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Talentos Yearbook 2

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FC: Escuela Secundaria Estatal #12 "TALENTOS"

1: ESCUELA SECUNDARIA ESTATAL #12 | "TALENTOS" | 3 "A" | I | my class

2: kevin zaid | Hillary Brown | Chris Johnson | James Pollock | Amber Clark | Sandy Johal | Emily James | Melissa Hill | Sienna Pollock | Karen Palm | Lauren Hill | Emma Carter | Jack Smith | Dan Hinkley | Emma Jones | Mike Johnson | Katherin Elva | Geena Frank | Alma Elva | James Pollock | 3rd GRADE

3: Katherin Elva | Megan Hill | Jake Thomson | Eric Smith | Geena Frank | Galina Kade | Emily James | Karen Smith | Alma Elva | Alessia James | Katherin Elva | Sandy Johal | James Pollock | Jose Garcia | Amy Wang | Henry Wilson | Amy Garcia | Amber Clark | Sienna Pollock | Jack Smith | 3rd GRADE

4: Date of birth: October 31st. 1997. Likes: Write, Football, Draw, Play the guitar, GYM. | kevin zaid

5: When I enter to the school my life was very hard, all the people hate me, but by my family I could continue and now the guy that always say bad things to me is one of the my best friends, Eloy. But thanks to other students like Alberto and Luis (My best friends) that listened to me and helped me the school was easier. I never forget this experience, “La Escuela de Talentos” with problems, bad and good feelings, friends and not friends and far away of home, but I feel proud of me because I never back down. | Biographical information (achievements at school): I have a medal of GYM competitions, I have good communication with everybody, but that is happening now, before they know something about me I got bullying. Just the guys that sleep near to me had known me. But now I help my classmates when I ca. Others thinks that can remember me are my writes. | Dislikes: I don't like the person hypocrite, the teachers that don't worry for us, just for be good to the direction.direction.

6: Biographical information (achievements at school): Everyone thought that I will be sweet before know something about me, but when they started to talk to me, and I got security, all those thoughts disappeared. | Plans for the future: I will enter to Bach. #4, I will study a lot and I will become an important engineer and I will invent something that will change the humanity.

7: Alberto Aguirre | Date of birth: November 25th. Likes: Play the guitar and play soccer.

8: Sandra | Like: I love eat, chocolate, sleep, listen music, cowco, Coldplay, The killers, Brandon Flowers, sing, Muse, feel the wind in my face and I love live my life. | March 2nd 1997, Colima, Col.

9: I love this school; here Ive lived the most beautiful experiences in my life. Here I learned how to make friends, because I haven't friends. Now Im more social. When I started 1st grade, I was excited and I looked everyone with fear. Ill never forget 2nd grade, it was the most exciting grade I’ve ever have. I remember when in the sports class I was tangled with a towel and I fell on the floor. All my partners laughed and I got confusion. I will never forget that moment. | I dont like: raisins, warm, supernatural, Chinese class, not sleep, Banda, Reggaeton, Justin Bieber, cry, study, listen bored discourses.

10: About me: I think everyone knows that I love the color blue, music fascinates me, I cannot listen and download without cellular ... I'm really going to miss you every moment way too happens in high school, thanks for stopping three of the most important years of my life. I love you all and hope that the friendship that was born not end in secondary because of distance or just to go in different school. Something that I really liked was the suspension from the second grade, I remember Andres was who made the bigger the problem, also remember that the majority of the girls cried because we did not know how to tell our parents. I remember now and make me laugh, because in spite of everything we enjoy, we ate popcorn and chocolates. =) | I’m the girl and the boy in the picture is Axel, my boyfriend in the secondary!

11: Daisy | Plans to future: I will be a great person in the future, I will study to become a medical examiner, probably the early years are somewhat tedious but the reward will be great (haha... inspire me). I will help my parents in what they need, try to be there whenever I need to have a better relationship with them. I WILL BE VERY HAPPY! | May 1 1997

12: Valeria | I was born on January 31, 1997. | My biggest dream is I will be an important and recognized fashion designer and have my own brand both clothes, shoes, accessories and so on.

13: I will have many houses in different parts of the world, but one in particular that is beautiful, where you can take my parents and enjoy very beautiful moments with them, where you can give thanks for all that I will thank them. I travel around the world before marrying and enjoy to the fullest. I want my parents to know new places, because they currently invest in me and my brother, and have not been given the opportunity to travel or the nearest location. I want to marry a man who truly loves me and find happiness with him, being a large family with a lot of money and goods, but humble as my father always taught me, I want to create a beautiful family with 4 children whom will try to give everything that I could not have, but as long as the know win and above all provide a wonderful education, trust, communication, harmony and love of parents. IN MY SCHOOL: I always remind my colleagues for my personality, some for 3 years sharing the same room and bedroom, and all the crazy times we spent together, as one of the first to start some __________, and many teachers because always try to have trust and communication with them, also remembered as the crazy (in the sense of _________), as he never combed his hair, he always said "I have hunger" because he was always very direct with my mates and sometimes did not say at the right time and could cause problems, such as the aggressive and impulsive.

