Of poverty’s face. For some, free weekend Was couples’ beach retreat, While others conquered Acatenango, Which was quite a feat. At a farm owned by Antonio, We were devastated to hear That the very ill Brent Could no longer be near. Service in Pana Involved a very long line, Passing buckets of sand For a very long time. Free weekend number two We explored new turf, Heading off to El Salvador For sun, sand, and surf.

55: After final Spanish exams And tearful Spanish goodbyes, We left home in San Juan Amazed at how time flies. Our service week Was challenging but fun; We learned loads, worked hard, And got a lot done. From our semester of travel We took a vacation, To tikal and Livingston And other insane locations. Sadly astounded That time went so fast, We were back in Antigua To debrief what passed. Looking back on our trip Through the eyes of our peers, It was easy to see How we’d grown through the year. Under our four crazy leaders (who we love a lot) We learned so much more Than what we were taught. | Throughout the semester We built on truth we’d heard spoken, From the very first words On beauty in the broken. In turning knowledge to action These truths played a large part; Calling on memories and moments No ingrained in our hearts. We learned many life lessons And desire to live them out, To keep digging past church To what faith’s really about. In open and honest Community life, We learned to center on Christ Through joy and strife. So when looking back On what this year was for you, I hope you’ll remember How much love can do. -Miriam Mahaffy

56: Panajachel | # 4 Hippie location in the world!!!

58: Volcano Pacaya

59: "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; He will never let the rightous fall" Psalm 55:22

60: Hilmar's

63: Cry out to the Lord

64: Travel Week

66: Debrief

68: Grad

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