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WA UY (Final Candidate)

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S: Western Academy 2010- 2011

BC: Wisdom Faith Education

FC: Let the Imagination Wonder Jeffrey Presberg 2010 | Western Academy 2010-2011 Inaugural Year

1: Student Body and Faculty at Western Academy during its Inaugural Year 2010. | Elliott Bing, Stephen Dunne, Jordi Fernandez, Chris Gosselin, Michael Gurch, Peter Hayden, Martin Montalvo, Stefan Niño, Nicholas O'Bar, Thomas Peters, Nico Pressler, Gabriel Vauthey George Belton, Miguel Caranti, Edmund Carroll, Gabriel Joseph, Garrett Kindle, Brendan Lau, Michael Nieto, David O'Bar, Luke Pelletier, Joshua Power, Luis Eugenio Vera, Felipe Vilalta, Carlos Young. Matthew Alexander, Thomas Armentor, Rafael Bello, Matthew Christopherson, Max Duncan, Tony Gosselin, Noah Huckaby, Creigh Klenke, José Carlos Martínez, Cole Palmer, Zig Sanchez, Paul Venus, Rafael Vilalta, John Villanueva, Thomas Wilson. Alvaro Directo, Carter Dorsett, Ricky Doughtie, Thomas Hayden, Rafael Ramos, Stephen Rocha, Paolo Salazar, Christian Scoggins, Patrick Smetek, Jackson Barr, Carl Belton, Christopher Carroll, Hans Doughtie, Andy Gosselin, Peter LeBlanc, Juan Patricio Vera, Javier Vilalta. Jeffrey Presberg, Austin Hatch, John Rocha, Christopher Carroll, Rev. Father Mike Manz, Doug Klatt, John Creech, Alex Hoff, Jason Hebert, John Power IV, Roberto Treviño, Rev. Father Vera. | Board of Directors 2010-2011 | Patrick McCarthy * Juan Luis Marti * Jeffrey P. Presberg James Cuthrell, PHD Guido Caranti * Timothy D. Belton * Pablo Yepes, PHD | Western Academy Mission Statement | Western Academy is a private, independent, liberal arts, lower and middle school for boys. Through personal attention and dedicated effort, teachers foster a genuine passion for learning and provide an integral education, assisting parents in developing the whole person: intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual. With a spirit of adventure and freedom, students are encouraged to approach their academic work with professional excellence and to strive in the live of virtue.

4: Founding Year | Western Academy | On Wednesday, September 8, 2010, Western Academy opened its doors with 50 students and planted the roots for the foundation of the school. Classes ranged from 3rd. grade to 7th. grade. Families sent their sons from all over the Houston area to be part of this historic year. Ten faculty were chosen from all over the country, some came from the Washington, DC area and the Chicago area, and as close as our own backyards. Founding Families eager to give their sons an opportunity to develop a passion for learning, to nurture their spirit, have freedom to explore, and to become responsible young men, along with a growth in their faith. Western Academy's Chaplain is a Catholic priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei and oversees the religious education of the Students. Western Academy is thankful for the dedication and determination of our remarkable donors that came from all over the country; helped in countless ways to open our school at 1511 Butlercrest Street, in Houston, Texas. The Inaugural year was a success, the following pages will show a glimpse of the adventures that the First Green Jays experience daily at school... | 2010-2011

5: Studium Libertas Veritas | A true liberal arts education touches on permanent, eternal things. It invites us to understand and develop individual hearts and minds and to explore the fundamental truths holding the fabric of life and society together, some truths are natural, some evident, some mysterious, all dynamic and furthering what is real and good and beautiful.- Jeffrey P. Presberg, Headmaster

6: Blue The medium blue on the shield is part of a heraldic symbol signifying water. The water refers to the Buffalo Bayou and Houston's relation to the Gulf Coast. The water also signifies purification and renewal. The blue color symbolically refers to contemplation and mystery. The blue fleur-de-lis is a traditional symbol for Mary. The blue star refers to Texas, the Lone Star State. Placed above Veritas, The blue star also signifies Christ as the Truth and the Light. | Green A darker green is part of a live oak branch and an olive branch. Both branches are on the state seal of Texas. The olive branch refers to peace. The live oak is prevalent in Houston and refers to strength. The lighter green in the field of the shield symbolizes hope and refers to young life and new growth | School Colors

7: Yellow The color of the yellow field signifies friendship. The raven references Sam Houston whose Indian name was Raven. In heraldry the raven signifies eternity and providence. The shell refers to the coast. The shell has many symbolic references including to man's condition as a pilgrim on the way and to victory in deep water. | Brown The name of the school notes the location of the school. Underlying references include Western Tradition, the liberal arts, and Plato's Academy. The brown outlines refer to the earth and soil. The three Latin words in the banner are freedom, truth, and zeal for learning and study.

