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S: Bnos Chomesh First Graduating Class 2010

BC: Chassidim Don't Say Goodbye... Chassidim hope to see you all again

FC: "A commencement is actually a beginning and a rising to a higher level in all aspects of Torah and Mitzvos" ~ - Lubavitcher Rebbe | First Graduates 2010

1: We were the beginning of a new school. The beginning of a changed life A better one For us, this world was created For me and you. The first class to say, "We made it." All of us, Those of us who created it And those of us who it was created for. And one day, we will look back and say Wow. How lucky I was, How lucky we all were. Because this was the beginning of a Wonderful life. We did it. We are the first graduates of something bigger than each of us, something greater. And off we go from here. To New Beginnings. | BNOS CHOMESH FIRST GRADUATING CLASS 2010. We have traveled this far. And it is only the beginning.

2: From the Principal's Office | From our Principal

3: The Rebbe's Letter to Graduates

4: And then it all Began... | Thank You Rebbe, With your koichos and your many brachos Bnos Chomesh is here.

5: Our Staff

6: B”H For three years, we, the first graduating class, have witnessed the staff of Bnos Chomesh put their hearts, bodies, and souls into our chinuch. Writing how appreciative we are over Mrs. Gorkin juggling everything in her life, and the rest of the world just for us to grow and prosper as Jewish, chassidish, mentchin, would still not nearly add up to all that has been done. It will take a lifetime to truly express it, though we hope that the nachas we have given you along the way will somewhat do it for now. Chana’le Chanin, our true anchor. Where would our school be without you? Besides for running just about everything from behind the scenes, you have created a certain awesome spirit in school that wherever our school ends up, its walls will forever sing. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping us sane, reminding us to have fun, staying with us even though sometimes it did not seem worthwhile, making our gemers easier, and so, so much more. The three amazing teachers that have stayed with us along the great journey of Bnos Chomesh, Mrs. Posner, Mrs. Schwartz, and Mrs. Jacobson, thank you for even just that! Mrs. Posner, you truly show us what it means when a teacher says that they learn from their students, for you genuinely want to hear our opinions lest they contradict your topic or not. From the subjects that you’ve taught, to you overall being our teacher for three very crucial years, you have taught us so much about life and chassidus; we deeply thank you. Mrs. Schwartz, are there enough adjectives to describe the mass talent you have and have shared with us? No matter what it was, whether teaching tznius, science and math, pirkei avos, farbrenging, photography, baking or yearbook, you were there. You have invited us all into your home, offered more help than any teacher ever should, and you inspire us all in many ways. Mrs. Schwartz, we thank you. Mrs. Jacobson, although your class may not have been as constant as our others, yours definitely left its mark. Your kindness, wisdom, and amazing food has been and continues to be truly inspirational. Thank you for all you have taught and done for us. Ricki Cohen, our unbelievable guidance counselor, you know all our secrets so we thank you from our cores for swearing to eternal secrecy! You have been with us through it all and you probably have come out knowing us all better than we know ourselves; the beauty is in your kindness and softness. Mrs. Chanin, it is almost unbelievable how we barely ever saw you and yet you are the backbone of what keeps our school up and running, for all your fundraising, we thank you. Mrs. Lyampe, your class always did cheer us up from your smile to the art. Everything about you screams sunshine, thank you. Miss Rosenfeld’s class started off a bit more on the fun side but after two whole years I think we have finally mastered a good balance of both learning and an enjoyable class with an enjoyable teacher, thank you for all you have done for us in the last two years. Rabbi Posner, Mrs. Rivkin, Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Loschak, Miss Albukurke, and Mrs. Holtzman, although we only had the privilege of having you teach us this one year, your classes and personalities have taught us so much. You all have done so much for us and we pray and hope you don’t think it went without appreciation. Overall, a school couldn’t ask for a better staff, thank you all for being part of the team of helping us mature enough to learn how to flap our own wings. | Thank You | Sincerely, Bnos Chomesh '10

7: Mrs Dena Gorkin Principal | Chanale Chanin; Jill of all Trades | Mrs. Nechama Chanin Administrator | Mrs. Etty Schwartz | Mrs. Devorah Leah Posner | Mrs. Tzivi Jacobs | Mrs. Ricki Cohen | Mrs. Shaindy Jacobson | Mrs. Leah Rivkin | Ms. Malka Rosenfeld | Mrs. Chana Loschak | Ms. Chana Grifkin | Mrs. Rina Lyampe | Ms. D. Albukurke | Ms. C. Winner | Rabbi Posner | Mrs. T. Holtzman | Photo Unavailable | Photo Unavailable

8: We Made It! | Fun(& Brave)G.O. Heads | DISCLAIMER: These pictures do not reflect the amount of girls who actually graduated. It may however reflect the amount of girls in class on any given day. Congrats Grads! | Mrs. G. & Chanale survived!

9: Seniors 2010!

