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Senior Yearbook

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Senior Yearbook - Page Text Content

S: Cold Springs High School

1: Volleyball

4: Basketball 2010

6: Earth Day

8: Homecoming 2010

9: Band.

10: National Honor Society

11: Track.

13: Baseball 2010

14: fairqueen.

15: Prom 2010

17: Senior Class of 2011 | President: Katie Harris | Secretary:Kaytlyn Mathis | Treasurer:Maegan Diloreto | Representatives:Brandtley Cruce & Kaitlyn Allums | Valedictorian: Maegan Diloreto | Vice President: Hilary Jones | Salutatorian: Leslie Williams | Class Song: "I'm Not Gonna Cry"-Corey Smith | Motto: "Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened"

18: 28 girls 29 boys 14 are seventeen 33 are eighteen 9 Are nineteen 1 is twenty. 29 are single. 21 are taken. 6 are engaged. 1 is married. 1 has a child. 1 is expecting. 2 are baby daddys. eye color: Blue:25 Brown:18 Green:6 Hazel: 8 hair color: Blonde:18 Brown:31 Black:7 Red: 1 45 are going to college. 4 are going into the military 3are going straight to work. 5 are undecided. | 23 have had a wreck 34 have not. 19 have received a ticket 38 have not. 12 have a tattoos. 45 do not. 44 have skipped class 13 have not. 24 have a job. 33 do not. Favorite color:BLUE Favorite Movie: The Hangover. Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Blair. Favorite Show: Family Guy Favorite Song: The Tiger Song off The Hangover. | Class Profile

20: Who's Who | Most Talented Most Athletic, Sneakiest

21: Biggest Flirt, Most Creative | Best All Around, Best Sense of Humor

22: Shyest, Biggest Metal Heads | Most School Spirit, Most Attractive

23: Most Popular, Cutest Couple | Most Intelligent, Best Personality

24: Best Friends, Meanest | Most Courteous, Most Honest

25: Class Clowns, Most Typical Senior | Biggest Rebels, Best Dressed

26: Friday night, football games, First loves and first heartbreaks, It didnt matter who won or lost, Only how we played-

27: Marching Band 2010

28: The Fair is Here! | 2011

29: Senior | Night

30: Homecoming, | Relays....

31: Powderpuff Football

32: Homecoming week

34: Homecoming 2011

36: Spanish | english

37: k i n d e r g a r d e n

39: Greased Pig Competition

40: Prom 2011 Prom King:Corey Hughey Prom Queen: Sydney Garmon Prom Song: Don't Wanna Miss A Thing- Aerosmith Prom Theme: "One Last Dance"

44: Brad Belk will be trying to expand his one man wolf pack. Dylan Loftis will be running down the road with a shotgun, chasing away Tressa’s son Cayden. Tressa will be trying to convince her son not to ask out that Loftis chick. Machiela Richard will still be lost in our conversations. Justin Collins will be on “THE BACHELOR” Lucas Marsh will own his own star wars memorabilia shop Bree Harbison will have inherited the Harbison goat farm. Justin Aby will have his own line of sweat bands called “Air Aby” Ryne Gay will be the superintendent of Tuscaloosa County Schools Reece Knowles and Aaron Hill will still be masters at air guitar and drums Coy Calvert will be designing the graphics for the Grand Theft Auto game for ps12. Samantha Revels will do makeup for America’s Next Top Model Sarah Mays will still be saying, “When I was at Lynn.” Jacob Murphey will replace Hugh Heffner in the playboy mansion. Sara Starnes will still be allergic to everything. Corey Hughey will be the sheriff of bug tussle. Leslie Williams will be replace Ronald Mcdonald as the dictator of McDonalds Courtney Rice will have her own line of cowgirl boots Kody Sellers will have her own ranch and ride everyday. Jayme Patterson will invent the worlds most powerful protein shake. Brandtley Cruce will have his own radio show, but then will be sued for being inappropriate. Chelsy Banks will be doing the album art for her husband, Kyle’s, band. | Ten Years From Now....

45: Crystal fox will be a dancer in a Lil Wayne music video. Katie Harris will still be trying to make money by playing her guitar in parking lots. Sydney Garmon will be giving pageant lessons in her own dance studio. Chad Burgess will be in the Mickey mouse costume at Disney world. Michelle will still be flirting with Mr. Mullins Ryan Bonham will be a best selling author. Joey Travis will have a son named Timmy Tebow Travis. Wesley Jackson will still be going to Coy’s house to play video games. Andrew Bunn will still be asleep. April Thorton will be saving the pandas. Shayla Wilson will stop global warming. Nick Parker will still know the bird is the word. Alora Chaney will have her bachelors degree in nursing and simultaneously be the CEO of Little Caesars Jamie Phillips will still be saying “your face” Kaytlyn Mathis will replace the girl on the Orbit gum commercials. Kaitlyn Allums will be doing gymnastics down a runway and spiking a volleyball when she gets at the end of it. Coty Mickle will still be texting his girlfriend. Shawnee Picard will still be happily married and have beautiful children. Joash, Johnathan, and Trevor will be running their fast food franchise “McBurgersKing” Stephanie Birmingham will add ten more stars to her tattoo collection. Hanna Maxfield will work for Microsoft. Draik Lanier will still be getting away with everything. Jason Drummond will be the chief of the Piney Woods Fire Dept.

