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PRStudChat Class of 2010

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S: #PRStudChat Class of 2010

1: Congratulations Class of 2010! We have enjoyed getting to know each of you and hope that #PRStudChat has played an important role in helping you to answer the question, "Is PR right for me?" It has been a year of milestones. From our inaugural chat on August 19th, to our numerous trending chats, we have experienced dynamic conversations, made new connections and developed valuable relationships. Somewhere along the way a special community emerged, offering mentorships, friendships, advice and knowledge. Thank you for being a part of the #PRStudChat Class of 2010. You are an extraordinary group and we'd like to take a moment to honor you and to offer our continued support as you begin your career in the field of public relations. We hope that you remain active members of the #PRStudChat. And though you may be graduating, we hope you never stop being a student! Best wishes, Valerie and Deirdre

2: Congratulations #PRStudChat Class of 2010 @AngelaHernandez @bethanyrc @bitty_boop @cmmadiso @deanna413 @E_D_W @emjaydoespr @erob1 @han_ma @jesslaw @kar_lyn @kathytingtingyu

3: @kshoutz @Lmnovo @lisaderus @LMSandelin @mackenziebright @Mikinzie @PRJoshMorris @RachelEsterline @RebeccaOdell @SamanthaGrosz @samemac @sjogborn @Stephmajercik @WRBrown87

4: Angela Hernandez @AngelaHernandez http://www.angelamhernandez.com/ Senior at CMU studying PR + leadership. Over-involved and loving it. CMU PRSSA President. Joining @FrancoPRGroup this June.

5: Notable Tweets: @AngelaHernandez: Q5 Getting to know one another on a personal level is important. Not all work and no play #prstudchat @AngelaHernandez: Q4 Mentorships dont always have to be formal #prstudchat @AngelaHernandez: Q1 It is a big mistake to connect with someone for the sole purpose of gaining something for yourself #prstudchat @AngelaHernandez: Q3 Having a presence in SM means nothing without quality engagement #PRStudChat

6: Bethany Cramer @bethanyrc http://www.linkedin.com/pub/bethany-cramer/16/693/21a PR/SEO enthusiast! Working at @DixonSchwabl for Interactive coop. NKF Volunteer. Workout Junkie. Archery buff. Coffee goddess. May 2010 Graduate *Job Seeker*

7: Notable Tweets: @bethanyrc Using the time I set aside for #PRStudChat to work on a blog post :) @bethanyrc 5 signs you're a blogcrastinator http://bit.ly/dwS4c3 via @copyblogger @lmnovo #PRStudChat #HAPPO @bethanyrc Free webinar 2day w/ @ValerieSimon @ArikHanson “How 2 Build Successful Online Community" http://ow.ly/1xmBA #PRStudChat #HAPPO @bethanyrc @PRSarahEvans Just submitted my response to "A day in the life at my dream job goes like this..." ! #HAPPO #PRStudChat

8: Brittany James @bitty_boop http://flavors.me/brittanyjames Senior PR/Marketing Quinnipiac Student, PRSSA member, Huge Yankee & Jets Fan, Lover of all things cupcake=) & anything with potatoes

9: Notable Tweets: @bitty_boop: Thanks everyone for joining today. I had so much fun moderating. Glad we were trending and didn't break twitter=) #PRStudChat @bitty_boop: IMO positions at all agencies should be the same. It gets confusing #PRStudChat @bitty_boop: Finding that reaching out through SM before meeting is a huge plus!! #PRStudChat @bitty_boop: Just created a list from @Worob's post (http://bit.ly/aQ76V7). Future PR Stars http://bit.ly/9o4zlK #happo #prstudchat #pr

10: Chrissy Madison @cmmadiso PR student graduating in May. Loves summer, traveling, cooking, Zumba and reading. Studied in Spain in summer of 2008 (and dying to go back.)

