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Susan Shamali

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S: Susan K. Shamali, CPS/CAP, International President 2009-2010

FC: Susan K. Shamali, CPS/CAP 2009-2010 International Association of Administrative Professionals

1: "COMMITMENT is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions which speak louder than the words. It is making the time when there is none. Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year. Commitment is the stuff character is made of; the power to change the face of things. It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism." -- Abraham Lincoln

2: Copyright 2010 by IAAP. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a data base or retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Printed and bound by Edited by J.M. Shamali

3: Intro Board Retirement Trust Foundation Division Presidents Past International Presidents Headquarters Staff Conclusion | TABLE OF CONTENTS

4: (Power of Commitment Logo) The 2009-2010 International Board of Directors

6: Past, Present. and Future Leaders | Thanks for your leadership, your mentorship and your friendship. You’ve always led the way for change – making each level of IAAP better than when you began. I will be a better leader because of you.

7: A smile is worth a million dreams And laughter a thousand heartbeats Lifting the spirits and chasing the blues away With every smile a chance to open doors to laughter An elevator ride up through the clouds Where dreams can come true and heartbeats erase the blues -- JoJo Bean & David Harris

8: TAMRA | We have jumped for joy at achievements | We have cheered together

9: We have turned ourselves upside down and looked at things in a new way | And during it all, we have done it with smiles on our faces and with a great deal of heart | Susan, Since the day we started working together, you have demonstrated your Power of Commitment to IAAP. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for your leadership, your valuable contributions to the Association, your laughter, your smiles, and your warm friendship. Tamra

10: What will happen now for the Dynamic Duo ... the hapless travelers .... | LOOK! First Convention!! Buffalo, New York

11: Mentor ... Oh yes that describes you and is my first thought when thinking about you. And, I wanted to say something more, so I went to the thesaurus (of course I did that), and here are some synonyms it gave: Advisor ... Guide ... Guru. Well, that sums it up the tremendous impact you’ve made in my life. You've pushed me along ... step by step .... year by year knowing just when to push and when to hold back. You’ve recognized what I can bring to the table, because I tend to not have 20/20 vision for such things. I appreciate your belief in me so very much. You’ve earned respect and high regard from IAAP members and staffers alike. You handle all things with grace and responsibility, and have some of the strongest ethics for doing the right thing that I’ve ever encountered. You leave a brilliant legacy with IAAP, helping us continue to travel the path to remarkable. The road we’ve traveled has had its bumps along the way; twists and turns, lost luggage and canceled flights. Although I wouldn’t say that I’d not change it one bit! What I DO BELIEVE is that the time has been right for your IAAP leadership. You have helped us grow, survive, and thrive. Fondly, Janine

12: Susan It has been a privilege serving under your leadership during the Power of Commitment year. I have appreciated you “pushing me” to teach the chapter and division leaders about financial responsibilities. Thanks for your friendship, commitment and leadership. Respectfully, Karlena | Ponte Vecchio Florence, Italy Got Jewelry?

13: Where everyone knows your name! (Is it Susan or Hot Tamale?) | Boston

14: sharron | Susan, Thank you for your guidance through what could have been a very scary year for the first-year District Directors! We have learned a lot and will carry your message of the Power of Commitment in all we do in the future. Best wishes in your future activities! Sharron

15: The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.

16: Wendy | From here.... | to here..... | BOSTON

17: Susan Thank you for the mentoring and friendship. You have made my first year on the IBOD a great learning experience and one filled with memories that I will always treasure! | Thanks for the memories!

18: Susan, My words are insufficient to express how much you mean to me as a colleague, mentor, and friend; therefore, please permit me to use your words: and the words of an author: July 29, 2009 - Incoming Speech - 2009 EFAM: 'Leadership in IAAP is not about personal gain. It's about ensuring the success of each and every member; providing not only the opportunity to advance in our chosen career but also in our leadership positions within the organization. Leadership is about providing the necessary components that will ensure we will be better tomorrow than what we are today, collectively as well as individually. It's about working the plan together to achieve our vision of tomorrow.' Office Pro, October 2009: - "Power of Commitment: Key Parts of a Plan": 'At times, she wears the quizzical look of an eager classmate. She opens her notebook and holds a pen in her hand. She is alert and focused, listening, absorbing information, opinions, facts and ideas to be processed and applied. Later at the podium, Susan is the teacher, the leader. Peering through reading glasses propped on her nose like a school marm, she stands and transfers information, passing it on, helping others understand issues and triumphs, goals and plans. Under the theme, the Power of Commitment, [Susan] holds the banner high and asks members to reach for it.' The words above describe the Susan I know, respect, and love. Thank you.....for everything! Your leadership has enriched my life immeasurably. Judie


