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The Year In Pics 2011: Volume 2

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The Year In Pics 2011: Volume 2 - Page Text Content

S: Wilson Yearbook 2011: Volume 2 of 2

BC: It was another fun filled year, with exciting new beginnings for some friends & family members. As always, watching Cullen grow and mature makes it difficult not to want to stop time and freeze him how he is now. He is turning into a loving, caring, smart & curious little guy. I hope he never outgrows it.

FC: The Year in Pics '11

1: TURNS | to | SUMMER

2: Helping daddy work around the house is one of Cullen's favourite activities. He loves doing everything that Barry does and proving that he is grown up. They managed to wash both vehicles and get more than a little bit wet in the process, but that was welcome on such a beautiful, warm spring day.

7: Cullen played T-ball this summer for the first time. He really loved batting, throwing and sliding into home plate like the "real" baseball players do. Of course, right now he believes that all baseball players slide head first a la Pete Rose. | T- Ball | 8: Cullen Wilson

9: I count it as a certainty that in paradise, everyone naps. Tom Hodgkinson | June 2011

11: It was a long wet Spring. Even Tucker had grown tired of the ever rainy days. During one of the weeks of rain I decided to take a few pics to demonstrate the amount of precipitation we were getting on a daily basis. As it turns out, this was one of the last spring rains, that turned into a hot, humid, dry summer. The weather continues to be an enigma. | June 2011

12: June 2011 | Sydney's 14th Birthday

13: We went to Uncle Mark & Aunt Rachel's to celebrate Sydney's birthday. We had fun swimming and visiting with family.

14: Swimming at Sydney's birthday

16: Mike Anderson, Mia, Adam, Dein, Cullen, Beth Wilson Max, Peighton, Connor, Carly, Fred Absent: Quinn

17: This year, Mike Anderson & I coached the boys' soccer team. It was a lot of fun and the red team had a good year. The kids' skills are progressing well and I can't wait to see next year.

18: We traveled to Windsor to take part in the Truck and Working Machines display, put on for children in the area. Cullen had great fun looking at, climbing on and exploring all of the "Mighty Machines" that do the work for us. there were garbage trucks, buses, fire trucks, construction equipment, army vehicles and much, much more. Daddy was having fun too!

21: June 2011 The neighbourhood kids had a blast out front on Cullen's slip n slide. It was the perfect day for it.

22: Tonight Sydney passed another one of life's milestones. She is moving on to high school. Time has passed so quickly, she & Taylor will be adults in a few short years. We are proud to see all of Sydney's accomplishments and cheer her on to the next one.

24: For the Love of Logan June, 2011

27: BBQ After Tournament Lots of fun and fundraising.

28: Last Day of JK | Cullen had an action packed Spring and early Summer. He didn't just learn how to ride a two-wheeler, he perfected turning and stopping too. At this time, his first year of school was drawing to a close and he had learned so much. He had a fabulous year with school friends new and old. I feel like he really started a life that was truly his own. It's an important year learning that your parents cannot be there to make decisions for you and doing so many things for yourself. He came through with flying colours, of course. He continues to be my caring, empathetic and funny little guy.

30: The Tragically Hip at Casino Windsor | July 2011 | Phil, Barry, Shawn, Dave, Jen, Paula & Jen

31: The Casino was a great place to go to a concert. We went to The Pour House first, then headed to a great concert.

32: Cullen had a happy day at the Mulcaster's. He swam and played soccer. He had lots & lots of fun at Jen's Birthday Party with Blain & Devin, Drake, Ian, & Brendan. He even got to climb a tree.

33: Jen's 38th Birthday

34: Some days a boy just needs to be the cowboy Sheriff, or a web slinging Superhero. Cullen, Matthew & Zander enjoy playing good guys & bad guys whenever they can.

36: The Neighbourhood excitement was in our back yard, this time. A bunch of us were in the back, including two of the neighbourhood dogs, when the kids found a nest of newborn bunnies under our slide. Neither dog did anything more than sniff them since they weren't moving yet.

