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Phi Theta Kappa

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S: Beta Delta Omicron - Empowering: College, Community, Completion, & Collaboration

BC: Empowerment means giving power - not just to DO things but to participate in major decisions - to be listened to with respect. Empowerment is also the natural shift of power - to knowledge, away from position. Empowerment normally means letting others make decisions that you would normally make. You can also empower leadership in the sense of encouraging others to think for themselves and to challenge upwards. --Anonymous

FC: Empowering: College, Community, Completion, & Collaboration | Tarrant County College - Southeast Campus Arlington, Texas 2010-2011 | Beta Delta Omicron | difference | COMMUNITY | CHANGE | dreams | spirit | COMMUNITY | participate | appreciation | relationships | change | tradition | admiration | respect | vision | voice | actions | dedication | creativity | talent | unity | diligence | involvement | passion | leadership | fellowship | service

1: EMPOWER: To invest with power or to equip or supply with an ability; enable: | Tarrant County College, Southeast- Beta Delta Omicron | 2011-2012

2: Beta Delta Omicron declared the 2011-2012 academic year as the year of EMPOWERING others. Our mission through our College Project and our Honors in Action Project was to encourage people on our campus, in our community, and in our organization to look at the opportunities that Tarrant County College and other community colleges have to offer. We wanted to set an example not only with achieving our academic goals but by giving more to others than we received. This chapter is dedicated to the success of our campus, our community, the determination to complete, and all while collaborating with those around us for the betterment of all . | Tarrant County College students

3: We dedicate this book to Dr. Judith Carrier and Dr. Linda Frazier. As future leaders you look to those around you for guidance and nurturing. Both Dr. Carrier and Dr. Frazier have provided those things for so many at the Southeast Campus of Tarrant County College. Dr. Carrier is the founding president of our beautiful campus and each day she made it a point to walk with students and visit with them on her way to her office. She believed in every student. She believed in people. She was the perfect example of a poised and classy lady. Although she has retired from our campus she will never be forgotten. | Dr Frazier has has been the Phi Theta Kappa advisor for two years and encourages students to join our organization everyday. Her contagious laugh and cheerleader attitude make her our biggest fan. Dr. Carrier and Dr. Frazier are inspirations to us all. These woman have exhibited strength, courage, and confidence that encourage us all to strive for bigger and better things .

4: From the outside looking in they'd never understand, from the inside looking out we could never explain. | Table of Contents | Regionals Sam Houston Pilot Project General Meetings Southwest Reading Festival Internationals (Seattle) 2011 Spring Induction Relay for Life Meeting with Campus President Graduation Officer Training (Brookhaven College) District II Spring Fling (Arlington) International Honors Institute (Boston) Arlington Parade (Mayor's Award) Texas Honors Institute (Kerrville, TX) Dr. Carrier Retirement Party Texas Regional Leadership Conference (UTD) Fall 2011 Orientation District II Hallmark Workshop (UNT) C4 Week Fall 2011 Induction (Julie) Mountain View College HIA Discussion Faculty Breakfast Dr. Coppola Reception Veteran's Wall of Honor Ribbon Cutting Miscellaneous Photos | Page 4-9 10-13 14-21 22-27 28-51 52-71 72-79 80-81 82-85 86-87 88-93 94-104 105-112 113-130 131-132 133-144 145-146 147 148 149-152 153 154-156 157-158 159-160 161-162

5: Trung Tran VP of Scholarship | Elisha Weitz VP of Leadership | Hizamar "Izzy" Ramirez VP of Fellowship | Jessica Terrazas Recording Secretary | Lynn Adidas Correspondence Secretary | Stephen McCarley Historian | Patritzia Kolavrova Treasurer | 2010-2011 | Julie Flickner VP of Service | Janekka Colbert President

