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Poetic Expressions 2014 Calendar

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Dec 2014: 2014 | December

Dec 2014: Inspiration of It All! Settling down I look around and see all types of people and places hurting from voids in all different forms, That’s when I start to write because it was Love and not hate that promoted the writing of all of these poems. Love was the inspiration of it all.

Nov 2014: 2014 | November

Nov 2014: Do Your Part Mother of three love them all from the heart, What can else can I do? Do Your Part Something is missing, been wrong from the start, But what else can I do? Do Your Part I was given this title before I got any education or smarts, So what else can I do? Just do your part Out of my sane mind it seems because they make it so hard Is there something more I have to do? Nope. Just Do Your Part Now you are that mother, we are growing two worlds apart, what can you do? Do Your Part Some days will seem sweet some days awfully tart, Screaming what else can I do? We all have an assignment So Just Do Your Part

Oct 2014: 2014 | October

Oct 2014: Don’t Cry For Me Don’t cry for me, cause I’m totally free. No more pain, no more shame. Count me out even though I never got in the game. Nothing’s gone but the flesh alone, flesh got cut, as the spirit moans. The temporary fix it seemed was for my demise, It’s not a sad occasion for me, so why all the cries? Yeah, flesh is gone but not for long, my spirit’s rejoicing and hurting at the same time you weep. Nothing lost will be nothing gained, so that’s why I have a peaceful sleep. Don’t cry for me because I’m safe and secure wrapped up in his arms. Put away and sheltered from all of the useless harm. Shhh! The verdict is in so say we all and so says HE, only shed tears when a baby is born, I’ve ran the race and did my part – I’m totally free, Don’t cry for me.

Sep 2014: 2014 | September

Sep 2014: In His Due Time Can’t comprehend why you have to wait to open a letter from a friend Heart beats out of your chest as you wait for the answer to an untold story’s end Your watch is working while his is being repaired it seems Can’t figure out what’s going on not even in your wildest dreams Sickness overtakes you like a bad report of cancer from your doctor, serious chill. You don’t understand now what the LORD is doing, but someday you will.

Aug 2014: 2014 | August

Aug 2014: H.O.M.E Helpers – take one to know one Optimistic - overcomers who open the way for others to come in and become Master - Ministers of Christ Jesus developing into the best Evangelizers - and prayer warriors this world has ever known. -------- Christina Brown

Jul 2014: 2014 | July

Jul 2014: Dirty Diamonds In The Rough Three Diamonds dirty, three diamonds lost, finding three diamonds can be tough, or are these three diamonds, diamonds in the rough? Diamonds can come in many shapes and forms It’s not the diamond that makes it shine It’s the way it’s worn, the woman it represents, the reflection it gives when it meets destiny head on. Odd like you, but beautiful like me, making diamonds have the bling, bling that you see. Wisdom dusts off the coals after they’ve gone through the fire, Allowing them to be placed on the one finger that she desires. Three Diamonds dirty, three diamonds lost, finding one diamond can be tough, but can you find and clean the three diamonds, diamonds in the rough?

Jun 2014: 2014 | June

Jun 2014: Different --- Yet The LORD Is The Same Life can appear twisted if you are being raised with the wrong ideas about people who are different --- Yet the LORD is the same. Stop holding on to hopeless things, be it now or be it then, it’s all the same we all are going to have to call on Jesus’ name. For God is no respect of person. For all he died and for all was raised. And just for that, we should give him praise. No matter what you say, no matter what you do, “let every man be a liar while God be true.” Some twist the word for glory, some twist it for fame and then walk around and label us common folk strange. Stop calling worshippers of God different and good works vain. To some the message may seem lame. But the Almighty, the LORD our God is not different – he’s always the same.

May 2014: 2014 | May

May 2014: My Prayer Complete Dear Sovereign LORD to you I prayed, head bowed down, hands thankfully raised Grateful to you for each day made anew For giving us another song so we can embrace to another dance For giving mercy to another sinner that inspite of our imperfections we receive another chance. To you Jehovah Jireh who has kept me all of my days. Faithful you are now and faithful you were then When I was at my lowest point, You gently knelt down and said, “Come to me, you are my friend.” My prayer is complete and all the fuzz now gone, Because of your great love your servant can carry on. And my vision made right, suddenly I have a clear view No obstruction any longer as it relates to you. Thank you, my Father, for all the things I failed to mention To leave anything out is not my intention. Had it not been for Poetic Expressions where would I be? In a consumed place forever, head hung low or lying supine under a sycamore tree. So I make this prayer to you be my prayer complete, Although it’s one that’s relatively short and sweet, I’ll say it over and over as I pray it to you again and again. Thank you for everything. Amen and Amen.

