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S: Someday

FC: Someday | By: Klaire Saboe Also by: Charlotte Zolowtow

1: Someday... Everyone will know me for my musical talents. I have always been into music. I enjoyed singing when I was little, and I am currently in band and choir. I love all things that have to do with music. Maybe someday I will be known for some of my musical talents.

2: Someday... The place that I live in will change. Right now I live in a place where it is really hot in the summertime and really cold during the winter. We will live somewhere where it is cool all the time, but not freezing cold. My friends will all be there with me, and we will have fun everyday. Someday we will have a marvelous time where we live.

3: Someday... I will be able to play the piano with ease. I have never really been able to play it, but I would love to learn. Maybe someday I would be known for my piano skills, to go with my first page. I love all kinds of music, and piano is one of the main parts. If I could learn it, it would only improve my musical skills.

4: asEf | someday... I will be able to ice skate like a pro. I happen to be really bad at ice skating, but I would love to learn. Every time I try, I end up falling on my butt. Maybe someday, I will be able to ice skate without falling. Maybe I will even be able to do a simple figure eight.

5: Someday... I will be able to give everyone a place to live. I hate seeing people who are homeless or are losing their home. People should always have a place to live, no matter what. I believe that we should create community homes where you only need to pay a small amount of the rent and occasionally buy food you and the people that live with you. This would make it so that everyone will have a place to live and food to eat.

6: Someday... Things will go back to the way it was in first grade. There were no bullies, no judgment, and everyone was nice to each other. This way everyone will love and share. we wouldn't have to worry what other people thought about us, only what we thought about ourselves. We could all be best friends!! Someday, this could happen, but it would take work.

7: someday... My relationship with my parents will be the same. I think i have a really good relationship with my parents, and I want it to stay that way. I love my parents, and they love me.The only thing i would want to change is for us to go on more vacations. I would most definitely be o.k. with that.

8: someday... I will own a house on the beach with by all my friends. I would love to live on the beach, not worrying about a thing and sipping pina~coladas. I would have to be by friends, because it wouldn't be much fun without them. Maybe someday I could have a loving husband who lives in that house with me and works so I don't have to work. Of course I would miss the people I left behind, but it would be worth it.

9: Someday... I will own a jellyfish. I have always thought that a jellyfish would make a good pet, as long as you don't touch it. Jelly fish will always remind me of the movie Seven Pounds, but I would never do that to myself.When I do have a jellyfish, I would use it as a center piece of a room, so it could always be on display. This way, I could brag about it if someone thought they were cooler than me. :)

10: Someday... I will take a vacation in Fiji. i have always thought that Fiji is beautiful, and I would love to go there. I love all beaches, as long as they aren't too crowded, and Fiji isn't a crowded place. Maybe the whole family could come with, and we could have a family vacation. There we could lay out on the beach, tan, swim, and just have fun.

11: Someday... I will be a famous lawyer. I had always thought this was a pretty cool job, but I didn't really want to do it. Now that I watch lawyer shows all the time, I want to be a lawyer. If someone was in trouble, I wish that someday they would come to me and my firm. One of my best friends Bailey will work with me, and we will be the best lawyers in town.

12: Someday... Everyone in school will pay attention.Not everyone in school pays attention, and it isn't exactly helpful to the people who do pay attention. Usually it's the people who do pay attention that get the good grades. All people should get good grades, but in order for that, they would have to pay attention. So if all people payed attention in school, then everyone would get good grades and be good and respectful to the teachers.

13: Someday... There will be no lying in friendships. I know what you thinking, that this is already true... but it's not. There is a lot of lying in friendships, and a lot of secrets. Shouldn't you be able to confide in your best friends? Not everyone does this, and its kind of sad.

14: Someday... There will be no more pollution on the earth. Everyday, there are more and more people and factories polluting the earth, and a lot of people are doing nothing about the pollution.They just go around acting like nothing is happening the our home. The pollution is destroying the earth's atmosphere bit by bit, and we are only making it worse. Maybe someday there will be people who do something major about this and there will be no more pollution.

15: Someday... There will be peace. No wars, no disagreements, no plans of attack, just peace. Maybe someday all of the counties can agree on peace, and will have no need for military forces. With peace, there would be less deaths. Maybe with peace, we could have a completely violence free world, therefore a happy place.

16: Someday... Smoking will be illegal. Smoking causes a lot of things, worst case being death. Without smoking, there would be less deaths. With this law in place, the people who do smoke will be forced to quit, with help of course.

17: But right now, I have to go home and make some brownies. Then I'll read a book while my cat lies on my lap. After that I'll face time my friends and just let loose. Sometime afterwards I might listen to music and watch cupcake wars. My life can wait, right now I need to live in the moment.

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