6: Kyle Adam VP of Scholarship | Martina Mapa VP of Leadership | Caitlyn Smith-Allen VP of Fellowship | Madison Pickrell Recording Secretary | Lauren Cannefax Correspondence Secretary | Jamie Letzkus Historian | Linda Maness Treasurer | 2011-2012 | Nina Yancey VP of Service | Julie Flickner President | Christian Cano VP of PR/Fundraising

7: "Some men succeed because they are destined to, but most men succeed because they are determined to." --Greame Clegg

8: Regional Convention April 2010 Round Rock, Texas | Regional Convention March 3-6, 2011 Marriott North Round Rock, Texas | Top Left: Lynn Adidas and Evamarie Ibarra Top Right: Trang Tran, Izzy Ramirez, Evamarie, Nina Yancey, Dr. Linda Frazier, Jessica Terrazas, Stephen McCarley, Janekka Colbert, and Lynn Adidas | Center: Tran and Stephen Bottom Right: Lynn and Jessica bet big on Beta Delta Omicron | Regional Convention was the last Phi Theta Kappa event for many of our officers as they would be graduating soon and moving on to their 4-year college. 6 officers and 2 members enjoyed this event

9: Above: Mike Ali, 2010-2011 District II VP tips his hat to Beta Delta Omicron Bottom Left: Izzy, "Mario" and Luis Diaz Jr "Junior" from Mountain View College | Top Right: Janekka and Dr. Frazier Center: Lynn Jessica and Janekka, Bottom Right: Janekka, Tran, Dr. Frazier, Stephen, Nina, Evamarie, Lynn, Izzy and Jessica | 2

10: Beta Delta Omicron: Jessica, Stephen, Nina, Evamarie, Lynn, Trang, Dr. Frazier, Izzy, and Janekka | Jessica and Dr. Frazier

11: Trang and Evamarie | Janekka | Professor Bledsoe and Professor Clough along with Phi Theta Kappa attendees | Lynn, Evamarie, Nina, and Trang

12: Izzy and Luis "Junior" Diaz from Mountain View College | Jessica, Trang and Stephen | Jessica, Stephen, Nina, Evamarie, Lynn, Trang, Dr. Frazier, Izzy, and Janekka

13: Evamaria Ibarra | Nina Yancey | Jessica Terraza | Janekka Colbert | Dr. Linda Frazier | Stephen McCarley | Jessica and Lynn Adidas | Evamarie and Nina

14: Sam Houston High School | Tutoring/Mentoring | Giving Back to our Community | Our College Project involved mentoring and tutoring students who felt they didn't have a chance to succeed in life. They attended a school that had the lowest graduation rate, the highest drop-out rate, and the lowest dual credit participation in the district. To these students they were destined to fail. After visiting with our campus president we could clearly see the need. Volunteering an hour a week ended up not benefiting the students as much as it did us. There was more than an "atta boy" for being involved, you felt like you would see those students again some day and that they would be giving back because of the small push they had received at one time.

15: "Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines." --Robert Schuller | Evamarie, Julie Flickner, Janekka, and Ryan Fitch | Izzy, Janekka, Evamarie, and Julie

16: Left: Janekka Right: Evamarie

17: Don't dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer." --Denis Waitley | Ryan, Izzy, Evamarie, and Julie | Janekka and Julie

18: General Meetings and Members | Our students are what makes us so special. Our meetings outgrew the room. | Stephen McCarley | Linh Nguyen, Kyle Page, and Izzy | Prospective Member

19: Kyle and Izzy | Jessica helps to raise money | Mercedes, new member and Elisha Weitz | Janekka, Linh, Jessica, Kyle, Izzy, and Dr. Frazier

20: Our general meetings became standing room only. But, students continued to attend and participate in events. | Jessica Elisa, Top Photo: Julie

21: Janekka listening as Caitlyn running for VP of Fellowship

22: Lynn Adidas | Martina Mapa | Officers, Julie Flickner - VP of Service, Patritzia Koarova - Treasurer, and Jessica Terrazass - Recording Secretary receive their stole for their service

23: Our Members are Amazing! | Prospective Members line the halls to hear more about Phi Theta Kappa | New Member Emili Borras wins a Starbucks Gift Card | Ryan Fitch didn't want to miss a thing | Dr. Frazier

24: "It's not just letters, parties and good times. It is a feeling that will never leave you as long as you live. It is a responsibility and a duty to yourself."

