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Tomma Buynevich

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S: Nefesh Academy 2010-2011

FC: "Tomma Buynevich 8th Grade, 2010-2011

1: Dear Nefesh Thank you have for all you have done and are doing for us. I wouldn't have gotten as far as I have now without all of you at Nefesh. All the teachers work hard,and I appreciate it.The school administration and staff are so caring and loving. It's just so outstanding.We have awesome trips. For Succos we went to the water park,and it was a blast. So,Thank you Nefesh for all that you do for us. Love, Tomma Buynevich

2: Dear Graduates, As you will prepare to leave one house of learning to go to another, it is befitting to look to our Avos – Forefathers – and Imahos for guidance. When Yaakov left his home, the Torah tells us that he went out from his home and he went to his destination. In contrast, Terach, Avrohom’s father, left his home to go to Eretz Yisroel, but stopped in Charan and never achieved his destination. Chazal tell us that when a Tzaddik starts something, he sees it through. As you have learned from our Avos, nisyonos are “keys” to life . As we travel the road of life, each nisayon we stand up to paves the way for us to grow. Just as the Avos and Imahos grew through their nisyonos, so do we. Bnei Yisroel are compared to stars because they shine at night. When life brings darkness, that's when we see their true brightness. You are bright stars in the pages of our history. By making the choice to override the temptations of our times, you are true shining stars. May Hashem help you walk in the ways of our Avos and continue to shine – not only for yourselves, but for the others around you. This moment, my bracha to you is to remain loyal to your heritage, remain loyal to your history, and remain a source of pride to the Jewish nation. B'birchas Hatzlacha Rabbah, Mrs. Newhouse Principal

3: Dear Graduates, The first thought that came to my mind as I sat down to write this final message was “Good things come in small packages” Although it sounds trite and I generally do shy away from clichés, I do feel that this time it is OK to do. Why do “good things come in small packages”? Isn’t it “the Bigger the Better”? Sometimes, that might be true, however, upon introspection in this case, I do think the saying holds true. Since it was just the three of you, you had the opportunity to truly bond, almost like sisters. You learned how to negotiate with each other, respect each others way of doing things and thinking, and you learned how to give each other space when needed. Once we are into clichés, please allow me one more. “Two is company, but three is a crowd” did not apply here. You truly learned how to act as a group and to include everyone’s feelings and thoughts, even when it might have been more convenient to pull “majority rules”. So, ‘all in all’, even though you might have had it hard being only three, the amount that you grew because of it is immeasurable. It is with great hopes that you internalize the lessons of this year and that when you create relationships with others in your lives you will be able to draw upon these lessons. With heartfelt brocha for much hatzlacha in your lives, Mrs. Kahn | Dear Graduates, Each of you is now standing at a crossroads in your life. “..Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the road less travelled by - and that has made all the difference.” How will you ensure that you will continue on the right road, on the path of our Avos and Imahos, the path of a true Bas Yisroel despite the thorns that you might find on the road, despite hardships you might encounter? By taking with you, my dear children, the lessons that you have learned, the memories that you have formed, and the role models that you have been inspired by – with you in your high school years. Continue learning and continue growing – growing in Middos and in the keeping of the Mitzvos. Continue being the shining diamonds that you all are, and making your families, your Nefesh family, and Hakodosh Baruch Hu very proud. With warmest wishes, Mrs. M. Drillman

5: Baby Days

6: In the fourth grade, we had the Brachos play. It was really fun. At the time, it was Tu B'shvat, everybody had a part in it. Galit was a banana, Rachel was a bowl of cereal, and Tomma was a watermelon. That was the fourth grade play. It was a blast.

7: 5th grade was a blast, But it was in the past. The songs we can remember well, And the Chumash we can retell.

8: So much memories so little time. I just entered middle school -the best experience ever. Homework was a lot Great time we had. i really miss Miss.Wydra. A thank you we owe her. We didn't cry or sigh. Everyone felt that time flew by .

