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Rainey - Page Text Content

S: Rainey Brown 2-3 years

BC: Time to Celebrate! I am "4"

FC: Rainey Brown 2-3 years old | A daughter like Rainey is a wonderful blessing, A treasure from above. She's laughter, warmth and special charm, She's thoughtfulness and love. A daughter brings a special joy, that comes from deep inside. And as she grows to adulthood, she fills your heart with pride. With every year that passes, she's more special than before. Through every stage, through every age, You love her even more. No words can describe the warm memories, the pride and gratitude, too. That comes from having a daughter, to love and to cherish... just like you. We Love you honey, enjoy your memories.

1: "A lucky few have a daughter & sister like you. Daughter's are flowers in the garden of life."

2: 2

3: CHEESE! | FUN FACTS Age "2" Favorite Color: Black Favorite Food: Peanut Butter & Pizza Height: 3.25ft Weight: 33 lbs. You cannot sleep without your BeBe(bear) You LOVE to play dress-up!

5: Rainey's year in review...

6: Rainey School Picture

7: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts." | Uncle Mikey | Auntie Mel | Cousins Adrianna, Elizabeth, Andrew, Carson & Sissy Makenzie | Cousins, Jacob & Emma | Uncle Max, Auntie Kat, Andrew& Elizabeth

8: A Shimmer of sequins, a party dress and dancing slippers. Gold and silver bangles on your dainty wrist, glittery plastic rings on all your precious fingers. Precious to behold but nothing matches the sparkle found within your eyes.

9: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share.

11: EASTER | happy | Spring Time 2009

12: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts."

14: Halloween 09' SUPERGIRL!!! to the rescue... Trick or Treat oh how sweet you enjoyed just going trick or treating. Your cousins and friends joined you for a great gathering.

15: GOAL! | While sissy played soccer, Oma entertained and read to you, you so want to play soccer. | Just for kicks!

16: Blue Eyes...

17: Flowers bring smiles

18: Monkey Around...Curious Style | November 21, 2009 | You were so excited dear to see curious as he jumped around. Your best friend Landon and his Mommy Ms. Monica boy we had a blast.

19: Play date we stuffed and donated a bear to Toys for tots, what a joy to see your face and give to others. Then you got to build your Frosty too cute to watch Your best friend Sidney & Landon were with you as well. You so LOVE to hang out with your friends. | There are a variety of steps to Build A Bear you know exactly what to do...pick it out stuff it clean it and dress it. Oh almost forgot we have to name it as well.

20: A Day to Give Thanks | 2009

21: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen | Oma & I | Papa & I | Grammy & I

23: A little dash of this... | Our little baker you love to help mommy in the kitchen along with tasting, baby even had to join but was left in the pantry.

24: I love the leaves, I do not know why. Is it their colors or how they fly? They crunch and crinkle Under my feet; I pile them up and take a leap! Oma's lake house oh what a treat... 2009


27: Ice Sculptors in Grapevine with the Grinch who Stole Christmas! Well it was very cold but GORGEOUS. We bundled you up and took you in to see the ice. You had so much looking around. What a treat to see. These sculptors are all hand carved.

28: Happy Holidays

29: CHOO !CHOO! ALL ABOARD THE POLAR EXPRESS! Grammy took us to the Polar Express Train Ride in Grapevine Texas; you had so much fun looking out the window and were so surprised when Santa Clause came on board, the look on your face!

30: The snow fell gently all the night. It made a blanket soft and white. It covered houses, flowers and ground But did not make a single sound | Christmas Eve 09'

31: School Friends Ryan, Lily, Big Sister, you, Aubree

32: Holiday Memories Warm Even The Coldest Of Days

34: "Although it's been said, many times, many ways, Merry Christmas to you!"

36: Oh we Laugh we have fun when it is me and my cousins. What a great day to spend in the Flowers and Water...CHEESE!

37: A day at the Dallas Arboretum

38: Daddy's Angels For Valentines Day you gave Daddy the BEST Valentine ever your Heart and love. Daddy played sports when he was younger and #11 and #44 were his numbers. You call Daddy your SUPERHERO!

39: "Little girls have a magic all their own." Oh what a treat! | Aunt Betty & I (This is Opa's sister) It's all Relative...

40: Our Hat Diva! | So many styles for my hat... and only one head! Fashion is a kind of communication. It's a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself! With the right hat... nothing else matters.

41: it's always FUN with Papa around


44: Birthday Girl is "3" | A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends. Oh look at me I am turning "3" | Look at me I am "3"

45: Time to Celebrate!

46: Snow makes whiteness where it falls, The bushes look like popcorn balls. The places where I always play, Look like somewhere else today. | All Bundled up

47: A Smile As Sweet As Spring | I Can Deal With Anything... As Long As I Have The Right Shoes

48: You Make My Sun Shine...My Easter Egg Bunny and I | This is the LIFE

50: "I'm as lucky as can be; the world's greatest Dad belongs to me." | Daddy's Lil Helper

51: Our nail polish Diva! You totally surprised Daddy one day when he was resting you were adamant about painting your toe nails that you go into all of mommy's polish under the sink and not only painted your toe nails but your legs and floor as well. You are our mischievous little diva! | Singing DIVA! | Oh how I LOVE Chuck E. Cheese!

