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Yearbook 2012 - part 2

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Yearbook 2012 - part 2 - Page Text Content

S: 2012 - part two | CLUBS

FC: Yanevskyy Family | part 2

1: "He is the last of the kangaroos." "All the other kangaroos are dead?" "Yup." "Oh, because of the airplanes?" "Yup." "Then let's sit on the couch." "Ok."

2: Running around at Ms. Alicia's 60th birthday party with C3PO

3: "My husband keeps forgetting my name. He calls me Arthur all the time and it is really annoying."

4: "Sofi, would you like to go to VBS . . . in California with your cousins?" | Kaitlyn | Christy | Sarah

5: playing school | egg game on the trampoline | archeology dig | picking berries | Kaitlyn | SUBJECTS: - show & tell - math - spelling - reading - snack - writing - history - science - guinea pigs - dance

6: Saddle Up Adventure Week I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. C. S. Lewis

7: Adventure Week was in the evenings, starting with dinner and ending with changing into jammies in the bathroom. | sleeping over in Kaitlyn's awesome room

8: Disney Land! While her cousins dressed as princesses, Sofi dressed as herself. To us, she is now and always will be our Princess Sofia-Margaret | Sofi's favorite part | Behaving like a princess is work. It's not just about looking beautiful or wearing a crown. It's more about how you are inside. Julie Andrews

9: Disney Land was an amazing surprise (they didn't tell Sofi they were going there until they were in the car), but an equally awesome treat for Sofi was getting to swim in the Pacific Ocean. | Sofi made her Uncle Peter a little nervous by fearlessly running straight into the waves despite warnings about under currents. | One of the first things Sofi told Yasya was, "Aunt Amelia taught me how to pee in the ocean!"

10: For Yasya's 5th Birthday, we all headed to the lake - Mama, Tato, Sofi, Yasya, Nana, Dzia-dzia, and Paulie

12: Yasya is FIVE!!!! Our little girl is active, goofy, often a vampire or a Vulcan, and drawn to the Dark Side. We can't help smiling when she's around. | "Mama, when I grow up I'm gonna marry Matthias because I love him so much, but I'm still gonna be married to C3PO and I'm still gonna play with him because he's my husband. Did you know my husband hates me and I hate him?" | "According to my calculations my head is the same size as Spock's, so I really am Spock. I'm so excited! WooHoo! Except my ears aren't pointy...yet." | "Mama, if you let me watch Star Trek, I will let you watch Masterpiece."

13: Yasya decorated her own cake (Earl Grey flavored in honor of Cpt. Picard) with 5 Darth Mauls and filled the house with purple and Star Wars action figures.

14: Where's Harry Potter when you need him? | It was so hot outside, we went to cool off with the reptiles. | Sofi and Yasya lizards

15: Posing with her favorite - the poison dart frogs | It was over 100 degrees out that day! | such a hottie (literally)

16: McHenry County Fair milking cows, riding rides, flying like Super Man with Nana

17: The girls made cards for some of the teens from church who were volunteering with ASP - making homes safer, warmer, and drier for the people of the Appalachian Mountains.

18: Labor Day Luau with Seneca and Taja

19: Aunt Maggie's Birthday Dinner Yasya got tired of waiting for everyone else and started eating on her own.

20: Our theme this year was the Olympics. The Yanevskyy family provided a Ukrainian flag and wore Ukrainian shirts (represent!). I was tickled we sat at the Ireland/Poland table (represent!). The picnic even started with a torch relay. | Parish Picnic at Resurrection Catholic Church

21: Swifter, Higher, Stronger! | "Nana is Mary, so Dzia-dzia is God. Right?"

22: I think those are mosquito bites. | Let me check. I'm a vampire expert. | Sofi's wrong. That is definitely a vampire bite.

23: "C'mon, Yas, time to get your sister." "No. Maybe later." "No, really, Yasya, we have to pick up Sofi from school." "No, I'm busy. How 'bout tomorrow?"