11: Notable Tweets: @cmmadiso Hi. I'm Chrissy Madison. I'm a senior PR student in Northwest Ohio, but looking to leave. I'm excited to join this chat. #prstudchat @cmmadiso Looking for advice on how to connect via Twitter with PR pros I'm interested in building a relationship with. Thoughts? #happo #prstudchat @cmmadiso Q5: I've heard of recent grads applying for jobs with 3-5 years required, but got an interview bc they were a perfect fit. #PRStudChat @cmmadiso Q4: Dress for the job you want. Wear a suit! #PRStudChat

12: Deanna Southerling @deanna413 http://dsoutherling.posterous.com/ PR senior at Syracuse, LGBT rights advocate, future New Yorker with a Louisville hometown heart, Theta for a lifetime, super intrigued by people and families

13: Notable Tweets: @deanna413 Q2 i think they MUST touch on writing a blog and the culture of the blogosphere since PR students/pros interact w/it so much #PRStudChat @deanna413 Q1 im taking a social media course this semester at SU. i think a whole class can be taught only a few class days def. necessary #PRStudChat @deanna413 Q3 commitment commitment commitment! agencies must be committed to client's biz goals and clients must help them do their work #PRStudChat

14: Elizabeth Walden @E_D_W http://card.ly/ElizabethWalden Graduating from Clark University in May with a B.A in Communications. Coffee lover, creative maven and superwoman on off days. Current Goal: PR job in NYC.

15: Notable Tweets: @E_D_W if you are under qualified by years, show how you are over qualified in ABILITY and DETERMINATION #PRStudChat @E_D_W also, pay attention to your audience at an interview: ex-if interviewing at Estee Lauder, do not bring Dior lipgloss #PRStudChat @E_D_W bring a tiny notebook and pen to write down all the things swarming around in your mind before and after and if aprop. during #PRStudChat @E_D_W Q4: bring your ability to adapt to new situations: make the interviewer feel at ease with your charisma! #PRStudChat

16: Matthew John @emjaydoespr http://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewjohn Gen-Y, PR, Journalism, New Media, Enabler

17: Notable Tweets: @emjaydoesPR Q4: A classy accessory for the ladies and a strong looking tie for the gents #prstudchat @emjaydoesPR: Q2 Alum groups on Linkedin have helped a lot of my classmates #prstudchat @emjaydoesPR RT @bitty_boop: Q3 How important is your LinkedIn profile? Do recommendations matter? #PRStudChat

18: Evan Roberts @erob1 http://evanprblog.blogspot.com/ PR Senior. Web Master-Historian of @ONU_PRSSA. Social Media Manager @bouncefire. @reply to me after you follow, I'd love to know why you did!

19: Notable Tweets: @erob1 RT @nateknox: Q3 Of course Recos matter on LI. It says a lot when someone take time to write a good thing! It saves HR time too #PRStudChat @erob1 RT @bitty_boop: Q2 Do you have examples of creative job searching tactics that have been successful? #PRStudChat @erob1 RT @LMSandelin: RT @han_ma: Kudos to my fellow #PRStudChat grads on @ValerieSimon's PR perspectives from the Class of '10 @erob1 @stephmajercik @LMSandelin

20: Han Ma @han_ma http://www.visualcv.com/gzjtsi9 Penn State Senior Aspiring PR Pro Sports Enthusiast Entertainment Junkie Philanthropic Advocate Social Media Addict @THON Media Relations Captain

21: Notable Tweets: @han_ma INTERESTING STAT: 39% of companies' social media is handled by a PR firm. http://bit.ly/aQiOsR #PR #journchat #u30pro #prstudchat #pr20chat @han_ma It's National Grammar Day?... I guess that means that it's a national holiday for #PR practitioners! #pr20chat #u30pro #PRStudChat @han_ma Q1: Another turnoff is retweeting simply to retweet. Defeats the purpose of engagement and adding to the conversation. #prstudchat

22: Jessica Lawlor @jesslaw http://jessicalawlor.com/ PR student at Temple University. President of Temple University's PRSSA chapter. Freelance Writer/PR. Blogger. Studied in Rome Summer '09.

23: Notable Tweets: @jesslaw Q1 None of my classes thus far have included SM, which puts many of my classmates at a disadvantage..I've learned on my own #prstudchat @jesslaw Twitter has become my main source of getting news...profs were surprised to learn that #prstudchat @jesslaw @barbaranixon I enjoy it & write about one of my passions: reading and writing. A PR opp. just came up from an author who read! #prstudchat

24: Karlyn Williams @kar_lyn http://peregrin.jmu.edu/~willi2kr/ Graduating Journalism student at James Madison University with a social media, PR, and marketing obsession.