10: Devorah Leah Blumberger

11: Rachel Herman

12: Mariasha Jacobs

13: Efrat Keller

14: Menucha Klar

15: Chana Lieblich

16: Shana Lyampe

17: Tamar Ohayon

18: Chaya Posner | Camera Shy

19: Pessy Steinherz

20: Honorary Graduate Though Chichi did not make up her excessive 'Incompletes' from previous years, her unmatched perfect attendance has earned her a diploma. | Chichi

21: 2010

22: From the Heart | When I graduated from elementary school I was not planning on staying home for high school. It was decided I would go to Canada where my sister went and loved. Something happened that summer that I was not able to go and instead had to stay home. This is where I learned the meaning of hashgacha pratis. I went to Bais Rivkah and met Mrs. Gorkin, who I did not know it then, but would change my life. When I was told that she would be starting a school, there was not so much as a pause to decide if I wanted to be a part of it. The school opened and with the help of the teachers, Mrs. Gorkin helped me become who I am today. Today I have become someone my parents and teachers are proud of, I have become someone who is never satisfied with my growth since I know the Rebbe knows I can do more. I have become a member of the Bnos Chomesh family, and that in itself has made me a better person. Mrs. Gorkin, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all that I am today. It was hashgacha pratis I ended up staying home for the ninth grade, for I met the mentor, the teachers, and the school that has made me, me. Thank you for everything. - Efrat Keller | Dear Mrs. G(D)orkin, Wow, as I began thinking about what I am going to write I realized this is going to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. It is usually pretty easy for me to write something nice about someone, but every adjective I can think of using to describe you feels like a limitation. I have learned so much from you, in your classes and by just observing your day to day life. You have helped me grow a lot and worked with me on a personal level. Before I graduate I just need you to answer one question for me, “Are You HUMAN???????” Because I am not sure a human is capable of doing what you do. The amount of chessed you do is unreal, you put everyone before yourself. If G-d put me in your place for a second I would be in a corner crying and pulling my hair out like a little baby from being overwhelmed, but you handle your life with grace, and it is beautiful to watch. Thank you so much for opening Bnos Chomesh Academy, thank you so much for making me realize my potential, and thank you so much for everything you have taught me. Love, Shana Lyampe P.S. Mrs. G you are the coolest principal ever!!

23: In the summer of 2007 a woman by the name of Dena Gorkin had a dream to open a slightly off-the-beaten-path Lubavitch girls’ high school. Despite many struggles and outside discouragement, she persevered and opened her school in Valley Stream, Long Island. Having gone through many struggles in my freshman year of high school, my parents thought of sending me away to a different school where I could feel welcome, wanted, and accepted. I came all the way from Israel and with G-d’s help, I found my school. This was the biggest turning point of my life. I do not come from a Chabad background so everything was new to me and I was exposed to many new ideas and customs. When I arrived my class was the only one in the school. We were individuals, each to ourselves. Mrs. Gorkin put her heart and soul into us and taught the teachers to do the same. If I had any problem, personal or school related, Mrs. G. always had a solution, just like a mom. And of course, as high school girls, we never ran out of problems and protests: “Way too many tests”, “No free time”, “No discussion time”, “No nap time!” “Your rules are choking us! . . . close your button, memorize Tanya lines, pay $5 for socks!” These were just a few of our many complaints, but Mrs. G. was always there for us to care and give us a listening ear. And that wasn’t even the end of it. She cleaned out her wallet for us every time we cried out loud for ice cream because it was Rosh Chodesh or she bought us lunch because “Nobody has lunch today!” And there she was, always trying to make us happy and comfortable. In the end we really appreciate how good we have had it and that Mrs. G. is the one and only principal we could have ever wished for. There are not enough words to describe how much I learned and gained from my school and everyone in it. I think it was truly the very best thing that ever happened to me and my classmates. Thanks to all, Rachel Herman | Dear Chanale, Thanks so much for bringing an energetic positive vibe to school. Your endless efforts to make school more exciting and happy are praiseworthy and really paid off. I am specifically thankful for all the endless nights you spent with me studying, and helping me make up school work. I would not have been able to do it without you. I will really miss laughing with you, hearing about all your crazy dreams, and riding the Brooklyn, lol. You gave me so many happy memories. Thanks for bringing so much happiness into my life. Chanale you’re the bomb!! Love, Shana Lyampe | In ninth grade I felt like a fly on the wall. I didn't have that many friends in school and I didn't fit in to any of the crowds. Then, in the summer before tenth grade, my mother heard about this new school Mrs.Gorkin was opening. I applied without knowing who Mrs. Gorkin was even though she had been a teacher in my school. Coming to Bnos Chomesh is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I emerged from my cocoon with my wings spread wide. I met the most amazing group of girls and staff. I learnt what it was like to be a part of something bigger than myself. Something that mattered. I became a Bnos Chomesh girl. Along with this newly acquired status came an instant group of friends. These girls truly care about me and I care about them. They are girls I want to keep in touch with even after my school days are over. I can never thank Mrs. Gorkin enough for allowing me to be a part of this school and for teaching me so much. Most of it from outside the textbook. Thank you Mrs. Gorkin and the wonderful staff of Bnos Chomesh. I would never have been able to become the person I am today without your guidance. - Chana Lieblich

24: Senior Picture Day

25: Looking Back...

27: Where in the world is Bnos Chomesh??

