3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

3 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips


The coming of spring brings about many changes. Along with warmer weather comes the motivation for us to get up and get going on our ever-growing to-do lists. It’s an opportunity to clear both your mind and your home, hitting the refresh button as we move into a busy time of year.

Three Easy Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s both practical and psychologically beneficial to rejuvenate your spirit and living spaces after a long, gloomy winter. By taking a holistic approach to spring cleaning your mind, body and spirit will be primed for the upcoming season.

Continue reading to discover how spring cleaning benefits your personal growth and well-being.


Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Spring cleaning can help you discover items that you’ve misplaced or completely forgotten about. There’s nothing like dusting off that box of old photos to bring yourself back to the moment in which they were taken. Channel your inner Marie Kondo by taking the time to select the images that spark joy for you. Bring these memories back to life by creating a unique decor piece, such as a canvas print, to be displayed somewhere in your home as a sentimental reminder to be enjoyed year-round.


Boost Productivity and Spirit

Use the warm weather that spring provides to your advantage! It’s scientifically proven that the sun helps our bodies to produce vitamin D and serotonin (the chemical that contributes to happiness and well-being). Declutter both your home and mind this spring by taking the time to organize and clear your space from distractions. You’ll be much more productive working in a clean environment. Add a personal touch to your newly-organized workspace with one of Mixbook’s acrylic blocks, the perfect pop of color to accent your aligned area.


Opt Outside

A good spring cleaning can help you remove allergens from your home, giving you the upper hand in combating sneezes and sniffles throughout the season. After you’ve finished your spring cleaning checklist you’ll be happy and healthy, earning yourself a much deserved break! Now you can spend your free time doing what you actually enjoy, keeping your stress levels low and your spirits high. Make the most of the sunny weather by exploring your own city or traveling somewhere new. The photos you take will create the perfect content for a photo book keepsake that archives your memories for years to come.


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