8: Back Row: Doug Klatt (6th. Grade Homeroom Teacher & Music Director), John Rocha (Development Director & Religion Teacher), Austin Hatch (7th Grade Homeroom Teacher & Assistant Headmaster), Alex Hoff (5th. Grade Homeroom Teacher), Roberto Treviño (Intern). Front Row: John Creech (Latin Teacher), Jason Hebert (3rd. Grade Homeroom Teacher), Jeffrey Presberg (Headmaster & Teacher), Christopher Carroll (4th. Grade Homeroom Teacher & Admissions Director), John Power IV (Intern). | Western Academy Faculty

9: Christopher Carroll, Austin Hatch and John Power IV | Father Frank Vera | Jeffrey Presberg - Headmaster Austin Hatch - Assistant Headmaster | Susan Charnock (Staff) | Father Mike Manz | Roberto Treviño P.E. Teacher (Intern)

10: The Upper school, 6th and 7th. graders, who set the standard during our First Year. Creating a culture of courageous & talented young men. True Green Jays, soaring high during their first year, | Upper School

12: Mr. Austin Hatch Homeroom Teacher | Elliott Bing | Jordi Fernandez | Gabriel Vauthey | 7th Grade | Stephen Dunne | Chris Gosselin | Michael Gurch | Peter Hayden | Martin Montalvo | Stefan Nino | Nicholas O'Bar | Thomas Peters | Nicolas Pressler

14: 6th Grade | George Belton | Luis Vera | Felipe Vilalta | Carlos Young | Joshua Power | Brendan Lau | Michael Nieto | David O'Bar | Luke Pelletier | Edmund Carroll | Gabriel Joseph | Garrett Kindle | Miguel Caranti | Doug Klatt Homeroom Teacher

16: The Virtous Fifth Grader 1. Is responsible and keeps his belongins in order. 2. Participates in Class in a respectful matter. 3. Is well groomed and refined in dress. 4. Is cheerful and encourages others. 5. Works hard and takes pride in his work. 6. Is prepared for class on time. 7. Avoids whining or complaining. 8. Settles his disputes in a dignified manner- man to man. 9. Respects authority and exhibits mental toughness. 10. Is a good friend and cares for the needs of others. | 5th Grade | Alex Hoff Homeroom Teacher

17: Thomas Wilson | Paul Venus | Matthew Christopherson | Rafael I. Bello | Thomas Armentor | Matthew Alexander | Creigh Klenke | Noah Huckaby | Tony Gosselin | Max Duncan | Zig Sanchez | Cole Palmer | Jose Martinez | Rafael Vilalta | John Villanueva

18: 4th Grade | Mr. Chris Carroll Homeroom Teacher | Alvaro Directo | Carter Dorsett | Ricky Doughtie | Thomas Hayden | Rafael Ramos | Stephen Rocha | Paolo Salazar | Christian Smiggins | Patrick Smetek

20: 3rd Grade | Mr. Jason Hebert Homeroom Teacher | Juan Patricio Vera | Peter LeBlanc | Andy Goseelin | Hans Doughtie | Christopher Carroll | Carl Belton | Jackson Barr | Javier Vilalta

21: Funny, Smart, & curious. Young Green Jays Hard at work

23: Green Jays 'not afraid of exploring and learning' | Green Jays explored under the rocks and logs, analyzing every creature that crawled, learning about plants,searching for the biggest snake, confident, teaching each other, learning not to be afraid of exploring, and understanding nature. Many Stories were told, only the truth is known amongst the first explorers of Western Academy

24: Sorting Day Faculty and Students are told what House they belong to, a tradition begins.

26: House of the Raven Virtue: Wisdom | During Festive Days throughout the year these boys soared above the others. Ravens won the First "Days of the Cup" during the Inaugural Year. Faculty: Jason Hebert, Alex Hoff and Father Frank Vera

27: House of the Water | Virtue: Contemplation | Faculty: Doug Klatt, Roberto Trevino and John Rocha

28: House of the Shell Virtue: Daring | Faculty: Chris Carroll John Creech

29: House of the Green Virtue: Hope | Faculty: Austin Hatch John Power IV and Father Mike Manz

31: FORTS of Western Academy Green Jays became architects, builders designers, and Knights, protecting their Forts. Forts of many shapes & sizes were being put together all around campus; some even had marked boundaries. All materials that were used were found on the property- pine needles, old branches, buckets, stones, bricks and specially logs. | After the Forts, the students started digging..making an underground tunnel system.

32: Festive Days at Western Academy All Saints Day, November 1st. After Mass, Father Mike blessed the campus, the buildings and the Forest. Students followed him around. Bard Competition begins, Green Jays are eager to showcase their talents.

34: Festive Days | Annunciation Day, March 25 Houses compete, Green Jays are ready for the challenges and they are more confident.

35: Days of the Cup Last competition of the year. Outstanding performances from everyone.

36: Students showing their strength, balance, teamwork and speed.

