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Trig project Tyler Smith

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FC: Clarksville Academy

1: Table Of Contents | Pg: 2-3 - Skill 1 4-5 - Skill 2 6-7 - Skill 3 8-9 - Skill 4 10-11 - Skill 5 12-13 - Skill 6 14-15 - Skill 7 16-17 - Skill 8 18-19 - Skill 9 20-21 - Skill 10 22-23 - Skill 11 24-25 - Skill 12 26-27 - Skill 13 28-29 - Skill 14 30-31 - Skill 15

2: Skill 1 On multiple choice math problems, use the answers you are given. | Real world problem Jaleesa earned a score of 160 on a recent 50-question contest. The scoring for the contest was +4 for each correct answer, -1 for each incorrect answer, and 0 for each unanswered question. If she answered every question, what is the maximum number of questions that Jaleesa could have answered correctly?

4: Skill 2 | Solve The Algebra General algebra solving. | In a certain situation, the maximum height H, in meters, that a ball bounces is given by the equation H = 3/5f - 0.02, where F is the force, in newtons, with which the ball is bounced.What force, in newtons, must be applied for the height to be 0.16 meters?

6: classmates group photo | Skill 3 Easy algebra | Get Y by itself and solve to find Y. Real World Problem If x = 3m - 4 and y = 6 - m, which of the following expresses y in terms of x?

8: Skill 4 Means | FInd the average. Real World Problem In a bowling league match, Jimbo has bowled scores of 180 and 210 so far. He will bowl one more game. If he wants his average for the three games to be at least 205, what is the minimum score he needs for the third game?

10: Skill 5 Angles | Find the angels. Real World Problem If the measure of an angle is 42.5 degrees, what is the measure of its supplement?

12: Skill 6 Parallel Lines | All bigger angles are equal and all smaller angels are equal. Real World Problem

14: Skill 7 Triangles | When all sides are equal all angles are 60 degrees. Real World Problem If the area of a right triangle is 72, and the measure of one leg is 12, which of the following could be the value of one of its angles?

16: Skill 8 Foil | First, Inner, Outer, Last Real World Problem A rectangular room that is 1 foot longer than it is wide has an area of 90 square feet. How many feet long is the room?

18: Skill 9 Vocab | Any time you see vocab, underline it. Real World Problem For all real numbers x, what integer values satisfy the equation 2x^2=50?

20: Skill 10 Vocab Continued | Don't be intimidated by vocab. Real World Problem In a standard (x,y) coordinate plane, if one circle is tangent to the x axis, and a different circle is tangent to the y axis, at how many ordered pairs (x,y) might the two circles intersect?

22: Skill 11 Multiples Vocab | Use the answers. Real World Problem A bag of peanuts could be divided among 8 children, 9 children, or 10 children with each getting the same number, and with 2 peanuts left over in each case. What is the smallest number of peanuts that could be in the bag?

24: Skill 12 Graphing Vocab | Don't be intimated by graphing terms Real World Problem In a standard (x,y) coordinate plane, if one circle is tangent to the x axis, and a different circle is tangent to the y axis, how many ordered pairs (x,y) might the two circles intersect?

26: Skill 13 Slope | To find slope use, Y1 -Y2/X1-X2. Real World Problem What is the slope of the line containing the points (-5,6) and (-4,-4)?

28: Skill 14 Slope Cont. | Slope intercept form is Y=MX+B. Real World Problem If the slope of a line through the origin and (-2,b) is 2, and the line through (b,-2) and (a,5) is parallel to that line, what is the value of a?

30: Skill 15 Charts and Graphs | The key to charts and graphs is to read the notes and intro if provided and expect an average percent or probability question about the data. Real World Problem Approximately what percent of the money raised by the yogathon over the 3 days did New Leaf Learning Center raise on day 2?

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