25: Karlyn has recently joined the #PRStudChat family! We are looking forward to getting to know her better in future chats!

26: Kathy Ting-Ting Yu @kathytingtingyu http://facebook.com/kathytingtingyu mPRm PR intern, ASI Chief Administrative Officer, PoliSci & PR student at Cal State Fullerton. Let's watch a movie, dance, sing, eat, and go on an adventure!

27: Notable Tweets: @kathytingtingyu Great question! I'd like to know too RT @Mikinzie When do/ should PR seniors start applying for jobs? #prstudchat #journchat #brazen #u30pro @kathytingtingyu @christakeizer Location, great reputation, strong clientele, familiar industries, mentors, hands on exp / RE: PR internship #prstudchat

28: Keegan Shoutz @kshoutz http://kshoutz.wordpress.com/ SCSU PRSSA Chapter President. Promotions Intern at Leighton Broadcasting. PR/Communications Intern @GirlMeetsGeek, Social Media Junkie. Diet Coke=Life.

29: Notable Tweets: @kshoutz Q5 I try not to be intimidated by others or be intimidating. Approachability is key.#prstudchat @kshoutz Q3: A lot of places are now introducing social media specialists. That'd be a great way to get involved with sm. #prstudchat @kshoutz Q2: ENGAGING is the key word when communicating with influencers, both when u want something and when u don't. #prstudchat

30: Lisa Derus @lisaderus http://www.linkedin.com/pub/lisa-derus/a/732/43a Spring 2010 graduate with PR agency, public affairs, and social media experience seeking to obtain a full-time public relations position.

31: Lisa has recently joined the #PRStudChat family! We are looking forward to getting to know her better in future chats!

32: Lauren Novo @Lmnovo http://card.ly/laurennovo PR Account Executive at 180 Communications; FSU graduate; social media enthusiast and active blogger: http://laurennovo.wordpress.com

33: Notable Tweets: @lmnovo Q4 Honestly - a beneficial relationship should be two-way mentorship - everyone has something to teach/learn #PRStudChat @lmnovo Q3 Agency must know client inside/out & have true interest at heart - client must have total trust #PRStudChat @lmnovo Those who think $ ROI is only purpose will not engage well - building relationships is long-term ROI #PRStudChat @lmnovo Q1 Even if u are a business - don't just tweet sales - get to know customers and be a resource to them #PRStudChat

34: Lauren Sandelin @LMSandelin http://www.laurensandelin.com/ May 2010 Miami (OH) grad – seeking entry-level PR job, open to relocation. Blogger. Love anything sports. Music addict. Obsessed with everything Aussie.

35: Notable Tweets: @LMSandelin Maybe a crazy question but I've been wondering – could you include your relevant blog posts in your portfolio? #PRStudChat @LMSandelin PR Perspectives from the Class of 2010: Lauren Sandelin – http://ow.ly/1DxLf (Thank you @ValerieSimon!) #HAPPO #PRStudChat #EntryPR @LMSandelin @KatieAlper The culture/work environment, what they like best about the company/their job, etc. It's a list that keeps growing.. #PRStudChat

36: Mackenzie Bright @mackenziebright http://www.linkedin.com/in/mackenziebright Senior Journalism/PR major at UNC, Project Coordinator at NEXT for Women, and blogger for TriangleBlvd TV. PR 2.0 enthusiast, dog lover, and aspiring foodie.

37: Notable Tweets: @mackenziebright RT @PRStudChat: PR Pro's Remember the stress of senior year? Join us Wed & support the class of 2010 http://ow.ly/1xb35 #PRStudchat @mackenziebright Great! RT @lpverzosa: 5 Questions to Ask at a Job Interview http://bit.ly/b8tYsG via @ABC RT @PegahRashti #PRStudChat #jobhuntchat #entryPR @mackenziebright RT @KDMisevich: Note to all graduating PRSSA students RT @rebeccaodell: Note to self: Sign up for @PRSA Membership ASAP. #prstudchat

38: Mikinzie Stuart @Mikinzie http://www.mikinziestuart.com/ PR 2.0 (soon-to-be) pro. Candidly relating PR and personal. Runner, rocker & natural redhead. Michigander dreaming of the big city. Graduating in May '10.