46: Remember when I was a Junior Firefighter? | Remember "Mole Day?" | Remember how Coy NEVER took a picture? and his infactuation with Butt Plug? | Remember when our Chemistry teacher turned out to be a pedifile? We spent the rest of the year playing checkers and inventing various other games C: | Remember Lief Ericsson Day? October 9th! | Remember how the hallways always stunk after the annual cat disections?? | Remember Whens

47: Remember the Fridays when we distracted every teacher from work because it was Game Day? Rememeber when Kaytlyn and Ryne were'nt fighting? yeah, thought so. Remember the Back of the Bus Clan? Remember random Hula Partys? Remember when we gave Brady the Best Birthday Ever? Remember when we finally realized Ryne looked like Dale off of Step Brothers? Remember the Downtown Grill 8? Remember the tornado at prom? Remember Mas Despacio por favor?

48: To Kaitlyn Allums who is a model at Red, we give to you this Mr. Potato Head. To Justin Aby who has a fro, we give to you this play dough. To Chad Burgess who is so cute and funny, we give to you this fluffy bunny To Alora Chaney who is so rad, we give to you this doodle pad. To Justin Collins who always sleeps, we give to you this horn that beeps. To Bree Harbison who likes to dougie, we give to you this pack of huggies. To Shalya Wilson who likes to keep things clean, we give to you this picture of Charlie Sheen To Lucas Marsh who goes to school at night, we give to you these ninjas that fight. To Machiela Richard who is so blonde, we give to you this bubble wand. To Sydney Garmon who is our queen, we give to you this putty that’s green. To Ryne Gay who is not shy, we give to you this yummy moon pie. To Katie Sue whose lips are big and pretty, we give to you this ball from hello kitty To Brad Belk who is never wrong, we give to you this sexy thong. To Jamie Phillips who has to have everything “her way“ we give to you this recorder to play. | To Reece Knowles who is always in trouble, we give to you this mint that’s double. To Jesse Lay who is never here, we give to you this can of beer. To Hanna Maxfield whose foot is always broken, we give to you this golden Token. | To Sarah Mays who always has a man, we give to you this miniature fan. | To Kaytlyn Mathis who has big hair, we give to you this bottle of nair. To Coty Mickle who has an echo, we give to you this green gecko. To Sara Starnes who likes to talk, we give to you this case of chalk. To Nick Parker who always gripes, we give to you these baby wipes. To Stephanie Birmingham who is so sly, we give to you this blue tie. To Ryan Bonham who has a way with words, we give to you this this case or nerds. To Leslie Williams malicious, we give to you this chocolate that is delicious. | To Aaron Hill who wrecks his trucks, we give to you these rubber ducks. To Courtney Rice who is a baller, we give to this doggie collar. | Class Gifts

49: To Coy Calvert who loves his xbox, we give to you these pop rocks. To Wesley Jackson who likes the girls, we give to you this top that swirls. To Trevor Deason who is such a flirt, we give to you this gun that squirts. To Johnathan Bentley who is a Tennessee fan, we give to you this superhero man To Joash Bentley who works at jacks, we give to you some tic tacs. To Crystal Fox who makes us laugh, we give to you this bubble bath. To Chelsy Banks to who is into art, we give to you this cushion that farts. To April Thorton who is so nice, we give to you these fuzzy dice. | To Justin Holder who is so chill, we give to you this dollar bill. To Brandtley Cruce who is a blabber, we give to you this robot grabber. To Samantha Revels who is so sweet, we give to you these chips to eat.. To Shawnee Picard who is so dandy, we give to you this bag of candy. To Jacob Murphey who is papa smurph, we give to you this football from nerf. To Jayme Patterson who is a track star, we give to you this little blue car. To Dylan Loftis who likes to skip his classes, we give to you these oversized glasses. To Maegan DiLoreto who is so bright, we give to you this toy with lights. To Michelle Gann who is big mama, we give to you something to where in the Bahamas. To Tressa Wagnon who has a cute little boy, we give to you this for him to enjoy. To Draik lanier who is so tough, we give to you this pair of handcuffs. To Morgan Caffee who we rarely saw, we give to you this bouncy ball. To Joey Travis who likes tim tebow,we give to you this movie about nemo. To Kody Sellers who has a beautiful flag twirl, we give to you this string of pearls To Nicole Knight who plays hard to get, we give to you this fishing net. To Jason Drummond who speaks his mind, we give to u this thing to pass the time. To Christine Mclendon who is so poise, we give to you this stick that makes noise. To Andrew bunn who will always lend a helping hand, we give to you these silly bands. To Corey Hughey who is off the hook, we give to you this sponge bob coloring book.

50: Baccalaurette

52: Sunday Shoes, Cap and Gown The whole town gathered around Waited 18 years now it's all comin down to this. I scanned the crowd and it fills my soul My best friends all here in rows No turning back, Now its time to walk that line This tassel is gonna turn But when the moment passes by We'll just walk away Then slowly grow apart But I'm not gonna cry, no Not one sad or happy tear I've waited my whole life Now I'm gonna fly right outta here It's a bittersweet goodbye, but I'm not gonna cry

54: After Party

57: Senior Trip

58: Greatness is what i'm on the brink of.....

59: In the hills of Alabama reared against the skies proudly stands our alma mater as the years go by forward ever be our watchward conquer and prevail hail to the our alma mater Cold Springs High all hail- | We Made It!

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