12 Days of Mixbook Gift Guide

12 Days of Mixbook Gift Guide

The holidays are upon us!  How did that happen so quickly? Many of us enjoy singing, whether it’s part of a formal choir or simply singing in the shower. Mixbook brings beautiful design to every facet of your holidays. Sing along with us!

On the first day of Mixbook, my darling husband gave to me,

A Premium Lay Flat Photo Book of our anniversary!


On the second day of Mixbook, I gifted to Aunt Bea,

Louie Award-Winning Holiday Cards, designed just for thee!

IMG_4460_edit (3).jpg

On the third day of Mixbook, my sons presented me,

Gallery-quality Acrylic Prints of our beautiful family!

On the fourth day of Mixbook, I was surprised to see,

Party invitations designed by amazing Creative Growth artists!

Mixbook_CreativeGrowth_1 (2).jpg

 On the fifth day of Mixbook, I received from my wife to be,

Beautiful Thank You Cards that fit my unique personality!

On the sixth day of Mixbook, I opened over tea,

A personalized Photo Calendar of our naughty new puppy!


 On the seventh day of Mixbook, mon amore reminisced with me,

A designer Travel Photo Book of our trip to Italy!


 On the eighth day of Mixbook, Grandma Jen gave Scott and Marley,

Customized Kids Story Books featuring their pet cats and bunny!


On the ninth day of Mixbook, I offered my cousin Ashlee,

Good Vibes-inspired Phone Wallpaper that’s free!

On the tenth day of Mixbook, I was delighted by what’s for me,

An “only available here” DIY Peppermint Tray recipe!


 On the eleventh day of Mixbook, my mother gave to me,

A custom Magnolia Bakery-designed Recipe Book of her favorite family recipes!


 On the twelfth day of Mixbook, I offered my friends to see, Poster Prints fit for a gallery!

For more gift ideas, watch Mixbook on The Balancing Act, November 20!

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