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Dec 2011: DECEMBER 2011

Dec 2011: Chloe is a Husky, German Shepherd and Chow mix who was adopted in 2001 by a family who was looking for their first pet. Chloe was found on the side of the road with a broken leg and a litter of puppies. After being found she was put into a foster home where she was discovered by her present family and adopted. When Chloe was first brought home she was extremely shy towards other people, had a small biting issue and was very fearful toward men. Whenever she was spoken to by a male figure Chloe would cower and drag herself toward the man that was talking. The family thinks this behavior was caused by being abused by a man in her former home. When the family first brought Chloe home they had to adjust to having a dog in the house. With Chloe being the first dog that they had ever owned they had to be careful with her and learned to adjust to her and her personality. It has been 9 years since Chloe was first brought home and she has been flourishing ever since. Chloe is no longer shy towards people or men and no longer bites. These days Chloe enjoys relaxing outside in the fresh air. Even when its raining Chloe doesn't mind, as long as she is outside she is happy. Chloe also enjoys schmoozing dinner scraps from the table. As her owner would say "with those eyes who could say no?" | Snow | CHLOe

Nov 2011: NOVEMBER 2011

Nov 2011: In November of 2002 a family went to the Wake County SPCA. They adopted a dog and ended up naming her Onyx and she has been a part of their family ever since. When the Wake County SPCA found Onyx she was pregnant, had matted fur and had chipped teeth. The SPCA believed that she had been a stray for along time and had resorted to eating rocks for food causing her teeth to chip. When the family brought Onyx home she fit right in with the family. She didn't have any real health issues when they brought her home, the Wake County SPCA had cleaned her up well before the family brought her home. Onyx did run away once, but it turned out she had just been visiting the neighbors and came home when she was done. Onyx has an issue with other animals and tends to hover over her food bowl and her toys. Onyx's owner says she doesn't like other dogs or animals, but thinks this issue has something to do with her being an older dog. Her owner says they only way to really describe Onyx is to call her a grumpy, old lady, but this is said in the most loving way possible. | ONYX

Oct 2011: OCTOBER 2011

Oct 2011: Winnie is a puppy mill escapee. She was born on a puppy mill, but managed to escape her prison at the mill. She was found walking down the road by the *MLAR. She was a small and skinny Boston Terrier when she was found, weighing only 7 pounds. She had bad teeth, missing one of her front fangs, and she also had bad knees. When Winnie was adopted the family had to be very patient and gentle with her to get her use to being around people. Some of the struggles that the family faced while working with Winnie were potty training her and teaching her how to trust. Though it took time and patience they finally received her trust and taught her how to go outside. Winnie still struggles with going potty outside, but she has improved greatly since she was first brought home. Today Winnie loves a challenge. She goes outside and patrols the yard protecting it from any squirrels or chipmunks that dare enter it. Winnie loves her cookies and does whatever she needs to to ensure that she gets one. Whether it is for her to lie down or go extreme and rollover. She wants her cookies! | WINNIE

Sep 2011: SEPTEMBER 2011

Sep 2011: Brought to the *MLAR from a puppy mill with another female Jack Russell, which may have been her mother, Clover was a lucky dog. She was adopted in September of 2009 by a family that really wasn't looking for another dog, but when they saw Clover, her owner said "there was just a look she gave me, I'm not sure what it was.", so they adopted her. When they brought her home Clover was very shy and fearful towards people, but curious. Her owners don't think she was in the puppy mill for long since she had the air of curiosity still in her. Clover wanted to trust, but wasn't sure how to do it. Even though she hadn't been in the mill for long she still had experienced the horrors of it. One of the main issues that Clover seemed to struggle with was being potty trained, but her owners says she has improved to where she will stand by the door when she needs to go, but she still doesn't see the problem with going in other places. Clover's owners feel that this is because of her previous living conditions. Today Clover has learned to sit, stay, come and has even learned to trust. Today she enjoys hopping into peoples laps for a belly rub and when she gets one she is a very happy girl. | CLOVER

