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The Best of 2010

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The Best of 2010 - Page Text Content

S: The Best of 2010

BC: Photos are a reminder of the times we took to smell the flowers.

FC: 2010 | Family Time

1: The Best of 2010

2: On New Year's Eve, Dawn made strawberry daiquiris and we spent the evening playing Cranium. | Darth decided to take advantage of everyone being distracted with the game to sample Dawn's drink. | HAPPY NEW YEAR!

3: Stacking dice with the elbows can be challenging. | At one point, Tyler got an elbow in the eye. Ouch! | Mitch and Tyler were trying to stand up back to back. | Relaxing with the Bad Cat book and a bad cat! (Sorry Darth)

4: Jan. 2 - We went down to Patty and Vic's. Vic fixed a fabulous prime rib dinner. We spent the evening playing games and catching up on old times and new. | Nia is taking advantage of us all being distracted with the game to do a little fishing. What is it with cats? Opportunists!

6: Lowell has a knack for getting into mischief. Notice residual cream on his nose. He doesn't get why sunbathing on the kitchen table is unacceptable and he thinks he would make a dandy Christmas gift...boxand all. | Below: Who's up for catnip? | To be followed by catnap! | THE GRANDKITTIES | Rgt: Mackey practices his dance moves.

7: Mackey has a thing for chasing lights on the ceiling. Of course, this requires a cooperative partner who is willing to act as both elevator and furniture. There are advantages to properly training your human.

8: I'm always up for new experiences. This trip it was Salsa dancing. This dress was perfect! Originally priced at over $500 and worn only once, I bought it on eBay for under $20. Even with alterations, it was less than $35. That's what I call a deal! | Only one problem; when I bought it, it actually draped a little. Tonight it looks like it's painted on. That's when I realized I had put on WAY too much weight in the past month!

9: Naturally, since it IS Colorado, we got hit with a snowstorm. Most of the country was in a deep freeze this week, so it was just as cold back in Arkansas. Had to go out and take some pictures though.

11: Top left: Humans do the strangest things! Left center & bottom: It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it! | Tigger and Kismet were very glad when I got home from Colorado. They do NOT like it when I go off for days at a time.

12: Couch Potato Kitties | Tigger has had a fascination with TV ever since I brought him home. Kismet has his moments, but a much shorter attention span.

13: Left: "I know those birds are back here somewhere!" | It started one Saturday when I was watching Cats 101. Pretty soon, I noticed that both cats were watching it too. | Then I bought one of the Cat Sitter videos, and Tigger went nuts over it. Kismet watched some at first, but lost interest after awhile.

14: March - a year later the damage from last year's ice storm was still evident in the southernmost part of the county. | Also evident was the beginning of spring - a lone daffodil blooming in the midst of the desolation (Above center right).

16: In April, Uncle Charlie passed away, after a long period of illness. The time in Kentucky was bittersweet as mourning Uncle Charlie's passing also afforded opportunity to get reacquainted with family.

17: I observed things during this visit I never noticed before, like how much all of us first cousins favor each other...and that our family could be a case study in redneck fashion and etiquette. | On the screen in the center picture above is a photo (part of a slide presentation) of me and Uncle Charlie sitting on Grandma and Grandpa's porch playing guitar. It was taken in 1979. In photo on right, I don't know name of Carl's girlfriend (on left). | Gloria, me and Diana | Carl, Debbie and Paul | April 28, 2010 | April 28, 2010

18: Most of us stayed with Tutti and Ben and stayed up the better part of the night. It was great to spend time with some my family, though not nearly enough. Can't wait to go back, although preferably on a happier occasion. | Tara, Tutti, Daddy and me | Pat, me and Tutti | Dylan,Pat and Derrick | Me, Tutti & Tara | Derrick, Daddy Uncle Frank & Ben | Uncle Frank

19: I fell in love with Tutti's back porch and yard. The view is awesome . The old road is paved now, which still seems odd to me, and Uncle Edmund's church looks newer than I remembered it, but I guess it's had some paint and updating over the years.

20: Left: Uncle Ed, Aunt Roxy and Vickie. Bottom left: Me and Danny. It was great seeing Danny. It's been too long. He was the closest of my cousins growing up and I always thought of him as the brother I never had. | Above: Duke and Vickie. They took the bike down for the funeral. We all wanted to hang out and visit longer, but Dad being Dad, was in a hurry to get home. | April 29, 2010

21: After the trip to Somerset, Duke has some relax time. Below: Harley pokes his nose out to see if the coast is clear. Don't know what he thought was out there.

22: Around Town- May and June | The bikers are back in force, flowers are blooming, ice cream shop is keeping longer hours, kitties have a new ride and I'm back in halter tops. Must be almost summer!

23: This is the magnificent view that I see every morning that I drive to my office. I never tire of it. It is beautiful any time of year, but my favorite is when the early morning mist lies across the valley like a blanket.

24: Tyler came down the last week of June. Can't believe he's already thirteen! We took a walk downtown, but didn't do much because I had to work all week. Not much fun for him. Will have to make it up to him next year.