25: Beta Delta Omicron Events | Events like "Chalk About It" exposed our members many talents

26: April 2, 2011 Southeast Campus organizations were excited to read to local elementary students at our annual Southwest Reading Festival. Some even dressed up as their favorite story characters. Others joined the kids in decorated tents to read.

27: "Blossom by blossom the spring begins" | Southwest Reading Festival

29: Kyle Page aka "Granny Hood" | Phi Theta Kappa Member Kyle Page dressed as "Granny Hood" from the story "Little Red Riding Hood"

30: "Granny Hood" and her pet dinosaur

31: Local Elementary School Students enjoyed an afternoon of stories

32: International Convention | Seattle, WA | April 7-10, 2011 | ___ | This was the last event for one officer and the first event for another. The two of us landed in Seattle and began a wild journey. We walked everywhere and saw everything we could. From the Space Needle to the amazing crepes we enjoyed it all. This will remain one of the most memorable trips for both officers.

33: Always a New Adventure | Dr. Frazier, Janekka Colbert, and Julie Flickner Are Committed!! | Janekka, Dr. Frazier and Julie enjoy the marketplace and stop to visit with campaigners for International Officers

34: Phi Theta Kappa knows how to celebrate

35: Day One of International Convention - Seattle April 2011

37: The celebration continues with Day Purple

39: We were seeing Red with this day of the Celebration

42: Made it to Seattle, and it is awesome here. The pageantry is amazing, but making new friends has become our favorite part of this trip. This is Showanda Riley, advisor for the NE Campus of TCC, Rianna Beasley - NE Campus, Julie Flickner- SE Campus, Janekka Colbert and Dr. Frazier, and Iris Galindo - NW Campus. We can't wait to share all of our stores when we return. | Seattle Here We Come!

43: There was so much to see in Seattle. From the Space Needle, to PIke's Market, to the Hard Rock Cafe there was something for everyone. And who can forget visiting the first Starbucks and enjoying the flavors of Seattle?

44: Bride getting ready photos

45: Kelly, Rianna, Sandra, David, Janekka, Dolline Men and advisor Showanda Riley wait for a ride to dinner. Left: Janekka and Iris at the top of the Space Needle | Seattle 2011

47: Janekka and Rianna experience Oysters on the Half Shell for the first time ever!

50: Julie Flickner, Iris Galindo, Kelly Banks, and Janekka Colbert

51: Car packed, camping gear loaded, coffee in hand and ready to hit the road...and we're off! The kids didn't sleep a wink last night, they were so excited about the trip they stayed up helping Dad pack the car. We've been looking forward to having some time together and I think this was just the thing we needed. A long, long drive. | Colorado Here We Come!

52: Seattle

53: Campaigning takes on a whole new life at Internationals

54: "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." --Auguste Rodin

55: The final evening in Seattle. As we return to our campus we take the experiences we have enjoyed, the friends we have made and the excitement that was built during our time in Seattle.

56: Spring Induction April 12, 2011 | Dr. Judith Carrier and Janekka share a few encouraging words as the ceremony begins. | We have worked very hard to make inductions a memorable event for every new inductee. From selecting speakers to the funny stories shared, this event is all about making everyone feel important as new Phi Theta Kappans.