9: 7th grade Tomma:"Hey, Abi, wanna go to the store?" Abi:"yea sure why not? Hey but where"s Nicole?" Tomma:"Idk. I'm guessing still on the bus." Abi:"Look the bus! Just in time." Tomma:"Hey Nicole -what's up?" Nicole:"Nmu lol wanna go to the store?" Abi: "Yea lets go..."

10: Bat Matzvah | Becoming Bat Matzvah is an amazing feeling. You feel like a grown up and that's when you become responsible for all your actions.

11: K.I.T | Tomma Buynevich 8/25/97 960 East 12th St Apt 1B 11230 Brooklyn NY H:718-677-5807 C:646-353-7003 | Rachel 8/28/97 Address- 2155 80 Str. Brooklyn NY 11214 Cell Phone- 1 718 427 0194 Home Phone- 1 347 713 6336 Email- rz.4mail@gmail.com | Galit Avshayev 06/01/97 265 Quentin Rd.. Apt; F5 Between West 2 and 3 Booklyn NY 11223 C:1347-481-5091 H:1718-872-7054

12: Graduates of 2011

13: Tomma You are kind and always on our mind. Your wisdom and effort makes you hard to stop. You act sweet and thats a fact. You are good at ball and you never fall. You soar high as an eagle would fly. You are cute, sweet, adorable, petite, charming, alarming, and irresistible. We love you so. So, please don't go. Thank you for your love and care. We will never forget you.

14: Galit With great middos and is very neat. She is pretty and bright. Always on time and never leaves anyone behind. She is sweet like honey and as cute as a bunny.N never fails and always continues. She is very mature and very polite Thank you Hashem for giving us Galit our light

15: Rochel You are the kindest person I know. I will never be able to find anyone to replace you. You are smart and brilliant, and you always have a billion ideas. You are cute - like the angle acute (you are good in math). You are a sweety like the little bird Tweety. You are a precious diamond that will aways have fun, but you would never splash in mud. Rochel you are helpful ,and we are very grateful for having you as our friend. Don't worry our friendship won't come to an end because we will never send it away.

16: Imagine Galit 12 years from now, What is she gonna be? A speech therapist.!She will be kind and sweet to all children If I will need help with a child. I will call her | Imagine Rachel 12 years from now, what will she be? A fashion designer.!If I ever need fashionable clothing, I know whom to call. | Imagine Tomma 12 years from now, What will she be? Maybe we might not see her so often because she will become a interrogator ! Poor criminals will go to jail because Tomma would get the answers out of them. Everyone would be scared to lie to Tomma. | A-Attitude=100% B-Best food=sushi C-Capture the moment D-Dream on E-English,please F-Is for friends G-G.o. H-Holy talk I-In a village J-Just joking K-Keep in touch L-Laughter is the best medicine M-Mock wedding N-Nutty bunch of girls O-O.M.G P-Pizza we love ! Q-Queens of Nefesh world R-RGT S-Siberian tigers T-tattah U-U and me V-Very exciting forgotten FBI play W-We wanna go hooooome X-Xciting trips Y-Y me ? Z-Zipping along to 9th grade

17: Raining great thoughts | Grand times remembered | Grade 8 rules throughout | Triple goals reacher | Together, We're rather good | G: Great experiences in 8 th grade. Will be on our minds every day. R: Reaching for our goals is hard, but we try our best. A: Always we have something to do. D: Doing homework everyday is our boring part of our life. U: Understanding each other is what we do. To feel and care is what we got to do. A: A friend is a great thing to have. T: Time flies by, like a fly passing by . E: Everything we do is a memory that is for you, and for me too. S: Special events for G.O. is always fun.

