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Trade Tech 2010-2011

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Trade Tech 2010-2011 - Page Text Content

S: North County Trade Tech High School 2010-2011

FC: 2010-2011

2: Camp Leadership August 2010 Days 1 and 3: Guajome Park | Cara Snodgrass | Gio Letua | Eric Tzucanow, Pablo Villegas | Taylor Smith, Trenton Jones, David Martinez | Guage Serna, Shawn Fejerang, Trenton Jones, Connor Saddington | Mr. Clark | Henri Sweeting and Trenton Jones go for the jump shot. | It's all about teamwork. | Javier Garcia | Luis Hernandez

3: Mr. Prairie | Eric Tzucanow | Marquise Blade | Henri Sweeting does The Karate Kid and then takes a leap of faith. | Luis Hernandez takes a leap of faith. | Day 2: UCSD | Cesar Beltran pushed on, stood up, and took the leap of faith. | Guage Serna | Jared Tzucanow | Jacob Crafton, Pablo Villegas, Chris Donovan

4: Advisory Classes | Mr. Lopez | Ms. Fitzgerald | Mrs. Vessell

5: Mr. McKeown | Mr. Hillhouse | Mr. McManus | Mr. Prairie

6: Fernando Agraz | Daniel Aguilar | Anthony Amesquita | Leonardo Arvizu | Tyler Avey | Jacinto Azucar | Skyler Bauer-Castillo | Lloyd Beasley | Cesar Beltran | Joshua Betancourt | Marquise Blade | Anthony Boyd | Jacob Campbell | Jose Carmona-Shipka | Cody Caughman | Austin Childers | James Christensen | Andy Cikos | Dennis Cikos | Dustin Cobian | Students...

7: Christina Collins | Gaven Cook | Daniel Cortez | Cody Cousins | Jeremy Crabtree | Jacob Crafton | Paradise Cuellar | Joshua Cutting | Gage Distefano | Christopher Donovan | Jesse Dorantes | Jordan Eck | Shawn Fejerang | Samuel Frieden | Andrew Garcia | Giovanni Garcia | Javier Garcia | Ramon Garcia | Wade Garrett | Joshua Gawith | Students...

8: Nathan Gentry | Janette Gomez | Julian Guzman | Harry Hakobyan | Luis Hernandez | Noel Hernandez | Max Herrera | Derek Hirata | Brandon Jimenez | Dylan Johnson | Trenton Jones | Ignacio Juarez | Brian Kimmel | Giovanni Letua | Karl Lone | Enrique Lopez | Lex Lopez | David Martinez | Dayton Martinez | Andrew McCormick | Students...

9: Destiny Mcguire | Armando Medina | Ramona Montes | Reed Morris | Aydin Muzaini | Todd Nugent | Andres Santana | Brian Olsen | Josue Osuna | Tyreik Patton-Gaiter | Kelly Potgeiter | Michael Quiroz | Liusberl Raffi | Timothy Richmond | Irving Rios | Elijah Roman | Connor Saddington | Dalia San Miguel | Felipe Sanchez | Savanna Sanford | Students...

10: Joshua Saunders | Michael Schiefer | Guage Serna | Stuart Silva | Taylor Smith | Tyler Smith | Carastin Snodgrass | Alex Sweeney | Henri Sweeting | Cindy Tapia | Haylie Tushinsky | Eric Tzucanow | Jared Tzucanow | Tyler Velarde | Antonio Venegas | Bonnie Vejar | Francesca Vigil | Pablo Villegas | Charlie Vuong | Matthew Wetzel | Students...

11: Robert Wheeler | Brandon Williams | Michael Wilson | Sean Woldman | Trevor Woods | Dalton Wyatt | Dillon Wyatt | Lilian Perez | Nikalaus Peiler | Dominic Cole | Jesus Gonzales | Moriah Kleis | Salvatore Barajas | Students! | Erik Lopez | Keith Vasquez | Gustavo Ruiz-Brunet | Lily Testerman | Brandi Gamino

12: Alyson Fitzgerald | Isaac Hillhouse | Paul Lopez | Rich McKeown | Dana McManus | Bryan O'Donnell | Steve Prairie | Raquel Torres | Paula Vessell | Faculty and Staff | Melanie Salgado

14: School Project #1: Truss Bridges Sept. 2010 - Dec. 2010 | Students researched bridge types; designed, sketched, built and tested toothpick truss bridges; and created presentations representing their learning. | Armando Medina, Jeremy Crabtree | Ramona Montes | Dayton Martinez | Liusberl Raffi | Mr. Prairie provides instruction | Henri Sweeting, Anthony Amesquita | Jordan Eck | David Martinez and Michael Wilson | Luis Hernandez and Tyler Velarde

15: Our first chance to show off. We tested bridges, raced cars, ate cookies, and celebrated our hard work. | Night of Excellence 12/08/10 | Jacob Campbell and family | Brian Kimmel | Harry Hakobyan | Alex Sweeney | Janette Gomez, Marquise Blade, Charlie Vuong | Tyreik Patton | Lex Lopez