57: Dr. Judith Carrier Founding Campus President, TCC Southeast Top Right: Dr. Linda Frazier, Chapter Advisor, Bottom Right: Dean Jerry Coats,, and Bottom Left: Officers Trang Tran, and Jessica Tezzaras | Dean Coats makes light of the fact that we didn't have a torch and Dr. Frazier used one of the lights from her flower bed to improvise

58: Dr. Linda Frazier

59: "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year." - Ralph Waldo Emerson | Top Left: Inductees, Bottom Left: Janekka, Top - Bottom Right: Izzy, Stephen, and Lynn

61: Incoming Officers are recognized. Julie Flickner, Martina Mapa, Hollyn Riley, Caitlyn Allen, and Ezell Clark | District II Vice President Mike Navarro

62: Patrizia, Jessica, Lynn, Izzy and Mike Ali | Elisha Weitz

63: Patrizia Kolarova | Janekka Colbert

64: Guest Speaker, John Dement Drama Professor, TCC - SE

65: "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

66: The important work of moving the world forward | Dr. Carrier and Dr. Barbara Coan of Tarrant County College - SE | Hollyn Riley | Julie Flickner

67: ...does not wait to be done by perfect men.." - George Eliot | Dr. Carrier

68: "A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing,... | Inductees and New Officers | Mike Navarro, District II VP joins the group photo

69: ...the birds are singing and the lawn mower is broken." - James Dent | Mike Navarro visits with Mike Ali | Out going officers, Lynn Addidas, Trang Tran, 2010-2011 District II VP, Mike Ali, Izzy Rameriz, 2011-2012 District II VP, Mike Navarro, and Janekka Colbert

70: Mike Ali, Mike Navarro, Izzy, Julie, and Lynn

71: Mike and Mike | Mike Ali keeps his eyes on Beta Delta Omicron | Janekka visits with new inductee | Mehdi Zoroufchian of Alpha Mu Tau Chapter and Lynn, Janekka, and Izzy

72: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." - Dennis Waitley

73: Mehdi, Izzy, and Trang | Mehdi | Mike Ali and Izzy get goofy as Mike Navarro looks on

74: Mike Ali gives advise to the incoming chapter president, Julie Flickner

75: "Your future depends on many things, but mostly you." - Frank Tyger | Izzy and Janekka | The music department at the Southeast campus play during our reception

76: Relay for Life - April 15-16, 2011

77: In Memory of Dr. Mary Hood | Why does our chapter of Phi Theta Kappa walk every year? Dr. Mary Hood that's why! She fought and lost her battle with lymphoma. We Relay for her! In the words of Rod Risley "The hope to leave a legacy causes us to reflect on our lives each day and to think about what we wish to leave beyond, what will remain and be carried on after we are gone. In order to leave a legacy, we must pierce the shadows of our past, learn from those experiences, determine what we truly value, identify our passion and determine how to make a difference in the lives of others Mary wants us all to find our passion in life - pursue it with missionary zeal, and leave the world a better place by good deeds or by improving the life of another."

79: Relay for Life LaGrange Field, Fort Worth, TX

80: Beta Delta Omicron joined with sister chapters to support Survivors, Caregivers, and those lost | Ryan Fitch | Kyl Adam

81: Survivors are Celebrated

83: "Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." ~Thomas Jefferson

84: Meeting with Campus President, Dr. Judith Carrier May 3, 2011 | Empowering our Campus Leadership | Dr. Frazier shares some ideas with Dr. Carrier | Elisha explains our Peer to Peer tutoring project | Janekka introduces her son "Future Phi Theta Kappa Leader"

85: One of several meetings with Campus Administrators to discuss Beta Delta Omicron's role on our campus | Dr. Carrier congratulates Lynn Adidas as one of the All USA Academic Scholarship Winners | Matthew Barrington, member shares his vision for tutoring to non-traditional students and veterans returning from service

86: I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known. | Dr. Carrier at Graduation | Dr. Erma Johnson Hadley Chancellor Tarrant County College District | College Graduation May 13, 2011

87: "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." ~Confucius | Supporting our future Phi Theta Kappa Alumni

88: Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson | Stephen McCarley Beta Delta Omicron - Historian | Elisha Weitz Beta Delta Omicron VP of Leadership | Janneka Colbert Beta Delta Omicron President

