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The Fault in our stars

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BC: Amber Henry 5th Period Honors English 2

FC: The Fault in our Stars

1: Antagonist :Cancer is working against many of the characters . Especially the two main characters Hazel and Augustus. | A

2: Books: In this book there is a 16 year old girl (a terminal cancer patient) is forced to go to a support group after many depressive moods . There she meets a boy , Augustus, a cancer survivor . Augustus helps Hazel see another point of view on life . After becoming friends Hazel convinces Augustus to read Imperial Affliction . This inspires a sequel and the desire to go to Amsterdam to meet the author . This trip is made possible by make a wish foundation . But, many surprises are yet to come. | B

3: C | Climax:The climax of this book is when they are finally able to go to Amsterdam. They faced many challenges and obstacles before they got to go . Such as Hazel getting sick and having many other health issues. To Augustus' mom not allowing him to go .

4: Description of main characters: Hazel- 16 year old girl with terminal cancer and a desire to live life her own way . Augustus Waters- A cancer survivor with an unique outlook on life . | D

5: E | EXPOSITION- Set in Indianapolis . The two main characters Hazel and Augustus are teen cancer patients. These teens joined a support group . Augustus came with a mutual friend of theirs Isaac to the meeting .

6: Figurative language- Simile / metaphor ... how she refers to her breathing machine as a pet dragon. Mimicking her breathing sound. | F

7: G | GIve an Alternate Ending- *Augustus Waters remaining alive and Hazel and himself living a happy cancer -free life. *Peter Van Houten giving a proper apology. Then writing a sequel to imperial affliction,

8: Dear Peter Van Houten, First off you should be ashamed of yourself. Two teens around the same age as your daughter. These kids look up to you and admire you, then you crushed an outlook on life. They respected you then you put them down | H

9: as soon as they arrived. Peter to make things right with Hazel I suggest giving a formal apology. Rehiring your help and attending therapy sessions. After completed I recommend you write a sequel to Imperial Affliction. This would help satisfy yourself and your needs. Hazel, if Augustus was still alive and also other readers. When remembering Hazel and Augustus appreciate the fact they had to take

10: many precautions on count of Hazel's condition. Augustus used his wish provided to him by the Make a Wish Foundation to meet you in Amsterdam and spend time with the author that wrote the book that connected him and someone he loves dearly. Do this also for the memories of Anna and allow her to be remembered. Sincerely, Amber

11: I | Illustration -

12: J | Justification The Fault in our Stars is a must read for teens and your adults because it shows reality. The fact that teens our age are being diagnosed with terminal diseases is an eye opener. Not only does it show the damaging effect of cancer but a love

13: story. One falling deeply in love then reality sets in. Also it shows some reward if you keep battling. Such as when Hazel battled to get out of the hospital and then got to experience Amsterdam. This book also shows you life is not fair but with friends and loved ones you can get through it.

14: This book is brilliantly put together with comedy, drama, and tragedy. You can love when all else fails. Whether from family, friends or significant others.

15: K | 1. What is the main theme of The Fault in our Stars? Keep continuing on no matter how hard life gets. 2. Why did Peter van Houten write An Imperial Affliction? His daughter is Anna in the book. 3. What does Hazel compare her oxygen machine to? A dragon. 4. What did Hazel spend her wish

16: on? Disney World 5. What did Augustus spend his wish on? Taking himself and Hazel to Amsterdam. 6. What is a cancer perk? A good day amongst the bad. 7. What type of cancer was Hazel battling since age 13? Thyroid 8. What was the metaphor Augustus used with the cigarette? He put the killing object in his mouth but did not give it the power

17: to kill him. 9. What did Augustus plan before his death? His own funeral. 10. What tragic thing happened to Issac? To remove the cancer he had to go blind.

18: L | Lessons Learned- That despite what happens or what someone is going through you can always find happiness. It may just be harder sometimes.

19: M | Making Personal Connections- * I have a very close friend whose cousin died. This is similar because just like Augustus he died at an early age and did not have time to finish life. * A lady that I know and am close to got diagnosed with cancer but like Hazel went into remission.

20: N | Narration- The narration is in first person point of view. The story is told in Hazel point of view. This is effective because readers can see the change in Hazel's personality throughout the book.

21: O | Obituary- Augustus Waters a 17 year old diagnosed with cancer. Passed away after a long battle and while in remission. He is survived by his mother and father and half sisters . Also, his best friend Issac and significant other Hazel Lancaster . Augustus did pass but he fought a good fight . It was just time for him to go .

22: P | Protagonist- Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. These teens were the main characters in the book.

23: Q | Quotes- * Page 302" He was not perfect or anything. He wasn't your fairytale prince charming or whatever. He tried to be that way sometimes but i liked him best when all that stuff fell away - This is important because it shows Hazel likes / loves Augustus the way he is . He isn't perfect he is just Augustus Waters. * Page 311"I want to leave a mark." - Augustus knew he was gonna die . He knew it was only a matter of time before it happened. But when he was dead he did not want to be forgotten he wanted to be remembered by what he did and the accomplishments he achieved . He left his mark.

24: R | Resolution - This occurs when Hazel reads the letters about Augustus and herself that was sent to Peter from Augustus.

25: S | Sensory Details- I woke up in the ICU because i didn't have my own room, and because there was so much beeping...Hello Hazel my name is Allison. ... When my parents came in crying and kissing...She asked me if I wanted some ice chips and I nodded and then she sat at the bed with me and

26: and spooned them into my mouth. See- Her parents coming into her room Feel- Her parents kissing her Taste- She tasted the ice cubes Smell- The hospital Touch - The button to call the nurse Pages 106-107

27: T | Top 5 Song List: (see attached song lyrics) 1. Today was a Fairy Tale ~ Taylor Swift 2.We Found Love ~ Rhianna 3. If I DIe Young~The Band Perry 4. I Won't Give Up~Jason Mraz 5. Just The Way You Are ~ Bruno Mars

28: U | Undercover Mission- John Green 1. Born August 27th, 1977 2. Born in Indianapolis, Indiana 3. Studied at Kenyon College

29: V | Visiting Your Favorite Character 1 . How did you get through the death of the one you loved? I have lost loved ones and she handled it better than I did. 2. If you were given permission to write the sequel after meeting the author would you? The impression Peter made may change her

30: perspective about wanting the book. 3. Do you ever feel like no one understands you and you want to give up? Because I feel this way sometimes and Hazel has experienced so much more trauma than I have. 4. Are you glad you remained friends with Kaitlyn? Being completely different. 5. Will you continue to work on

31: Peter Van Houten? To try for an apology, sequel or respect.

32: W | The human motivation driving Hazel and Augustus were love and being together as long as possible. This drove the plot because it is something most teenagers do not have to deal with. Finding love at an early age along with battling cancer. The author elaborated on their sickness to keep the plot going. Hazel was sick then eventually

33: Augustus gets sick. Through it all they still loved each other. They were there for each other whenever they needed someone. This keeps driving the plot because the sickness gets worse, then they have cancer perks. All along they know they limited time. They want to be together.

34: X | Xenophobia- Peter Van Houten has xenophobia because he is scared to be around Americans.

35: Y | Other books by John Green: | Looking for Alaska An Abundance of Katherines Paper Towns Will Grayson Other Stuff

36: Z | Zinger- The main zinger in The Fault In Our Stars was instead of Hazel dying when she was expected to Augustus died and he had a 80% chance of living .

38: Works Cited: | " Google Images".Google ImagesN.p. n.d. web.20 . August.2012

39: "Teen Lit Rocks" N.P. n.d. Web. 20. August. 2012 <>

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