Holiday Gift Ideas

Holiday Gift Ideas


Gift Giving Guide for this Holiday Season

Ok, ok, keep calm--only 17 more days until the merriest day of all: Christmas! Hopefully, you have your Christmas photo cards ready to mail and your corporate holiday party invitations distributed to your colleagues already. If you're like me, I dread holiday gifting. It's way too hard. You'd think it would be easy to buy gifts for the people I know best in my life, but year after year, it only gets harder.


Lucky for me, working at Mixbook has greatly helped with my giftphobia. I've come to realize that it's not about the size or lavishness of the gift, but it's all about the meaning behind it. That's where Mixbook excels!

Custom photo gifts show the true spirit of Christmas. It's handmade by you with full heart. Wait to hear that infamous "aweeee" reaction when they unwrap your gift and you'll win Christmas for sure! If you struggle with holiday gifting, let's breakdown some great ideas that will solve your hardest holiday dilemmas.

What do I get my mom for Christmas?

Face it, no matter what momma's going to love what you get her. But let's aim higher ;) To this day, my mom shows off her year in review photo books from Mixbook to all her guest and our relatives when they come visit.


Photo books are naturally something mothers love. They take her classic photo albums to the next level. Here are some fun ideas for photo books for mom:

  • A custom cookbook of grandma's most famous recipes
  • A photo book highlighting the grandkids best (&messiest) moments of 2017
  • A family photo book of scanned photos from her vintage photo albums
  • A summer recap photo book from her travel adventures
mixbook endless summer photo book travel

My favorite thing to do is steal her photos from Facebook (because moms love to share on social) and I have all the ammo I need for a solid Mixbook photo gift. If you're in a time crunch and want to bust out a speedy gift, Mixbook wall art is the way to go. All it takes is a simple upload and BAM Santa's coming to town. Try these wall art options:

mixbook metal print
  • For the classic mom - Canvas prints of the grandkids or family.
  • For the cool mom- Metal prints are so hot right now. Available in curved or flat, they're a trendy gift idea that's gonna blow her away.
  • For the elegant mom - Acrylic prints look like they're encased in glass and reflect pure elegance. Classic wedding photos would be great for acrylics.

What do I get my dad for christmas?

Big poppa is my hardest giftee during the holiday season (and during birthday).


I can only get him so many wine or golf related presents before it gets unoriginal. As we inch closer to 2017, revamping their office desks with custom calendars or wall art is a quick gift solution. Dads would love:

nautical sea custom photo calendar mixbook
mixbook metal print

What do I get my significant other?


We can't all be Andrew Lincoln in Love Actually with a grand romantic gesture. But hey, you could technically use Mixbook poster prints and reenact that same scene. That would actually be awesome.

Turn your love's Instagram into a fun Year in Review photo book using our Instagood theme. Made with great square layouts, this theme was made for your insta-faves. Turn those couple selfies into a photo book they can treasure and fall in love with.

And lucky for you, it's also a calendar theme! 12 months of lovey-dovey photos to cherish.

Screen Shot 2016-12-08 at 7.21.13 PM

If you're recently engaged or married, this is the perfect opportunity to print your professional photos using Mixbook. Acrylic prints are the classiest way to go. They do this really cool thing where light refracts from the inside to illuminate your photo naturally. It's super scientific.

acrylic print mixbook

Our wedding photo books are the most beautifully designed books in the industry. And just FYI Top Ten Reviews, named us best photo books of the year! Turn all your wedding photos from the nuptials into that wedding album you've been slacking on. She'll be floored by the effort and quality of your gesture.

Outdoor botanical wedding photo book mixbook

What do I get my best friend for Christmas?

The BFF needs something fun! Or maybe you're in a Secret Santa situation, we've got the solution for you.


Our Wild and Free calendar is the perfect starting point for a quick and easy gift idea that's full of quirky illustrations. Your gal pal is going to love the collection of silly photos you can pull from social media. 

You can customize and add your personal holidays, birthday, and friend-versaries.

Another super quick and affordable holiday gift idea is our Mosaic photo book. While youโ€™re running around town or even on your lunch break, you can create a Mosaic photo book in less than 10 minutes. Available on both Android and iOS devices, Mosaic photo books host 20 of your favorite photos. Simply download the application, select your photos, and boomโ€“another gift done! See how easy it is here:

Mosaic photo books are a hit. Your friends will think you put more effort than actually required!

Have a friend who just landed a great new job? Or are they a photographer, artist, or writer? Maybe they're a sucker for a handwritten letter. You can make custom stationery on! Jazz up the traditional "From the desk of..." stationery with beautiful designs or uploaded artwork of your choosing.


I hope you've been able to get some great holiday gift ideas from these examples. The best part about the custom photo products is truly how unique your gifts will be! They'll never expect it and never get the same thing from someone else. Start browsing for your holiday gifts--but don't miss our shipping cut off dates!

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