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Writing Portfolio

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FC: The Past, Present, Future, and Memories | Chris

1: Table of Contents | Prologue A Letter of Introduction Likes/Dislikes List Room Sweet Room Personal Metaphors The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse Remembrance of Things Present Lessons I Learned After it was Too Late Look Who I look Up to How To Dream Car Who Am I?

2: Prologue I named my Mix Book The Past,Present, future, and Memories because that is basically what it contains. I have written in this book what I hope will happen to me later in the future and what has happened to me in the past such has lessons I learned after it was too late.

3: A Letter of Introduction My name is Chris Mourra and I have been living in the united States for about 7 years now. I am originally from Mexico. I really like to be on the computer a lot, I like "surfing the Web", editing videos and photos with photoshop or final cut pro. I also really like being outdoors whether I'm shooting hoops or a deer. I probably like it more than being on the computer. I love to travel and while I'm traveling I like to do a lot of photography.

4: Likes/Dislikes Likes hunting fishing Music Basketball Traveling Computers Photography T.V Video Games Paintballing Apple Inc. Animals My Ranch | Dislikes BBQ Sauce Hot Weather traffic Procrastination Spiders

5: Personal Metaphors 1. I would be a Snow leopard because I love apple. 2. I would be a Ferrari because I love going fast whenever I am on my four-wheeler. 3. I would be a jacket because I like to keep warm during the winter. 4. I would probably be friday because its the most day of the week that I look forward too. 5. i would be a steak because it's one of the most liked things to eat in texas. 6. The Colors Dark blue because it reminds me of the ocean. 7. The Movie Employe of the Month because thats how i would want my job to be like one day. 8. I like th smell of pine trees because it reminds me of nice cold winter. 9. I would be the Sears tower in Chicago because its one of my favorite cities. 10. I would be a Venus Fly-trap because its one of the coolest bug eating plants on the planet. 11. I would be an electric guitar because of all the cool sounds you can get out of it. 12. I would be a circle because it has even sides. 13. A couch because thats were everybody goes to watch t.v. 14. The song You are not a Robot by Hoodie Allen because I do wish I was a Robot. 15. Winter because its when deer season starts and the nice cool weather. 16. Tom Hanks because all of his inspiring movies. 17. Brian from Family Guy because he is hilarious. 18. A computer which enables you to create whatever you want. 19. A blizzard because I love snow. 20. HONORIFICABILITUDINITATIBUS because it's a word that shakespear used in one of his plays.

6: My Room

7: Room Sweet Room | MY Room right now is very simple and basic. I have a t.v and a bed. The only reason I don't have a lot of things is that we have our house for sale. But before we put our house on the market, my room was very unique. On one wall I had a bunch of different type of posters and on the other I had my first deer I shot. My fist deer is very special to me it was the only stuffed animal I had in my room. On another wall I had some framed photographs I had taken. This was mostly because my parents thought they looked pretty. Personaly I also thought they looked pretty but I had them framed somewhere else, on the internet.

8: The Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse As I was walking to school all of a sudden I stumbled upon a magical rock that began to turn bright pink as i got closer to it, at first I was afraid but my curiosity overwhelmed me. I had to look, then all of a sudden a magical monkey jumped out and knocked me to the ground but before I could come to my senses a giant pig with wings came down and picked me up as the pig was flying over San Antonio I asked him nicely if he could drop me at LHS and he started talking to me in piglatin luckily I had a (learning Piglatin for Dummies) book in my pocket. He gently let me off on the top of the gym so I had to jump off it and out of nowhere a giant jellybean broke my fall so I landed softly in the ground. Then I quickly ran across the campus and in to MR. Eickstead's classroom. That's why I was tardy to class today.

9: Livin life to the fullest! | Remembrance of Things Present Twenty Years from now I want to be able to know how to still have fun and how to spend good times with my buddies. Like shooting hoops, going on hunting and fishing trips, and going camping. Just basically spending times in the outdoors.

10: lessons I learned After it Was Too Late | When we bought our ranch not only did it come with some wild animals but it also came with some very unique buildings and old used up things. For example about halfway to the back of the property was an old abandoned bus. It didn't have much except for some old beds and some very old suitcases. One day my friend and I who I had invited to my ranch decided it would be fun to throw rocks at the window of the broken old beat up bus. We broke almost all of them before we realized what we were doing was wrong. My dad after yelling at us informed us that he was planing on using that bus to take it apart and see what he could use with the parts. I guess the lessons I learned from this is to never destroy anything without asking first.

11: Look Who I look Up To! | 1. My dad I really admire him because he has taught me a lot like how to hunt, and how to do a lot of different things. From fixing a car to fixing water pipes and running a ranch. 2. My Grandpa, because after falling from a ladder and being about 5 months in a comma he now lives in a nursing home and everytime time I go out to see him he remembers my name and still laughs with me about the same things before he got into his accident. 3. My Grandma because aside from what happened to my grandpa she still has a smile on her face and goes and sees him everyday.

12: How to destroy the Fereal hog problem | There are many ways to do this. Number 1. offer hunters to kill them for free and in return invite them over for a cookout. Number 2. Hire a proffesional hug hunter to bring his helicopter and hunt them by air.

13: For my dream car I would want a Toyota Tundra. I wouldn't mind it, if it was any color but I would like it more if it was a darker color. I would want the interior to be sort of a lighter color so it wouldn't get too hot during the summer. I would make the wheels bigger so it would raise the truck up a bit in height. | Dream Car

14: Who Am I?

15: Basketball Player: I like sports Hunter: i love being outdoors Computer user: I am on the computer almost all of the time. I like creating and checking things out. Traveler: I like going to different places even if it includes driving for hours at a time, I really like Road trips Worker: I like working on things such as building or fixing things, i also do it for people who can't do it on their own.

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