Apr 2014: 2014 | April

Apr 2014: STEAL Away The Grace Still in love with you No matter what you do Still wishing you well in this place Human emotions can steal away the grace Still the level of trust in you I will Continue to have and confide in you still A responsibility to you will never go away Still you grow older and forever with you I stay Still believing in the Women of God placed in my care Dance before the Lord, Dance if you dare You still have done some amazingly great deeds Come out of the darkness and into the light please It’s not over yet time is still on your side Forever in my arms still you abide. Still in love with you no matter what you do. Still wishing you well in this place Human emotions just steal away the grace.

Mar 2014: March | 2014

Mar 2014: Battle Scars In a war-torn land, where everything is in an uproar, we can be sure that calamity, disaster and mere defeat will occur. Reminiscing on the great cloud of witnesses who died on fire for the LORD, complete and steadfast in their souls and in their minds. Missiles targeted them in the early morning, high noon, late at night – all the time. Losing most of the armor because it didn’t stay tightened, of their enemies they easily became frightened. Gird up because a solider is forever keeping on guard as opponents draw near, while ammunition and threats become more and more severe. Keeping on guard of the encountering wounds from every direction it seemed. Heads.targeted. Hearts..pierced. Shields.confiscated. Forcing you into a season of doubt. As your Loins are Compromised. Feet.unbalanced. Bondage. Barely able to move about. Wiggling your way back with all tenacity and might. Some days seemed overwhelming, slow, scary, hopeless, like a useless fight. Do not give up. Tighten up your armor suit and begin to shout and praise and dance and beat your drums, because in the morning the turning point comes. Right at the point where you can no longer battle and you seek instant relief. Quick, go back to the Commander ‘n Chief. He will fight your battles and cover your head from all the nations as you search for your helmet of salvation. Your treacherous heart can’t be trusted it can cause a bigger mess, so fasten your breastplate and protect your heart from all unrighteousness. Don’t ever be afraid to blurt it out, speak it, proclaim it as you continue to move about. Yes, you can even do it in your youth, speak the WORD as you gird your loins with truth. Remembering that only time heals all open wounds and all the tears you cry are kept safe in tightly-closed jars. While your surgeon stitches the wounds turning them into mere battle scars. Be assured always that you will be released as you shod your feet with the good news of PEACE. Take up your sword with its spirit and your shield with its faith and finish the fight ‘till it’s done, and all of the fighting will be over and the hurt instantly gone. HE will take away the pain and put the hurt behind you so far, ‘till all you have left are just memoirs and your battle scars.

Feb 2014: 2014 | February

Feb 2014: “I Slept With You Last Night Last night was real, it was very absurd, I found myself embedded in your word so I heard it’s a sin to sleep with a third, person that is, but this was a very different experience all right, So I confess, I slept with you last night. In spite of what they said, I was motivated by what I read. You proved to be the Comforter of my soul, even when I was broken you made intercessions on my behalf to make sure that I was whole. In fact, you proved to me that you are never weak, a pillar of strength. A pillar which helps carry heavy burdens not just for the moment but for the whole length. You did not abuse, misuse or exploit me you were in it to win, took solid white sheets to shield me and protect me and cover all of my sins and every other imperfection that you did not like. That’s why I must confess, I slept with you last night. You romanced me and I did exactly what you instructed me to do. Nothing can separate me from LOVE ‘cause you are LOVE and LOVE is you! Falling in love has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. You’ve healed me and fulfilled me proving that you are my No. 1. Submission was no problem the day I encountered you, To love wasn’t much at all that you required me to do, In fact you said, “Let go and let God and don’t give in to liars lay aside those things that don’t connect me to you including my fleshly desires.” That’s the way you lined up your will for me, putting me in step to be all that I can be. Obedience is all that is needed to win a fight. But you were not trying to win an argument; you were after my soul – that’s right. So again I confess, I slept with you last night.

