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Winter Wonderland

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Winter Wonderland - Page Text Content

FC: Hogwarts Online Winter 2012

1: Hogwarts is always here to welcome you home. This term, more than ever. we realize the true meaning of friendship, family and the importance of our community. Thank you for being a part of our family now, and for years to come. | Chauncey Clemenceau

2: Sorcha Logan | War is a many natured thing. It hides in unexpected places and it shouts at us from the most obvious. War can be found, manifested, in the bloody grit and rubble beneath our very marching boots and raised wands. War can be found hiding in the sharp glance, the narrowed eyes, the piercing stare of a rebel or an enemy. War can slip its way into our every day lives as easily as a word escapes our mouths, or our quills, and we find ourselves giving birth to the most dramatic outcry of our era.

3: We are the soldiers and we unite daily to fend off war, to keep it in hiding, knowing and always aware that it will weave its way into our cherished experiences here at Hogwarts, inevitably. We cannot always predict what will happen next, who will stand up to fight against us and why. But what we can do, what we have done, and what we will continue to do, is join together through the toughest of battles, stand tall against the oncoming slaughter of insults, of slander, catcalls, battle cries, or simply complaints. Every individual person has a value. When we unite, we become a force not to be reckoned with.

4: Felicity Amello | "The history of Hogwarts School and its castle is one of struggle, perseverance, dedication, and determination. Regardless of the troubles between them, the four founders set out to create a place where (no matter their early divisions) every witch and wizard could learn. As the centuries changed and life roles differed, a new role was assigned to Hogwarts: Home. Students and faculty have come and gone. People have graduated, resigned, or gotten lost in the dungeons but...no matter what...we are always family. We may not always like decisions and we can't always answer why...but we can continue to respect the individual.We have to remember that we are family no matter what."

5: I would like to say how happy I am to be a member of this school. We really are a big family, I think that comes from spending so much time together each year. Just like a real family, there are fights and anger, but we always seem to move past it, work through it and come out on the other side bigger and better people for it. I am so thankful to call you all my family and get to see your smiling faces year after year. | Elizabeth Schuyler

6: “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” - Albus Dumbledore | Adreia Kragen-Byrne | The school has gone through a lot of changes during the past term. Change is inevitable and is a part of our community. Without change, nothing can be learned. But all throughout the difficult times, we are all still here because we managed to be undefeated and faithful. Our affection and loyalty for the school is more stronger than we have ever imagined and this what makes our school more better than it had ever been. Because of this, we should all be proud that we have changed, but for a better more united Hogwarts Online family.

7: Stella Giordano | Some of my happiest and proudest moments in my life occurred on HO, and I am truly honored to be on the governors' board. You all make HO the haven that is. I cherish my terms past and look forward to terms future. Keep being awesome!

8: Professor & Staff's | Prof. Travis Blair Deputy Head of Gryffindor House, Department Chair of Transfiguration Coordinator of HCH Coordinator of Professor Certification & Grade ReassessmentHead Hospital Wing Healer | Rowen O'Ryan Deputy Head of House for Hufflepuff Coordinator of Ceremonies Cupcake Anonymous Moderator COMC Professor DADA Professor

9: Prof. Lexa Azalea Clubs Coordinator Cultural United Mod Parchment Society Coordinator Charms Prof. | Prof. Felicity Shukurova Head of Gryffindor DC of Herbology Coordinator of Professor Certification & Grade Reassessment Dueling Club Moderator | Prof. Sorcha Logan DC of Charms Head of the JW Director of Activities

10: Prof. Katerina Petrov Professor of Divinations Flyer's Anonymous Moderator | Prof. Agostina Molina Prof. Potions and Divinations Quidditch Coordinator | Prof. Monique O'Ryan Coordinator of Commerce Instructor of Astronomy Deputy Head Librarian

11: Prof. Sylvia Miles DC of Flying Prof. of Advanced Studies Flyers Anonymous Mod | Prof. Lukah Miles Professor of Dragon Keeper Training Quidditch Skills Flyers Anonymous Mod | Prof. Elizabeth Peevison Head of Hufflepuff DC of DADA

12: Prof. Gabriella Moretti Deputy Head of House; Prof. of Defense Against the Dark Arts | Prof. Marisol Bishop DC Muggle Studies, Muggle Studies Professor | Prof. Lilith Wood Head Librarian, Transfiguration Professor | Prof. Sorcha Maeve Tobin DC of Divinations, Professor of Divinations

