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Stansbury Stallions 2010-2011

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S: Ryan Jenkins Vannissa Aphayrath Brayden Fivas Kate Dixon Megan Ririe

FC: S HS | Celebrate 2010-2011

1: Table of Contents: Student Government.............Pg. 2 SBO's........................................Pg. 3 Senior Class Officer's..............Pg. 4 Junior Class Officer's..............Pg. 5 Sophomore Class Officer's....Pg. 6 Freshman Class Officer's........Pg. 7 SBO Retreat.............................Pg. 8 Stu. Gov. Retreat....................Pg. 9 Back to School Pool Party...Pg. 10 Blood Drives..........................Pg. 12 Red Ribbon Week................Pg. 13 Assemblies.............................Pg. 14 Multicultural Week................Pg. 16 School Spirit (M.A.S.S.)..........Pg. 17 Homecoming 2010-2011......Pg. 18 Rush Week.............................Pg. 20 Senate Meetings...................Pg. 21 Spirit Week.............................Pg. 22 Festival of Lights....................Pg. 24 Operation Christmas Child..Pg. 25 Teacher Appreciation.........Pg. 26 Movie Nights.........................Pg. 27 Freedom Week....................Pg. 28 Elections................................Pg. 29 Prom......................................Pg. 30 Last Chance Dance...........Pg. 32 Incoming Freshman............Pg. 33 Historians...............................Pg. 35

2: Student Government 2010-2011

3: Student Body Officers | Gus Bustillos | Derek Leo | Maegan Porter | K.Jae Barbadillo | Ty Barton | Lindsey Droubay | Ty ~ President Sharon ~ Vice President Derek~ Business Manager Emily ~ Secretary Ryan ~ Historian Maegan ~ Activities Officer K.Jae ~ Assemblies Officer Gus ~ Service Officer Lindsey ~ Spirit Officer | Sharon Lyman | Ryan Jenkins | Emily Lakin

4: Senior Class Officers | Sta11ions! | Aaron Norman: President Justin Cox: Vice President Linzi Kelsey: Secretary Vannissa Aphayrath: Historian Kevin Parkinson: Senator Loretta Beaty: Senator

5: Class Pres. -Chance Boekweg VP -Lacey Jones Secretary -Katelyn Fish Historian -Brayden GFivas Senators -Kelsey Johnson & Tyler Kelsey Prom Chair -Sadie Johansen | Junior Class Officers!!! | 2012

6: Sophomore C lass Officers | President- Spencer Lawson Vice President-Erika Alvey Secretary- Armando Herrera Historian- Kate Dixon Senator- Braden Macdonald Senator- Braeden Heaps | Major Accomplishments: Established warning bell music. Raised money with Matchmaker Surveys. Founded the "Student of the Month."

7: Freshman Class Officers | President:Tanner Barton Vice President: Sidney Warick Secretary: Micah Greensides Historian: Megan Ririe Senator: Ashley Walters Senator: Viktor Pavlov

8: The SBO retreat was awesome! the dinners were great, and i feel like we all got to know each other well! - Derek L. It was very helpful to have a time to sit down with each other and discuss the upcoming year! - K.Jae B. I would advise that the SBO's plan a time to sit down with each other and discuss the upcoming events, once a month because it was very helpful!! | SBO Retreat

9: The retreat was super awesome and crazy fun. The bonding that took place was vital :) | Leave the food to Lundwall and just make sure you have an agenda, the rest will fall into place! | Stud. Gov. Retreat

10: Pool Party

11: Pool Party Pros/Cons: People loved Having a "Back to School" kick-off. It was mentioned that there should have been a luau theme with a pig roast and such. It was held at the Deseret Peak Complex.

12: Blood Drives | Advertise sooner. At least a month or more in advance | and produce the permission slips at that time. | Advice...

13: Red Ribbon Week What did you think of the week as a whole? Wristbands didn't make much sense. The rainbow coloring caused confusion about "Red" ribbon week. The inlayed words couldn't be read very clearly. Did the student body seem to be supportive why/why not? yes, some support is better then none. -Chance Bokweg and Braden Macdonald