20: One thing that impressed me from the moment you took the gavel was how much your family was a part of your involvement in IAAP. They say that no great leader stands alone, and your family has obviously been with you from day one! | From the first day, to the last, you have led by example, showing us how to work together,

21: Val | how to play together, and to keep learning new things everyday! Thank you for your leadership, and for the wonderful memories! ~ Val

22: Dear Susan, I had no idea when I was elected Southeast District Director how much I would learn about teamwork, networking, and family. I have learned nothing can be accomplished without people working together. I have learned networking is a wonderful tool. I have learned that a person can have more than one family, and that I am now part of your special family. Thank you and as always, Bless Your Heart!!! Virginia

23: Virginia

24: Susan It has been my sincere pleasure serving under your leadership. Little did I know when we first met that we were from the same home town, of Grand Rapids, Michigan. And, that you also spent some time in the St. Louis area. What a small world! I first met you during the 2004-2005 IAAP year when I was Division President for Missouri Division. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would one day in the not so far future get to really know you. You have been a great inspiration and a fine leader. Thank you for introducing us to the Power of Commitment and sharing so much of your time with us. Also, thank you for providing leadership training for the entire board and staff managers. I learned so much under your guidance. I know we worked you hard. Take some time to rest and spend quality time with your family. Thanks for the memories! Toni

26: jennifer

27: Susan It was an absolute honor and a privilege being part of your team. It is now time for you to relax and what better way to do this than by laying on a beach in Barbados sipping Rum Punch.!

32: Susan, Who would have known the journey that our lives have taken when we first met! I can still remember attending my first GLDC in Wisconsin and a concerned member of my chapter called you to ask that you help me out during the conference --- when we did meet, I was sitting with Betty Kidd, whom I did not know, but you said to me that you thought I was in very good hands! Our paths have crossed in many travels together, but one of the most memorable times with you was sitting in Nashville, reworking your two minute speech --- trying to find something that rhymed with Shamali --- aha! Shamali, the hot tamale! I can still see Sheila O’Meara, you and myself sitting there just laughing about how it would go in a two minute speech. Little did we know that Shamali, the hot tamale would stick!

33: It has been a great experience to serve with you as a fellow Trustee on the RTF Board of Directors this past year. You are an inspiration and great business person that has added much to the Trust. I truly appreciate all you have offered to our association and to me personally as a wonderful mentor, thank you! Hoping we have many more opportunities to travel together and create more of those lasting memories in the future. Thanks and hugs, Kelly Reggio CAP

34: Susan, It was a wonderful meeting in Minneapolis, and I enjoyed our introduction to your family as they spoke and performed from the podium! They were funny, warm, and completely in love with you -- Mom and Wife! I loved this personal, charming introduction to you. I have enjoyed working with you this past year on the RTF Board of Trustees and I appreciate your great attitude of mentoring and challenge. I truly value your intellect, sense of good business, and sense of humor! You remind me a lot of another great lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, as she said, "You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face." You have been a fearless, awe-inspiring leader for the IAAP membership and for the RTF Trustees, and we would not have done nearly as well without your insight, good business sense, and wit! Thank you for all of the skills and character you brought to us. My very best wishes as you go forward to another page in your book of life! Pat Row CPS/CAP | Downtown Minneapolis

35: Now what was that you said about monkey body parts and that delicious hunk of steak (or as someone said--moo sushi)? ???????? ? ? ? ? | Susan's warm laughter. | Working at RTF Board meeting. | Pat and Susan at RTF meeting in Kansas City. | The POWER OF COMMITMENT is the courage to follow your talent to where it leads and to never give up until you achieve success. | Our friends are those who expect the best of us. Thank you, my friend!

37: Susan, Who would have believed when we met all those years ago where our IAAP paths would take us. I am so happy that our paths have continued to cross and now we travel the same RTF path. Soon our paths will diverge again, but it is my hope they will soon meet and cross once again. Best wishes and as it has been said, thanks for the memories! Lynda Boulay, CPS/CAP

38: 2009-2010 Division Presidents

40: Canada District knows Susan fits right in!

41: From Sea to Sea to Sea to Sea... The members of IAAP in Canada District - Ontario Division, Western Canada Division and Eastern Canada Division salute Susan and her Power of Commitment!

44: Thanks, Susan, for your friendship, mentoring and leadership in the GREAT Great Lakes District!

