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FC: SOMEDAY By: Dawson McCarville Original Book By; Charlet Zolowtow

1: Someday, my classmates will admire by my smartness. I say this because I think people look at me and say, "He's an idiot." Also because some people think that all my questions are stupid so i want to prove them wrong. If my classmates admire be I would be one of the most popular kids in school. I will need to work at this but someday my classmates will admire me.

2: Someday, At home I wish to get my own room. I want a room to myself because I hate having to share a room with my brother. Also, so i can have my privacy. A room to myself will be nice because i will have a lot more room for myself. If I can get a room to myself, I will hang out there so I don't have to watch my brother be annoying.

3: Someday, I want to learn how to sing. I want to learn how to sing, because if I don't succeed in baseball I can be a singer. Also being a singer would be cool, because I would be like Justin Bieber by getting a lot money. Also I would get all the girls. Being a singer would let you standout to the world and i want to make a difference in the world. Wanting to be a singer is not my top priority in life but, it could be fun.

4: Someday, I want to be a better baseball player. I want to be ab baseball player so I can play in the MLB. If i didn't approve in baseball my life would be a waste because of all my training. Also being a MLB player will be a lot of fun. Also it will make me be rich. I think if I can get could at baseball and keep working at it, it will help me stay away form bad things.

5: Someday, When I'm dead I want to give my organs to very ill people. I think being a donor because I want to be good person by saving lives. Also I think being a donor will help people recognize what I did and become a downer themselves. If I was a dead I would send my organs out to other people because I don't need them so I wouldn't be selfish and help humans. The true reason why I want to be a donoer is because my friend is on a waiting list for a organs and if he can get it he will die.

6: Someday, I wish that the world with video games will be gone and go back in the 1800's. I think life without video games will be amazing because our lives will be more active. If our lives are more active we won't be considered as the fattest country in the world. Also, if video games were destroyed people will be able to explore nature. in my opinion, I hate video games because they make our health bad.

7: Someday, I wish that my relationship with my parents will be better than great. I'm not saying that my relationship with my parents is bad. I think my relationship with my parents right now is amazing. I want the relationship to be better than amazing so they can trust me. If they can trust me than they will be able to buy me car or do favors for me.

8: Someday, I want to have a Bugatti. I want a Bugatti because it is a nice, fast car. Although it is expensive, I think if i drive it around town, people will recognize how successful I am. Having a Bugatti would be a lot of fun because if you go to the road in Germany called the, "Autobahn", I will be able to drive it as fast as I want to. I want to drive on this road to show off the world's fastest car.

9: Someday, I want a pet lion. I think when lions are young they are cute. Also I would like to have a lion for good protection. In my opinion, lions are one of the toughest, fastest animals in the world. And lions are one of the most fascinating animals in the world in my opinion. Another reason i want a lion for a pet because no one is going to try to rob your house.

10: Someday, I want to go to a place called, "Hawaii." I think that visiting Hawaii will be a good place to visit because all the things you can do there. Also I would like to go swimming in the ocean and at night I will be able to hula. If I went to Hawaii, I will be able to do a lot of stuff that I enjoy. Even though Hawaii is an expensive place, but it is good for vacation.

11: Someday, for my job, I want to be a MLB player. I want this job because, it was my dream to play baseball. Also being a MLB player is my brothers dream and if I make it and he doesn't I have bragging rights. If i grow up to be a MLB player my life will be completed. Also my entire life I been playing baseball and I don't want that to go a waste.

12: Someday, I hope that when I'm in school that are teachers can't give us schoolwork. I say this, because have of the kids don't even pay attention. Also, schoolwork makes kids miserable. Besides the teacher is making them do extra work by making us do work. I also think that j=kids will respect the teachers more if you don't give us any work to do.

13: Someday, I hope that all my friends will be able to go college and grow up having a good life. I say this because I think that all of my friends wish the same thing for me. Besides if I don't that means I don't care about them, but I do. I want the best for my friends because they helped me when struggled. Also, my mom says, "be a nice person", and I am.

14: Someday, for the earth, I am going to try to stop pollution. I want to make pollution stop because some people can't breath. Another reason why pollution must stop is because the pollution is getting so bad our sun might break through our atmosphere and kill us to death. Besides, I am not just going to stop pollution for me but for the earth. I don't know about you, but I know about me and I don't want America to burn in ashes.

15: Someday, I want to stop world hunger so people can enjoy a nice meal. Also, I want to end this tragedy so people won't die from hunger. If I can stop world hunger, I would be proud for the people who helped me and I will be proud from what I did. I just don't want to do this for myself , but for the world. If I was about to die from world hunger my last words I will say is," STOP WORLD HUNGER, DON'T BE SELFISH!"

16: Someday, I wish the law of paying taxes goes away. I want this law to go away so I don't get kicked out of my house because I have no money to pay mortgage. Also, this law shouldn't exist because it seems like the government is stealing our money that we earned so they can pay for stuff that they want. This law is probably one of the most stupidest law known to man. I think this law can be demolished so family's can enjoy their money that they earned.

17: But now it's time for me to go do my home work that is tomorrow. Also, I have to watch my dad pay taxes and plan our trip to Prescott. I also have to go with my brother in his Chevy Blazer to go to Walmart. And, I will have to see homeless people that can't eat. THat is my boring life I have to do everyday.

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