28: Remember When?!?! 9th graders rolling around on their shoes....tuna and egg salad for lunch every day...Shaindel and Shana flying to Israel and back the same day...Shana and Dina’s obsession with souja boy...CB’s obsession with the mirror...Chanie Minsky waking us up with music...Sorelle Gitter!!... acquiring couches and chairs from the neighbors leftovers...three Yaharog V’al Ya’avor: 1) don’t go over the fence in the back 2) don’t pass Peninsula Ave 3) don’t break curfew!...tv-fish tank...our many visitors in the dorm...cook taking smoking breaks...garbage taped to our front door... rollerblading totally out of the border!...hiding behind the trees on Purim Katan...sleeping on the stage...trip in the middle of the night to the Keller house...paid manicures!...Pessy and Efrat leaving to Manhattan to work out their “fight”...color magazine...ice cream truck ...DVDs being taken away everyday!...tanning in the back yards and Mrs G bringing aloe for the burnt...fundraising for our school...the bus, the car...Chaya and Chana staying up all night... coming early to school to eat the Chabad house’s food... not so kosher kitchen stuff... being fined for ipods and phones!...making conference calls on the phone in middle of class... plastic surgery to raise the knees... Mrs. Lyampe and Chaya’s holiday art... FCNJ!!!...Chaya and Rochi sleeping in everyone else’s bed but their own!... Mrs. Gorkin’s station wagon with the coffin on top... and then it died BD”H... What’s Up and its awesome overnight trip... hook the reader’s attention... Rabbi Epstein’s Simon Says... Dorm Shabbosim... 7-11... Bagel Island...singing for the cute old ladies at the old age home...

29: 10th Grade Location: Long Island

30: Young folks, old folks everybody come Come to Bnos Chomesh and have a lot of fun Put your phone in the bag as you walk into the door And you’ll hear a lot of stories that you’ve never heard before! | We started in New Haven, and if you can recall You’ll remember Dr. Rice marching down the hall There were some others, we do very well without But the paradise there ended when our school got kicked out | We started making phone calls, out of desperation We thought that calling President Street would help the situation So for the fancy school we left, we found a way better replacement We found an airy, spacious place in Itchke’s Shul’s basement | Rachel talks in Hebrew, about us, even She thinks that we don’t understand, but let her keep believin’ She is overprotective of her special colored pens And a whole day teachers stop her from talking to her friends. | Mariasha – you’re the polish on my nails, the shampoo in my hair You’re the ribbon on my present, the sweetness in my tear You’re the scribble on my paper, the heart in I love you, You’re the one that had this obsession for a day or two | Efrat is very studious, agreed without debate She’s very disappointed when she gets a 98 If a comment slips out, that’s not exactly formal She’ll say it’s cuz she’s tired, and not really acting normal | It seems Menucha’s nails aren’t very stable Cuz every day I find one right under her table Let’s make a good impression, so notes she can take Being funny, for Menucha, has become a piece of cake | Connecticut! and all the fun stuff we got into thereRochi and Efrat “invited” to court...the mouse that made Menucha fall down the stairs...gas station trips in pj’s...the many, many spiders...ultra friendly plumber dude...touchy Dr. Rice...Chaya walking around with a "Snapple" bottle...running in the rain on Shabbos...Bnos Chomesh’s exodus from Connecticut!...our school closing down and reopening in random places...fundraising from Chanale’s house to re-open school...Mrs G. to the rescue when Rachel got stuck in the chair... playing belts in gym class...water fight...running around the block...finding the old church with Hebrew letters on it...subs for math and science...trip to science lady’s house...Mrs. Schwartz coming back from maternity leave very disappointed!!...lots and lots of vocabulary quizzes...Lag Baomer biking trip ‘round Central Park, Brooklyn and Manhattan bridge...gym in the park...punishments: memorizing Tanya, gorgeous tights, having to put t-shirts on under our uniforms...our Purim prank phone alarms...Rabbi Werde wanting to sell Rochi’s DVD player...antisocial class...falling mechitzah’s...the voices behind the curtain in middle of class...Chanale making faces and giving answers in middle of class...Mrs. Gorkin’s +2 on your forehead!...Rabbi Werde: I have control of the things I do! I love Rabbi Werde!...Mushky’s niece wearing her mommy’s heels (on our heads)...staff members confiscating and eating student’s “contraband”...gathering at Ricki’s house...the Stern Dormitory

31: 11th Grade Location: St. Johns Basement | Our school has many milestones, none to be ignored Like the day we got the upgrade of our new whiteboard And when we could leave our books in school, and let our shoulders rest But the day that we met Chichi was probably the best | Mushky is the advocate for lot of different stuff Women’s rights and PETA, she’ll never get enough Obama will bring change, health and happiness But for any further problems, “We should really talk about this.” | Shaindel is happy girl, humor she promotes She came across a notebook, and started taking notes She chews her pencils when her grapefruits don’t last long Hey, remember that time that I was singing you this song? | Chana is persistent, a day she never missed Of asking us for nap time, or if she can be dismissed Her sharp and witty comments are her ammunition When she fight hard in the battle of the Win-Efrat competition | Shana travels every morning, and yes, it’s quite a pain But still her funny comments, never fail to entertain That Moshe got tzoraas in her mind is very clear "Cuz she had this teacher in 4th grade..." | Your mom, Chaya, you have advil for your headaches You started saying Rachel’s English mistakes For your friends, even, you would go that extra mile And every time I see you, your smile makes me smile | Pessy is a gentle soul, a loyal, caring friend She'll stay with you through thick and thin until the very end Pessy loves adventures, and trying out new things She'd fly the world from end to end if only she had wings. | Rochi taps the shoulder and pokes you on the cheek Her swine flu canceled school for the rest of the week That it’s a Hakhel gathering she remembers to mention When you’re around Rochi, you will never feel tension | Young folks, old folks everybody come Come to Bnos Chomesh and have a lot of fun Put your phone in the bag as you walk into the door And you’ll hear a lot of stories that you’ve never heard before! | Tamar makes it clear that she's Israeli born and bred She's determined that America don't get to her head The start of school disturbs her phone conversation And she wants to have school through the summer and an early graduation!