39: Notable Tweets: @Mikinzie Q4 Dress to impress. I always have something black on. Sleek, professional and accepted across the field! #prstudchat @Mikinzie Q3 I usually don't add ppl on LinkedIn until I've had a convo or 2 w/ them on twitter first. Small talk leads to pro talk. #prstudchat @Mikinzie Q3 I don't think i could work in a setting where SM was banned. It's too ingrained in the way I/ we communicate. #prstudchat @Mikinzie Don't just agree w ev thing employer says. Didnt hire u to be "yes" person. Gain respect by being honest. #prstudchat

40: Josh Morris @PRJoshMorris http://prisonerofinterest.wordpress.com/ May '10 grad, job-seeker & #HAPPO supporter. Southern Yankee. Look forward to today. No worries-ever. I am a prisoner of interest. Follow PR students!

41: Notable Tweets: @PRjoshmorris Friends say I tweet too much; I say they don't take full advantage of Twitter. RT @kionsanders: You have to invest time into SM. #prstudchat @PRjoshmorris 'Being real' is engaging, listening and adding personality. No one says "look at this" to a stranger and keeps walking by. #PRStudchat @PRjoshmorris Q1 With all relationships: not doing your background research. The surface of a SM profile isn't the identity of the user. #PRStudchat

42: Rachel Esterline @rachelesterline http://www.rachelmesterline.com/blog/ Account executive and social media specialist at AGP & Associates in Midland, MI. Managing editor of Vision Mid Michigan.

43: Notable Tweets: @rachelesterline Q5: You also need to be passionate about what you do. That's what people notice. #prstudchat @rachelesterline Q4: I've probably learned more reading from PR student & pro blogs than I have in the classroom. #prstudchat @rachelesterline Q4: I've used my blog to engage in conversations w/other young pros. Some subjects are touchy-unpaid interns, getting coffee #prstudchat @rachelesterline Q2: "Be a sponge" - learn everything you can. #prstudchat

44: Rebecca Odell @rebeccaodell http://sassyclassypr.wordpress.com/ Soon-to-be Kent State PR grad seeking career opportunities in Columbus. Intern @AKHIA. SM enthusiast. Coffee addict. Aspiring PR pro. Blogger. Optimist.

45: Notable Tweets: @rebeccaodell Q1 The keyword is "build." Be positive. Create conversation. I agree with @jesslaw; auto DM's are terrible! #prstudchat @rebeccaodell Q5 Both the employee/employer must be willing to adapt. #prstudchat @rebeccaodell Q3 Honestly, respect and communication. Open communication will make it easier for the agency to hone in on client needs. #prstudchat @rebeccaodell Q2 A fine line exists between being genuine and being pushy. It's important to do research to build a relationship + influence. #prstudchat

46: Samantha Grosz @samanthagrosz http://www.linkedin.com/in/samanthagrosz Adventures and determined soon-to-be PR graduate. Currently looking for entry-level opportunities in the Midwest.

47: Notable Tweets: @SamanthaGrosz @stephmajercik Leaving your German degree on your resume illustrates your initiative & maybe your future employer speaks it too #prstudchat @SamanthaGrosz Anyone know of some good resume critique websites/resources? Or does anyone want to critique mine? #HAPPO #printern #PRStudChat #entryPR @SamanthaGrosz @harosa00 Check out these tags and the #HAPPO event on Fri! Great networking and learning opps! #printern #PRStudChat

48: Samantha McCain @samemac http://samanthamccain.wordpress.com/ PR Coordinator & Fund Developer for the Red Cross in South Mississippi. Pursuing a Master of Science in PR. Runner, reader & lover of all things social media.

49: Notable Tweets: @samemac Q4: It's not just knowledge of the tools, it's HOW they are best effective. #prstudchat @samemac Q3: As with all... Strategy is important. Orgs shouldn't sign up without a plan to utilize the mediums. #prstudchat @samemac Q2: I drop into #jourchat every now and then, but I am partial to #prstudchat! Been very helpful w/ expanding my peer network. #chatmixer @samemac Q4: When fantastic guidance comes w/o being asked. When there is a genuine respect for the mentor and hard work from the mentee. #prstudchat

50: Samantha Ogborn @SJOgborn http://www.samanthaogborn.com/ Digital media enthusiast, conversationally inclined. Moderator of #cookchat. Senior until May. Chat with me further at sam.ogborn@me.com, or @ me and say hi!

