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SRMHS Spring Magazine

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FC: THE UNLEASHED | SRMHS May Edition 2012 Vol. 2 | Fashion | Hangout Spots | 2012 Prom | Lip Dub


2: "May the odds be ever in your favor" | English classes here at southeast assigned their students to read the book "The hunger games" , but little did anyone know how popular the series would actually be. The movie came out March 23, 2012 and became the new hot topic of discussion. People couldn't wait to find out what The Hunger Games was really all about!

3: The Hunger Games started as a 3 book series. "The Hunger Games", "Catching Fire", and "Mockingjay"

4: There are many things that constantly run through the mind of a rising senior. They themselves are about to be the senior class that they once looked up to. All of their hard work is finally about to pay off,things that were once just dreams are now only a year away from becoming true, and most importantly this is the final step before they journey out into the real world to begin the rest of their lives.

5: "It seems like high school passed by really fast. Freshman year I was so ready to be a senior, but now it's becoming a reality. It's really exciting, but a little scary at the same time." -Marcia Lindsay | "Getting ready to go to college and to chill more. Not getting my grades up and not getting accepted into the college I want to worries me" -Sebastian Alvarez | "What worries me is the presentation of my portfolio. What excites me is that I'm going to be out of high school and become an adult and go to college. I'm just ready to get out of high school." -Jasmyne Hicks | "I'm just ready to get my cap and gown and walk across the stage. I just want my mom to say "I'm proud of you." -Kaleisha Moore | "I'm excited. I'm just worried about the stressing over the work, stressing about getting my work done. It's like yesterday I remember being a freshmen." -Kiana Franklin | WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON BECOMING A SENIOR? WHAT ARE YOU WORRIED ABOUT? WHAT ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT?

6: Spring break spread 2-3

8: SPRING FASHION | Each year students are ready to start dressing in their spring apparel. The fashion hasnt changed much from last year. Students are wearing flip flops. skirts, sandals, denim vest and being very original. One of the many clothing items that people are wearing are rainbow flip flops, ray ban sunglasses and many other things. At southeast everyone wants to look good for there fellow classmates.


11: Crabtree | Downtown Raleigh | Home | H | North Hills | Weekday, or the weekend, where will you be today. Whether your enjoying a movie at North Hills, being entertain at a concert in Downtown Raleigh, at Crabtree shopping for the new apparel, or even at your home your enjoying yourself. Hanging out will never get boring but if you did happen to get bored, there will always be new exciting places that you can attend. " Trying out new activities can open up fun; enjoy your life, being that you only have one." By: Kryshaun Harris

12: Summer | Getting in shape for | Whether it's starting anew at high school or embarking on their journey into the world, everyone wants to enjoy the memory-filled summer in between. Being healthy and having a beach-worthy body is the first step on most everybody's mind! Students at Southeast Raleigh High School gave helpful diet and exercise tips so everybody's prepared for the summer ahead. Madeline Newton | "To stay fit I play soccer and eat healthy, authentic Chinese food." Grace Jou | "To get ready for summer, I'm going to do a lot of cardio and eat more vegetables and other healthy food." Jajuan Tyler | "My advice is just to do something everyday, even if it's just a little." Jules Mueller | Using their lunchtime to dance, these girls practice their newest creation doing something they all enjoy.

13: food | Do's and Don'ts | Melissa Fehnel and Brittany Jones munch on some springy strawberries and stir-fry during lunch. These are healthy and delicious options! | For an early release snack, Arnav Sarma enjoys some cheese and crackers with a juice pack to tide him over until the end of the school day. | Zeke Rogers' choice of french fries and chocolate milk are yummy but won't help a person get healthy and fit for summer. | DO | DO | DON'T | "The best thing to do is to go to the farmers' market so you get the freshest in-season foods that are locally grown." Nathan Money

14: Friendship - Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal. | Trust - Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. | Faithfulness - Adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, cause, or idea; loyal.

15: The cheating stage is when you cant let your significant other go anywhere without thinking he or she is cheating. You know after this stage if you truly love each other or not. If you stay with that person then you are strong. If you don't, then you need to go find Jesus and he will help you find somebody special. :) | Being in a relationship with someone has its ups ands downs. At the beginning of a relationship you love each other all day everyday and you cant get enough of each other. Thats called the cupcake stage. The after you start going out for a while, you get tired of being by each others side all day. Then you get into the cheating stage.