14: Howdy Assembly Everyone loved this assembly! It's a great way to welcome all the new and current Stallions, and to show off the new class and student body officers. The only problem that occured is when the SBO's video didn't work. Music Makes MusicAssembly I definitely advise this assembly for upcoming years! it wasn't complicated at all and they were totally self contained! also one thing that worked very well was I asked the administrators to have the teachers escort their class so that there would be better attendance. the only thing that went wrong was Mr. Carpenter was not too happy with everything but now that he kinda knows what to expect there should be no problems! Contact info~801-369-0047 (Mike) | Freedom Week Assembly We got a major to speak, the assembly commitee made cupcakes to give out to all of those who have or is serving in the army or military, and showed the winners of the contest we had going on that week. The only downside was that the subject is very boring and serious. Try to find a way to bring up everyone's spirits somehow. Multicultural week assembly This year was great! There were more cultures involved this year then last year. Student government was able to bring in some cultural performances from outside of our school. The only problem we saw was that there was a short notice on almost everything, we didn't have much time to set up or ready performances. More time to get ready and informing everyone earlier is highly suggested. | Assemblies

16: Dress up Days: Student government participated well, whereas we didn't get much from the school. Next year, we should have a ballot, or just easier dress up days. | Multicultural | Week | (also see Assemblies page)

17: One in the M.A.S.S, I advise you not to change it because we had a hard time getting it to catch on since it changes like every year from stampede to M.A.S.S. but if you would like to i think you should be capable of changing the design and getting new shirts out there!! everyone liked the first one the only con was that they didn't like that the people's heads on the shirt looked more like bubbles than humans, so you might want to consider that. also I would keep in contact with the coaches bout having blue outs (or any color) and wearing the shirts you design or if you continue with ours! Contact info: ask Mr. Allen | School Spirit

18: Homecoming Blue and black, guess whose back? | Homecoming Pageant: | Homecoming Dance: Was fun and energetic. The only problem we encountered was the DJ and the speakers blowing out. Advice: Get an actual DJ instead of Coach Allen. | The Pageant was in some need of more student participation. We suggest getting an assembly for the talents and a score for a student vote section. The committee was great. It was good to have them vote on who was the most friendly of the girls. Another thing that went right was having pre-selected escorts for the girls. Use two or three and just rotate through.

19: Homecoming Parade: went great, the only advise is i would get to business's as quick as possible especially Quality so that you can get the best cars. Also using Aberdeen Ln. worked perfect because at the elementary school it forks so we assigned everyone a number so we could account for everyone, and assign the evens to one road and odds to another! also i would talk to Kravers about getting some local classic cars involved.

20: R U S H | W E E K | Rush week was exactly how it's portrayed: RUSHED. Even though clubs were very involved, we started late and it was very unorganized. The halls were crammed and there was very little time to go through all of the booths. A different location and more time is highly recommended. Make sure all clubs and participate, & give the students time to explore the clubs that the school provides.

21: Senate | meetings | Senate meetings were great. They were held once a month and were lead by Derek Leo. Here, a representative from every club got together and had a meeting telling everyone what each club is doing. We voted for bills to pass and got to know each club personally. | The only downside was the late notice meetings. Clubs were informed about meetings at the last minute. My advice: let everyone know ahead of time before you hold a meeting.

22: Infection Everyone loved it! The evening activities advisers got together and made a spin-off of a well-known game. The object of the game is to "infect" as many "humans" as you can. for $1, you pay for an infection wristband and are given the rulebook.Then you're on your own ;) DJ Panama Party DJ Panama from 97.1 ZHT came to DJ at a stomp we put on. It was held in the lunchroom with dark windows, flashing lights, loud music, and a cheap price. there was over 140 people who attended and there's a hope to at least double it. Advice is to confront Panama first and be sure to give him plenty of advance time. As well as advertise a lot, walking around the lunches with flyers, and the Facebook event helped a lot!! Big Bash Big Bash was loads of fun! The company Fun Services provided us with games and bounce houses appropriate for all ages. The only problem was the weather. It snowed and we were forced to move it inside the large gym.

23: Spirit Week 2011 | Keys to Success Assembly everything went on without a hitch! one thing to look into though is at the beginning of the year they gave us some cards to give out so I would speak with the cheerleaders and incorporate them into the pep assemblies as prizes. | Dress up days: Pajama day- always good Sports- good turn out Hat/glasses- always great twin day- not as many Class colors- great to end it. | Lunchroom Activities one activity that should be done again is the "marshmallow drop"= three teams of two (1 upstairs, 1 down), who ever can catch the most out of 5 marshmallows in 15 sec. wins.

24: Pro's definately do miracle minutes they helped a lot!! make sure to talk to clubs, and get everyone involved. follow, through with purchases, and make sure everyone pays fees! also i would try to get the school more involved, so make sure to talk ta all clubs and offer them a spot!! | Festival of Lights | Con's Not enough community involvment! try and incorporate Publicity committee. Make sure to follow through with purchases of any donations as well and double check it on an original balance to see if we have all the money!

