Holiday Wreath Ideas

Holiday Wreath Ideas

Along with making holiday photo books and photo cards, creating custom holiday wreaths is part of the joy of the season - but if you've never made one before, where do you start? Check out this guide, which is packed with holiday wreath ideas you'll love (and that'll make your front door look more festive than ever).

Holiday Wreath Ideas: 'Tis the Season to DIY

Homemade holiday wreaths are a lot more fun than the ones you see at the store, and they don't have to be difficult or time-consuming to create. Check out these fabulous ideas to get inspiration to create your own.

Plaid + Poinsettia

Create a warm, welcoming wreath by combining plaid ribbon and poinsettia in a festively attractive door decoration. You'll need a wreath form, ribbon, greenery with pinecones and a large faux poinsettia blossom, plus floral pins and hot glue. Cover the wreath form in ribbon, then artfully arrange the greenery and flower on one side.

Christmas Embroidery Hoop Wreath

Nest a small embroidery hoop inside a larger one and fill the space at the bottom with greenery, ornaments and flowers to create a whimsical, fun display. You'll have to cover the attachment point with a loop of wide ribbon, which you can also use to hang the wreath, and use floral wire to hold everything in place.

Rustic Minimalist Christmas Wreath

Pick a single wire hoop, a few sprigs of evergreen and berries, and some wide holiday ribbon to create a rustic minimalist Christmas wreath. Use florist tape to affix the greenery and berries on opposite sides (use a smaller amount on one side for a more dramatic effect), and affix the ribbon near the smaller patch of greenery.


Repurposing Santa's Hat 

Santa's hat makes a fabulous piece of door decor when it's stuffed with Christmas-themed decorations. Fill the top of the hat with stuffing to hold everything in place, then pack in faux holly, evergreen and other greenery. Affix pinecones and ornaments to floral wire and place them amid the greens and you have a modern twist on traditional wreaths.

Candy Cane Straw Wreath

Create a beautiful explosion of color for your front door with red and white paper straws, a flat floral and craft ring, and a few ribbon scraps. Simply cut the straws in various lengths, hot-glue them to the craft ring without skipping any spaces, and you'll have an attention-grabbing display that looks like candy canes (but without the sticky mess).

DIY Christmas Bow Wreath

A Christmas bow wreath is the perfect way to spread holiday cheer from your front porch. Grab a few bags of festive bows, a wreath form and some ribbon for hanging to get started. First, affix the ribbon - you'll cover it in bows later. Then, peel the backing off your first bow; apply a strip of hot glue to the backing and attach it to the wreath form. Continue adding bows until you have the whole wreath form covered, pushing them together to prevent gaps. Make sure to cover the outside and inside of the ring, too, but leave the back empty.

Festive Ornament Wreath

A festive ornament wreath is a show-stopping addition to your front door. Rather than creating an all-ornament wreath, use an evergreen wreath base to start - that way, it's easier to manage. Choose several ornaments in a variety of colors and place them on top of the wreath base. Once they're all in position, hot-glue them in place.

What Does Your DIY Holiday Wreath Look Like?

Have you made your own holiday wreath? We'd love to see it, so please feel free to drop a link to your amazing design in the comments below or tag us on Instagram (we're @Mixbook) to spread a little cheer!

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