15: vicente

16: Ivan | I like pizza, my favorite music is classic rock like AC-DC, the scorpions, red hot chili peppers, nirvana etc. | Date of birth: 6 May 1997 E-mail:

17: In a near future I want to be a better person and have a good family. If a have the opportunity I want to have a good car (Bugatti Veyron) and a big house and the more important thing: I want to live with prosperity and things like that. When I was in the first grade I came at the school with a tie and that thing was with what differentiates me from others students and that was so embarrassing. After I made many friends and my first friend was Rabhin and Nacho but then my friends were Elihu and Kevin my best friend. In this school Im happy and I have good friends I ll never forget that school.

20: Ruth | I was born on March 15 of 1997 in Salinas California.

21: . | I’ve always liked different things, not too much the ordinary things. I like to listen music in different Languages, like English, Japanese, Korean, and others include German. My favorite genders are rock, metal, J-pop, K-pop, and pop, I don’t like Banda. I like to read and I also write my own novels. Sometimes I am a very restless person. I can be happy, sad, angry, depress, and weird almost in the same time, but I’m not bipolar. I also like to sing and watch anime, including drawing and traveling. One of the things that I want to do is travel all around the world. I’m going to finish my studies, I want to study.... I still remember the day I arrived to the school, I was so nervous; sense that day all my life has been different. I have some wonderful friends, I have met many people and I’m so proud of that. In my being here I have changed in many ways, maybe for good, but maybe for bad, I really don’t know, I only know that is for something. In my time here I have seen and live many things that we all have done, I can say that I am an angel because it wouldn’t be truth. I have participate in many activities: sport and culture activities. My grades aren’t the best but they aren’t too bad.

22: My favorite subject is math and stuff I do not like is history. I am the greatest daughter in my family and since childhood I have had the attention and dedication of my parents but on occasion they had problems, I followed later in my studies and always been very focused on what I want to accomplish and I think that's why I have many achievements and awards. When I was in kindergarten always stand out as a good student in elementary school too, and there I met 2 of my best friends are called: Susi and Yuki, when entering the state high no.12 "Talent" would never imagine that the best time of my life because I met wonderful people with amazing skills and knowledge especially true friendship and brotherhood until now I am proud to be part of this wonderful experience to go down in history because we are the first generation, grew up with but despite shortcomings that always emphasized as the best students and leaving aside the fun. Something you never forget are my 2 suspensions, the first by language elope and stay in the bedroom and the other to bring Happy Birthday to a colleague, and above all remember that the 2 suspensions the last and next to one of my best friends: Karla Paulette, WE WERE THE FIRST SUSPENDED IN HIGH SCHOOL AND ALSO WE WERE THE FIRST 3 DAYS SUSPENDED. My plans for the future are:- Get a good average for entry to high school 4 and single-handedly, but by my own merits.- Meet new friends without leaving aside my brothers in this school and not be rejected.- Improve the relationship I have with my family because we have many problems.- Finish high school and always distinguish myself as one of the best.- Having a job where I can play very well and above all that is right for me, that relates to my abilities.- Getting to fulfill all my dreams and buy whatever I want (of course with limitations).- Improve English and Chinese language and learn new languages like French and German.- Getting to meet my prince charming who never disappointed me and never leave me.- And finally get to have a beautiful family and return the support that my parents gave me and never leave them alone.

23: Nicole | "The best moments of my life forever remain engraved in my mind and especially in my heart" | My favorite food are “sopitos” and shrimp with ketchup, I like to dance and sing a lot, I also like acting, I love all colors but especially the bright colors, I like pink dress because I feel comfortable, I like to relate with people and have a nice friendship with them but I dont like is to be rejected, I like all kinds of music and I love to laugh, have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. | Paulette, Vero, Diana and Jennifer, Chuy Messina, Gerza, Carlos, Eloy, Chucky and Laureano. | The best moments of my life forever remain engraved in my mind and especially in my heart"

24: Mafer Cortés | Likes: I like the parties, play soccer, listen to music, surfing the internet, the beach and talk with my boyfriend. | Dislike: I dont like the rock, play the guitar, Onions and people hypocrites. | Date of birth: august 5th/ 1997

25: My future plans include being a better student and prepare in my career enough and long-term I get to have one of the best companies. You can remember me as the student who always sat behind and beside of Valeria and Yukisán, in the three years I had the honor of winning the blade of the prettiest in this school. | My favorite music is pop and banda, because when Im sad and I hear this kind of music my mood changes. | My best friends are yukisan, valeria and kevin, because they are always with me in good times and bad.