37: They stayed right there for a week or so until they were old enough to hop away. We never did see the mother, but the bunnies continued to grow, so she must have been feeding them at night. | July 7 2011

38: Essex Fun Fest Parade

40: After soccer, we joined Uncle Corey & Aunt Dee, Amy, Blake, Sean, Danica & Dean for a Funfest celebration. Games, bumper cars, rides and a BBQ made for a great day! | Essex Fun Fest July 8, 2011

42: Golf @ Sutton Creek | Thank you to Kim & Jim for inviting us out to this lovely day. I even managed to get to the 15th hole before wondering if we were at the end yet. That is definitely a record. It just goes to show how time flies when you're having fun. Oh Yeah, the guys were out there too.

43: Well, I was FINALLY able to see Liz's beloved Sutton Creek Golf & Country Club. The place where she spends her summer. it was quite beautiful. It was easy to see what draws her back every year. We had a great day on the course and managed, barely, to return to our cars with the clubs. HaHa, you got the newbie on that one.

44: BBQ at Kim & Jim's

45: After a long day of Golf, Kim and Jim invited everyone back to their place for a BBq. They have a beautiful yard and pool and we enjoyed ourselves quite well. I even ended up dancing with their dog and Kim ended up so drenched from being repeatedly thrown in the pool that she elected to put on Boog's pants over her own so someone else could be wet too.

47: Playing in the mud with Matthew. JULY 2011

48: LSCA Fishing Derby | The LSCA Team took to the water again for the annual Fishing Derby. Two boats were loaded for fun. Many fish were caught, but many more stories came home. Barry had a great time, but should also remember to drink more water while out in the sun all day.

50: July 20 2011

51: We all had a great time at Danica's 1st birthday! There were water balloons and squirt guns and she loved her cake.

52: Canoe Trip

53: Our annual canoe trip was yet again a success. This year we toppled our canoe numerous times and came home with many bruises, but had lots of fun to go with it.

55: Cullen, Sean, Danica, Aunt Dian & Mommy went mini golfing at Silver Tee. It was great fun. Cullen was able to use the putting skills he learned at Golf lessons, as well as get into a few funny situations. Where else can someone get their ball stuck under an elephant? | August 2011 | OR NOT!

56: We travelled into Lake Erie on the Jiimaan to Pelee Island with the Anderson's & Mary-Beth and her girls. It was just the girls & the kids. We brought our bikes and backpacks, had some wine & cheese, took a wine tour, and enjoyed the sun & the scenery. Great day!

58: Sean's 3rd Birthday | 2011 | August 20

60: We returned for another visit at Fairbank Lake. Cullen had Mr. & Mrs. Wilson buzzing from activity to activity, even though they were a little tired from the week before. His favourite new past time this visit was fishing. He fished off the dock as well as in the boat. He caught 4 fish, but could not beat Sydney's six. Better luck next time little buddy!

62: Fishing with Papa & Daddy

63: The Big Catch

64: Family | Fishing | Swimming

65: It was another lovely visit in the north. The water was as cold as always, but just as beautiful as well. It's nice to get away to visit. We pack in everything we can while we are there.

67: What is better on a long trip back from Sudbury than stopping in at Dave & Buster's for some fun? Even better is when we get to meet up with Margaret's daughter, Mary and she gives us a loaded card to play with! Cullen had a blast playing so many different games with Barry. Mom even played some too! A very nice last minute decision that turned out to be great fun.

68: August 27th 2011

69: Anderson's had another great idea! They booked the ice in August to get the kids ready for hockey. We joined them along with Batke's, Brennan's, Boughazale's, Cornies' and a few other families and had a blast skating in the summer. Sydney even came along for a skate. The ice was filled with activity. There were recreational skaters, kids learning to skate, playing hockey, ice tag and people just hanging around. It was a good afternoon with great friends.

70: BBQ @ Batke's | August 2011

71: We were invited over for a BBQ at Leigh & Jim Batke's. They have a lovely yard & pool. Cullen took swimming lessons with their daughter Mariah this summer and Sage is playing hockey with Cullen in the fall. It was great fun with a wonderful dinner.

72: At the Beach | Labour Day Weekend 2011

73: Cullen, Tucker & I had a great afternoon at the Beach in Kingsville. The water was shallow for quite a ways out and we were able to wade and throw a stick for the dog for at least 2 hours before coming home all tired out. | We will be visiting "our" spot many times next year, now that we know how big the shallow area is. Tucker was so tired all he wanted to do was sleep the rest of the day!