32: Senior year... School location #5,738...Finally real desks...too bad we cant fit in them...finally text books! but no place to keep them on desks...the many classes people were excused from... canteen... heaters... real walls!(sort of)... field trips to Sweet Expressions... Chana & Shana G.O. Heads 'cuz their names rhyme... all G.O. functions revolve around food (thank you Shana) ... Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan Mrs. Borevitz's intense Rebbe stories... lunch shopping for Mrs. G... Shabbaton... running through the one hall of our high school gym...sort of...bracha on the “I think it's a fruit” tree trip when there’s one in the backyard...Lag B’omer on the Rosenfeld’s roof...Mrs. G & Mrs. R's performance...bow & arrow shooting...ice skating, hey where’d everyone go?... dance class...gemers...School Mascots: Raizel & Dassie... Senior photo shoot in the rain...computer class?...our “monthly” fire drill... embarrassing Chaya from all her neighbors...fruit shakes...our dwindling class list...$10 flights took up our day (but not a trip in sight) graduation un-trip...Mr. Rosenthal & Ricki have an office, just hope you don't need the bathroom that day...Mr. Rosenthal reads our lives, Ricki interprets it all along with our deepest darkest secrets... our library!...“day make up”...Mrs. G’s pickup line: Are you tired because you have been running around in my head aaaalll day...Menucha has never left her seat yet...Menucha, we graduated! get up!”...Mrs. Gorkin: YOU memorize Tanya, oooh, take that!...laptops everywhere...pink fluff!...message from George W. "To those of you who received honors, awards & distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say, you, too, may one day be president of the United States.". . . We made it!

33: 12th Grade Location: President St.

34: A Day in Bnos Chomesh by Chana Leiblich Every morning I wake up and jump out of bed I say Modeh Ani and a million thoughts run though my head Brush my teeth, get dressed, squeeze some breakfast in Grab my backpack, run out the door but first throw my coffee cup in the bin I run in to school with just 30 seconds to spare And now the arguments begin about how the clocks are just not fair Hayom Yom and Tanya, stick in Tefillah too The complaints about being Chazanis are never too far or too few First period begins, Mrs. Posner pulls on the light Chaya and Rachel open their eyes with such a startled fright Food comes out and then gets rushed away If you thought you could eat during class you’re in for a long and disappointing wait The teachers start talking and Menucha sets the heaters blasting Soon enough half the class is dreaming Psychology class! Or Navi. Or Ksuvim. Or gym. If she’s not stretching our brains than Mrs. G is stretching our limbs Pessy takes notes and participates in every activity She’s every teachers’ dream, the students they want us all to be The day passes by slowly enough Then comes lunch and everyone’s gone in a puff But that’s only after Mariasha has successfully fallen off her chair And DL strolls in late ‘cause she was curling her hair Chanale’s milk and Mrs. G’s crackers Sustain us for when our stomachs are going bonkers English classes pass and some fly right by The attention span shrinks drastically but sometimes we try Shana pulls out her notebook and begins to draw Tamar uses her Israeli attitude to argue with every flaw Math, History, English and the rest Each and every Thursday we look forward to our tests Chana will count her points to be sure she got them all Two days later Efrat will be in the “office” making sure her average doesn’t fall The day finally ends with the ring of the last bell But it’s not over yet! There’s detention as well Oh the joys of listening to the screams as they permeate the hall “Just one more line” they plead “and that will be all!” But we fight and disagree almost every step of the way Cause’ that’s the best part of a Bnos Chomesh day

35: Caught in Class. | Trying to get Chaya to keep up | giggling with her face buried in her hands | ABSENT. | drawing. eating. talking. snack. laughing. | with hot air blowing in her face Menucha calmly paints her nails. | texting. brilliantly without looking at phone. not even once. | ZZZ... hooded. | supplying historical facts, disappeared to the office & periodically glazed over. | looking for action. finishing work early. bored by immaturity | always taking notes. favorite student. | Chaya Posner | Rachel Herman | Efrat Keller | Chana Lieblich | Tamar Ohayon | Shana Lyampe | Pessy Steinherz | DL Blumberger | Mariasha Jacobs | Menucha Klar