89: Put your heart, mind, intellect and soul even to your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. ~Swami Sivananda | You did it! | Hizamar "Izzy" Ramirez Beta Delta Omicron VP of Fellowship

90: Officer Training Brookhaven College May 28, 2011 | Texas Alumni lead this conference to educate the new leaders in Phi Theta Kappa | Mike Navarro District II VP | Dolline Men and David Trevino - NW Campus of TCC

91: "An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success." - Stephen Covey | Beta Delta Omicron Officers Martina, Caitlyn and Kyle | Danny Rose - Texas Alumni Assoc.

92: SpringFling | District II Spring Fling Arlington, TX | Mike Navarro gets water ballooned | Janekka and her daughter forgot to let Julie know it was silly picture time again | Mike Navarro, District II VP along with several chapters in District II gathered at the park in Arlington to enjoy some fun, sun, and fellowship.

93: Janekka, Julie, Izzy, and Lynn get silly | David Trevino brought his own shade

94: District II Spring Fling | Andrea | Daniel | Sanjay

95: fun times | Izzy | David

96: Tug A War | Daniel | Sanjay | Andrea | Taylor and "Junior"

97: Hoola Hoops and Water Balloons | Fun | Medhi tries to win at tug-a-war | North Lake Chapter

98: International Honors Institute Boston, MA June 13-18, 2011 | Dr. Linda Frazier | Advisors Dr. Frazier and Showanda Riley | Dolline Men, NE Chapter President | Dolline and Julie walk the trail | Boston University was the backdrop for International Honors Institute | Boston University was the backdrop for the International Honors Institute. We partnered with sister chapter from the Northeast Campus and set out see everything in Boston we could.

99: "The influence of a good teacher can never be erased." | The Freedom Trail | David Larkin, Tour Leader | Washington is apparently a Bruins fan too

100: As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others. --Bill Gates | Author of "Writing in an Age of Silence" Sara Paretsky | Julie and Dolline enjoy the sites | First General Session Here We Go! | Dr. Frazier and Showanda headed to the dorms | Julie and Dolline figure out the mass transit system | Rod Risley Exec. Director of Phi Theta Kappa

101: The critical point in the career of many a leader is the point when he/she must either learn to empower, or cease to grow in scope and capacity. --Anonymous | Showanda and Julie in awe of the leaders from Boston | Julie and Dolline pose with Jacque - NE Campus mascot | Julie and Dr. Frazier headed to Boston University | Boba Tea - First time ever! | Showanda, Dr. Frazier, Julie, and Dolline

102: Lobster Anyone? | Dolline & Julie on the Subway | Cheers to you! | Shopping! | Jacque and the Girls | Visiting "Cheers" | Lobster Grilled Cheese? | Dr. Frazier, Showanda, Julie and Dolline | International Officers | Aasif Mandvi The Daily Show with Jon Stewart | Hey, Norm! | Stanley Cup Bruins win!

103: Boston University Showanda, Julie, Dr. Frazier, and Dolline | Raising Canes | Showanda, Dolline, Dr. Frazier, and Julie | Showanda, Julie and Dolline

105: seeing the city from above

106: Kollan and Julie | Richard George, Group Leader and Kollan Kolthoff | Tina Fierlit | Group discussions

107: Group sessions were interesting! Getting different perspectives on the Honors in Action Topics became extremely important in the planning stage. Discussions after the several general sessions encouraged different opinions and thoughts to be shared.