16: December 18, 2010 The last day before Winter Break | Bridge efficiency is tested by dividing the total weight of a bridge by the total weight it can hold. | Mr. McKeown and students wait for the moment of truth: CRACK! | Karl Lone and Michael Wilson watch to see who wins. Mr. McManus manages the race brackets. | Julian Guzman and Sam Frieden watch another heat of car races. | Julian Guzman shows off his beast of a bridge

17: Dayton Martinez receives Mr. McManus' You're a Beast of a Builder Award. | Anthony Amesquita receives the Best Citizenship Award. | Michael Wilson, Jacinto Azucar, Gaven Cook, Tim Richmond, and Felipe Sanchez are just a few of our award recipients. | Tyler Avey and Giovanni Garcia fight it out for the Ugliest Sweater | Reed Morris and Shawn Fejerang make it to the finals for best car design and construction. | Janette Gomez, Cesar Beltran, and Cindy Tapia enjoysome friend time.

18: School Project #2: Disasters Jan. 2011 - Mar. 2011 | Savanna Sanford | Daniel Cortez | Jessejames Dorantes

19: Trenton Jones and Mom | Night of Excellence 03/23/11 | Leonardo Arvizu | Jacinto Azucar | Mr. Hillhouse and Fernando Agraz | Destiny McGuire's Epidemic Project | Dalia San Miguel, Dalton Wyatt, Tyler Velarde, and Gaven Cook. | Dalton Wyatt, Savanna Sanford, Iggy Juarez, and Henri Sweeting.

20: Music Appreciation Mr. Lopez This elective provides students the opportunity to explore their interests in music, from playing instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard, ukulele, harmonica) and singing to writing, mixing, and recording original songs. | We be jammin' | Dalia San Miguel sings The National Anthem at an awards ceremony. Dillon Wyatt provides moral support. | Jacob Crafton is one committed musician. | Marquise Blade leads a musical ensemble.

21: Yearbook/Photography Ms. Fitzgerald | In this elective, students have the opportunity to explore their interests in photography, photo editing, and yearbook design layout. They have also created Movie Maker videos of personal interests and some for school use. A student- produced newsletter is also in the works. | Josh Osuna has mad techy skills. He's one of our main photo editors. | Anthony Amesquita has embraced his inner photographer. | Dayton Martinez created a skate video and has helped with yearbook pictures | David Martinez has taken our make-up school pictures, as well as many creative shots of his own. | Andy Cikos has dabbled with Movie Maker video making and Publisher newsletter design. | Brian Olsen, Connor Saddington, and Trevor Woods

22: Luis Hernandez and Gaven Cook handle the painting. | Mr. McManus helps Giovanni Garcia and Sam Frieden locate supplies. | Building Maintenance Mr. McManus | In this elective, students make needed repairs around the school. They have painted, tightened screws, and installed a chair rail in the cafeteria. Many have also completed personal construction projects. | Brian Kimmel inspects the shelving built to hold student bridge projects. | Cody Caughman makes a necessary wall repair.

23: Table Tennis Mr. Prairie | Table Tennis (AKA Ping Pong) blends Trade Tech's construction focus with Mr. Prairie's love of recreational sports. Students have a great time and learn teamwork and good sportsmanship. | Shawn Fejerang | Pablo Villegas | Julian Guzman | Shawn Fejerang, Andy Santana | Fernando Agraz, Shawn Fejerang, Mr. Prairie | Pretty to look at and solidly constructed.

24: It's all about good, healthy competition. Team sports, such as football, soccer, and basketball are the center of fun and learning in this elective. Games are mostly organized and managed by students, building both fitness and leadership skills. | Sports Appreciation | Felipe Sanchez has his game face on. Bring it! | Chris Donovan shows off his beastly bicep. | Mr. McKeown

25: Students get fit using the school weight machines, pushing each other to meet their personal fitness goals. | Weights Mr. Hillhouse | Jesus Gonzales and Tony Venegas | Michael Schiefer | Nik Peiler | Tyreik Patton

26: Students in this elective class are able to stay current on class assignments and get extra help when needed. | Study Hall Mrs. Vessell | Leonardo Avrizu finds a quiet spot to read. | Tyler Velarde contemplates his next step on his current project. | Jacinto Azucar, Max Herrera, and Matt Wetzel focus on getting work completed.

27: Learning a second language strengthens a student's ability to function in the today's society. They also learn about the history and culture of Mexico.¿Nos unirá? | Spanish Mrs. Okinczyc | Aydin Muzaini hams it up in English and Spanish now! | Jacob Campbell realizes that learning another language is cool.