Aug 2011: AUGUST 2011

Aug 2011: Darla is a Golden Retriever who was adopted in July of 2009 by a family that was looking for a dog to replace they recently lost Golden retriever, Honey. Darla and her brother (house mate) had been surrendered to a rescue by their previous owners, so the current owners do not know anything about her previous living conditions. Darla had been in a home before she was adopted and didn't really have any major issues, besides being a little shy and slightly overweight. Today Darla is a very trusting dog. She has adjusted well to the family's daily routine and she has lost her excess weight. Darla is very loving and obedient dog. Though she is very loving and caring Darla is "King Crazy". She loves for her owners to throw her toys for her which she will run after and retrieve. Darla brings back the toys and drops them into her owners lap, waiting for more. When Darla gets tired she gather all her toys around her and she lies down with them. She loves her toys and she loves her life. | DARLA

Jul 2011: JULY 2011

Jul 2011: and lots of other different types of worms as well. When she was brought home the family had to make small adjustments around the house. It had been awhile since they had had a puppy in the house, so they had to make it puppy proof. They had to wake up early and let her out and get her socialized with other people and other dogs. They took Stella to a 6 month obedience class where she learned to listen better and not get distracted. During this class, Stella did a very good job at learning the material. The hardest part was the sitting. Even at such a young age Stella had hip problems and it was hard for her to sit. Today Stella is very well behaved, but still very hyper. She enjoys playing and is always willing to learn something new. A very special thing she learned how to do was say "I Love You", which her owner was able to teach her through a lot of practice and patience. | In 2009 Stella was adopted at PetSmart through the Johnston County Shelter when she was 3 months old. When Stella was first brought home she was very submissive to other dogs, didn't know how to walk on a leash and inhaled her food. From a health standpoint she had tapeworm | STELLA

Jun 2011: JUNE 2011

Jun 2011: Keep your eyes on the ball, that is Trixie's motto. Trixie takes her ball places it in her owners lap, backs up, never taking her eyes off it and waits for it to fly. Trixie plays ball every chance she gets and would go non-stop if she could. That's not how it use to be and given the choice she would never go back. As a puppy Trixie was an outside dog that was tied 24/7 to her small dog house, which was her only shelter. She had little, to no interaction with people and her only interaction with other animals was when she managed to get off her chain and run around the neighborhood with another dog. When taken in by her present family in March of 2008 Trixie didn't know how to socialize with the other dogs in the house. When Trixie would try to play with the other dogs it was more like fighting. Trixie also had a fear of men. Whenever an unfamiliar man came into the house she would growl and back away. When first brought home the family always had to be careful with her around new people and the other animals because the family wasn't sure how she would react. Today Trixie has improved her social skills and overcome her fear of men. She is still a little flaky around large crowds and wary of new people, but she is always trying to please and always looking to play fetch. | Play | Play | Play | TRIXIE

May 2011: MAY 2011

May 2011: Ginger was a stray found on the side of the road and was adopted in 2001. When she was brought home Ginger was a very shy dog. When first brought to the house she would not go in it and had to be carried in. When brought into the house the family kept her in a side room so she could get used to her new home and for awhile she wouldn't come out of the room. Ginger didn't bark when the family first brought her home and they worried that she wouldn't be able to, but that fear soon passed. Ginger had a few behavioral issued when she was first adopted. She didn't like men, would bark at people when they embraced and would attack people when they would try to leave the house. After seeing a trainer the attacks slowed and soon came to a halt. The trainer said the attacks could have had something to do with her being a herding dog. Today Ginger has gotten a lot better. She no longer attacks people when they try to leave, she is comfortable around men and definitely fine with her new home. Ginger still tends to bark at people when they embrace and for some reason she doesn't really like cameras, but she is a very enjoyable dog. Her owner says the one fun fact about Ginger is she is a real clown and just fun to be around. | GINGER

Apr 2011: APRIL 2011

Apr 2011: Bliss was a puppy mill rescue dog pulled from one of the worst puppy mills in Pennsylvania. She was found by the *MLAR in a rabbit hutch that was in a farm house. The barn had no heating or A/C and the conditions were not very clean. The cage she was in prevented Bliss from ever being able to run in grass, or be in the sun. In her previous life at the mill Bliss was a breeding female who was forced to have numerous litter. Because of this abuse ,when she was rescued her nipples were 1-2 inches long from the numerous litters and nursing she was put through. Bliss's ears were torn up when she was found. One ears was half gone and the other was ripped to pieces. Her owners suspects that these wounds are from the other dogs that Bliss had been living with. When she was rescued Bliss only weighed 8 pounds. Bliss not only suffered physically, but she also suffered mentally from the puppy mill. Being raised on a mill she had never been held or put in contact with a lot of people. The only contact she most likely received was harsh treatment. Her owner said she suffered from the Puppy Mill Trance. Bliss was very fearful and wouldn't even play with the other dogs in the house when she was first brought home. Bliss also had a bathroom issue and this is something that the family struggled with when training her. Her owner thinks this issue has something to do with being born on a puppy mill. At puppy mills the dogs are in an environment where they only have their cage for a bathroom, | so when brought to a real home they don't understand that they don't have to go in their living area anymore. Bliss still struggles with this and has accidents in the house, but she has gotten much better. Today Bliss has improved greatly; she knows how to play and loves to be pet and adored. Bliss is a much happier dog. She runs up to meet strangers and has learned how to trust people. Bliss is such a happy dog who loves to play and enjoys life and all its wonders. | BLISS

