11 Inspiring Customer Projects

11 Inspiring Customer Projects


Sometimes you need a little creative inspiration to get the juices flowing for your next project.  Your fellow Mixbookers have created some great projects that are not only beautiful, but are prime examples of Mixbook's versatility. We've pulled some of our favorite customer photo projects from Instagram to help you start brainstorming for your next photo book, canvas print, and more! Instagram user @cassieh24

Cassie used Mixbook photo books to capture year in review projects for her son and daughter. If you don't have time for traditional scrapbooking, our photo books are the perfect substitute. With thousands of stickers, backgrounds, and decorative elements to choose from, you don't have to sacrifice creativity. Your little ones will love to looking back at their photos when they get their hands on these.


Instagram user @collective_customs_26

Chris is a great tattoo artist. Like all artists and designers, a portfolio book is an important piece for you and your business. Our photo books can be made to showcase all your work. If you know anyone who's graduating art school, this would be an awesome gift idea!


Instagram user @hummingbirdblack29

Jorge received this adorable Mixbook birth announcement of his nephew. If you recently had a new bundle of joy arrive, plan to take multiple photos for a collage layout. This way you can show off more of your sweet pea.


Instagram user @jknieforth

This Mixbook fan decided to use Mixbook canvas prints to fill up that frustrating empty wall space in her home. Most of us have these empty walls that are begging to be decorated! Mixbook offers great sizing options for canvas prints so you can find exactly the right size photo to hang. Canvas prints are an easy way to makeover your home decor.


Instagram user @kaciejewell

Kacie knew exactly what to do with all those wedding photos she had taken for her big day: create a wedding album with Mixbook! Our wedding photo books are simple and beautifully designed. Our editing software allows you to customize your photo book to reflect your personal touch.


Instagram user @kinga_sparrow

Kinga took her adventures from 2015 and created a custom calendar for 2016. Whether you're gifting yourself or someone else, custom calendars are clever photo projects that create something truly unique. You probably have hundreds of photos waiting to be freed from your mobile device. Here's a great way to make the most out of them.


Instagram user matsuhiro_the_frenchie

Matsuhiro and Poreo's owners had the right idea using Mixbook photo books to surprise the two with their very own photo album. Pets are a part of our family. Don't forget to create photo books to celebrate all their silly, furry shenanigans. Once a pet passes away, these books become comforting keepsakes to remember them by. These two look like they're living an adventurous life!


Instagram user @melissa_chaney

Melissa's volunteer trip to Kenya was a profound experience. Publishing your photos into one of our travel-themed photo books let's you relive the trip over and over again. Being a tourist means a lot of photo opportunities. Capture your adventure the right way with Mixbook.


Instagram @mrskern711

Everyone says it: "They grow up so fast!" Tabitha planned ahead and captured her son's year in print. Now she'll never forget his little "firsts" that mean so much to parents. Create a baby book or toddler book with Mixbook, so you can keep track of their priceless moments. You might need these to reminisce with when your baby-turned-teenager starts giving you gray hairs.


Instagram user @pyromonk

The best feature of our editing software is the full customization opportunities. Igor used a blank photo book to become his own published author. Create a storybook for children's gifting, a guide to the local parks in your neighborhood, or print a school book project. The choices are endless and exciting!


When it comes to using Mixbook, we want your creativity to shine through. We have so many crafting designs and trendy themes to give you the best jumpstart. We love seeing all of your projects come to life. Keep sharing them on social media with the hashtag #Mixbook so we can celebrate the great work you did. Happy Mixbooking!

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