24: Sofi: A boy in my class said he doesn't believe in God. Yasya: I believe in God. There is an alien god in my room who is imaginary. He's the one who said I have to eat cookies to survive.

25: "Mama, do you love me because I am like Dzia-dzia, so when I am here it is like your dad is with you?” | Yasya: When you're old do you still have a mother? Me: Yes. Nana is my mother. Yasya: And she tells you what to do and you have to do it. She says you have to give me cookies. Now.

26: Welcome to your new home, girls! | missing drywall in Yasya's closet fixed by Dzia-dzia | kicked in drywall replaced by Tato | stunning mural painted over by Mama and Lisa | Toothless the dragon? | rotten floor replaced by church friends | so dark, so orange, so creepy | first mud over swastikas and staple holes | moldy drywall and insulation replaced by Larry | piranha or deformed trout? | kitchen before | kitchen after Alex tried to clean it | "It was too nasty! I had to rip it all out!" | at least the counter is supported now | closet full of men's underwear

27: surveying the front jungle | five wild turkeys thought the front jungle was a great buffet | Yasya came to "help" almost every day | Marissa moved our furniture with her truck then she and Paul stuck around to paint | Dzia-dzia removed and replaced all but one ceiling fan | 10+ ft long root they pulled out | Rez Youth Ministry to the rescue! Our yard = their Jesus in Action project | 22 yard waste bags + 6 ft pile on a trailer to get the yard cleared | Sofi's room came with bad paint, 7 yearbooks, and dog hair on the ceiling | grey, disgusting bathroom fixed by Aunt Dee and Aunt Rita

28: Yasya at MEGA - Midwest Elite Gymnastics Academy | Sofi as #5 for the "White-Wash" Junior Yellowjackets | 2nd Grade Choir Concert

29: Yasya was the TARDIS and Sofi was a snow fairy

32: The girls made Christmas cookies and picked the best two to leave out for Santa. Sofi also added a penny to the plate because, "he works really hard, but nobody ever pays him." | Hard to stay in a bad mood when Yasya is singing, "see the flaming bowl of jolly," at the top of her lungs.

33: Dr Who accessories, tons of books, ribbons for Guinness, and handmade presents for Mama & Tato | "Oh my gosh oh my gosh! It's a sonic screwdriver!"

34: This year, the scientific search for fairies reached a high point when Sofi found proof - a wet bath towel - in one of the fairy apartments she made. | "Emma Yanevskyy loves her daughter and when her daughter goes to college she will miss her very much."

35: "C'mon, Yasya, let's go potty. But no t-rexes. They transform back into humans in the bathroom." | "Wow! Good job, Mom. You didn't set the microwave on fire." | "Mo-om, don't embarrass me in front of the 12 and 13 year olds who are imaginary and talking to me!” | "I'm famous on facebook. So is Yasya, but more me because I'm cuter." | "Mama, are you happy I'm so happy?"

36: Alex and I were watching "Mob Doctor" when Yasya woke up. We paused it and she said, "Hey, I want to watch this show. It is giving me great ideas for when I grow up." ?!?! Thankfully she was confused because then she added, "it's not just rocks. It's meteorites. Meteorites!!!" | Yasya: I'm writing a letter to President Obama. Me: Really? What are you writing to him? Yasya: I don't know. I can't spell. | "Mama, I am using my brain to think like Spock. My brain thinks just like Spock's. I don't think with my heart; I think with my brain." | "Whoa! I am really good at basketball!" "That's not basketball." "Whatever. I'm really good at football." "No. That's not football either." "Whatever. What am I playing?" "Golf."

37: "Mama, if you tell me the truth and you're lying, you are not allowed to snuggle with me ever ever again!" | "But, Mama, I have to play Wii. That is what the sign in my head says." | "Yasya, what do you want from Tommy's for dinner?" "Pancakes! Because beautiful people like me eat pancakes." | Yasya: "Tato, if you go downstairs and get my fairy costume, you can make me scrambled eggs as a reward." Tato: "That's not how it works." (But then he got her fairy costume anyway.) | "Mama, God is in the bathroom!"

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