Mar 2011: MARCH 2011

Mar 2011: Roxy is a Pomeranian who had a very rough beginning and an amazing outcome. Before Roxy was rescued she was a breeding female at a puppy mill. She lived in a wire rabbit hutch with several other dogs crammed into the cage with her. When she was rescued she had many different health issues. She had ringworm, intestinal problems from lack of food, little hair and no teeth. When first brought home Roxy would dig in the ground | for worms to eat. Her owner thinks this is because of the lack of food when she was at the mill. She ate whatever fell into her cage. Roxy not only suffered from health issues, but behavioral issues as well. She was very shy towards people due to a lack of interaction from the millers. She was scared of heights, did not do well with stairs and was very fearful when approached. With adopting Roxy the family had to adjust to her timidness. They had never had a dog so shy before and they had to be slow and careful around her. Today Roxy has made huge improvements. She is in a lot better health, she is eating better and she has a much healthier coat. She now approaches people and is altogether a much happier dog. Today Roxy can be found following her owner around everywhere she goes. Her owner calls her "My little Shadow". Her owner says people would think that I am the one who has made a difference in Roxy's life, but it is Roxy who has changed mine. | life is good | ROXY

Feb 2011: FEBRUARY 2011

Feb 2011: Today looking at Kiki one would never expect her to have ever been shy, or cautious around people. Today Kiki loves being the center of attention and is very curios and is extremely outgoing. No one would have ever guessed that less then a year ago Kiki was shy, inactive, wouldn't play with toys and didn't know how to be walked on a leash. Kiki was rescued from a backyard puppy mill in 2010. When the family brought Kiki home they gave her her own room so she would have a place she could call her safe haven. The family had to adjust to having a dog in the house and they had to do a lot of work with her, especially when it came to potty training. Kiki still has trouble with this and her owners think it has something to do with her previous living conditions. She was in a place where she couldn't go to the bathroom anywhere else except her cage. Kiki was taken to a trainer to help with her timidness and it helped her come out of her shell. Today Kiki is the life and soul of the party and likes all of the attention to be centered around her. | KIKI

Jan 2011: JANUARY 2011

Jan 2011: In August of 2007 a family went to the Wake County Animal Shelter to find their first puppy. This would not be their first dog, but it was their first puppy and they were looking forward to this new experience. Walking through the rows of cages they came across a pen full of black puppies, except for one. He was a gray, wormy and timid looking pup, that sat in the corner of the pen all by himself. Once the family saw him they picked him up and they knew he was the one. Flint was a very timid dog when brought home and had a few medical issues. When the family brought Flint home he had worms and he also had kennel cough. The family treated him for these issues and in a couple of weeks he was healthy. Today Flint is still a very timid dog, but he has a very loving nature. His owner says, "He is very in tune to people's emotions and is always trying to please." Flint's owners are not sure what his breed is, but they think he is a cross between a Pit bull and a Labrador retriever. They always joke around and say the only thing Pit bull about him is his color, because you could never find a sweeter dog. | FLINT

BC: A Dog's Tale 2011 | Adoption Tips | - If you are adopting your first animal go to an organization that will help you find the perfect dog. -Make sure you are willing to put in the time and money necessary. -All dogs are different so be willing to work with the dog. -Be patient when working with your dog, don' t rush. -Remember, it is a lot of work, but its worth it in the end. -Pick a dog that fits your life- style. -Do research for the right dog. -Make sure you really want a dog before you get it. -Take time to get to know the dog before you adopt it. -PUPPY MILL RESCUE DOGS ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE. They take a lot of patience, love and time. | *Main Line Animal Rescue

FC: 2011 | A Dog's Tale

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