36: What we learned from our Teachers: | "YOU CAN DO IT" - Mrs. Albukurke | Don't get drunk. "thats immature" - R' Posner | There's always another way to look at things - Mrs. Rivkin | Torah comes 1st. - Mrs. Schwartz | Feeding your baby can be done anytime. anywhere. They really do talk about us at Teachers Meetings. In painful detail. High School students fall for nursery techniques. | One skirt can last a full year of outfits. Save on babysitting and bring your baby to work. The mood of the people around you reflects yours. Too much enthusiasm might make people nervous. | When it comes to schedules, always read the fine print. Sometimes the flow of a class is unnecessary, it doesn't have to make too much sense, just say lots of good stuff...and stories. | Hashem is actually serious about His commandments, they are not just for fun. | "Mrs. Jacobson is a perfect being. She dresses elegantly, brings food and is very very nice to everyone, she is an angel." | Every Mrs. Gorkin needs a Chanale. | If you give a mouse of cookie, he'll want a glass of milk, & he'll expect that cookie next time...but he will like you better. | Be awesome, play violin, and have a nice roof. | If you ever want something to work out, acquire a Chanale.

37: Sneak Into a. . . Teachers Meeting | Teacher’s Meeting Minutes from April 32, 2010 Mrs. G: I’d like to call this meeting to order. We have some urgent matters to discuss; serious issues that have come up over the last few months. I would like to hear your opinions on them. Chana Lieblich has suggested that our school make a bake sale to raise money for the purchase of a ghost so her class will have more spirit! Pessy and Shana have written a proposal to merge our school with the Bagel Shop. Tamar feels that it is unfair that girls who complete all their work do not receive the kind of personal teacher attention afforded to students who have lots of makeup work. She would therefore like a policy instituted whereby a girl who has NO makeup work is rewarded with... makeup work. Chaya feels it would be appropriate for a chassidishe school to change its uniform to burkas. Shaindel would like to change the morning davening routine to include the following prayer: Oh dear G-d, Oh dear G-d, please let me bask in your awesomeness. Mariasha proposes that we go from the traditional 6 day school week to the slightly less traditional one-day school week. All in favor say I. Efrat suggested that we open up seminary, post seminary, kallah classes, parenting classes, and grand-parenting classes so she never has to leave school. Menucha is researching methods for having all school supplies, equipment, and people remote controlled so that no student ever has to get up for anything. Rachel has submitted architectural plans for the building of a tunnel to Chaya’s house so that going there to get lunch would not be considered leaving school premises. Devorah Leah suggested a sophisticated scheduling system whereby students have designated time slots for use of the teachers room mirror. Although Rochi is no longer in our school, she keeps phoning in a request that ties become part of the uniform. Does anybody have any opinions on any of the issues raised? Teachers: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Chanale: Ahem. Wake up guys, we have a little teeny paper list of endless things to cover, but while we are considering new suggestions.... Chanale suggests we invent a button that makes people do weird stuff and makes everyone excited about everything that happens in school so it should be a fun place. Mrs. Schwartz suggests we institute PE before her class, or at least a mandatory walk around the block, so that all school heaters can be shut off. permanently. Miss Rosenfeld insists on a personal escort to take all late teachers OUT of their classroom, so that the ipcoming teachers can start on time. (ahem) Woops, Mrs. G. triple booked meetings so she has to run. Enjoy the food...Chanale will finish up... | P.S. 2 different shoes

38: Quotes from Gorkinism File: "There's always a second chance." "Close your button." "Nobody cayes, nobody cayes" "Never there, always here" For Graduation Guest List...no family friends who are boys.yes husbands...no ex husbands, too much tension..." "Because I CAN." "Because I'm MEAN. "...you can say Ill just wear bandaids..." "Whatever you are about to say, wait, think how it will be heard, and say it more softly." | Gorkinisms | Distinguishing Characteristics: sunglasses on head (sometimes Thomas the Train/Tank Engine ones, laptop with disturbed battery, cellphone in constant texting/lights flashing use, mismatched shoes, fidgety, a stressed out smile, perfected tzufloyginism. Tips: - when trying to arrive at a specific destination, take other transportation - when feeling particularly un-class like, talk and ask for stories - check your texts before you show up to school, you never know if it may be starting late ... or canceled - Beg. Beg. Beg. if that doesn't work, then grovel, that will. - If you want to go the store, put your coat on before asking and offer to share. - catch her when she's tired. - attack Chana'le and she will get Mrs. G. - sob stories and puppy dog eyes get you far. Fringe Benefits: - daily ice cream parties - great stories - you will ace any quiz on Gorkin family history - a principal who truly cares | "The first day of 10th grade, after davening was over, the class doors were closed, teachers were teaching and I knew we were really a school."

39: It wouldn't be Bnos Chomesh without ... | Chanaleh spontaneously sharing in class | changing locations yearly, or bi-yearly, or tri-yearly... | a daily playgroup | Mrs. G's A.D.D. & constant texting | Dysfunctional bell | random student questions | Miss Rosenfeld's special brand of encouragement | Mrs. Schwartz's cookies | Mrs. Jacobson's yummy food | Plus 2a on your forehead