13: Prof. Selena Lopez Magical Plants and Herbs from Around the World Instructor | Prof. Mikuni Matsuyama Ancient Runes Instructor / Wizard's Chess Moderator | Prof. Jacob Robinson Professor of Care of Magical Creatures | Prof. Icarus Volkov Astronomy Prof

14: Prof. Godric Alden Care of Magical Creatures Instructor | Prof. Penny Lane-Belvins Ex Slytherin Head of House | Prof. Annaleigh Nordstrom Herbology Instructor

15: Steven Sprout Hospital Wing Healer | Lorinda Swansong Hospital Wing Healer

16: Gryffindor | Felicity Amello Gryffindor Overseer | Travis Blair Gryffindor Head of House | Annaleigh Nordstrom Gryffindor DHoH

17: Professors/Staff | Prof. Lilith Wood Head Librarian, Transfiguration Professor | Prof. Agostina Molina Potions and Divinations Prof. Quidditch Coordinator

18: Gryffindor Student Leaders | Hugo Costa Head boy | Dylan Everett Prefect | Allyson Deluxe Prefect | Theseus Moncrief- Moore Prefect | Cassandra Winchester Prefect | Ying Fa Head girl

19: First Years: | Aidan Levi Liam | Celina Cansu | Feng Lan | Lane Cameron | Gisle Chanteclair | Gwen Lovell | Merula Amsel | Jeremy Campbell | Juliette Selvester | Jesse Sellers | Yael Rhodes

20: Second Years: | Elisabeth Shukurova | Emily Carolina | Fox Sanford | Jamison Selenda | Kaidence Peevison | Myriad Faith | Sam McKinley | Tallulah Brimstone

21: T H I R D | F o u r t h | Alexandria Nakis | Alistair Quiggley | Theseus Moncrief -Moore | Y E A R S: | Y E A R S: | Vera Kwon | Roxanne Weasley | Chester Armend | Hugo Weasley | Cassandra Winchester | Aqua Whirlpool

22: Fifth Years: | Achlys Demarchis | Allyson Deluke | Cassandra Roth | Heather Previtera | Hugo Costa | Xander Ryuu | Katherine Jordan | Thomas Mcgonagall | Turwaithiel Greenleaf | Vivienne Malone

23: Seventh Years: | Ying Fa | Landon Angelopoulos | Mizuki Moon | Luna Lenton

24: HUFFLEPUFF | "Where they are just and loyal, Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil"

25: Prof. Britney Kartak | Prof. David Byrne | Prof. Elisabeth Schuyler

26: Professors / Staff | Steven Sprout | Prof Rowen O' Ryan | Lorinda Swansong

27: Head Students | Prefects | Coner Heron Head Boy | Lorcan Scamander Head Girl | Alphonse de Cruce | Bianca Blakely | Richard Roth | Sophie Nightshade

28: Amethyst Bernard | Rebekah Schuyler | Arianna Palmer | Nolan Faolain | Rhyce Mitchell | Isabell Riccardi | Frejya Fey | Julie Sakndenberg | F I R S T Y E A R | Alice Quiterie Unterage

29: s C O N D I E S | Amber Oakley | Third Year | Bianca Blakely | Reginald Tonner | Edward de Cruce | Alphonse de Cruce | Saphira Skular | Luka de Luca | Camelia De Luca | Lancelot McWitty

30: Richard Roth | Pierce Einarson | Kathryn Rae Ramsey | Faye Jenay Unterage | Yukiko Namikaze | Fourth Year | Sixth Year | Jade Odvalle

31: Alice Huntington | Fifth Year | Seventh Year | Velvet Monroe | Sophie Nightshade | Emmi Nordling | Isabella Riccardi | Ralph Smith | Zaylie Jennings

32: SLYTHERIN | "Or Perhaps in Slytherin, You'll make you're real friends. Those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends."

33: Prof. Gabriella Moretti Head of the Slytherin House | Prof. Ginger Wadsworth-Roane Deputy Head of the house of Slytherin | Prof. Sorcha Logan Governor, Slytherin Overseer

34: Slytherin Affiliates | Prof. Godric Alden | Prof. Canry Joseph | Prof. Adrian Giordano

35: Prof. Selena Lopez | Prof. Penny Lane Belvins Former Head of the house | Prof. Rici Devlin Former Headmistress

36: Twia Baxendale Head girl | Marshie Padua Prefect | Eve Skylit Prefect | Zelda Fitzgibbons Prefect | Sebastian Haviland Prefect | Tyler Joseph Head Boy | Student Leaders | Head Students | Prefects

37: Bloody Barron | Slytherin House Ghost | Kate Marie Samja December | Sebastian Delroy January | Nearra Morgan February | Slytherin Of The Month