19: G.O

20: Graduation trip

21: snow tubing

22: A Letter to 8th Grade: | All the Best... | Dear 8th Grade, I am so proud of you! You made it!! It was so special teaching you last year. Please, please keep in touch! I would really love to hear from you! Mrs. Moskowitz 917-533-0941 | I miss you so much, girls! Continue to be the princesses that you are! I miss teaching all of you! Love, Miss Kaufthiel | My Dearest Girls, I'm so proud to see that you have reached this milestone in your lives. You girls have grown and matured to become beautiful Bnos Yisroel. . Whatever I taught you, you have taught me so much more. You each are a star! I hope to stay in touch with you. Good luck in everything, and Hashem should bentch you with Mazal and only good things. I'll never forget the spunkiest, funniest, most dramatic 7th grade, Avigail, Rochel, Tomma, Nechama, Hanna, and Galit! Remember to always make Hashem proud. I love each and every one of you! Miss Fried | To My dearest, most amazing ,unforgettable students: WOW! I can't believe you reached 8th grade already. . You worked revery hard to get here, and you still have a long path to go. The Bracha that comes to mind is from the prayer that one saiys beforet a long journey. It should be Your Will Hashem.... That our journey should be peaceful and we should reach our destination happy and accomplished. P.S.Just always try to remember to keep your arrows going up!! Your very, ,very ,proud Morah, Mrs. Shain | To My Dearest 8th Grade, I was a pleasure getting to know each one of you individually. I was honored to have you at my wedding. I miss you all and keep in touch. Mirs. Lax (Miss Linsky) 347-415-2171 | Dear Girls, | Dear Galit, Tomma, and Rochel, Wow! Can you believe you finished 8 years at Nefesh? Remember the first day of class for each of you – look how far you have come! Girls, each is so special and has so much potential. The whole world was created for you! What a responsibility!! But I know you girls will live up to you.r potential. Each one of you are a shining star and with your determination to do the right thing you will go far. I expect great things from you! Sara Schenirer made Bais Yaakov’s motto ' Girls, may you continue walking in the path of and in the light of 'Hashem I am so proud of you, and you should be proud of yourselves! May you continue growing in the right direction, always heading upwards, and always making Hashem proud! Remember our 3 friends ....Can’t wait to see what you will DO with what you learn. Miss Florence

23: Dear Students, Your strength lies not in number As our history has shown Take pride in your individuality And see how much you have grown As the biography you're writing With toil and sweat and tears Keeps record of your achievements As you climb on throughout the years... May the seeds that you have planted Bear fruit you'll reap with pride Using the good you have been granted As you take life in its stride... With much love, Miss Schwartz | To the 8th Graders, We have learned many things this year in Literature. Anyone remember the theme 'The Countess and the Impossible?' How about the discussions about living in 1840 in Clifton? What about the story of 'The First Day' in the U.S.? What about the spelling and vocabulary we did every week? Truthfully, the only lesson I hope you remember as you travel through life is also my bracha to you girls. Hashem should help you that you should always be able to 'determine the importance' of whatever you encounter in your lives. You should be able to recognize which things are 'important ideas' and which are only 'interesting details.' Mrs. Birnbaum | Dear 8th Grade, You are the greatest group of girls! It was a pleasure teaching you! Hatzlacha in the future! Love, Miss Knopfler | Dear Galit, Tomma, and Rochel, I’ve spent the past 3 years watching you mature and grow And now that the time has come, I’m finding it hard to let go So as we say goodbye, there’s one last thought I would like to share As you go out to face the world, with all the challenges you’ll find there. Through the ups and downs of life, remember “To thine own self be true” Because at the end of the every day, the person you have to face is You. You create who you will be tomorrow, by your actions of today. Become someone you can be proud of, be careful with what you do and say. In each of you, I see the greatness waiting to appear What you will accomplish, I await eagerly to hear With all the love, laughter, lessons, and memories that Nefesh made I know that one day I’ll be proud to say, “I taught her in eighth grade.” Love, Miss Bloch “ Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

24: Eighth grade Rocks

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