40: a Baby of our own Puppy in the dorm Vacation personal school Jet Laptops Sundays off Lunch Variety of teachers Israel trip adult size desks | The BC Revolving Door MATCH IT GAME: | Administrator Classmate Teacher/Subs DOrm Counselors school mates other | Our BC WISH LIST What we've always wanted & what we could have used: | more Rabbi Werde! never left Long Island board erasers, textbooks Driving lessons Mrs G. to be on top of everything School with more than one hallway and maybe some windows (if it’s not too much to ask) Real bell - that works even when Chanale is not in school student Internet access | Mrs. Friedman the 1st?, Yossi Skari Goldberg the 2nd?, Rabbi Weinbaum the 3rd?, Ms. Hahn, Ms. Dinerman, Sarale Gitter, Rabbi every Tuesday morning, Ms. Gourarie, Rabbi Werde & his stories, Miriam Gitter, R’ Goldsmith, Ms. Goldberg, Itty Kalmenson, Chani Minsky, Ricki the aerobics teacher, Suri the cook, Mrs. Sebrow, Mrs. Rothstein, Math teachers before Mrs. Schwartz . . . can you begin to count them?! Ms. Gorkin, Ms. Hecht, Chenchi, Dina Korn, Mushky Bruck, Shaindel, Rochi, Rochi Wagshul, Menucha Schwartz, Leba, Nechama Baer, Chaya, Chana, Dina, Suri, Miryam, Bruriah, Sofie, Mrs. Stern, the Busdriver, Rochel Leah, Avishag, Esti, Sheina, Soshi, Sara, Chaya Sara. . . does this list ever end? | They say it takes a village to raise a child, how many does it take to run a school???

41: Fortunately . . . Unfortunately | Chanale's Corner | Q: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Shana: Well if he cares about the environment at all he wouldn’t be chucking wood. In fact, he would be planting trees. If he doesn’t care he would chuck as much as he can before the green society comes for him. Mrs. Schwartz: That depends. Is it stressful? Is he having fun doing it? Will it affect his life in 3 months? Basically, lets prioritize. Pessy and DL: a lot! Mrs. G: Depends on whether or not his top button is closed. If not, then... Miss Rosenfeld: the same amount of seashells that were sold on the seashore Raizel Schwartz: can you baby sign that for me? Chanale: Why does a Jew always answer a question with a question? Chana: After evaluating the many possibilities ad probabilities I have been able to come to the conclusion that if this wood chuck was of the older age range (20+) he/she would chuck a lot of wood. But if he/she would happen to be younger than the given age he/she would chuck a small to moderately sized amount. | We have lunch break . . . there's no lunch We got a day off . . . got the text too late I got a manicure . . . school made me take it off We're going on a school trip . . . on Friday, in our uniforms It's a gorgeous day outside . . . we're stuck in a basement We have heaters . . . its 90 degrees outside I have time during lunch to do math hw . . . Mrs. S. taught in the morning I brought $$$ for canteen . . . it is no longer in existence My pen fell right by my seat . . . my classmates are too lazy to pick it up Mrs. G gave in . . . Chanale did not We have visual entertainment . . . it's always stuck on the discovery channel Mrs. G. got a lot more organized . . . now she remembers when she gives us HW We have lots of board markers . . . 3 years later & still no eraser Our school has a hallway . . . it takes a year just to get across the 'building' You got an A on every test this semester . . . participation, HW & attendance counts BCA is an awesome place to be . . . we are graduating & it won't be the same | Thank you for coming... thank you for visiting your friends upon the hill | -Becuz -I seem to be missing some phones -It’s school, it’s supposed to be hard! -Whoever wants to can come to my house to study (fill in subject of your choice) -Canteen/Water/Gushers -Only if you beg -People these days... -Things in front of your eyes sometimes you don’t see -Miss Lucy had a baby -The voice behind the “wall” -school phone recorded messages | Chanale, how could we possibly thank you, from behind the wall or mechitza or inside our 4 walls, you have added a special something to our high school experience and lives. On top of the many things you do, you have added a permanent smile to our school that only you could have done AND you manage to keep Mrs. G. sane. Thank you for everything you have done for us, for both the things we know about and the many, many we don’t. We will miss you and the joy that you bring along!

42: ABSENT. Excused? Unexcused? | hit the beach | too distressed by her A- to get out of bed | struck by an inspirational thought, while dazing at the sky...down the block | urgent need for a mani-pedi | making serious $$$ at a Mall Kiosk | in Ottowa. assisting the birth of a new niece or nephew | busy clarifying the appropriate vocabulary usage of English words | 'ordered' away | did not know there was school today. or yesterday.

43: Ads | Yearbook Editors: Chana Lieblich & Efrat Keller Layout: Mrs. Schwartz Cartoonist: Shana Lyampe Best Salesperson: Rachel Herman Thank you to Pessy, Shana, Rachel, Mariasha & Chanale for contributing!