25: On the way back, we saw several deer. They are abundant in the area. I often see them grazing in my yard. The one below (right) looked like a garden statue. Despite the heat wave, it was a beautiful day.

26: 4'th of July - Colorado Renaissance Festival | We headed down to Larkspur for the 4th. Managed to get in a couple of drinks, a portion of the P & S show (twice) and a little browsing before getting rained out.

28: Took the buggy to Colorado for the grandkitties to check out. It was a hit, but of course, Mackey came out on top. | "Check this out." | "I win." | "It's good to be the king." | Darth, Mackey and Lowell | TOP CAT

31: Rocky Mountain National Park - Lion's Gulch Trail | Even though our original plans for a camping, hiking and rafting trip fell through, we did get to do a day hike in Rocky Mountain National Park.

32: The attraction to the Lion's Gulch trail, apart from being convenient from Longmont, was that it was featured in Colorado's "Best Wildflower Hikes" guide, because at peak bloom, over 100 species bloom along the trail.

36: We'd read about some of the different flowers that might be in bloom in early July..... | ...but were still quite stunned when we came across these beauties in full bloom. | As Colorado hikes go, this one was particularly colorful. | We saw a number of wildflowers that we hadn't seen growing in other places.

37: And this one (above), which we determined to be the rare Wood Lily we'd read about, stood out from all the rest. | Because we got a late start, we didn't get all the way to the old homestead area, but the flowers made the hike well worthwhile.

38: All in all, it was a really good day. Although I had forgotten that mosquitoes in Colorado can be just as ugly as the ones down south in the right location. I told Tyler that he didn't need the Skin So Soft to repel mosquitoes, because they wouldn't be a problem. I was wrong!

39: Manitou Springs Our next adventure took us to Manitou Springs, where we met Patty and Vic and Kat and had lunch and Margaritas at the Loop. Afterwards, we did a little browsing in the shops downtown. It was another beautiful, sunny day.

40: Patty and Vic didn't have a lot of time because they had other company from out of town coming in this afternoon, but we managed to have a couple of Margaritas and a good time. | Hard to believe that Patty and I have kids in their 30's. Seems like yesterday we were shopping with them in baby buggies.

42: Below: The Townhouse, where I used to hang out back when I was 20-22. Top right:Dawn adding to her rubber duckies. | Above left: stairway to street above. Right: View from the west of the street we lived on (Fountain Place).

43: AROUND MANITOU SPRINGS - Below left: St. Andrew's Episcopal church, where we were members for many years. Top right: Local art sculpture. Bottom right: The Keg pub: I used to live in the apartment above when I was 20. That's where I was living when Mama died.

45: Facing page, lower left: My first apartment was in the back of the house on the right. Rent was $65 a month. Later moved into apartment in house on left. | Above lower left: the view from in front of our old house. Right: the house we lived in (the one on the right), except that it looked better back then.

46: While we were in the area, of course we had to take a drive through the Garden of the Gods. Would much rather have taken a hike, but Dawn was getting antsy to get back. Gonna have to start calling her "Grandpa" at such times. I wasn't too happy with these pictures. Things done hurriedly never seem to turn out right. | Garden of the Gods

48: Always a special place

49: In all the years I lived in the area, I never did learn the names of all these rocks. | For a little bit, it almost looked like we'd get some rain. | I never tire of this place and can remember when it was like home away from home. | Pikes Peak - here, top right and on facing page, bottom.

50: Mackey got upset when I was getting ready to leave. It's kinda nice having another human to train. He even decided I qualified as furniture by the time I left...a high honor coming from Mackey. | Lowell comes out to wave goodbye.

51: Above: The view driving away from the mountains. Below: Taken just before sunset south of Wichita, driving toward Oklahoma.

52: Back Home | Everybody seemed happy when I got home. Even the "yard critter" seemed glad to have things back to normal. Bottom left: Deer in neighbor's yard.

53: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAWN! | I can't believe that Dawn is already 32...with a 13 year old son! Wish I could've been there to celebrate, but I love these pictures.

54: The next couple of pages are some of the photos Dawn took this summer when they were out on a bike ride. She got a fancy new camera and started taking photography classes back at the first of the year, so there should be lots more in the future.

55: Longmont, Colorado August 24, 2010

57: Dawn and Mitch

58: Nickname: Tigs About: Clever, funny, spoiled rotten, fat Likes: Food, sleeping, watching tv, hearing himself meow, food Dislikes: Strangers, bubbles, empty food dish Hobbies: Playing fetch, watching TV, birdwatching, eating Special talents: Getting his human up in the morning, playing surrogate mama to Kismet Oddities: Doesn't purr, doesn't like catnip | TIGGER

59: Tigger's Story - It was the end of January, 2009. The weather was brutally cold and the Ozarks were in the middle of one of the worse ice storms on record. I was staying at Ron's in Kimberling City for several days because our entire area was without power. One day I was coming back from the store when I saw this raggedy looking, nearly starved | orange tabby cat. sitting on the porch. It was nothing but skin and bones and was limping badly. As I approached him, he hissed, but didn't run. He was obviously very cold and hungry. I went in and poured him a bowl of food. He devoured it and begged for more. After several days, he would allow himself to be touched, but would still hiss. defensively. He must've known it was warm inside because he kept crying at the door. Ron didn't want to let him in because Sassy and Mittens were both declawed, besides not knowing his state of health. He became a fixture at Ron's, and Ron called him Tigger. By summer, I agreed to bring Tigger home if he showed he could behave properly inside. He moved in and took over, and my life hasn't been the same since.