74: Harrow Fair | The animals were a big hit, as usual. Cullen loves them. He was a very good sport during the rides and allowed Nicole to drag him onto the twirling strawberries. He was scared to death the entire time. He won't be doing that again.

75: Cullen decided after this he was never going on this ride again either

77: the | It was a lovely day for a BBQ. We went over to Kathy & Jamie's and sat around their pool and Tiki Hut. It was nice to see the canoeing gang again. We were able to relaz and enjoy ourselves while Cullen played with all the other kids.

78: September, 2011

79: Colisanti's never disappoints. It doesn't matter when the kids go, they love the animals & are now getting into the golf. Barry & Corey were able to golf with the boys this time.

81: Since he had never skated with his full equipment on before, it was quite a new challenge. He fell quite often at first, but by the end of the school he was moving very well. Zander, Quinn and Ava were there too. It was a lot of fun to see him out there in his hockey gear racing after the puck and playing tag with the rest of the kids. He really is growing up more and more every day. | Harrow Sailors' Hockey School | This year Cullen started hockey. To get him off on the right foot, we enrolled him in a hockey school in Harrow that runs before league starts, for ten days.

83: Cullen's first day back to school was full of nervous excitement. What would be different about SK? Anything? How many new friends would he meet? Mom, Dad & Tucker saw him off on the bus and of course The Brennan boys were there too. He was so happy to be going back. He had been asking when school started for a couple of weeks. The time is going by so quickly now. I don't know how I am going to fit everything that I want to teach him into the time that we have before he's off on his own. We will have to make the most of every minute. I am so proud of the boy he has become and cannot wait to see what his future holds.

84: This year's apple picking outing included all of our usual suspects, plus a few newbies. Corey, Mindy & Brendan | joined us. We found a good number of apples & had some good fun!

86: Kurtis & Kerry October 8, 2011

89: Corey & Dian's October 2011 | After Kurtis & Kerry's wedding, we did not have very much ambition to host Thanksgiving dinner. Dian & Corey were nice enough to invite us over to enjoy some turkey with them. Pattie was there and Dean came by afterwards, as did Rachel & Mark & the girls.

90: Migration Festival Parade | Cullen, Tucker & I walked with KPS school for the parade. It was the first time Cullen has been in a parade. He was excited to be in the midst of the action, but a little impatient waiting for everything to start. We walked with Madame DaSilva and Leigh Batke and got to wave at daddy and the Anderson's on the way by the King's Hotel. It was a little chilly, so Cullen put on a school sweater under his vest.

93: It was raining off and on all day, but the clouds broke just enough for Mary Beth to get out of the comfort of her car and head out to the patch with us. The kids instantly spotted a field mouse and went in hot pursuit. Everyone managed to find the pumpkin that was perfect for them and we came back to the barn to hang out on the swings.

94: Barry & Mike joined us back at the Anderson's for pizza. Later in the evening, Sandy gave the kids a sparkler and they drew in night sky.

97: Oct 18, 2011 | 5 yrs | Cullen Scott Wilson | In the morning, we got ready & went over to the arena to skate & play hockey with friends. Zander, Zoe, Easton and Carson were there. Afterward in the dressing room Cullen turned to me and had his first loose tooth in his hand. He had been working on it for a couple of weeks and apparently was just trying to get something unstuck from underneath of it, when it popped out. It was very exciting, I was proud of him and it was nice for him to be able to share the moment with Zander & Zoe. We went to McDonald's for lunch and Zander came over to play after.

99: Mr. & Mrs. Wilson were down & decided to come public skating with us. In a surprising twist, Papa decided to lace up a pair of skates for the first time in 20 years. Cullen & Papa had fun playing tag & passing the puck around. Sean did well learning to skate & Danica watched nicely. Papa did well too, he only fell once, but managed to scare us all when it happened. Next time, maybe he should wear skates that fit & Cullen should go a little easier on him. | Skating with Papa, Sean & Danica October 20, 2011

100: Essex Hallowe'en Tiny Tot Parade

101: Essex Tiny Tot Parade Oct. 27th 2011

102: Pumpkin Carving

103: This year, Cullen & Barry created Hell Raiser #3 while I created the Clemson Tiger paw in honour of Tucker. Cullen loves pumpkin carving. He runs his fingers through the guts and likes creating the scary scars and face.