44: Dear Chana & Efrat, Without you there would be no yearbook. We are grateful for all your hard work and dedication. You set your minds to it and got it done in great style! May you continue to succeed in all you do! Love, Mrs. Gorkin & Mrs. Schwartz | Dear Mrs. Schwartz, There is always one in every crowd that sees the need and finds a way to meet it. You are that person. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us put these amazing years into a book that we know we will look back on with fondness and pride. You are more than just a teacher, you are a friend. Love, the Senior Class of 2010

45: In honor of the First Graduating Class of Bnos Chomesh A group of students who have taught me more than all others; A family of friends who continuously warm my heart, Spark my soul and always make me smile... Girls, you are the living proof of Rabbi Chanina's wisdom in Talmud Bavli (Ta'anit 7a): "I have learned much from my teachers, more from my colleagues and from my students most of all" May each and every one of you find success in all that you do and continue making yourselves, your parents, your families, your educators, the Rebbe and the Aibershter proud. With much respect, admiration and love, Mrs. Shaindy Jacobson (please keep in touch: mommeshain@aol.com)

46: To Chana Mindel Mazal Tov on your graduation. We are so very proud of you. May your future bring success, happiness and fulfillment of your dreams. Love, Bubby, Aunt Judy and family, Aunt Lea and family, Aunt Yaffa and family

47: To my dearest and most beautiful sister in the world Rachel, I am so proud of you! You came to New York when you were 15 years old with no family and no friends, but you had the courage right away. Every one fell in love with you just like always! So pretty, so smart, so mature, always giving, never liking to take any thing and look at you today; all grown up and finally graduating!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy of who you are! I wish that you will never change, you are just perfect!! So full of life! You love your family, you love your friends you love with no condition for return. I'm happy you met Chaya who is such a wonderful friend like a sister. Thank you Chaya and your family for taking Rachel into your home and into your life, i have no words to appreciate you! Rachel you have the whole world in front of you: Travel! Learn! Explore! Do what really makes you happy! Thank you for being the best sister in the world! Thank you for being the best friend I could ever wish for! I love you so so so much! Sarah

48: Dear my love love love Shoshana, You’ve taught me a few powerful life lessons and I’m sure you’ll be teaching me a lot more! The world is huge and has endless possibilities so explore, learn, meet new people and dance! I’m very proud of you! Love, Mom Shana, I have nothing to saaaayy. Leave me alone. Boruch

49: Dearest Tamar, I am going to miss you so much. To all the fun that we had together, to our chats, I really feel so comfortable and open with you. I got used to having you in my house and now it’s going to be so weird without you around. Who is going to make me the best green and healthy salad? May you take all the great things that I taught you from cooking, cleaning, and doing your own laundry and use it to start your own life as an independent. I wish you all the luck and success in your new chapter in your life. Yours, Tehila, Eliran and Yochai | ~ Tamar ~

50: Dear Menucha, CONGRATULATIONS! We have watched you grow into a truly strong confident person, we know you are headed in a great direction. we all admire you and are so proud of you! what we want to really write: CONGRATULATIONS! We are so proud of you! You made it through your four years of prison, enjoy your parole. WE LOVE YOU! love, your family

51: To Chana Mindel Mazel Tov on your graduation. We are so proud of you and what you have accomplished in these 3 years at Bnos Chomesh. May the future bring you success and happiness. Love, Tatty, Mommy, your brothers & sisters

53: Mazel Tov to our beloved sister PESSY You are an incredibly special person, spreading happiness to those around you with your gorgeous smile. You are beautiful both inside and out! You have made us so proud with your ability to do the right thing and keep strong. You put in the effort and you succeed in shining! May you always be happy and may Hashem guide you in making good choices. We can always count on you for a laugh and a good time (Yissachar can account for that!). We love you! Pleasant Energetic Sweet Strong Yummy Love, Nachum, Michal, Ariel, Ilana, Yissachar, and Rivka

54: MAZEL TOV TO OUR DARLING DAUGHTER, RACHEL HERMAN ON THE OCCASION OF YOUR GRADUATION FROM B’NOS CHOMESH HIGH SCHOOL Abba and Ima and all the family are very proud of you. We admire the way you have built your life, succeeded so well in all your subjects at school, maintained your values and demonstrated your strength of character. We love you very much and wish you luck in all you wish to do! Love From, Abba, Ima, The family and all the nieces and nephews.

55: BS”D Nechama Dina (AKA The Goose, Efrat, Kookoosh), None of us can believe you are graduating! But what we can believe is that you have grown. OMG you have grown and matured in so many ways! We have watched your evolvement into a beautiful chassidishe young lady who considers EVERYTHING before taking the next step, any next step. A young lady who understands how the world works and is so outgoing and self-assured and yet is so sure of herself that she is not afraid to show her feelings and sensitivities to those around her. We, your family, stand firmly with you and are so very proud of you! Love, Abba, Ima, Avi and family, Yehuda, Urit Shayna and family, Michal and family, Shira, Ben-Tzion a”h, and Sara Raizel

56: Dear Seniors, Fill in the Blanks: _ _ _ _ _ your _ _ _ _ _ _. Only if you _ _ _. _ _ _ _ 2. Because I'm _ _ _ _ . Nobody _ _ _ _ _! _ _ _ _ _ _ these days . . . You're going to have a gemer on _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. We will _ _ _ _ you very, very _ _ _ _! Come back & visit!!!! Love, Mrs. Gorkin

57: Dear Rachel, I can hardly believe you are going to graduate the Chabad School.! You are very smart, especially on the computer where you have offered me a helping hand many times. You are a fantastic sales lady and have really learned your way around New York City. You have a great future ahead of you and can do anything you put your mind to. Congratulations Rachel! Love, Aunt Ellen | Mazal Tov Pessy on your graduating! Love, Totty, Mommy, and your brothers and sisters!