46: Thank you for your Wisdom, your guidance and your Power of Commitment. Robert Marshall CAP, GNED Diane M. Moore CPS/CAP, NJD Bianca Constance, NYSD Diana Comber, PAD Judie Yannarelli CPS/CAP NEDD

47: Northeast District

48: My fondest “memory” of Susan involves her help with a “delicate” conversation I had to have with one of my board members. I had to have a difficult conversation with a current board member but I didn't know what to do or how to approach the issues so I sat on it for a while. Finally, I couldn't sit on it anymore, and I emailed both Susan and Val regarding my “problem” and asked them for help. Susan immediately suggested a conference call, which Val set up. | During the conference call, they went over each of my items and helped me write an exact list. They helped me verbalize what I needed to say. They also prepared me for the steps I would need to take if certain time lines weren't followed. I was very nervous when I set up the conference call with my board member – but, amazingly, I stayed on the script I wrote and I addressed the issues in a honest, friendly manner. I was really expecting this to be an ugly conversation – but it was actually very pleasant and together, my board member and I worked out a plan of action to correct the issues that I had to bring up. This mentoring from our International Officers is truly the highlight of my year as IA-NE Division President (2009-2010). | The ID-OR-UT Division Board relaxing after their tri-state tour of Leadership Training Meetings President Karen Bingham at left | WA-AK - Linda Cook CAP MN-ND-SD - Joan Gatzmeyer CPS/CAP NWDD - Valerie King CPS/CAP | NORTHWEST DISTRICT

49: Pictured above: 2009-10 TwinCities West Chapter President Catherine Feldman, CAP (left) 2009-10 MN-ND-SD Division President Joan Gatzmeyer, CPS/CAP (& TwinCities West Chapter member - right) My favorite "Susan Story" (Joan Gatzmeyer CPS/CAP) The proposed dues increase was the source of much discussion throughout IDPC in April 2009. At the conclusion of the conference, everyone sat in a circle and shared their thoughts and potential support of the increase. When it was my turn, I stated that I did support the increase, but a part of me feared the loss of division members that could likely be the result--that membership drop could make me look like the worst division president ever, and I said I would need an asterisk next to my name in the history books clarifying "this was the year of the dues increase." Susan then raised her hand and said, "uh, yeah, I get that", which made me laugh, but realize that her presidency, too, could be affected by the loss of members across the entire organization. But it also made me realize that she clearly felt strongly that this was the best course of action for the organization and was willing to take that step for the overall good of IAAP even though it may not win her or the board any popularity contests. That is the Power of Commitment. | IA-NE - Maggie Loutsch CPS/CAP ID-OR-UT - Karen Bingham CPS CO-WY-MT - Margaret Hartl





54: Susan, We Thank You for Your Leadership and Power of commitment 2009-2010 Southwest District

55: Arizona-Nevada-New Mexico | Hawaii Kansas Missouri | Texas-Louisiana California Arkansas-Oklahoma

56: Congratulations! | Shelia Brownfield, CPS/CAP 2003-2004 International President

57: IAAP | DETERMINED..GENUINE..DEDICATED..FAMILY ORIENTED These are just a few words that immediately come to my mind when I think about my MOST special “Mission Possible” agent. YOU! I was so blessed to have you as part of my team. Your spirit and your vision proved invaluable to me on several different occasions. Your honesty and openness was unparalleled. You are a class act, lady! Our association is fortunate to have had you at the helm this past year and I know that you ran a tight ship and your leadership will, no doubt, continue to be inspiring to the team you are leaving behind. I will never forget the “last” Great Lakes District Conference, “Grand Finale” in Troy, Michiganwhat a hoot! We all dressed to the nines and celebrated a wonderful Oscar awarding-winning night and I’ve got the pictures to prove it! You were, of course, the most gracious hostess. I did so enjoy meeting your family and felt the love between you. You are such a warm, caring person and you showed that to anyone and everyone you met. You learned to balance work, family, and life and you learned to do it admirably. It is no surprise to me that you reach and exceed the goals you set for yourself. You were one of the leaders of the District Directors who served on my board and I always knew I could count on you to follow through and make it happen, whatever “it” was. I know you felt challenged when I started into one of my songfests, but you were the team player and always had something to offer. You were always behind me and always made my job easier and more enjoyable. Your spirit was such a breath of fresh air! And, remember, it was “our” year that the infamous redistricting issue came to a head! I remember how YOU were always the level-headed one when I needed you most! After we got passed all the smoke, it became clear to all of us what the right thing to do was and we DID it! Thank you for supporting me and thank you for leading the association we both love and admire. I wish you life’s best as you pursue your next dreamtil we meet again remember, life’s a song, sing it loud, sing it strong!