Jan 2014: January | 2014

Jan 2014: GOD Was Just There GOD showed up in the midst of my grief-stricken world, but he wasn’t smilin’, laughin’ or even speakin’ GOD was just there. As the unspoken words of frustration and confusion welled up within me, yet the vision of his presence did not change, his expressions were still as unchangeable as before, and my GOD, my GOD, he was just there. LISTENING to the cry of his child as her spirit groaned in pain from hurt and shame, being constantly stirred like flames only resembled a deserted soul in want of heart, even still he never spoke with words only his presence, which assured me that Oh GOD, my spirit’s convicting me, And he was just there. As I lowered my knees to prostrate myself in this ongoing presence in the face of GOD, I could not help but to confess and surrender all of my mess. My evil thoughts, hidden deeds, fleshly desires you see, those were not aligned to your perfect will for me. My emotions spun out of control, I was no longer bold, forgetting about everything I owned, anxiety rushing within me making me feel like I was in a no passing zone, feelin’ sad and all alone, because everything that gave my life purpose was gone, but my GOD, oh my GOD, he was just there. HE had a stance about himself that assured me that, yes, you are my child, I gave you my word and my spirit which instructs you, teaches and disciplines you, and goes ahead of you as you walk with me. The life you now live has no human ruler you see, yes, I am the “all that” you need. My promises to you are clear just as clear as they could ever be. To lie, I can’t. I said, “I will never leave nor forsake thee.” My child, there was really no need for words to come from me to you in the atmosphere ‘cause every demon you battled I was just standing right there. HE stood with great authority, authority that spoke and said I was there the many nights you struggled it seemed night after night and day after day. My spirit I gave to you to renew the old one that you once knew. The more you trusted in me, I was able to create the Christian -- YOU! As you were going through this process, there was no need to fear. I spoke not because to you this was a dreadful season, and remember Satan is that thief which frighten so many into misbelief. To move was to cause you to misplace your trust in me, so I dared not move or speak to you that year, but I had not left you, my presence itself was enough to reveal to you that I am GOD, and I for my part was still there. Every step you take from now on, under the blood you are covered, there will be that friend that somebody, that someone who will stick closer to you than a brother. Just know that I’ve sent him, because two are better than one. If you fall down, on your butt my friend, he will help you get up, get up again and again. But if I send you alone, there will be no help, no one. Rise my child, you must go. I have anointed you. Your message should reach, the lesson should teach, that message is good news, news about the kingdom of me. Your results should resemble those of my other children you see. Your dear brother Luke did the work and the poor was able to proclaim prosperity. Not only that, but prisoners were freed. The blind began to say, “I see”, and the oppressed became victors, yes victors, in me. Continue to tell them to trust in me. My servant, I am the LORD your GOD, there is no other. I am your husband, father and if you need me to be, I’ll be your mother. Do not become selfish, let the children go, ‘till they seek my face, take hold of my hand and come near. And just know that I am with you, I AM GOD. P.S. I Love You, Dear.

BC: “Beautiful words stir my heart I will recite a lovely poem about the King, Psalm 45:1 Wisdom reveals that one cannot perceive the perplexities of a person, by visual observation alone. One usually has to spend some time in “listening” and relating to another, before you can begin to know the wealth that resides in that soul. Such as been my relationship with Christina, whom I met about 5 years ago. She came from a non-traditional religious reformation to the church that we both now attend. It soon became clear to me that she had been a Bible student since she was a child. The depths of this young, vibrant and well-spoken woman began to surface. She sought to apply the scriptures to her life on a daily basis. This would do her well for the journey on which her Lord would lead her. Shortly, afterwards, the Pastor, now Bishop, called for a corporate fast, where we were requested to deny ourselves certain “dainties,” as Daniel in the scriptures had done. Christina decided that opening and closing the refrigerator and fasting from literal food would be a weight loss exercise, no spiritual benefits. Instead, she began to focus on the Lord, taking up her pen and the creativity in her began to flow. It appeared that the more she sought to please the Lord, the more her life became out of her control, and her troubles increased. Life at times seemed unbearably turbulent, unfair and unjust. What was so incredible about Christina is that she refused to allow her tears and sorrows to fall away to vanity, but she chose to call out to God who can keep them in a safely-kept jar. In fact, her love for the Lord and her integrity of spirit drove her to a deeper and more profound relationship with her Lord. Christina reminds me of a wonderful Old Testament prophet, with a weird name, Habakkuk. He asked, “Why does God allow injustice?” She found the answer to that question and just like Habakkuk found out that there are no easy answers to life’s unanswered questions. Instead, Jesus’ suffering is still the best reason to exercise one’s faith and obedience to doing God’s will. A pivotal verse in this short book, named after this prophet, is chapter 2:4 , “but the person in right standing before God through loyal and steady believing is fully alive, really alive.” During these seasons of unfairness, inequities and rampant unrighteousness, Christina seeks to place her faith in a Sovereign God who will ultimately bring justice to this world. I have witnessed Christina bring the haunting questions of the injustices of life to the One who created Her. She is assured that He will ultimately redeem her life, make sense out of it all, bringing true justice. Yes, the “Just shall live by his/her faith,” and there are many hard, enduring situations she must overcome for sure, and many questions that will remain. The answers are in the hands of a loving and Sovereign God. Yes; He has the answers and will reveal them when he is ready. Some are already being revealed to Christina as she takes her pen and writes. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, she sees the possibility of rising above the circumstances, even rejoicing in them. She faces her God who stands above all, finding Him sufficient in the midst of her trials. This is possible for every reader of this book to do the same, those who will dare to live by faith in all aspects of their life. Habakkuk’s name means “embrace”____What blesses me so much is that Christina takes seriously that she has been embraced by God, no matter what she has gone through. What is transcendent about the “walk” of this writer is that she has been “embraced” by God and strengthened by Him to embrace others, encouraging them during the crises of life. She does this well, by her inspired pen, writings that can inspire the readers to “rise up.” I believe in Christina and share her hope that this literary work will reveal some “poetic justice, “not just for herself, and her children, but also for future generations. Readers can anticipate continued encouragement, as Christina has assured me that there is “more to come.” May her blessings and territory be increased! Joan A. Ganns Ph.D.

FC: Poetic Expressions 2014 Spiritual Poetry Calendar

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