108: The Southeast Campus participated in the Arlington Parade for the 4th year in a row. Our theme was Let's Roll America and we featured the space shuttle. Children of all ages gazed at the float as it passed and giggled as smoke flowed from the thrust

109: Stars 'n' Stripes Forever | Dean Jerry Coats and Rusty Fox | Ruben from Student Services and Dr. Carrier

110: Amazing Fun on the Fourth

111: Julie Flickner, Dr. Carrier and Nina Yancey | There's a whole lot of party going on | Madison Pickrell, Julie Flickner, Alyssa Austin, Nina Yancey

112: Amazing Fun on the Fourth

113: There's a whole lot of party going on

114: Tarrant County College - Southeast win the Mayor's Award for the 4th year in a row. | Mrs. and Mayor Robert Cluck (Arlington) along with Dr. Carrier

115: Home of the free...Because of the Brave

116: Texas Honors Institute Kerrville, TX July 29-31, 2011 | Julie and David Trevino | Dolline and Julie | Texas Honors turned out to be one of the funniest events. We had some amazing speakers as well as an 80's dance. We saw everything from 80's prom dresses to "Billy Idol."

117: Regional Coordinator, Debbie Esparza | Regional Officer Team | Denise Hood Hattox and father Duane Hood | Mountain View College Officers | Regional President C.D. Allen and Regional Officer John Herron

118: Regional Officer Team and Guest Speaker | Advisors and Officers of Mountain View College and Tarrant County College - Southeast Campus | Duane Hood

119: Beta Delta Omicron

120: Julie and "Splash" | Mountain View College | 80's Dance

121: Beta Delta Omicron Nina Yancey, Ezell Clark, Lauren Cannefax, Kyle Adam, Madison Pickrell, Alyssa Austin, and Julie Flickner | Denise Hood Hattox and Julie Flickner

122: Beta Delta Omicron's Kyle Adam

123: Phi Theta Kappa Goes 80's | Andrea and Mehdi

124: That our t-shirt!

125: Kyle Adam, Lauren Cannefax and Madison Pickrell dress the part | Kyle and Danny Rose, TRAA

126: Kyle Adam, Lauren Cannefax, Nina Yancey, Alyssa Austin, Madison Pickrell and Regional Officer John Herron aka "Billy Idol"

127: Mike Navarro, D2 VP and Jennifer Gilbreath D1 VP | Dolline Men, NE President | Madison, Nina, Jennifer, Mike and Alyssa

128: Tommy Tompson, D2 Coordinator | The smiles say it all!

130: Mountain View College and TCC - Southeast partner to present a seminar to explain Competitive Edge

131: Once you choose hope, anythings possible. --Christopher Reeves

133: Texas Honors Institute | Our Sister Chapter at Tarrant County College - Northeast

134: Mayor of Arlington Dr. Robert Cluck and Chapter Treasure Linda Maness | Julie, Dr. Carrier, and Janekka

135: Julie Flickner, current Chapter President, Mayor Cluck, and previous Chapter President Janekka Colbert | Dr. Judith Carrier Retires as the Founding President of the Southeast Campus of Tarrant County College Dr. Carrier is considered the mother of the Southeast Campus. She was the first and only president until her retirement In August 2011. She has won every award within Phi Theta Kappa and has been the greatest source of support for our organization. | Dr. Judith Carrier Retirement Party August 25,2011

136: Texas Regional Leadership Conference University of Texas as Dallas October 14-16, 2011

137: 2011 Texas Leadership Conference Hosted by Iota of Texas and the Chapters of District II | Texas Regional Leadership was right here close to home for many of us. Events included great speakers, great fellowship and of course The State Fair of Texas

138: Dr. Samuel Jones Author of "The Results of a Positive You" Dean of Student Affairs, Jones County Community College

140: Mike Navarro, D2 VP | International President, Tameka Wilson | David Larkin | Hosts: Iota of Texas

141: Dr. Duane Hood | Professor Larry Polk "Articulating a Vision" | Debbie Esparza

142: Lauren Cannefax, Christian Cano, Martina Mapa, Julie Flickner, Caitlyn Smith, Professor Goudeau, Kyle Adam

143: Light the Night Walk Friday, October 14, 2011 In Memory of Dr. Mary Hood

144: International President, Tameka Wilson and Regional Officers | Beta Delta Omicron

145: Tameka and Mehdi

146: Splash and Martina | Linda

147: Martina Mapa and Linda Maness

148: At 6:15 pm there was one person in our audience | Fall 2011 Orientation

149: October 25, 2011 6:30 pm | Over 130 people attended our Orientation with move than 16 people submitting their applications that night. We were able to increase our membership 139% this year.