53: 2010

54: Teddy bear, Teddy bear, Touch the ground. Teddy bear, Teddy bear, Turn around. Teddy bear, Teddy bear, Show your shoe. Teddy bear, Teddy bear, That will do. Teddy bear, Teddy bear, Run upstairs. Teddy bear, Teddy bear, Say your prayers. Teddy bear, Teddy bear, Blow out the light. Teddy bear, Teddy bear, Say good night

56: The fun joys of hand Painting! Put on some Old Play Clothes Get Ready to have some pottery FUN, Everyone get a handful of molds and watch me go Let's start painting High and Low I'm just having so much fun Enjoying my time and having fun I just don't want to go!

57: "Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude" | A smile is something nice to see It doesn't cost a cent. A smile is something all your own It never can be lent. A smile is welcome anywhere It does away with frowns. A smile is good for everyone To ease life's ups and down.

58: Smile...It's Contagious

59: "Got my Stunna Shadez on!" | "There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved." | SPUNKY... | IT'S ABOUT WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW

60: Oh, tell me, please tell me, is there a trick to get cousins to sit still, even real quick? One giggles, one wiggles, one tugs on another. One crawls, one tickles, then we all pile on each other. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, taking pictures with my cousins, is way too much fun

61: Kooky Cousins


63: Put Put Rainey Style! | Swinging Good Time! | Nice Shot!

64: Be kind to thy sister. Not many may know the depths of sisterly love!

65: Summer Time!

66: What a fun day! we all have to say. The best July 4th ever. From fireworks to picnic lunch, we sure did do a bunch. The memories we'll have forever. Spending time with family and friends, with whom the fun never ends. We celebrated the U.S.A today. | EXPLOSIONS OF FUN! | J | U | L | Y

67: Happy 4th! 2010 What a treat, we went to see the Fireworks in Sachse what a joy you had so much fun with your friends...Then we made brownies for Daddy WOW look at Mom's helpers! | Mummy's Helpers | 4th

68: Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there | A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life

69: "time is the most playful element because...it lengthens the minutes when you wait... and rush the hours when you enjoy the moments..."

70: BOWLING...RAINEY STYLE! | 7.5.10

71: Abby you got your name from the show NCIS Rainey loves to watch this show and adores Abby...Welcome Home! | 7.5.10

72: My dog "Abby" is the only thing on earth that loves me more than I love yourself.

73: "My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet...My Abby & me | Abby

74: being silly

75: COUSIN BONDING! Carson came over to have some fun time...what a treat ya'll made rice crispy treats, had a camp out in the living room in the tent oh what fun. We even got to play outside and play superheroes!

76: Say Cheese! | Ridin' the Rails

77: Fun at the Fair

78: Our yearly adventure with Grammy going to pick out a pumpkin oh a joy to see your face and how much fun it can be through your eyes | Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

79: Pumpkin Patch fun with Grammy at the Dallas Arboretum

80: We had a frightfully good time trick or treating for Halloween this year 2010... Look at me I am Bat Girl

81: Trick or Treat! Give me something good to eat. Give me candy. Give me cake. Give me something sweet to take! | Fright Night

82: Rainey... The Flower of our eye!

83: Being a girl is where it's at. I'm proud, sometimes loud, and I know how to have fun. I am who I am (and then some)! I may be small, but my dreams are BIG! helping people, being strong, and always staying true to myself. My future lies in my own two hands, not in a crystal ball. Being Rainey is AWESOME and I will be who I will be.

84: Papa is here!

85: November 2010 Thanksgiving & Christmas with Papa what a treat, you enjoyed playing with him and challenging him with tic tac toe...you made him work on winning the game. Family traditions fun to keep.

87: Rainey's First Pony Ride...you were so scared to get on the pony at first you did not know what to do. You held mommy's hand for security. It was a little chilly outside but you enjoyed it. Great Memories for you and me.

88: Gettin a do... Just a little off the top, please My 1st haircut The barber chair The long & the short of it | Even on a bad hair day, I'm still the cutest | Hair Today... Gone Tomorrow

89: "Good times are even better when they are shared with a sister like you" | Laughter | Yum

90: "You're the perfect gardener for this flower."

91: 2010

92: lucky I am to have such a wonderful family

93: Puzzle time with Daddy & sissy

94: Have a Holly Jolly Christmas | Santa, PLEASE STOP HERE! | Christmas is a Santa-mental time! | Waiting for Santa in Daddy's arms...

95: Baking Memories | Rainey Style 2010 | Grammy Time! | Mommy & me

96: Friends are Flowers that Never Fade | 2011

97: Diva for a Day!

98: Snow Day 2011

99: Flurries 'n FUN!

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