60: Kismet (Nickname: Kizzy) About: Cuddly, charming, spoiled, has this adorable, scratchy MEOW Likes: Tummy scratches, catnip Dislikes: His human leaving, closed doors, being told "no" Hobbies: Birdwatching, mangling peacock feathers, sunbathing, helping his human make the bed, being cute, sleeping Special talents: Being cute, using Jedi mind tricks Left & facing page (top & bottom) He thinks if he hides behind the coffee pot, he won't be noticed on the counter. Center facing: He has me well-trained to move over and be real still when he wants to take a nap on my chair...with me in it. | KISMET

61: to come get him. He was so cute and cuddly & had this scratchy little MEOW. He adopted Tigger as his "Mama" and frequently "nursed" on him. Tigger didn't seem to mind. They became fast friends & partners in mischief. | Kismet's Story - After bringing Tigger home, it seemed the perfect time to get another cat. I got on Petfinders and saw this adorable kitten. I knew he was the one. I drove to the Siloam Springs shelter (it was right after July 4, 2009) and asked about him. They told me he'd been caught in a trap. They brought him in the room and he immediately came over and jumped in my lap, acting as if he'd just been waiting for me

62: Kitty Entertainment System | This window insert birdfeeder allows for watching the birds and the cats at the same time, without ever having to get up. Birdfeeder + cats = hours of entertainment!

64: Family Reunion-9/18/2010 Rocky Fort Lake I was bummed out that I didn't get to go to the family reunion. It was kinda short notice and bad timing for a lot of us, but it was great that some did manage and they got some good pictures. I hope we can start doing these more often! | Diana and Tutti | Joel and Aunt Sue | Dylan and Pat | Uncle James and Savannah | Rob and Robbie | Mike and Malinda | Rob and Tricia | Savannah and Robbie | Danny | Diana and Bruce | Joel | Tutti and Dylan

65: Mike, Uncle Frank and Daryll | Cheyenne, Dylan and Savannah | Uncle James, Aunt Sue and Uncle Frank | Gloria and Tutti | Teresa, Aunt Sue and Rodney | Uncle James and Tutti | Uncle Frank and Daryll | Joel | Mike | Dylan | Pat | Uncle Frank | Tutti | Daryll

66: Miscellaneous Family Photos from 2010 Facing page: First cousins...the beginning of my effort to create a collage of all the first cousins...and siblings, obviously. This isn't even half of us. | Uncle Edmund above and below | Aunt Jane and new great grandson, Trenton | Tim's daughter, Melissa and new son, Joseph | Aunt Imogene and new great grandsons | Pat discovers sink hole the hard way. | Uncle Edmund & great granddaughter, Kristen


68: After a short nap at Vickie's, I took Dad down to Somerset. We hung out with Ben and Tutti for a little while before going to the funeral home. Only family I know of that gets ready for a funeral by having a couple of drinks. | Daddy and Tutti | October 30, 2010

69: More family... | Had a brief opportunity to visit with some of my cousins, aunts and uncles... | Cousins (left to right): Carl, Russell, Bruce and Jeff | Left to right: Aunt Carlene, Pam, Russell, Pat, Barbara, Pam, Uncle James, Debbie and Barbara

70: More first cousins. Still collecting photos. The last trip was too fast to get many pictures. Still need good pictures of Linda, Gerald, Billy, Marsha, Gail, Phil, Rich, Joe, Joyce, Trish, Carol, Judy, Janet, Margaret, Tony (deceased), David, Cindy, Greg, Tim (2) and Paul. I think that's everybody. | Pam | Jeff | Tricia | Rodney | Teresa | Russell | Carl | Bruce

71: In Loving Memory... | Aunt Juanita June 8, 1927 - October 9, 2010 | Uncle Charlie May 31, 1927 - April 26, 2010 | Uncle Edmund October 7, 1920 - October 27, 2010

72: Top left: Bruce, Pam & Tutti; Top right: Tutti Center left: Debbie; Center right: Barbara Bottom left: Aunt Sue, Aunt Jane & Aunt Lois Bottom right: Debbie, Aunt Sue, Aunt Jane, Aunt Lois & Barbara

73: I took this one morning driving to Rogers. The picture just doesn't begin to do justice to how beautiful it is looking out across this valley when it it is covered with the early morning mist.

74: More kitty pictures!

75: Kismet loves his catnip!

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