105: It was another great neighbourhood Hallowe'en! Cullen was out in time to meet up with the neighbourhood kids and go trick or treating with Matthew & Hannah, plus he went around again when the Andersons arrived. Needless to say this pirate had a big treasure

106: Cullen had his annual combine with Grandpa. First, dad had to do a small repair, but then they motored away.

107: October 2011

108: Carson Joshua Keith Brown November 14, 2011 9lbs. 5 oz.

110: Fantasy of Lights

111: Grandma & Jocelyn joined us to take in the display of lights in Lakeside Park. We had a good walk around the park and then even managed to drink a little hot chocolate before both cups were spilled all over. What are the chances that both of them would spill? Before tonight I wouldn't have said very high, but seeing is believing.

112: S | E | A | N | & | D | A | N | I | C | A

113: Sean & Danica came to stay with us while Corey & Dian went on vacation. It was a new experience for Cullen to share his space with someone else actually living with us. They played with cars and ran around and Danica met her new friend Tucker.

114: December 9th, 2011

115: Cullen, & Mom managed to get the tree decorated and dad put the angel on the top. This gets to be more fun each year, as Cullen takes more interest in getting ready for Christmas. He is starting to have favourite ornaments and he requests to place certain decorations himself.

116: Nicole's 7th Birthday We gathered at Laura & Brian's to wish Nicole a happy birthday. Seven years has gone so quickly. It seems like if you blink you'll miss a whole year. She loves to dance and play rhyming games, as well as pose for the camera. She loves her new brother and is helpful to her mommy. Way to go Nicole, you're 7 already!

118: As a special Christmas treat this year, LSCA took their workforce to Detroit to eat at Fishbone's and then off to the Detroit Opera House to see WICKED. It was a great time and a marvelous show, even Richard and Mary came. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance as well as the company.

120: Discovery Christmas Concert Cullen & Ava Meritt were both in the concert again this year. They made crafts before hand and all the grandparents were in attendance.

122: nderson's Potluck

124: Baking Cookies with Cullen

125: Cullen helped me bake the chocolate cookies this year. We ended up having just the right amount of time to make them the morning of the 24th. I have never been so happy to have gotten up so early. I wouldn't give back cookie baking for the world.

126: Miller Christmas | December 24th 2011

127: We were able to relax as well as get excited about the kids' presents. The turkey cooked in plenty of time and Kurtis made the gravy. I ended up having time to use my new mixer to bake chocolate cookies with Cullen. It was a great, but busy day. | This year the Miller's gathered at our house for Christmas. We held it the day before Christmas because it was a Saturday. Everyone was able to make it and the kids had a blast.

128: Christmas Eve

129: Cullen put out Santa's magic key and sprinkled Reindeer food on the lawn before bed. December 24th 2011

130: Christmas Morning | December, 2011

132: Wilson Christmas

134: Boxing Day | It was a lovely meal at Patti's again this year. The Byrne's, the Wilson's, the Klepic's, Dean, plus the fantastic addition of Greg. It was nice to continue such a warm tradition. | traditions

136: Cullen's Army Set Ups For Christmas, Cullen was given a 200 piece army set that Santa left at Grandma & Grandpa Miller's. He had been wanting one for a while, after playing with one at Clarissa's house. He can spend up to 2 hours setting up various different battles and enjoys every moment of it.

137: Wilson, C.S. Special Forces Strategist | December 28th 2011

139: Great night at the Grady's. Friends, fun, tongue twisters and hot tub. They never disappoint. I cannot express our level of gratitude for nights like these.

140: Cullen's Arts & Crafts We have been blessed with so much over the past year and wish to be grateful for every moment we have. Cullen has made a number of different crafts at school. It is hard to keep track of them all, but I took pictures of some of the Christmas ones and thought it would be perfect to include them in our book. As usual, friends and family have sent us lovely portraits that I hope to preserve here for a long time. Everyone's families are growing so quickly that I want to remember every stage.

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