58: Dear Graduates, To my Algebra students: Always remember to approach life's problems one step at a time. To my Geometry students: Use logic and do things in a clear, thought out manner. To my Earth Science students: Remember that human knowledge comes from trying to figure out what Hashem already knows, and has given us, in the Torah. G-d created the world, and then gave you the shortcuts to a great life. Pay attention. Teaching you has been amazing...well let’s be honest, its been tough too. You challenged my mind and turned me into a real math/science geek, hope I did the same to you. May you all find your place where you can slurp soup from a bowl, eat chicken with your fingers and smile just because. May your bread be hard & your butter soft (ever tried to put hard butter on soft bread?) & may your years in Bnos Chomesh keep you grounded in this big crazy world. I (still) love this class. Keep in touch, Mrs. Schwartz PS. To all those who spent hours & hours at my house, we never object to free babysitting :) | Dear Rachel, I'm so proud of you that you are about to graduate from Brooklyn's Chabad school. You are very special to me. You are very bright, studious and friendly and I know you have a great future ahead of you! I wish you much happiness and a lot of success in the future I love you dearly! Love, Grandma Harriet

59: Dearest Nechama Dina, It’s a time to be thoughtful A time to be glad A time for remembering the good times you’ve had A time to be hoping that your whole life through Will turn out to be happy and successful for you! Congratulations to the Best Aunt in the World!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU Love, Menachem Mendel, Shaina, Naftali, and Chaim Keller | Congratulations!! To my favorite granddaughter Menucha :) Wishing you all the very best in your future. Many happy and healthy years ahead of you. I am so proud of you. All my love, Bobby Betty

60: Nechama Dina, Mazel Tov and Congratulations We are so proud of you! Love, Aunt Linda, Uncle Bruce, Josh and Benny | You guys are graduating before my eyes and I still can't believe it's happening! I guess... Things in front of your eyes sometimes you don't see! I'm going to miss you guys! like a lot, a lot! With lots of love, Chana'le

61: Congratulations Pessy on reaching this point in your education. Your whole life you have been going to school because you had to and now you have reached the point where its in your own hands. Graduation is a mark of adulthood. Pessy, when people ask me if I am your sister, I feel so lucky to be able to say yes; I am so proud of you. I love you. Love, your sister Dina. | To our sweet and lovely Mariasha Mazal tov on reaching this new stage in your life. The stage is yours and we know you will shine. We love you always, Ta, Ma, brothers and sisters | To the Seniors of Bnos Chomesh, I watched you grow up (you can probably say the same about me) and it has been a great experience. You've gotten this far and I am looking forward to seeing how much further you will go. May you all have lots of Hatzlacha in everything you do! Mrs. Posner

62: I can barely believe that the year is over. We’ve learned so much from our teachers, books, and most of all, our experiences. Although I was officially your teacher, in truth I actually learnt the most from you. Efrat- you’ve taught me not to let obstacles obstruct your goal. Chana- you’ve taught me what it means to be a true friend. From Shana I’ve learned that a good word can erase a bad day. Rachel- taught me that learning and fun don’t contradict. Tamar- To be persistent in uncovering and revealing the truth From Chaya Posner –I’ve learnt how to be calm and content and it’s not worth fighting for petty things in life. Mariasha- to always be happy with everything that comes your way Chana’le showed us how to take initiative and use your talents for good things. From Mrs. Gorkin I learned patience, persistence, and to follow your dreams. From Bnos Chomesh, I learned that you can never underestimate the power of determination. “A little school that could” said “I think I can!” A swimmer can’t remain in the water for an entire lap, but must come up every so often for a breath of fresh air. It may seem as if the swimmer is going away from the water at this moment, but actually the opposite is true. This small break will give the swimmer a breath of fresh air that will boost him to continue and reach his/her goal. The same is true with the summer. We may think it is a vacation– a time to vacate our minds and hearts from anything serious. The Rebbe teaches that with the additional freedom that summer brings we can actually accomplish a lot. Summer is an opportunity to recharge our batteries. Since it is an unofficial setting, and no one is forcing anything upon us, whatever we do is real. We must take a Holiday and make it a Holy Day. Mazel Tov to all the graduates! Please stay in touch, Mrs. Rivkin

63: Everything I need to know I learned from my niece: 1. Be wary of strangers 2. Explore everything. (tip: best done with your tongue out) 3. It's easier to smile after you take a nap 4. Falling is part of life, but it's still nice to have some pillows around 5. You don't always have to laugh; make 'em work for it. Real hard. and...of course... CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID IT! | Dear DL, Rachel, Mariasha, Efrat, Menucha, Chana, Shana, Tamar, Chaya and Pessy, Thanks for making teaching you all so much fun. You’re all great girls and I can’t wait to see what amazing things you will accomplish. Sincerely, Miss Rosenfeld (Gosh I’m gonna miss calling myself that) | Nechama Dina, The saying “Acharon Acharon Chaviv” is what comes to mind when we think of you and your many accomplishments. We are extremely proud of you especially your determination, perseverance and dedication. Even though you’re the “Acharon” in the family you’re an inspiration to all of us. Mazel Tov and we look forward to many more great things in the future. With love, Shaul, Michal, Ezzy and Sara Fraida | To our dear Nechama Dina, We are so proud of all your accomplishments! We love you! Dodah Jody, John, Bubby, Nono

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