26: Cassandra | I like: Chocolate, Listen to music, past time with my friends, smile and the great friend that I have. | Birthday: March 26th

27: Biography: In the first grade, I was silent and just spoke with a little number of students and now, no everyone are his friends, because she learn than no every people is what you think and you need in a real friend. After, in second grade, I was feistier and dont liked when a teacher leave much homework and for this, I was detested in occasions, because I never stopped talk and said what I hated. In my last year in this great school, I was head of group of 3A and I think that I did a good work, because in every moment, I was interested in every student in my classroom and I loved. Maybe, I will be remembered for the person than went with the principal for fight of everything and I liked, than remember me like a good friend. :D My future: I’m not sure of my future, I will be doctor, teacher, psychologist, lawyer, the last 2, are more likely. Now, I going to Bachillerato 4 and after that, to study the university and dance in another and obviously, Im going to marry and have childrens. And sure, reconnect with my high school friends.

28: Plans for the future: I will study in the Tecnológico de Monterrey and I want to take the carrier of Animation and Digital Art in the same school. . | Marijose | May 23rd ,1997

29: Biographical information: I always got 10 in all the subjects, I was good to write and I got the scholarship of “Generación Bicentenario”. I studied Visual Arts and I loved it, I took classes of German and volley ball, although I wasn’t very good playing it. I used to read some book or listen to music when I didn’t have anything to do; I was very quiet and responsible, most of my classmates think that I’m a little bit shy, but I think that that’s only at first, when I’m with my best friends, they don’t think I’m shy. My best friends were Sandra Alcaraz, Liz Gutiérrez and Dana Magaña, although I always got along with most of my classmates. I always tried to be nice with everyone. I love the chocolate as much as I hate the egg; I like the music and specially groups like Coldplay, The Killers, Radiohead, Fall out Boy, Bon Jovi, Panic! At the Disco, Green Day, etc; I hate the “Banda” and the Reggaeton, because I think this is ugly and offensive. I love watch TV, especially series. My favorite is Supernatural (I don’t know if I love the serie, the main characters, or both, I just love it).

30: J U A N A | Marcela | Date of birthday:24 August 1997

31: Biographical information: I differ because street, not being very accomplished in some things, but personally I feel nice and cool, I like having many friends everywhere. | Plans for the future: have my own house and also my beauty, marry a man like me does not want to have children, travel to Canada and Brazil, I also like to log folk dance classes, help with monthly expenses my parents house, have some property where I can have some animals that I love as cows, horses and hopefully be a good amount of these animals so pretty .

32: Antonio | My birthday is: march 9 | touncho

33: Biography: during the time I've been here I had very good experiences with friends, teacher and my family, these 3 years in the school I lived many things which marked my life and y learn a lot. I want I want to thank all for these 3 years of adventures, and all. I want to speak to everyone and to keep a good friendship, and continue with experiences that mark us all. What I like to be in this school were the outputs that we were doing at different places, like the petatera, where we recorded some of the movie "A walk to talpa" and the output of the thermo eclectic where, although not were the best conditions but we had fun.

34: Likes:, gymnastics, read, dogs, buy clothes, stories of love and magic, eat sopitos, know new people but really I love la Banda and travel. | Dont likes: The homework, hypocritical people, cats, English, cutlet, purée of potatoes, etc. | Memories of school: my favorite experience of school is when my friends and I took “serenata” an Eloy for his birthday and we suspended . | Plans for the future: I will be a recognized Farmacobiolaga , Ill have a good work and I will have a lot money and with this I will travel for the world, also I will be a very good actress.

35: KARLA ISABELES | Hi! Im a happy girl, Im in the Talents School, in this school I will remember my best friends as Eliza, Liz, Daisy, Pancho, Aleysha, Juana, Abraham, etc.

36: G E R Z A I N | August 27 1997 I’m from CD. Guzman, Jalisco and I live in GDL.

37: In this school convert very crazy like sing without shirt and dance no well but I enjoy my friends, classmates and teachers many people scold to me but I learn, I miss all of you. And please don’t forget me. My plans for the future is study in an excellent college, enter to the bachillerato #15 in GDL, keep study guitar, and do exercise and visit my friends here in Colima .

38: likes: Read ,do gymnastic , eat sweet food ,talk and talk , history , magic and love stories , jump and run everywhere , I love Josh Hutcherson , the animals (specially dogs) I really like travel and know new people and places. Fairies, mermaids, ninjas, and things like that. I love the chocolate, is my favorite snack, and my favorite fruit is pitaya. | Don't likes: when people tell me that going to happen in a book or a movie(spoilers) , when someone butter me , or ignore me though , the lights at the night , I really dont like ant | plans: I will be writer, and be someone important, make the difference in the life of persons. Maybe be famous and travel around the world.

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