16: Greek Life at Southeast

17: How was kappa ball this year? This year was

18: Southeast is known for athletics and technology but what most don't realize is our creativity in fine arts. Last year we entered the WRAL High School Lib Dub challenge and did very well. Unfortunately we didn't win last year but that did not stop our bulldogs from entering the contest again this year with full force! New to the bulldog family, Mrs. Kush did a excellent job prepping our students for the contest this upcoming year. With our charismatic students in addition to Mrs. Kush enthusiasm about the project expect to see our bulldogs conquer the competition! | Lip Dub

20: Audrianna Rhynehardt Q:What is some advice that some upper classmen have given you? A: Study, do no procrastinate and just have fun Q:What is your biggest fear going into your next year? A: Losing my friends and I know the work will get a lot harder and that scares me | Destini Cox Q: What do you think you will miss the most about your sophomore year? A: I will miss Civics, because Ms. Hanes is so funny. Q: What have you learned that you will take into next year to help you? A: That I have to study a lot and sacrifice social events in order to achieve my goals. | Deneasha Poteat Q: What are you looking forward to the most about your senior year? A: Graduating and just having fun in my last year. Q: What are your goals for your last year? A: To graduate and get a full scholarship for track.

21: Goals for the upcoming year | Moving into the next school year soon, all the seniors will be gone. Let's take a look into some of the goals for the Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors going into the 2012 - 2013 school year. By: David Washington

22: Drinking and Driving

23: If ever in a situation with a drinking and driving follow these steps. *Always have a "DD" *Call a cab, friend, or parent; they're not going to be upset, they will be happy you're alive. *Take the keys! friends don't let friends drink and drive. Be responsible and don't fall under the influence Make a difference Go to and sign the pledge | Be ABOVE the influence

24: Prom | 2012 | When the clock strikes 12 all the dancing and fun with your friends will end, Prom 2012 will be the highlight and most memorable for upper class men in southeast Raleigh magnet high school. planned by the juniors, prom is a night full of dancing and celebrating while dressed in glamorous dresses and sharp tuxedo's. | "Seniors will forever appreciate the juniors for planning such a great event" says senior, Tia Purkett. From the theme to the location, everything went together well. | By Nicole Leonard

25: Prom queen | Prom king | lovely couple dressed in red | quick pose before a night of dancing.

27: Ball 1 Ball 2 Ball 3 Ball 4 that has been how our season has been this year it seems like we take steps forward then goes backwards again. The thing we are trying to do is break through with our first win then hope the wins start to string together. Other than that we have a great future ahead of us because we have a lot of underclassmen starting and gaining experience . By: Deonte Wayns

28: Outdoor Track

31: what goals and hopes do 9th, 10th and 11th graders have for the 2012-2013 year?

32: The freshmen class of 2016 is soon to join the bulldog pound. Starting high school maybe difficult at times but the student body always has positive things to offer to help. If you need help with making decisions for a class, student services can help. High school is supposed to be the best four years of your life, so make it the best. Make high school your ambition to strive for the best because your decisions you make in high school will make you or break you. Aim for success and not for perfection. Most importantly be yourself and never change who you are, people will like you for you and not who you are wanting to be. By: Elainah Kinlaw | Advice Column for Upcoming Freshmen

33: I would NOT yell out 2016 in the hall! | Don't wear the class shirt they give you at the Bulldog institute. | Get to know a lot of Upperclassmen! | Welcome to Southeast Class of 2016! | Stay on top of your school work and don't slack off. | Join a lot of clubs and get into sports. | Freshmen Fridays... doesn't exist. | Get to know your teachers. | Get to know a lot of people in your class. | Study three times as much everyday. | Be on time for class | Upcoming sophomore Dijah and Ashely(dominant). Castra(bottom left). Kayla carter(bottom right).

35: what are current juniors looking forward to about being seniors?

36: Four seniors waiting patiently to be called to present there graduation projects. | A senior happily getting ready to present her graduation project. | A senior doing last minute work before her big presentation. | Two seniors waiting to be called to present there graduation projects. | Seniors going over there graduation projects before presenting. | A senior ready to present! | Two seniors discussing there graduation project progress before presenting. | Seniors getting together before the big presentations.

37: Grad Projects | Every year southeast seniors have to present a graduation project that contains a paper and a power point presentation of a product of their choice. This year our 2012 seniors worked really hard in organizing and completing their graduation projects. When going to present your product, you have to be dressed in a nice attire, focused, and most importantly you have to be ready. This year of 2012 was very successful in passings than failings. We are very proud of our 2012 seniors and their success here at southeast.

38: Pre-Prom ! | Prom is approaching very soon so students are getting everything they need. Such as girls getting there dress, shoes and all other accessories. While guys go out to find a tuxedo to match there date. | The Dress: The Dress is the girls biggest and main concern if the the dress is not glamorous, or spectacular then there going to be a problem | The Tux: The Tuxedo is the guy's important thing you have. the colors you and your date pick has to match. | 2012 :)

39: The Shoes and Accessories: for a girl the shoes of choice are some fancy heels, and for guy's they choose fancy dress shoes. The accessories such as a clutch, a new purse and necklaces or chains. | The Ticket: This year the theme of the prom was "Where will you be when the clock strikes...", so the creative students at s.e came up with an idea for the ticket to be a clock.