38: Anna Grant | Artemis Rollison | Carter Brent | Contessa Slughorn | Debby Margarett Taylor | Elysia Angelopoulos | Hye Jeong Ryuu | Jaiden Kim | Jin Kyung | Kiara Stelle | Lydia Curnick | Megan Morgan | Olivia Arthur-Wright | Page Spence | The 1st Year Hatchlings

39: Kate Marie Samja | Anya Katherine Montgomery | Blaire Allaire | Desmond Lachlan | Máiréad Chloe Roarke | Melora MacKenna | Paige coldsteel | Sabina Alden | Warahan Farsann | Leah King | Sebastian Delroy | The 2nd Year Snakes | The Sneaky 3rd Years

40: Eve Skylit | Zelda Fitzgibbons | Arriane Song | Lily Grace Danfort | Marshie Padua | Matthias C. Rockwell | Ivy Borden | Clarissa Wayland | The Fearless 6th Years | The Amazing 4thYears

41: Natalia Yaxley | Jack Van Gogh | Euphemia Isherwood | Abigale Heart | Vicente Ortega | Vincent Goyle | Scorpius Malfoy Former Prefect | Erin Flint | Nearra Morgan | The Famous 7th Years | The Venomous 5th Years | Tyler Joseph | Adam Flint Former Prefect | Twia Baxendale

42: "Or yet in old wise Ravenclaw If you've a ready mind, Where those with wit and learning will always find their kind."

43: Prof.Adreia Kragen Byrne Governor Representative | Prof. Stella Giordano Governor Representative | Prof. Rehema Voss Head of House | Prof. Dashel Dewitt Deputy Head of House History Professor | Prof. Adreia Kragen Byrne Governor Representative

44: Prof. Lexa Azalea Charms Professor | Prof. Rowan Harrison Herbology Professor | Prof. Monique O' Ryan Astronomy Professor | Prof. Sorcha Maeve Tobin Divinations Professor | Prof. Kitty Thomas DADA Professor | Prof. Mikuni Matsuyama Rune Professor | Prof. Danael Audhild Potions Professor | Prof. Branwen Cille Arithmancy Professor | RAVENCLAW AFFILIATED PROFESSORS

45: Raiden Li Head Boy | Lucija Fulbright Head Girl | Asahi Vern Prefect | Angel Carriedo Prefect | Kyla Parker Prefect | Desdaemona Rhodes Prefect | Dominic Arashi Haggai Prefect | STUDENT LEADERS

46: FIRST YEARS | Alba Cerbi | Angela Singer | Cinder Van de Halen | Cassandra Ash | Cutelodene Nelson | Monique Kragen

47: Harkon Lunesmith | Broderick Turner | Koven Mhyre | Shaun Holmen | Zane Somiss

48: SECOND YEARS | Jasper Haru Talon | Jayme Edwards | Danielle Pennyfeather | Lucille McNemyre | Amelia Choi | Eliana Abravanel | Spencer Vandewall | Margaret Pelham | Eirlys Gabriel

49: THIRD YEARS | Holly Mony | Oliver Wright | Virginia Chang | Isobel McGonagall | Nathalie Deveraux

50: FOURTH YEARS | Nina Coner | Dominic Arashi Haggai | Jane de Wolf

51: FIFTH YEARS | Blake Balthazar | Cara Cypher | Crystal Jewel Winter | Nicholas Raio | Trevor Higginbotham | Lucija Fulbright | Desdaemona Rhodes | Irina Ortiz | Soleil Mathews | Kyla Parker | Angel Carriedo

52: SIXTH YEARS | Raiden Li | Joshua Howse

53: SEVENTH YEAR | Asahi Vern

54: Hufflepuff's are just and loyal Ravenclaw has wit and kindness Thy Gryffindor's daring heart be dwell Prevent thy Slytherin potray their slyness All the houses compete in traits But once a year they heart gets set To get the title for the best of the bests Quidditch cup is up for bet

55: Quidditch Referee's





60: Slytherin Quidditch Team | Tyler Joseph Captain/ Chaser | Twia Baxendale Co-Captain / Chaser | Zelda Fitzgibbons Chaser

61: Eve Skylit Beater | Marshie Padua Beater | Eve Skylit Beater | Desmond Lachlan Keeper | Sebastian Haviland Seeker | Kate Samja Reserves | Warahan Farsann Reserves

62: Reginald Tonner (Captain) Keeper | Conner Herron Chaser | Kwon Ryuu Seeker | Hufflepuff Quidditch Team