51: Notable Tweets: @SJOgborn @prstudchat Q2 also don't talk down to people. Initiate conversation, talk WITH them, not AT them. #prstudchat @SJOgborn @bitty_boop people who complain about not being able to interact and keep their info private at the same time don't get it. #prstudchat @SJOgborn @DavidSpinks Google Docs. Exactly. Enough said. Best thing to use for projects. #prstudchat @SJOgborn Q5 also one of my biggest beliefs is that you need to be proactive, not reactive. Open more doors for yourself! #PRStudChat

52: Stephanie Majercik @stephmajercik http://www.linkedin.com/in/stephmajercik Internationally minded, soon-to-be PR pro graduating May 2010. Looking for entry-level PR jobs all over (including abroad). Currently intern @ Futbolist, LLC.

53: Notable Tweets: @stephmajercik Q2 Sometimes you have to do what you think is best-even if others don't. Don't be afraid to try something new #PRStudChat @stephmajercik Not sure if my other tweets showed up but my resolutions would also be keeping up w/ Google Reader and interacting more #PRStudChat @stephmajercik Q4 Re: portfolios, it also couldn't hurt to make condensed versions to leave with the employer #prstudchat @stephmajercik Q4 Wear: Suit. Bring: 3-5 copies of resume, your portfolio, business cards, and a notepad to take notes. #prstudchat

54: Ryan Brown @WRBrown87 http://www.lslonline.net/user/index.cfm?event=displayAuthorProfile&authorid=2641257 SUPERMAN in the body of a grad student. Spurs Media Staff, Journalist, PR Co-Founder, ALPHA man, who strives everyday to be better than he was the day before.

55: Notable Tweets: @wrbrown87 Just followed a group of people from the #PRStudChat discussion. Maybe now I won't miss a session lol. Thanks again for the help @bitty_boop @WRBrown87 Noticing a lot of #printern & #prstudchat Twitter users are listing their LinkedIn profiles as their "go-to" site. Debating if I should too.

56: Special Thanks to Deirdre Breakenridge and Valerie Simon, who made #PRStudChat possible.

57: Deirdre Breakenridge @dbreakenridge http://www.deirdrebreakenridge.com/ President of Mango! Marketing, author of PR 2.0 and Putting the Public Back in Public Relations, adjunct professor & co-founder of #PRStudChat | Valerie Simon @valeriesimon http://www.linkedin.com/in/valeriesimon SVP BurrellesLuce Media Monitoring & Measurement; Public Relations Columnist; writer; Suburban mom-NYC girl @ heart; #PRStudChat co-founder; #HAPPO co-founder

58: Dear fellow #PRStudChat graduates, When Valerie asked me to be the official yearbook editor, I couldn't have been more honored or excited. Each one of you has had an incredible impact on my journey as a public relations practitioner. @Mikinzie, you have shown me just how successful a blog can be -- and you have continued to challenge me in my own endeavor. I believe that my blog has grown in part, because of the stellar example you have set forth. @Jesslaw, you are one of the nicest people I have ever met (even if only on Twitter and the phone) and I have no doubt you will be a PR superstar. I can't wait to see what unfolds for you in the near and distant future. @E_D_W, I appreciate your optimism and

59: thoughtfulness more than you might imagine. When you reached out to me, hoping to be featured as a PR Job Seeker of the Week on my blog, I immediately felt as though I was talking to an old friend. You didn't just ask for a favor -- rather, you asked me questions about my own life and plans and made a genuine attempt to get to know me. I appreciate that so much! I've developed wonderful relationships with so many of you graduates -- and to those I haven't met yet, I hope that we can get to know each other better in future conversations! Deirdre and Valerie, what was probably meant to be a fun endeavor turned out to be a life- and career-changing experience for all of us. Thank you for your creativity, hard work and support. Sincerely, Lauren (@Lmnovo)

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