59: "Shamali the Hot Tamale” what an awesome marketing tool, Susan! And you’ve continued to WOW everyone with your professionalism, style and leadership skills! It’s been a thrill watching you over the years! I’ll never forget the incredible job you did as Treasurer during my 2005-2006 term! You sincerely created excellence with the proactive way you performed your role and set the stage for the changes necessary to truly make our association remarkable! I an SO proud of you, Susan it’s been an honor to know you and serve together! I sincerely hope presiding at the 2010 EFAM in Boston is as much fun for YOU as presiding at the 2006 convention in Reno was for me! I have no doubt you’ll do a super fantastic job! Enthusiastically, Kay Enlow Kay Enlow CPS/CAP 2005-2006 International President

64: s | We are strong we are beautiful we are wise we are silly we are courageous we are tired we are friends Barb Horton CAP International President 2008-2009

65: HOT in every way

66: IAAP Headquarters Office | There once was a girl from Kansas, Who was told she would coordinate governance, Coordinate what? she said with a shrug, Do whatever is needed, even take pictures in a tub, Anything to make the board happy and keep peace on the continents. Good luck & thanks for a great year, Susan. Cindy Long | 2009-2010 IAAP International Board of Directors Reno, Nevada

67: Susan, What an successful year for IAAP. While the the challenges were many, your leadership kept us focused on the project plan and the tasks at hand. Thank you so much for your support of the staff. I couldn't help but add a couple of photos of the winter scenes from Headquarters. This year will certainly be remembered for the snow that never seemed to go away. Best of Luck in your future endeavors. Don

68: There once was a girl from Kansas, Who was told she would coordinate governance, Coordinate what? she said with a shrug, Do whatever is needed, even take pictures in a tub, Anything to make the board happy and keep peace on the continents. Good luck & thanks for a great year, Susan. Cindy Long | 2009-2010 IAAP International Board of Directors Reno, Nevada

69: Susan - Thank you for all the memories... this year wouldn't have been the same without you!! -Aaron

70: One sun One moon | One world One heart | Best Wishes from Vicki, Kathy, Jennifer

71: To the OfficePro Cover Girl, It's been a wonderful year working with you to advance the Power of Commitment. We wish you the best in the coming years. Emily, Kathy and Laura

72: From the IDPC funny money to the last hot tamale, the Membership Department loves President Susan Shamali!

73: For $10,000...she was the best 2009-2010 International President Who is Susan Shamali, CPS/CAP? | Susan, It has been a great year and I wish you all the best as you begin a new adventure! Joy

74: DISTRIBUTION POWER There is something powerful about being committed to a cause, to a vision or to a meaningful purpose. In the distribution department we are committed to IAAP by displaying the Core Values that drive THE POWER OF COMMITMENT, believing that rewards will follow. Thank you Susan for a fantastic year. Joy, Susan, Chad, and Lynn

75: Thanks Susan for the the years you have given to IAAP. Wishing you and your family all the best. Inge

76: Add a heaping scoop of dedication to years of commitment. Blend in plenty of experience and sprinkle business acumen and good people-reading skills according to taste. Fold in a number of sleepless nights and sift through the nonsense. Every so often, vigorously stir to keep the mix free flowing. Beat out any lumps before heating to the boiling point, then let it rise to its fullest potential. Add a pinch of humor as needed and whip to get the cream to the top. Let rise for one year, then add an assortment of colorful garnishes. Serves 27,000. | Recipe For Success 2009-2010 | Susan and Trayce Sous Chefs Education and Professional Development

77: Susan, thanks for a great year and the solid leadership you have provided the Association. Please let me know when Mo's seasoning hits the market! All the best, Rick | It's been a great year. Good luck in the future, Ben and Creig

78: "The great thing about working in an accounting department is that everybody counts." - the Alternative Accountant

79: Now that you'll have more time maybe it'll be easier for you to find me a real man! Although, this one doesn't argue. Susan, it has been a pleasure working with you these past years. Best of luck with your future endeavors.


81: Life is an ongoing process with many beginnings and continuations, and lots of possibilities. There’s no point at which we’ve learned everything we ever need to know, become as healthy as we ever need to be, or done every good thing we could possibly do. There’s also no point at which we’ve lived as true to our values as we ever need to live. That’s why Walking the Talk, like life itself, is a journey rather than a destination. There’s always another road to travel, another new path to take. The goal is not to “get there” but instead to make sure you keep moving in the right direction. (excerpted from “Walk the Talk” by Eric Harvey & Steve Ventura)

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