37: Games Competition Challenge Fun | Days of the Cup

38: Athletic Department During its inaugural year, Green Jays got to compete in Football, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Track. | Football Coach: Jason Hebert Assistant Coach: Richard Hebert

40: Basketball Coach: Austin Hatch

41: Baseball Coach Jerry McKeon

42: Soccer Team Coach: Roberto Treviño Assistant Coach: Phil Armentor

44: Fall Garden Party October 23 | A tradition begins at WA. Our first fund raising event of the year. Friends & Families of Western Academy came to show their support. Under the canopy of our fabulous OAK Tree, we celebrate, and are thankful. The event was a success, thanks to the many hands that worked behind the scenes. Our upper grade boys participated as greeters & servers to our guests. The evening was simple, elegant and memorable.

45: "The..mark of a dream is to see it come true." Ralph Waldo Emerson

46: Fall Garden Party continues...

48: Christmas Concert | December 16, 2010 Place: Beorn Hall | A Journey to Bethlehem Western Academy open its doors to celebrate the arrival of our Saviour. Students and Faculty showcased their true talent. All the boys were sharp, precise and confident.

50: Epiphany | Celebration, fellowship and tradition. Parents and Faculty performed by signing songs, reciting poems and celebrating this Holiday Feast. Event organized by Holly Smetek & Connie Klenke | Jan. 6

52: Founding Roots Dinner | Faculty toasting their respective Houses. | "Where the Wild Things Are Western Academy Version" Directed by Jeffrey P. Presberg Music by: Doug Klatt and Mr. Alex Hoff | Austin Hatch Toasting with the House of the Green | Mr. Jason Hebert Toasting with the House of the Raven | Mr. John Rocha Toasting with the House of the Water | Christopher Carroll Toasting with the House of the Shell | March 25 | Jeffrey P. Presberg Headmaster

53: Founding Roots Dinner took place at Lakeside Country Club and was Hosted by Mrs. Tracie Palmer. An occasion for rejoicing with students, faculty, family and benefactors of Western Academy. The evening was memorable. Guests enjoyed seeing the students perform. This warm gathering has left a deep furrow in the history of Western Academy. | Very Rev. Paul Kais | Father Victor Brown and Mrs. Ruth Hollingshead

54: A formal dinner to showcase our talented faculty and students. Tonight all the donors and friends of Western Academy got a glimpse of the creativity of our young boys. More is yet to come.

55: Thank you to Mrs. Tracie Palmer, Ashley Huckaby, Claire Pelletier, Jessica Joseph, Cristabel Vilalta, Wendy O'Bar, Rossana LeBlanc, Margaret Peters, Adriana Gosselin, Mr. and Mrs. Jose Cerda, and all the volunteers that worked behind the scenes to make this evening possible.

56: Masters of Ceremonies of Founding Roots Dinner Mr. Timothy Belton and Mr. Philip Lau | Performance: Where theWild Things Are

57: A Western Academy Version

58: Mom's Afternoon Tea Celebrating Spring- Green Jay Mom's enjoy an afternoon Tea under the canopy of The Oak Tree. Also, many moms showcased their Spring Hats. Special thanks to Stephanie Kindle for organizing this event and the many Moms that brought the Tea Sandwiches & Pastries to share.

60: Spring Family Picnic

61: Western Academy Spring Family Picnic Hosted by the following Families-Vera, Nino and Montalvo. Families came and enjoyed a Sunday afternoon of Fun Family Friendly Games, BBQ, Music and a Dessert Contest of Homemade pastries.. | Faculty Spouses were the judges- they had to taste all the Homemade Pastries. The winners were: Mrs. O'Bar for Coconut Cream Cake Mrs. Caranti for Chocolate Mousse Mrs. Scoggins for Tres Leches Cake

62: Fun Family Games | Children try to bite an apple on the Baby Pool filled with water | Doughnut Eating Contest Since the kids had so much fun the Dad's gave it a try. | Football Faculty & Students

63: Egg Tossing Parents -N-Kids

64: Faculty and Green Jay Dad's come together for a course on Cigar wrapping, story telling an evening of good conversation. | Dad's Smoker

65: Coffee with the Headmaster Takes place the First Thursday of each month. Many mornings engaging in conversation about history, literature and talking about the Education of WA with Headmaster Mr. Jeffrey Presberg.

68: Their own

69: words.... | "One of my favorite memories is when 6th grade attacked the 5th grade forts. It was an awesome battle! We attacked their stronghold with our long sticks and our allies Miguel and Felipe. We attacked again and again,but their forts held. In the end, nobody won but the teachers said we had to stop because it was too dangerous" Luke Pelletier 6th. | "....The house competitions are fun since we play capture the flag and other games. I am in the House of the Shell and there are also three other houses. There is the House of the Green, the House of Water and the House of Raven. There is also a bard competition. My favorite poem I did was "The Road Not Taken". I won first place twice, and I won the third grade heroes' competition bard. Even though Western Academy is only a year old it is still the greatest, coolest, awesome, most fun school in the galaxy." J. Barr - 3rd.

71: "The Glory of God is a man fully alive" St. Iraneaus of Lyons

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