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Peter's birthday gift

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Peter's birthday gift - Page Text Content

Dec 2011: DECEMBER 2011 | FEBRUARY 2011

Dec 2011: 100 things I love about you 1.You came and said hi when I asked for clean chat. 2.You can understand my jokes and I understand yours. 3.You are tall which makes you special at very beginning. 4.Your voice makes me feel so happy. 5.You make me feel beautiful when I feel ugly. 6.The way you smile. 7.You call me baby and love, and yes lao po :) 8.You chose a more expensive hotel because it has wireless so we can talk. 9.You make me laugh, every time we talk. 10.You are that happy and eacited and type capital letters YAYAY when Dutch team kicked a goal at World Cup. 11.You get online every day for me. 12.You do not care I’m only 18 and sometimes silly and childish. 13.You are patient and never get tired of me being so impatient. 14.When I’m with you, my world is perfect. 15.You always correct my grammar. 16.You sent me a voice clip of your kiss. 17.Learn some simple Chinese for me. 18.Tell me a lot about yourself, your family and friends. 19.Always honest with me. 20.Text me “good morning” when it’s time to get up. 21.I actually like how you make me blush and shy. 22.How you teach me things patiently even I ask stupid questions. 23.You are 26. It makes me feel so safe. 24.When I’m down, you pick me back up. 25.You talk to me even when you are working. 26.You say “wb love” when I come back. 27.How you would spoil me. 28.You make me miss you every single second when you are not online. 29.You are so attractive to me. 30.You make me kiss my laptop screen a lot. 31.I have never been this happy until I met you. 32.You are so smart. 33.You are that good with computers, especially when you found out plants vs zombies and solitaire for me. 34.You helped me do my math problems. 35.You send me links of explanations when I can not understand you. 36.I can share my stories with you. 37.We both don’t like church. 38.You’d let me wear your shirt, the green one. 39.How you would watch me sleeping. 40.You send me sweet lyrics. 41.You make me think everything I have done for you is worthy. 42.You trust me. 43.Tell me what we would do in the future. 44.You are coming to see me in summer vacation. 45.You let me move in with you. 46.Wear that One Piece hat for me. 47.You let me first experienced that kind of feeling between lovers. 48.Sing “Lao Po Lao po wo ai ni”. 49.The way you show in my dreams. 50.You get sad when I’m sad. | 51.You have a lot emoticons on msn. 52.Talk to me on msn, txt, qq and skype. 53.Call me to wake me up. 54.Stay up late for me. 55.You make me more mature. 56.I understand a lot from you. 57.You make me moved a lot. 58.You would cook for me. 59.You miss me. 60.You mailed me kitty, and I hold her every night. 61.You wrote a short letter to me even you are not so good at it. 62.You like sushi too. 63.Think of me when you see Chinese girls. 64.You love cats too. 65.You get jealous sometimes. 66.You ask me back to study and talk less. 67.You make me feel heartbroken every time we say goodbye. 68.You always say you are boring and not handsome. It is just not true for me. 69.I love how sweet you can be. 70.You txt me say don’t worry, I’m just stuck by traffic. 71.We always get along so well and never fight. 72.You like doing massage. 73.You take all the place of my heart. 74.You get “mad” at me when I mail you things. 75.You do not let me go to Holland because the majors there do not suit me. 76.You say you want to kiss me a lot and so do I love. 77.You call me silly instead of stupid. 78.You’d think I’m cute with no makeup, but messy hair at weekend mornings. 79.You show me the bedroom you want for new home. 80.You take a picture of yourself in kimono. 81.How you show off a bit of your Iphone4 and Ipad. 82.You will make me your wife. 83.How we both want 2 kids. A boy and a girl. 84.How we make fun of each other of some “inside jokes”. 85.How I hate the time without you. 86.You like when you make me giggle, blush, and you know :P 87.Your name is Peter Notenboom. 88.You want to take good care of me. 89.You dont judge me because of my weird eating habits. 90.You’d come to China for me if I cant make it to Holland. 91.How heartbroken I was when you left Japan, but everything still goes well. 92.Many times I cry for you. 93.You care about me. 94.You tease me. 95.You praise me. 96.You think of me. 97.You are my world. 98.You come to my life. 99.And you will always be in my life. 100.You love me. 101.I love you too, Peter.

Nov 2011: NOVEMBER 2011

Nov 2011: You have no idea how much i wish i could be with you love

Oct 2011: OCTOBER 2011

Oct 2011: I | U | My Love says: Want to feel so much love from me huh? Fei says: sure! want? My Love says: yeah! Want to spoil you and show you how much I love you Fei says: how much do you love me dear? My Love says: Love you lots

Sep 2011: SEPTEMBER 2011

Sep 2011: Lao Gong, feed me sushi ^^

Aug 2011: AUGUST 2011

Aug 2011: ai ni :) | mwuah | qin | bao | miss you | love you | Ik hou van jou | I dont have a choice not to miss you :)

Jul 2011: JULY 2011

Jul 2011: I want to visit Japan with you together in the future. That is where we met, technically :P

Jun 2011: JUNE 2011

Jun 2011: It's all about me, haha | Finally, We will be together in June.

May 2011: One Piece | LUFFY

Apr 2011: APRIL 2011

Apr 2011: yes I miss you all day, sometimes even get sad | and i want you to feed me | cuddles are required | but MOST IMPORTANT! I want to be loved by you.!!! ^ ^

Mar 2011: Be happy for me everyday ^^ | and | hard :)

Feb 2011: FEBRUARY 2011

Feb 2011: Dear love, I want to stay in your arms, smell your smell, and look at your look. mwuah! I want to do everything thing with you together, really. | I'd even drink some milk and eat some cheese right now if that can bring you here :)

Jan 2011: JANUARY 2011

Jan 2011: Other Than You If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck, the warmth of your lips on my cheek, the touch of your fingers on my skin, and the feel of your heart beating with mine... Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.

BC: Dear Peter, Happy Birthday =) I want you to smile every single day of 2011. | Love Lao Po, Fei 12/8/2010 4:52am | Bao bei loves you forever honey. :) MWUAH!!!

FC: Ik hou van jou | ai ni mwuah

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  • Title: Peter's birthday gift
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