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Buddhist Calendar

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Dec 2012: DECEMBER | The Festival of the Floating Bowls is a ceremony that is believed to send away bad luck. | The Day of Enlightenment is when Buddha became enlightened.

Dec 2012: Us at the Empty Circle Zen Center | - Meditate - Chant - Relax -

Nov 2012: NOVEMBER | The 3 Trainings

Nov 2012: Us meditating at the Empty Circle Zen Center | The 5 Precepts are some basic rules to live by. To reach enlightenment you must follow them. Do not kill, steal, lie, misuse sex,or use recreational drugs and alcohol.

Oct 2012: OCTOBER | Pavarana Day is when the monks discuss the good and bad of monastic life. | The Four Noble Truths

Oct 2012: There are many important rules to follow as a Buddhist if you want to reach enlightenment. | The Eightfold Path | You must have wise views, thoughts, speech, karma, livelihood, practice, mindfulness, and meditation

Sep 2012: SEPTEMBER | Buddha was born in the 6th century BC

Sep 2012: These are pictures of Siddhartha Gautama.. He is also known as Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. | Its said Buddha reached enlightenment at the age of 35. It takes some people multiple life cycles to reach enlightenment | Buddhism was started when Siddhartha escaped from his life of seclusion and saw suffering in the world.

Aug 2012: AUGUST | The Festival of the Tooth is when the Buddhists honor the Buddhas tooth. | Ancestor Day is when Buddhists believe that loved ones come back from the dead for 15 days.

Aug 2012: In Buddhism wealth can be a good thing. The scriptures say it is not the wealth that is praised or blamed, but the way it is acquired and used. | Statue of Buddha. | Buddhist monks reading scriptures | "Give thanks For what had been given to you, However little. Be pure never falter." Buddha | Meditation is used by Buddhists. Meditation is a form of mental concentration that ultimately leads to enlightenment and spiritual freedom

Jul 2012: JULY | Dhamma Day commemorates the Buddha's first sermon

Jul 2012: Prayer Wheels are hollow metal cylinders mounted on rods with mantras printed on them. | "Hate never yet dispelled hate. Only love dispels hate. This is the law, Ancient and inexhaustible ." Buddha | This is a Prayer Wheel. | Mantras are sacred sounds believed to have supernatural powers. Mantras are used in chanting before meditation and after. | Prayer wheels can be hand-held (right) or be very large (below). Most large ones are found near or in temples.

Jun 2012: JUNE

Jun 2012: Pali is the name given to the language of the scriptures of Theravada Buddhism. The Sinhalese tradition states that the Theravadin canon was written down in the 1st century B C. The word Pali originally referred to canonical text or passage. | The Combination of knowledge & practices appears especially important when the Buddhists improve there comprehensive qualities from all aspects. Buddha taught that we should just practice a human life. and to know and experience the self, devote oneself to the mass, and benefits. | -Above is a Traditional Buddhist Temple -Left Prayer Beads

May 2012: MAY | Vesak Day is the birthday of the Buddha.

May 2012: "What you are is what you have been. What you'll be is what you are now." -Buddha | Below are Monks practicing walking meditation | Buddha's wear a traditional robe made out of donated cloth though out the Buddha's life. They call the color of the robe Kasaya or Kasava in Pali.

Apr 2012: APRIL | Buddhists believe after death you are either reincarnated or you go to Nirvana. | Buddha compared reincarnation to lighting candles using the flame of the preceding candle., although each flame is causally connected to the one before it is not the same flame.

Apr 2012: "The rain could turn gold and still your thirst would not be slaked , desire is unquenchable , or it ends in tears, even in heaven." - Buddha | Nirvana means "to extinguish" | The picture on the left is of a sleeping Buddha statue , and on the top left is of Buddhist on their way to an underground temple, and on the bottom right is of a Buddhist meditating on the train tracks to Auschwitz after World War -Two.

Mar 2012: MARCH | Sangha Day is when the Buddha visited Rajagaha | "Incomprehensible, indescribable, inconceivable, and unutterable." The Buddha on Nirvana

Mar 2012: "There is no fire like passion, no crime like hatred , no sorrow like separation, no sickness like hunger,no joy like the joy of being free." -Buddha | On the left is a Buddhist temple in Japan, in the middle is a Dhamma wheel the main symbol of Buddhism., and on the right is a piece of Buddhist artwork which is a painting of the Buddha.

Feb 2012: FEBRUARY | Buddhism is the 4th largest religion in the world

Feb 2012: 95% of Thailand's population are Buddhists. | "Speak or act with an impure mind and trouble will follow you in this world.." -Buddha | There are no government- Buddhism ties. | Buddhist Temple

Jan 2012: JANUARY | "Learn from the waters: in the mountain clefts and charms, loud gush of streamlets, but great rivers flow silently."

Jan 2012: Buddhists don't believe in a higher power, but gaining enlightenment by yourself.

BC: Crysta Thaxton, Madalyn Joiner, Noah Trevino, Chris Foley, George Price, William Henley

FC: 2012 | A trip through Buddhism

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