25: Christmas | Operation | Child | We started this operation too late. We were unprepared and rushed because of how last minute this was. The woman from the church did help us a lot, but we had no boxes and lost the competition with Grantsville. | Advice: Start months in advance. Get all clubs involved. Better organization. Be prepared.

26: t e a c h e r | appreciation<3 | -Teachers felt appreciated | PRO | CON | -Not much help from the teachers | SUGGESTIONS | -Should last all week long -Get the word out sooner

27: MOVIE | nights | Kung Fu Panda was held outside on the football field. We had a great turn out! People even brought couches and bean bags! Concessions were a hit too. | Tangled was held in the small gym. Because the carnival and movie was moved to the gym, we didn't get as many people as we would've wanted. | Victory was held in the auditorium. It was a good place to have a movie, but it didn't get a lot of publicity, so we didn't have a great attendance. | SPIRIT week | FREEDOM week | HOMECOMING week

28: Balloon Launch The committee used helium to fill the balloons in the janitors room. There were different colors to represent different veterans, alive or dead. The kids were released from class to release them and that helped perticipation. Appreciation Dinner The Committee used Lundwall's military contacts for veteran speakers. Remember to get various speakers from the different branches of the military. You could use some faculty who have served to speak. We used Topham to speak to lengthen the program. The color guard presented the colors and the NHS set up, served, and cleaned up. Give NHS a month's notice for help. Communicate with Lundwall to determine a caterer. We advise you to advertise on grade print-outs. Make sure the publicity officer lets the community know about the dinner. | Freedom Week

29: Scantrons were a great idea! In the class elections the different areas were great. Make sure that you have pencils for people to use. Spread out the ballots so the lines aren't crammed. Make sure that you have teachers to help man the voting tables and designate who goes in which line noticeably. Also, have a table for students to get a ballot, then have a separate table to actually turn in the ballots. | ELECTIONS!!!

30: -Prom Location: We held Prom at the Capitol. Decorations were limited because of the Capitol’s rules and regulations, but it looked nice. We tried to dim the lighting because the floor lights up but because of the balcony lights you couldn’t really see it. However, we weren’t able to get the lights off in time. The set up worked out really well. We had the DJ off to the side, one staircase reserved for pictures and spectators were sent upstairs to control traffic. All over it worked out very well. Just as a side note, Tooele High was able to get the floor lit up and they had a lot of decorations. Don’t know what they did that we didn’t, but you might want to look into that. -Pictures: We had Cory Adams do our pictures and they were great. They didn’t charge us anything to have them there since their profit comes from students buying picture packages. We set aside one of the staircases just for pictures so that they could have two booths set up for couple pictures and a booth for group pictures which was set up underneath the staircase in an alcove. Some Cory Adams employees came during first and second lunch the two days before Prom so that people could purchase their picture packages in advance since you are not allowed to exchange money at the Capitol building. We also had Cory Adams set up a few hours early to avoid having long picture lines during Prom. -Refreshments: The Capitol also had pretty strict rules on refreshments. Everything had to be pre-packaged and un-opened. So, we had water bottles and single cookie packages. We got 300 water bottles from Walmart for free just by asking them. As for the cookies, we got nine cases of them from cookietree.com or $171.18. We ended up not having enough water but having too many cookies. We would suggest getting five cases of cookies and six hundred water bottles. -Prom Assembly: We held a Prom Information Assembly in order to inform the Junior Class what was going on and to get their input. We held it at the end of first period and the beginning of second. We showed them the Promenade dance so that they would know what they would have to learn and performed. We gave them all the information about Prom and answered any questions that they had about anything Prom related. | Jr. Prom

31: You're My World Tonight | Forget the Day...

32: Last Chance Dance | Tennis Courts perfect for end of year! Corey Adams great job for pictures. | Keep the tickets cheap! The parking lot lights were not too bright plus the Christmas lights helped. Light refreshments were great. It was a well attended girls choice dance.

33: INCOMING freshman Night | This night went fantastic! We had tons of incoming freshman attend and lots of school clubs and organizations come and set up booths too! | NEW

35: 2010-2011 Historians | Gmail account info: Username: shshistorians@gmail.com Password: stansburyhigh We tried doing something new with this book by stating an events pro's and con's in hopes that it will make planning activities for next year easier. We wish all that may follow us the best of luck, and you have so much fun doing so!! thank you, the shs historians from the 2010-2011 school year!! | The program we used to make this book is called mixbook.com, the login info is: Username: shshistorians@gmail.com Password; stansburyhigh

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