28: Construction I students learn the fundamentals of the five basic trades. Construction II students apply these principles in the House Project. | Jared Tzucanow and Alex Sweeney | Construction Mr. McManus | Josh Betancourt | James Christensen, Fernando Agraz, Mr. Umbarger | Half House Project | Brandon Jimenez | Guage Serna and Aydin Muzaini | Cindy Tapia | Brandon Williams | Lloyd Beasley | Karl Lone | Robbie Wheeler and Tyler Smith | Paradise Cuellar and Jacinto Azucar | Tyler Avey and Jordan Eck | Jesus Gonzales | Connor Saddington | Tyler Velarde | Gage DiStefano and Tony Venegas

29: Introduction to Engineering Design students learn the design process using industry-standard software applications. Civil Engineering and Architecture students learn the fundamentals of architectural design by studying its history, integrating industry-standard software applications, and implementing current Green Build technology. | First year students apply the design process in completing their puzzle cubes. | Engineering Mr. Prairie | Architecture Projects teach the evolution of architectural styles. | Austin Childers and Lex Lopez | Harry Hakobyan's Revit rendering of Mr. Prairie's room.

30: Field Trips | Todd Nugent, Luis Hernandez, Eric Tzucanow | New Venture Skate Park 2 Parts Fun 1 Part Community Service | Pablo Villegas and Nathan Gentry measure before cutting. | Dayton Martinez | Nathan Gentry | Brian Kimmel | Chris Donovan, Tyreik Patton, Michael Quiroz, Nathan Gentry, Todd Nugent | Dylan Johnson

31: Rollin' in the school van | San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Relating Projects to Real Life | David Martinez, Todd Nugent, James Christensen

32: The Artistic Side of Trade Tech | Tyler Avey: Pencil on printer paper. | Tyler Smith: Pencil on notebook paper. | Jacinto Azucar: ink on printer paper. | Jesus Gonzales: Charcoal on drawing paper. | Sean Woldman: origami. | Javier Garcia: pencil and ink on notebook paper. | Brandon Williams: pencil on notebook paper.

33: Anthony Amesquita | Sean Woldman | David Martinez | Dayton Martinez

34: Trade Tech Creative Writers | Scary Things By Reed Morris Visually enticed by the vast universe We stare until we take death’s final curse. Down into the ground, we vanish Only underground, there’s no perish. Passing days slowly, but not slow enough Going crazy, in this world so rough. Seeping through the crevice to hell below Down the devil’s gullet we go. Falling into the fire’s spite Suddenly waking to the morning light. Safe and sound, you’re in your bed The scariest place, is in your head. | The Four Seasons By Reed Morris The leaves of the oaks, all orange, brown, and crisp sink to the ground, with a spiraling twist. The snow from the sky is water yet dry, cold as a tundra, but burns your heart bright. The petals of plants, and things such as these, make all sorts of scenes, like beautiful dreams. And last but not least, from seas come a mist, a cool gentle breeze, make life seem like bliss.

35: Sunday Bloody Sunday By Julian Guzman (Inspired by Tolerance Project) | Bodies strewn across this dead-end street Shards of glass upon the children’s feet And you hear the people cry As a part of their own heart has died Sunday bloody Sunday (2x) As if a war is going on, Inside of each and everyone When the soul begins to burn For their loved ones they can only yearn. Sunday bloody Sunday (2x) Over there you see a boy And over there you see a girl And both of them are tasting death As they took in their last breath They didn’t get the chance to live Both their lives they had to give And they would never get that chance Both were killed at just a glance Sunday Bloody Sunday (4x) And when you take in all this pain Knowing they’ve all died in vain What’s the point you ask yourself? Why’ve our lives plunged into hell? So my friends, just can’t you see? What from this there comes to be? If you see nothing at all, Will you take the time to warn them all? Sunday Bloody Sunday (4x) See the bodies on this dead-end street..

36: May 2010 Student Achievement Awards | Andy Cikos, Fernando Agraz, and Shawn Fejerang receive awards for their work on the ping pong table . | Charlie Vuong, Andy Cikos, Liusberl Raffi, and Trevor Woods are honored for their quality work on their Disaster Projects. | Elijah Roman receives an award for Overall Excellence. | Lily Perez, Jose Carmona, Luis Hernandez, Brandon Jimenez, Ramona Montes, Nik Peiler, and Andy Santana are honored for achievement in history class. | Eric Tzucanow, Jeremy Crabtree, Jared Tzucanow, Luis Hernandez, Noel Hernandez, Erik Lopez, Lily Perez, Robbie Wheeler, and Charlie Vuong are awarded for Perfect Attendance. | Paradise Cuellar, Jessejames Dorantes, and Andrew Garcia receive Most Improved in English Language Arts.

37: David Martinez, Karl Lone, Michael Quiroz, Gage DiStefano, Elijah Roman, Austin Childers, Erik Lopez, Leonardo Avrizu, Jeremy Crabtree, Armando Medina. | How many sodas was that, Armando? Four? | Award recipients for Overall Excellence were treated to breakfast at

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