63: Jealexus Bryant Reserves | Julie Sakndenberg Reserves | Ariana Palmer Reserves | Faye Jenay Unterage Beater | Leyla Sherrell Chaser | Alphonse de Cruce Chaser | Lacey Marin Beater

64: Club Introduction Prof. Lexa Azalea COORDINATOR OF CLUBS

65: The Yearbook Club has done it again! Term after term, they have been pooling their skills to bring the people of Hogwarts a beautiful yearbook that can be treasured for years to come. Their constant hard-work and dedication has out lasted the loss of their moderator and the stress of working under a deadline. Their ability to collaborate with one another in order to organize all of our beautiful faces never ceases to amazes me and I wish I could have half the skill they have! As everyone else should be, I am glad to have the brilliant workers of the Yearbook Club bringing us something to hold on to even after our time here at Hogwarts.

66: Potions Artisans Club

67: Prof. Katerina Petrov - Volynski Club Moderator, Potions Professor

70: Blood Alliance

72: Cultural United | Prof. Lexa Azalea | Prof. Moderator

73: Cultural United Members | Eve Skylit | Cassandra Ash | Angela Singer | Des Rhodes | Cass Roth

74: Dueling Club | Prof. Felicity Amello Prof.Moderator

75: Zelda Fitzgibbons | Kate Marie Samja | Kwon Ryuu | Jasper Haru Talon | Angela Singer | Dylan Everette | Meg Falconer | Jeremy Campbell | Celina Cansu | Cassandra Roth | Dueling Club Members

76: Margaret Pelham | Flyer's Anonymous | Clarissa Wayland | Xander Ryuu | Raiden Li | Angela Singer | Ying Fa | Vera Kwon

77: Sovellis Kayton | Jasper Haru Talon | Feng Lan | Jamison Selenda | Jamison Selenda | Kate Samja

78: FutureProfessor | Irina L. Ortiz | Prof. Andrew Bishop | Professor Mod. | Student Mod.

79: Members | Angela Singer | Aqua Whirlpool | Ashley Rose | Desdaemona Rhodes | Soleil Matthews | Alexia M. Ortiz | Lily Grace Danforth

80: Hogwarts Choir | Kyla Parker Club President | Margarett Pelham Secretary | Prof. Ariana Darkwood

81: Oliver Wright | Raiden Li | Angela Singer | Jeremy Campbell | Eve Skylit | Aqua Whirpool | Jayme Edwards | Kwon Ryuu | Dylan Everette | Vera Kwon | The Voices | Kate Marie Samja

82: Magical Creature's Club | Prof. Caroline Moncrief Former Club Professor Moderator

83: Member's

84: Magically Gifted League | Professor Moderator | House Representatives : | Prof. Monique O' Ryan | Ying Fa | Raiden Li

85: Xander Ryuu | Cassandra Roth | Cassandra Ash | Angela Singer | Members

86: Parchment Society | Raiden | Ying | Lexa

87: Members | Achlys | Annabelle | Desdaemona | Heart | Hugo | Kierra | Kyla | Theseus | Xander | Vincent

88: Scroll and Quill Club | Prof. Adreia Kragen-Byrne SQ Club Prof. Moderator | Lucija Fulbright Student Moderator | Ying Fa Student Moderator

89: Members | Angela Singer | Ying Fa | Cassandra Winchester | Zelda Fitzgibbons | Cassidy MacPherson | Aqua Whirlpool | Anna Grant | Amethyst Bernard | Alex Valen

90: Prof.Daneal Audhild Prof Moderator Pages done: Blood Alliance | Ying Fa Student Moderator Pages done: Gryffindor, Club introduction page, Flyer's anonymous, Scroll and quill, Yearbook | Yearbook Staff

91: Margaret Pelham Yearbook Staff Pages done: Ravenclaw Potions Artisans | Desdaemona Rhodes Yearbook Staff Pages done: Governor, Parchment Society | Angela Singer Yearbook Staff Pages done: Hufflepuff, Clutural United, FPOH, Magically Gifted League | Vera Kwon Yearbook Staff Pages done: Professors/Staff Magical Creatures, Candids, Quidditch, | Kate Marie Samja Yearbook Staff Pages done: Hufflepuff, Slytheirn, Dueling, Hogwarts Choir


94: Hogsmeade Memories

95: It doesnt always take two to have fun.

96: Sibling Love

97: Vacation FUN!

99: Fashion - Casual!

100: ME, MYSELF & I

103: Nothing beats the fun you had like in the PARK!!

104: Friends.. Cherish always

108: Winter Fun

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