150: District II Hallmark Workshop at UNT November 12, 2011 The most informative workshop on HIA and College Project to date | Dr. Molly of Weatherford College | Mike Navarro, D2 VP and Danny Rose of TRAA

151: C4 Week November 14-18, 2011 Fundraising and Games More than 130 people sign to commit

152: Nina Yancey | Caitlyn Allen-Smith | Mike Navarro, D2 VP

153: Fall 2011 Induction | Janekka and Julie | Kyle Adam | Dr. Carrier | Dr. Carrier and Dean Coats

154: Amir Laylaz, Christian Cano, Nina Yancey, Dr. David Wells - Interim Campus President and Prof. Bledsoe | Amir and Christian | Martina, Janekka, and Nina | Ezell Clark lead the National Anthem

155: More than 140 inductees. | Dr. Carrier, Julie Flickner, Dr. David Wells | Kyle Adam and Lauren Cannefas

156: Beta Delta Omicron was asked to participate in Mountain View College's Honor's in Action project. Several students joined in a round table format to discuss gene patents. The discussion was engaging and the different perspectives made the event extremely interesting. "Junior" and Taylor led the event sharing a lot of details that were new to many of us. Participants also included Regional President C.D. Allen | Mountain View College Honors in Action Project December 2, 2011 | It's Not All About Us!

157: We wanted to give back to the faculty at our campus so we provided pastries and breakfast breads . As students prepared for finals so were the teachers. We felt they needed to be shown how much we appreciate what they do on our campus. We got the opportunity to introduce ourselves to faculty that we don't always see. | Faculty Breakfast December 5, 2011

158: Phi Theta Kappa Members and Officers served faculty | VP of Leadership Martina with member Amir Laylaz and PR Christian Cano | Faculty that Makes the Difference!

159: Faculty entered their names for 5 different gift cards as well.

160: The beauty of empowering others is that your own power is not diminished in the process -- Barbara Colorose, author | Welcoming a New Campus President | Dr. and Mrs. Bill Coppola | February 2, 2012

161: On the Southeast Campus of TCC, Phi Theta Kappa is the most prominent organization. Partly due to the organization and in part due to the administration that encourages leadership. In welcoming only the second president in our campus' history, it was a great honor to be asked to speak on behalf of the entire student body. | Building relationships on our campus and in our community. Senator Chris Turner, Dr. Bill Coppola, and Phi Theta Kappa Chapter President, Julie Flickner | We asked every organization on campus to included something from their group to fill a welcome basket for Dr. Coppola.

162: It was a great honor to be asked to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and be part of such a wonderful tribute to our veterans. | Our Veterans, Our Heroes!

163: Tarrant County College Southeast Campus Veterans Wall of Honor Ribbon Cutting February 20, 2012 | The Unveiling | Senator Wendy Davis Texas District 10 | Bill Greenhill President TCC Distric | Erma Johnson Hadley Chancellor TCC District

164: We had the great fortune to participate in many events with other chapters and meet some amazing community leaders. We just hope that we gave as much as we got. | Miscellaneous Photos | Splash and Julie at UTD | Fundraisers were fun with our members at Mimi's Restaurant | Celebrating with Regional President C.D. Allen and North Lake College at their Induction | Making new friends Julie and Iris from NW Campus | Jeong Lee leading the North Lake Induction

165: Janekka Colbert | Dr. Samel Jones, author and Julie at University of Texas at Dallas | Dr. Linda Frazier, Beta Delta Omicron Advisor | Rod Risely | Our T-shirt Design won the 3rd Week of the "What I want" Design Contest | Dr. Duane Hood carries on his wife's legacy

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