41: prom night

43: senior achievements

44: "I remember when I first met Cam, I'm going to miss him so much !" - Kiyani Winborne | "I remember when my friends and I tried to sneak of campus, we got off campus but then got chased by a dog" - Devante Blount | "I'm going to really miss my graduating dance seniors" - Lisa Wilder

45: Senior Memories | "I'll never forget basketball season, it was the best time of my life" -Vincent Johnson | "I'll never forget my freshman year when we were allowed to attend pep rally and someone through a water bottle and got pep rally shut down, everyone hated class of 2012 for awhile" - Imani Blaize | When asked what will be remembered most here's what some students said !

46: My Summer Plans | Every year everyone is looking toward summer break. Students are eager to get out of school and be free. From the beach to half way across the world, from working hard to sleep, kids always have exciting summer plans. Many students are excited to get out, kick back, and relax. Students are excited to start a summer job and save money to buy their own things. Other students are excited to travel to visit their family. Family that they have not seen in maybe over a year and have a lot to talk about with. Summer time is also a time to catch up with friends you have not seen in awhile and maybe even your favorite show that you haven't watched in awhile. The adrenaline seekers can not wait to hike mountains, jump on roller coasters, or maybe even bungee jump. There are other students that are called the summer bums because they really do not do anything all summer. They just sit there watch, t.v., eat and just kill time on the computer. But most of us just like to hang out at places such as North Hills or Triangle Town Center with our friends. We really like that warm feeling when the summer days are longer and everything is good, no worries no work. And remember whatever your plans are stay safe and don't get into too much trouble. By; Daniel Marquez

47: 1. "This summer I'm going to Miami, I guess I'm not sure." -Mariana Sanchez | 2. "THis summer I'm going up to Chicago, Illinois to visit my family. -Kelly Brabec | 3. "This summer I am going to San Antonio for a conference then I am going to the beach" -Alex Hanomean | 4. "This summer me, Brittany Burks (left),and some are going to Kings Dominion." -Charleyah Phill

48: FUN in the. . | Tip 1: When going out on a hot day put lots of sunscreen on ! | Chelsea Brown I can't wait to go back to the beach with my girls after we graduate ! | Peter Holley Miami for the summer is definitely a good move.

49: Things to do in the summer: Hang out with friends. Hang out at the pool Go on a road trip together Meet at a party Go on trips to different places ! Virginia Beach Miami Lakes are even a fun place to go ! Go to Amusement Parks Busch Gardens Kings Dominion Carowinds Spending time with family is always fun ! | ..SUN | Tip 2: Drink a lot of water !

50: Graduation Rules & Expectations | Quick Rules 1.) Graduation will be held at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium May 29th, 2012 at 4:00pm. 2..) Rehearsal will be held May 25th. All rehearsals must be attended in order to walk on May 29th. 3.) 5 tickets will be distributed the morning of graduation. 4.) Don't forget to have all fines paid by May 13th!!!!! | Attire Gentleman: White Collard Shirts, Tie, Dark Dress Pants shoes & socks Ladies: Dresses, same length or shorter than gown

51: "2012 We Outchea!!!!!!!!!!" -Taylor Shaw

52: Graduation is soon approaching and our 2012 seniors will soon be off to college, the workforce or the military. This will be an amazing experience for our fellow bulldogs. Many students admit to being a little nervous, because of all the new responsibilities they will have to take on. but most are excited to start the next chapter in their lives. Students are excited at the freedom they will gain. Independence is what | excites students the most about graduating high school. Students say they will miss all the good times they have had with friends, and the trouble some of their friends got them into .Splitting up from their friends and making new friends will be the hardest thing students will have to do. Leaving for college will be the most amazing time 2012 graduates will have and they cant wait. By: Renita Brooks | OFF TO COLLEGE

53: Left: "I am going to NC State I'm very excited." -Autumn Stephens Right: "I'm going to UNCG. I'm not really excited, I'm just going with the flow. | "I'm going to NC A&T. I am very exited and nervous all at the same time" -Morgan Wilson | "I'm going to A&T and I'm ready to get up outta my house." -Deionte Bunch | "I will be going to Winston-Salem State. I'm very excited and nervous" -Briana Martin

54: 2012 MOVIES

55: 2012: Is it the year of movies? Starting in early January, action movie "Contraband," and scary movie "The Devil Inside," were released to kick off the year. As the year progressed, more movies were released and during the Spring into the Summer, all the favorites were in theaters. Movies included: "Men In Black III," "Avengers," "Hunger Games," and "Think Like A Man." | SRMHS students Treviar Hartsfield, Arthur Njemanze, Gabby Wilkins, Trevante Hill, Kevel Kingsberry, Onaje Humbert and Johnathan Richardson all said they wanted to see "Avengers." Other students such as Charles Mitchell, Montez Lindsey, Anthony Smith, LJ Clark, Lexi Flythe, and Jeremiah Rowland wanted to go to the movies to see "Men In Black III," "Think Like A Man," and "Dark Knight Rises."

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